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Can You Use Regular Coffee For Enema

How To Prepare A Coffee Enema

COFFEE ENEMA Procedure To Beat Diseases – How To Make A Coffee Enema for BEST Results – PART 1

First, if using whole bean coffee, grind the coffee. A large to medium grind is fine. If you grind your coffee too finely, the grounds will pass through the sieve, and youll have grounds in your enema. This is not harmful, but I prefer a ground-free enema.

I like to grind all the coffee in a bag at once and store it in a canister in my fridge to keep it super fresh.

Bring water to a boil, add the desired amount of coffee, and simmer for 10 minutes.

Then strain the coffee through the sieve, add cool, filtered water, and make sure your coffee + water mixture is at body temperature or below.

Once its at the right temperature, youre ready to do your enema!

Notice I didnt give you a precise recipe for your coffee enema?

Thats because your water : coffee ratio is entirely up to you. And that brings us to the #2 question

Directions And Coffee Enema Procedures

  • Make sure to use an at-home enema or colonic kit that includes a bag that is sturdy enough to accept lukewarm coffee.
  • Make sure that there are no grounds in the enema bag or enema hose also ensure that the hose doesn√Ęt get a kink in it as this will result in the settling of the coffee oils.
  • Follow the directions that accompany the enema kit. Lie on your right side, inject and attempt to retain the coffee for 10-15 minutes.
  • I recommend lightly massaging your abdomen from left to right .
  • Additionally, I recommend changing positions while retaining the coffee. After a few minutes turn over onto your back, a few minutes later switch to your left side before evacuating your bowels.

Stainless Steel Enema Kit

Kraig’s Coffee Enema Protocol

DISCLAIMER: This article is authored by a patient, Kraig, in collaboration with Kristina Amelong, CCT, CNC, of the Optimal Health Network. This article is for informational purposes only and is not a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis, or prescribing from a licensed healthcare professional. Consult with a licensed healthcare professional before altering or discontinuing any current medications, treatment, or care, or starting any diet, exercise, cleansing, or supplementation program, or if you have or suspect you might have a health condition that requires medical attention.

Required Items Core Procedure Helpful Information What Does a Coffee Enema Do?

There seem to be as many different claims for how to do a coffee enema properly as there are petals on a daisy. The subject of which way is “right” arouses strong opinions I’ve even read of coffee enema advocates at a health conference almost coming to blows over whether the enema is to be taken while lying on the right side or the left side. All of this can be confusing to the patient.

Though not a common practice today, coffee enemas do have a long history of use. Recorded medical use of coffee enemas dates back to 1917 their beneficial effects on the liver were claimed by German scientists in the 1920s they appeared in all major nursing textbooks through the 1950s and they were listed in the Merck Medical Manual until the mid-1970s.

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Are Coffee Enemas Safe

Although coffee enemas are used as part of the Gerson Therapy cancer cure, you should always seek the advice of your physician before taking coffee enemas.

They are not for everyone, for example, certain individuals such as those who underwent chemotherapy should take great caution and should consult their doctor beforehand.

However, many people have had good results. This article from details who should and shouldn’t use coffee enemas.

How To Perform A Coffee Enema


Warning: The following piece is for informational purposes only, and is not intended to be medical advice. Some medical authorities consider this a dangerous procedure, and it is not endorsed by

The use of coffee in enemas for detoxification purposes is well known. It is a common herbological remedy that has been suggested by holistic and alternative medicine professionals for many years.

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Best Coffee For Enema

The best coffee for enema is certified organic regular coffee. Non- organic coffee is loaded with toxic chemicals and pesticides and will deter from the detoxification benefits. This is why it is important to perform an organic coffee enema. In addition, while the caffeine received from a coffee enema is 3.5 times less than consuming it orally, the caffeine component plays a roll in the effectiveness of the procedure.

How Will I Feel After A Coffee Enema

Most people report increased mental clarity and energy after a coffee enema. They can also help to normalise bowel movements, particularly if you suffer from constipation, contrary to many peoples fears that using enemas will make the bowels weaker. The fluid actually increases peristalsis, the movement in the gastrointestinal system that aids the movement of substances through and, in the case of unwanted or indigestible substances, out of the body.

However, coffee enemas are not suitable for everyone and certainly if you feel wired or jittery afterwards with as little as a teaspoon of coffee then it would be wise to try the alternatives suggested below instead.

