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Best Whole Beans For Espresso

Sumatra Mandheling Dark Roast Decaf Coffee Reserve

5 Whole Bean Coffees to Try in 2022

Look, this is a great all-around decaf coffee. Seriously, its a really solid choice. Even if you dont drink decaf daily and just want an every now and then type of decaf.

Why is it such a great decaf espresso coffee? For one, its a dark roast.

Ill best be honest and say that usually, dark roast coffees arent my favorite. I prefer medium or light roasts for their more interesting and unique flavors.

But when it comes to decaf, dark roast is the way to go. You get a nuttier and fuller flavor than you do with a light roast decaf.

And this one is especially good.

It has notes of sandalwood, nuts, and an earthy finish. Thats pretty typical of a decaf espresso bean.

The thing that separates these beans from a lot of others is the Swiss Water Process. Ill get into more details about this process later, but for now, you should know that its the best way to decaffeinate coffee beans.

Another nice thing about this coffee is its low acidity. Lower acidity means this coffee goes great with milk or on its own for a nicer experience on your stomach.


  • Swiss Water decaffeination means this coffee retains a lot of flavors
  • Sandalwood, nuts, and an earthy finish make this coffee delicious and a great espresso
  • The dark roast is really smooth and easy to drink


Best Espresso Beans Top Picks

Are you looking for the best coffee beans to use while making espresso?

Well, in this article, we have come up with a list of top-quality espresso beans that can offer you a tantalizing morning drink.

When you are preparing espresso, all you need is pure caffeine delight. The amazing smell of coffee in the morning can make anyones day great. But even if you have the best quality espresso machine in the world, you cant get the best cup of espresso, if you dont have high-quality espresso beans.

AT A GLANCE: Best Coffee Beans for Espresso

You need to get espresso coffee beans that have been perfectly roasted at the right temperature, and that comes up with a fresh and refreshing aroma. If you are drooling just by reading, you need to see this list. But, before that, you need to know about our top pick.

Lifeboost Coffee Espresso Organic Coffee Beans: Our Top Pick

Are you a fan of organic products? If yes, Lifeboost Coffee is the perfect item for you. The primary purpose of this brand is to provide you with healthy, organic, and ethically sourced coffee beans. These are organically grown by Nicaragua farmers, who have recently launched these beans, so you must try them. These beans will help you make the perfect cup of espresso you need every morning.

Lavazza Dek Decaf Whole Bean Coffee

Lavazza is an old and respected coffee brand. They have been around for a long time and have been producing coffee the entire time.

So it makes sense that they have a steady and quality stream of decaf coffee.

The Dek is no different. Its an espresso-specific decaf coffee that is well-balanced and comes from a Central American blend.

It is full-bodied and with a strong aftertaste.

Lavazza made this to resemble a classic Italian coffee. So its pretty dark and best served as espresso and not as a daily brewer.

It comes in a 1 lb bag and doesnt break the bank, meaning its a great choice for getting fresh bags regularly.


  • Italian-inspired decaf coffee, so its meant as espresso and works well when served with milk
  • It comes in a 1 lb bag, so its great for buying fresh beans regularly
  • Its a Central American blend, so it has a lot of unique and strong flavors


  • Its a chemical decaffeination process, so youll get a chemical aftertaste and lose a lot of the lighter flavors

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So What Are The Health Benefits Of Drinking Coffee

Many people drink coffee for its caffeine because it can boost energy levels and increase focus. Some research also suggests that consuming moderate amounts of caffeine may aid in weight loss, although more evidence is needed to determine if this is true or not.

The amount of caffeine found in healthy adults is typically safe, and it can even have some health benefits such as reducing the risk of Parkinsons disease.

Can The Coffee Beans For Espresso Be Used For Drip Coffee

Espresso Roast Coffee

If you use dark roasted beans in a drip coffee maker, you will taste a chocolatey bitterness. Lighter roasts, in which the roaster works to unleash the full potential of the beans and their natural acidity, are more suitable for a drip coffee maker. In theory, light roasts can also be used for espresso, but the drink will be incomplete with a predominantly acidic flavor.

