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Can I Drink Coffee While Wearing Invisalign

Can You Chew Gum With Invisalign


No, you shouldnt chew gum while wearing aligners.

Aligners arent meant to handle the constant force of chewing from gum. It can also stick to your aligners and become quite a mess.

If you feel the need to chew on something , get Invisalign chewies. Theyre small cylinders that are designed to be chewed on with Invisalign. They also help make aligners fit better and relieve discomfort. You can find these on Amazon.

If you want to freshen your breath, go brush and floss your teeth or buy clear aligner mints called Movemints This text opens a new tab to the Movemints website.

If you must chew gum, do so during your meal breaks while your aligners are already out.

What Should I Do Our Top Tips For Coffee Lovers With Invisalign

Cant go without your morning cup of coffee? We get it. And with Invisalign, you dont have to! Just follow these tips to enjoy your coffee without the risk of stains, decay, or warping your trays!

  • Remove and store your trays Before you drink coffee, take out your trays and store them in the carrying case to protect them and keep them safe from damage.
  • Drink your morning cup quickly Remember, you need to wear your trays for at least 22 hours per day for the best results. So dont sip your coffee over a period of an hour or two. Try to drink it within 30 minutes.
  • Brush or rinse before replacing trays Brushing is the best option to protect your oral health, though you can just rinse your mouth and trays with water if brushing is impractical. Brushing or rinsing will help wash away acid, sugar, and staining compounds after you drink coffee.

Do I Have To Take Out My Invisalign To Drink

Its a great idea to remove your Invisalign and store them in their protective case before drinking. There are multiple reasons to do so. Some beverages, such as red wine or coffee, can stain your aligners. Others, such as soda or energy drinks, could lead to a buildup of acid beneath your Invisalign, escalating tooth decay and the damage that these drinks do to teeth. Additionally, if the beverage is hot , the heat can warp your aligners.

Taking out your Invisalign allows you to enjoy your favorite drink. However, its important to wear Invisalign for about 20 to 22 hours per day. Be sure to replace your aligners as soon as possible after drinking.

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Reduce Snacking To A Minimum

It is recommended that you limit your snacking between meals. Invisalign are not designed to withstand the pressure of chewing, whats more, it can cause food to get stuck between the teeth and gums and stain your teeth and stain your teeth. If youre eating three meals a day, youre already reducing the time youll be wearing your aligners for lesser time. If you also eat a lot of snacks throughout the day, it will reduce your wear schedule even below the recommended 20 hours in a day ).

Does It Hurt To Drink Coffee When Wearing Braces

anyone else drink coffee and develop yellowing of ...

No! It doesnt hurt to consume coffee while wearing braces. If you take excellent care of your teeth and braces, you will not experience any pain.

Rinse your mouth and floss thoroughly after each cup of coffee to have a pleasant experience with your braces. Then, either remove the tray or abandon the hot coffee.

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Should I Use Toothpaste To Clean The Aligners

You can use a small amount of toothpaste to clean your aligners but remember they are only in for 2 weeks at a time so shouldnt really get that dirty, but probably your toothbrush and a small amount of toothpaste will keep your mouth feeling fresh. Some of our clients say they use denture cleansers or even Miltons and I do believe there are products you can purchase from the internet, although we have stress we would never encourage you to buy a product over the internet.

Coffee And Traditional Braces

Traditional braces are the first thing that comes to mind when we talk about braces. Yes, were talking about the fairly common ceramic or metal braces maintaining these is more difficult.

If you wear these, you may suffer consequences if you consume any dark-colored beverage. Because coffee is a dark-colored beverage, you may stain your teeth if you drink it. The brackets on the braces, like the teeth, can become discolored.

While were on the subject of dark-colored beverages, tea is also dark! So, can you drink tea while wearing braces, or would it stain your teeth? It most certainly will! Coffee, tea, soda, red wine, and any other dark-colored beverage can make your teeth look worse!

  • Dark-colored drinks, such as tea, coffee, red wine, and soda tend to stain the brackets and bands of your braces as well as your teeth if you have traditional braces.
  • If you must drink coffee, tea, red wine, or soda, immediately after, rinse your mouth with water or mouthwash.
  • Using a straw to drink iced coffee or iced tea will assist in reducing discoloration. If you notice stains from coffee or other beverages after removing your braces, you may want to consider teeth whitening at home or in a dental facility.

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How To Drink Coffee While Wearing Braces

Many people are perplexed as to how they can drink coffee while wearing braces. There is a technique to consume coffee and tea that will prevent discoloration and injury.