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Groundwork Organic Single Origin Ethiopia

When I think of espresso, I usually think of Ethiopian coffee.

Why, you might ask?

Because I love Ethiopian espresso. I know that might sound odd, especially if youre just getting into the world of single-origin espresso.

Single-origin coffees have more unique and interesting flavors than blends. Thats because countries have their own taste profiles.

Ethiopian coffees are known for their deep fruit and citrusy flavors without being too bold or bitter. And those notes shine when brewing espresso.

This particular Ethiopian blend combines different processes for a full and balanced flavor.

Why is this coffee good for your Breville espresso machine?

Its a pretty forgiving single-origin coffee. That means that even if youre a beginner at espresso, youll still get great results.

And, if youre a pro, youll find a really complex and tasty espresso.

Another plus is that this coffee bean is certified organic.

A downside is that this coffee isnt great when paired with milk. I think it shines when consumed straight. But if youre into drinking straight espresso, this is a great choice!



  • Because its a single origin, it doesnt pair too well with milk and tastes better alone
  • Because its a blend of Ethiopian coffees, you get the Ethiopian tastes but not the specific farms

Intelligentsia is another respected national roaster. Theyre based out of the Chicago area.

The Black Cat Espresso blend is one of their oldest and most popular coffee blends.



Benefits Of Espresso Beans

If youre a coffee lover, chances are youve had espresso before. Espresso is made by brewing coffee beans that have been ground into a very fine powder.

This powder is then placed in an espresso machine, where hot water is forced through it under high pressure. The result is a strong, concentrated coffee that is full of flavor.

Espresso beans are typically darker and more oily than regular coffee beans. This allows them to hold onto more flavor, making for a richer cup of espresso.

When shopping for espresso beans, its important to choose ones that have been roasted to perfection.

The best espresso beans will be dark brownornearly black in color, with an oily surface. If the beans are too light, they wont have enough flavor.

If theyre too dark, they might taste burnt. Look for espresso beans that have been roasted somewhere in the middle for the best flavor.

Espresso beans can be used to make all sorts of different coffee drinks, from lattes and cappuccinos to americanos and iced espresso.

No matter how you like your coffee, using espresso beans will give you a rich, flavorful cup that will wake you up and keep you going all day long.

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Coffee Blends Make For The Best Espresso

If we look to Italy as being the motherland of great espresso, they say that the “5 Ms” go into a great espresso:

  • Mano of the barista. His skill and knowledge.
  • Miscela: blend of the coffee beans.
  • Machina: machine that is used to make the coffee.
  • Mascinatore: the grind of the coffee.
  • Manutenzione: maintenance of the equipment.
  • While single origin coffees are the big rage in North America, Italians maintain the best coffee can only be achieved by blending various types of coffees. They not only blends from various countries, because each has its own characteristic and profile, but they also blend varieties.

    They do so because each variety, the Arabica and the Robusta, brings characteristics to the espresso that creates complexity which cannot be achieved with a single variety.

    You will find the best cafés only use blends in to make their espresso. A combination of both Arabica and Robusta make up their signature blends.

    When you add the variables of bean varieties, geographic origin, and conditions in which the beans have been grown and the methods in which they have been harvested, you can begin to imagine the nuances and range of taste that emerge in the final product.

    This is why it is so difficult to answer the question: “Which beans are the best to make an espresso?”

    How To Grind Whole Beans For Espresso

    Lavazza – Espresso Italiano Whole Bean Coffee Blend Review

    If youre using whole bean coffee, youll need to grind the beans before brewing. The best way to grind beans for espresso is to use a burr grinder. Burr grinders create a uniform grind, which is important for espresso. Espresso is a very concentrated coffee, so you need to use a finer grind than you would for other brewing methods.

    To grind beans using a burr grinder, start by setting the grinder to a fine grind setting. Then, place the beans in the grinder and pulse the grinder on and off until the beans are evenly ground. Be sure to pulse the grinder rather than running it continuously, as this can overheat the beans and make them taste burnt. Once the beans are ground, tap the side of the grinder to release any coffee dust that may have accumulated on the blades. Finally, use a tamper to compress the grounds and brew your espresso.