  • Steps: Avoid drinking too-hot coffee or tea, and use low-sugar sweeteners.
  • Steps: Use a straw when drinking any form of coffee, juice, or alcohol.
  • Steps: After finishing, brush and floss every nook thoroughly.

Tips For Coffee Drinkers With Invisalign

10 Invisalign Problems You Probably Don’t Know About… But Should

If youre a coffee lover and you have Invisalign, dont despair. You can still drink coffee! You just have to take a few different steps.

Remove your aligners and store them safely before drinking coffee Rinse them out, if possible, and then put your aligners in your Invisalign case to keep them safe from loss or damage.

Drink your morning cup more quickly Try to drink your coffee in 15-30 minutes rather than over a period of an hour or more. The sooner youre done with your coffee, the sooner you can put your aligners back in, and remember that you need to wear Invisalign for 20-22+ hours per day for the best results.

Try to cut back on cream and sugar Black coffee is better for your teeth than coffee loaded with cream and sugar, and is less likely to cause cavities during your Invisalign treatment.

Brush after drinking coffee and before putting your aligners in Brushing your teeth will get rid of coffee breath, and help remove any sugar and coffee remaining in your mouth. Once your teeth are clean, rinse off your aligners again and put them back into your mouth.

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Braces: How Do They Work

Braces are made up of a series of brackets and wires. A special adhesive is used to bond the brackets to your teeth, and an archwire is run through them. This wire serves as a track for guiding the teeth into position. If you want to get technical, your braces apply consistent, mild pressure, which initiates the bone remodeling. When this occurs, the bone that supports the teeth deteriorates, allowing the teeth to shift. The bone then regenerates around the teeth, anchoring them in their new positions.

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Should I Drink Coffee While Wearing Invisalign No And Heres Why

Most patients consider Invisalign to be a lot more convenient than traditional braces. You can remove your trays to eat and drink, so there are no dietary restrictions, and you can also take them out to brush and floss, making oral hygiene a lot easier.

However, there are a few lifestyle changes youll need to make during treatment. For example, you should not drink coffee while wearing Invisalign. Why? There are a lot of reasons, so lets explore them in this blog. The team at Smillie Dental will also discuss a few best practices for coffee lovers who are getting Invisalign.

Does Invisalign Ruin Enamel

Alcohol, Coffee, Soda? What

The most common concern we hear about Invisalign treatment is that it will damage the enamel of our teeth. The truth is, there may be some initial softening of tooth enamel during the early stages of treatment which then returns to its original condition once youre done with your aligners.

This change in tooth hardness can cause a temporary sensitivity and requires extra care when brushing your teeth. However, this does not mean that Invisalign causes irreversible damage to your teeth or gums.

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How Long Can I Remove My Invisalign Trays

Compliance is key in ensuring patients obtain the results they desire using the Invisalign orthodontic system. This includes wearing the trays as directed, at least 22 hours a day. Patients can remove the trays to brush and floss the teeth, and to enjoy their favorite foods and beverages. If patients do not wear the trays as directed, they may experience delays in treatment or changes to their trays because of unexpected shifting.

Does Invisalign Make Your Breath Smell

For many people, the most common side effect of Invisalign treatment is an unpleasant breath odor. The main cause of this side effect is dry mouth and lack of saliva.

A dry mouth can lead to tooth decay, bad breath, and cavities that are more difficult to fight off with a weak immune system from not having enough saliva. There are some things you can do to help reduce your risk for these problems:

  • Drink lots of water before meals and snacks during the day
  • Keep a bottle or glass of water nearby in case you need it
  • Drink sugarless drinks like fruit juices or diet soda instead of sugared ones
  • Use sugarless gum after every meal or snack to increase saliva production.

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Drinking Water When Wearing Invisalign Is Encouraged

Sipping cool water while wearing your Invisalign® aligners is OK and in fact, makes a great idea.

Theres no potential for it to stain or warp your aligners. And any water that does seep inside of them will only help to dilute and flush away bacteria and their byproducts that might cause harm to your teeth or gums.

You dont have to give up your favorite beverages.

Of course, you can still continue to enjoy a cup of coffee or tea, a soda or even some red wine whenever you want. Just take your aligners out first.

Then, once youre finished, clean your teeth as is appropriate and then reinsert your appliances so your treatment progress continues.

Can I Drink Coffee While Wearing My Invisalign Tray

Is it OK to Drink with Invisalign

Coffee is one of many beverages that are known for staining the natural teeth, along with others such as red wine and tea. Many patients enjoy coffee each day to get them ready for work, school, or other activities. However, just as coffee can stain natural tooth enamel, it can also stain Invisalign trays. This is why Dr. Chong Lee will encourage patients to remove their trays when indulging in staining beverages, and to brush the teeth right away. Thats one of the wonderful things about Invisalign is that the trays are removable and patients can better care for their smile than they can when working around metal brackets and wires with traditional orthodontia.