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    Top Shelf Grind Company: Black Diamond Dark Roast

    • Beans sourced from Colombia

    This is a relatively new player on the coffee scene but they are certainly making an impact. This is not coffee for a casual espresso drinker, instead, its meant for people whove outgrown their regular cup of joe and need something a little stronger.

    The title of strongest coffee gets won and lost on a regular basis but for now, Top Shelf Black Dimond is making the most caffeinated java on the market. How long will that last? Im not sure. Having said that, I dont want you to try it because its strong, I want you to drink it because its really good.

    These roasters got everything right with these beans, they are ideal for espresso. The coffee has the right amount of boldness, the aroma is irresistible, and when pulled correctly the crema is heavenly.

    Another reason to feel good about these roasters is the responsible sourcing of the beans. The company remains eco-friendly and is so sure youll enjoy your purchase they offer a full refund for anyone who doesnt.

    Kicking Horse Coffee: Cliff Hanger Espresso

    If youre looking for something extraordinary, then the Kicking Horse Coffee Cliff Hanger Espresso is for you.

    Recently acquired by Lavazza and maintained as a distinct brand, Kicking Horse Coffee became a major disruptor in the Canadian and American markets by introducing intense flavor profiles to consumers.

    • Tasting Notes: Silky and complex, wild berry syrup with a smooth cocoa finish.

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    Kicking Horse Coffee: Smart Ass Medium Roast

    • Size: 10oz or 2.2lb

    Kicking Horse continues to make delicious quality organic, shade-grown Arabica, Canadian Rocky Mountain-roasted coffee thats only truly appreciated by those whove tried it.

    When made as espresso these beans provide you a much-anticipated pick-me-up along with a subtle taste of sweetness and chocolate. Ideal for people beginning to dabble with espresso.

    If you add this to your list of must-try beans you wont be disappointed. The coffee is all-organic roasted right in the Canadian Rocky Mountains. As Canadas number one selling whole bean coffee company they offer top-notch quality coupled with unrivaled service.

    Can You Use Any Whole Bean Coffee For Espresso

    Pilon Gourmet Whole Bean Espresso Coffee, 16 Oz

    No, you cant use any coffee beans for espresso. It would be best if you had a medium-dark roast bean to get the right full-bodied flavor. Light roasts and medium roast beans wont work the same.

    There is no single best coffee bean for espresso. Coffee drinkers have different preferences, so youll need to experiment to see what you like best. We recommend starting with the first dark roast bean on our list and then trying others until you find one you love.

    Forget about Lavazza Super Crema. Peaberry coffee is what youre looking for! Its a one-of-a-kind, high-end product that produces an exceptionally delicious espresso.

    No, hell no. Its perhaps the greatest coffee beans for creating espresso on the market!

    Why is it so? Most coffee cherries have two beans, but a tiny 5% of the crop has only a single bean. The peaberry gets all the nutrients itself, resulting in double the flavor richness.

    A single-estate Tanzanian Peaberry is an excellent example of the style. This medium roast has the fruit-forward characteristics of the region. It has slightly sweet flavor notes with tastes of plum, nougat, and light lemongrass.

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    Lavazza Super Crema Whole Bean

    If you love a thick crema on your coffee, then the Lavazza Super Crema should be on your shopping list. As the name would suggest, this espresso bean produces a rich, velvety crema.

    This roast is medium dark which I feel leans more towards dark. However, its not overly oily, so its light on your palette.

    The blend is a mix of Arabica and Robusta. Thanks to the Arabica beans, it has sweet, fruity notes. But, the Robusta beans bring out a strong flavor and add a powerful aroma.

    Other tasting notes you might find in this coffee include honey and nuts. Just note that it can be a bit acidic, which can be tough for those just getting into coffee drinking.