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Wear Them For A Total Of 22 Hours Every Day

Invisalign teeth straightening services must be worn for a minimum of 22 hours each day in order to be effective. Wearers must keep track of the time they take the aligners out of their mouths since the aligners are intended to operate while worn for another purpose. If patients do not wear their aligners for at least 22 hours each day, the process will take longer or they will not see the desired outcomes.

What Is The Most Difficult Thing About Wearing Invisalign

The most challenging aspect for many patients with Invisalign is not drinking a cold glass of lemonade or eating sour candy! The solution may be in choosing one of the following:

  • Drink a can of soda with water
  • Drink caffeine-free herbal tea or decaffeinated coffee.

The only other option is to take out your Invisalign braces and not wear them for three days, then put them back in when you want refreshment!

You can also drink water, caffeine-free herbal tea, or decaffeinated coffee. The only other option is to take out your Invisalign braces and not wear them for three days, then put them back in when you want refreshment!

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What If I Lose My Aligner

If you lose your aligner, do not worry. If you have just opened a new Invisalign pack within 3 days, wear your previous aligner and call your surgery as soon as possible.

If you are over 3 days into an Invisalign pack, open your next pack and see if it fits. If it does, then wear this aligner for an additional week, so you will be wearing it for three weeks in total as opposed to the normal 2.

Here is a video from Lisa, Invisalign co-ordinator and previous wearer with some tips about what to do if your aligner goes missing.

You Need To Take Your Trays Out While Drinking Anything Except Water

Eating and Drinking with Invisalign

Full stop. You cant drink coffee or any other beverage besides tap or bottled water while wearing Invisalign. There are a few reasons that drinking coffee while wearing Invisalign is a bad idea.

Sugar Unless you drink your coffee black and without any sugar, some sweetener and sugar from milk are going to be present in your coffee. When you drink it while wearing your aligners, the sugar will sit on your teeth and be held on by your aligners, which leads to a higher risk of tooth decay.

Stains Drinking coffee while wearing Invisalign can cause your aligners to become discolored and stained, and it may also lead to a higher risk of developing stains on your teeth.

Heat Invisalign trays are made of thermoplastic, meaning they become pliable when heated. Thats how they are molded to your teeth when theyre first made! But this also means drinking very hot beverages like coffee could cause your trays to warp.

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Tips For Drinking With Invisalign

As youll see, wearing Invisalign for 20 to 22 hours per day and not drinking alcohol, soda, coffee, or tea is no small feat. Since you will want to drink your favorite beverage with Invisalign at one time or another, consider the following tips to ensure youre maintaining the necessary hygiene.

  • Take your aligners out before drinking hot coffee or tea, red wine or beer, and soda.
  • Take your Invisalign case with you when youre going out do not store aligners in a napkin.
  • Rinse your teeth with water or brushthem before replacing Invisalign to avoid possible decalcification or other hygiene issues.
  • Let coffee or any hot drink cool down first before drinking with Invisalign in.
  • Stick to clear alcoholic beverages such as gin or vodka dont use sugary mixers instead try tonic or soda water.

Drink plenty of cold or room temperature water throughout your Invisalign treatment.

Can I Drink Beer With My Aligners In

We realise that life cant stop because of your invisalign so what we would say is drinking with Invisalign is ok, perhaps you could try to use a straw, this will help you to pass the drink right to your throat if that makes sense. If the alchohol remains in the retainer and your teeth you will stain the retainer, thus defeating its invisible appearance.You must always make sure to brush your teeth and your aligned when you get home

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A Problems With Sugary Beverages


Saliva provides some beneficial functions for your teeth:

Unfortunately, when you wear your orthodontic aligners, the barrier they create inhibits these actions.

Sugary drinks that seep inside your aligner can promote tooth decay.

An example.

Take the situation where a sugary drink is consumed while a person is wearing their appliances.

  • At least some of the beverage will seep into the internal aspect of their aligners
  • And once it has, it becomes a food source for the cavity-causing bacteria living in the dental plaque on and around the encased teeth.

Since the presence of the aligner acts as a barrier and therefore inhibits the movement of saliva, the tooth-damaging acids created by the bacteria wont be diluted and neutralized as effectively, and any potential for remineralization will be inhibited. As a result, the net effect can be one where the environment within the aligners is tipped towards active tooth decay formation.

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Preventive steps you can take.

Rinse out with water afterward.


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