    • Is a mix of Arabica and Robusta, so you get a smooth coffee with a powerful punch
    • Has an intense aroma, so you get a rich-smelling brew
    • Lots of crema, so its great for those who like straight espresso
    • Packed with nitrogen, so it has a longer shelf life


    What Defines A Good Espresso Bean

    There are a few factors to consider when it comes to finding the best espresso beans. The most important factor is the flavor profile of the bean. You want a bean that has a strong, rich flavor and can stand up against milk and sugar.

    Youll also want to consider the origin of the bean and how it was roasted. Arabica beans are of higher quality than Robusta beans, and they have a more complex flavor profile.

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    What Is The Aroma Of A Perfect Espresso

    The perfect shot should be again an experience. The second the shot starts to flow, the room will be filled with intense coffee aroma. Espresso smells like coffee, basically, but more intense. Immediately after brewing, all of the volatile oils are in your cup. The brewing method ensures no aromas are lost during the preparation. With other methods, most of the aroma is lost. Smell your espresso, is part of the ritual. Here is a post where espresso geeks discuss it. If your shot doesnt smell great, its probably the beans or the brewing parameters.

    Olde Brooklyn Coffee Italian Dark Roasted Whole Bean

    Our Favorite Whole Bean Coffees of 2020

    Olde Brooklyn beans are roasted in small batches inside their New York facility. Each pack is carefully roasted to yield the freshness and unique aromas of the blends. They ship in air-tight, sealed bags with valves.

    Handpick from the heights of Colombia, Brazil, and Guatemala, Olde whole beans offer the best coffee varieties for an array of absolutely unique taste profiles. Italian Dark Roast with breakfast flavor is just the thing for even the most demanding coffee connoisseurs. In fact, Olde covers everything from sweet, to strong flavors from their beans. You can also enjoy this coffee as a straight black, drip-brews, cold brews, or even the French press. Olde roasts their coffee beans on a weekly basis to ensure that their customers get the freshest experience, with each cup.


    • Great value for money product.
    • Works with almost all the brewing methods.
    • Full-bodied flavor that does not have any bitterness.
    • Traditional breakfast coffee flavor with a hint of a chocolaty after-note.


    • Air-tight and sealed bags with a valve.
    • Freshly roasted coffee on weekly basis.
    • Aftertaste ranges from sweet to strong.
    • Rich taste, distinct fruity flavor, and mesmerizing aromas.

    at no cost to you.

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    What Makes Espresso An Espresso

    I hope you have read and saw the differences between these coffee beans. Itâs clear that espresso can be made from different aspects.

    Only a few coffee beans that are labeled espresso share the same traits when it comes to taste, roast, and even origin. A lot of them are difficult to identify even a single quality that they all share.

    There are more beans that are roasted dark, while only few are light. Some are special blends, while others are single origins. Some coffee beans are 100% Arabica, while others are not. Not to mention those decaf espresso beans.

    So, what makes a particular coffee bean an espresso?

    Unfortunately, there is no difference between espresso and regular coffee beans. Coffee shops and roasters roast their beans differently to best fit their own espresso preparations.

    Forte By Filicori Zecchini

    The Filicori Zecchini company has been roasting and blending quality Arabica coffee for over 100 years. This Italian company is in direct contact with the coffee farmers and has built strong relationships with select farms. This ensures you will be getting the same premium taste with every bag.

    Key Features

    • Toasted cereal notes

    The product comes in a multi-layered impermeable box, so there is no chance of oxygen infiltration to ruin the freshness of the beans. The company displays the expiration date on the packet so you can check the freshness when buying through third-party suppliers.

    The company prides itself on sustainably sourced coffee beans that are GMO-free, and this is one of the reasons they hold a quality certification from the Italian Institute of Espresso. The beans are roasted before blending to evenly and perfectly bring out the premium flavors in this blend of beans.


    • Brown sugar, blackcurrant, and milk chocolate


    • Might be a bit sweet for some

    These beans offer a fresh flavor for your brew as the company packs the beans in airtight packaging soon after roasting to retain optimal freshness. The beans have bold flavors just right for a shot of espresso.

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