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Everything You Need To Know To Conduct Coffee Enemas At Home

Client Testimonial

“I am on the Gerson Therapy and have to do 5 coffee enemas a day. I was having a hard time before I saw your informational videos on YouTube. I got your Super Salve and performed my first enema of the day as part of a sequence of 3, which makes it much, much easier. I am now so comfortable and calm that I nap peacefully during some of the enemas. Thank you very much. I will be getting more enema equipment and Super Salve from you in the future. Thank you, thank you, thank you.” ~ Chrys P.

Need an effective alternative to the coffee enema? and Geranium Essential Oil

What Are The Benefits Of Doing A Coffee Enema

Basic Coffee Enema Procedure Part 1: Coffee Enema Recipe

Why would you do this? Well, there are many reasons. Lets look at a few benefits from doing coffee enemas.

  • Coffee stimulates an enzyme in the liver which helps remove free radicals from the bloodstream. This also acts as an anti-inflammatory, and a natural blood cleanser.
  • Helps to flush out fungus, yeast, and flush out bacteria.
  • Have been used to fight cancer, overdoses, constipation, and IBS.
  • They have also been used for liver dysfunction and digestive disorders.
  • They are also helpful for parasites and candida.
  • Removes toxins that have been built up in the liver.
  • Opens up bile ducts and increases the production of bile for proper digestion.
  • Helps to combat fatigue and depression.
  • Well known for natural cancer treatment.

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Try A Transverse Massage With Your Coffee Enema

To maximize the effectiveness of your coffee enema, try a transverse colon massage! This unique massage can be done twice per day and can help break up that catarrhal mucoid plaque gunking up your colon.

The massage will also help stimulate peristaltic activity, so you can continue flushing waste from your system rapidly post-enema.

To perform a transverse massage, start on the lower right side of your abdomen, in the soft tissue above your pubic bone. Using a tennis ball or your fingers, massage the tissue deeply using a circular motion. Slowly move up your abdomen, toward your head. When you reach your belly button, move sideways across your stomach, to the left side, then keep massaging all the way down until you reach your left pubic bone.

How Often Should You Do A Coffee Enema

The frequency of coffee enema will depend on your current condition or the goals you wish to achieve.

If you are trying to lose weight, you can perform a coffee enema at once daily. Weight loss results from ?coffee enema detox will also depend on the diet you follow and your level of physical activity on a daily basis. You can lose up to five kilograms a week with the help of coffee enemas.

Knowing what type of coffee bean to use for your enema will help you achieve your wellness goals within a short span of time. Try out a coffee enema and experience instant weight loss results if your goal is to shed excessive weight. If you?re a cancer patient looking for relief from the symptoms caused by conventional cancer therapies, rest assured that coffee enema will deliver the sense of ease and comfort naturally!

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*this Information Is Taken Directly From Restorative Wellness Solutions

With the approval of your physician, take a coffee enema 2-3 times per week for the first 3 months of your program. Thereafter, take a coffee enema as needed, if/when you feel toxic or experience problems with elimination. When they are no longer needed, you will not feel better or worse after the coffee enema, in other words, you will feel the same.

Coffee enemas are believed to be useful in aiding the liver in its detoxification processes, as well as aiding the colon in its activities of elimination. The efficient removal of metabolic waste and toxins through the colon is vital to the maintenance of health and the prevention of illness.

The coffee enema may be performed at any time you find convenient. It typically takes 30-60 minutes, depending upon the individual. It is best to choose a time when you will not feel rushed or disturbed. Most people prefer the morning, as taking the enema late in the day may disrupt sleep. Others find their sleep is not affected at all and prefer a coffee enema in the evening. There is no best time and is a matter of personal preference.

What’s The Best Enema Coffee To Buy

Can You Use Regular Coffee for Enema

You may be thinking you can just use your regular morning ground coffee for this, but it will not produce the detoxification benefits you are looking for, and here’s why:

  • Regular store-bought coffee is not the same as enema therapy coffee – even if it’s organic.
  • Enema therapy coffee must be a clean coffee since it will go into the liver.
  • Enema therapy coffee should have a high enough cafestol content to open the bile ducts.
  • The cleanest coffee is a special air roast process.
  • The traditional drum roasting process causes beans to be burnt which is carcinogenic to the liver.
  • Fine ground enema coffee will retain 100% of its cafestol and palmitic acid content for at least 8 months and up to 2 years.
  • There is no difference in buying whole bean enema coffee or fine ground for enema use both retain the same potency. This statement is supported by research done at US Coffee Association for enema use both retain the same potency. This statement is supported by research done by U.S. Coffee Association.
  • The lighter the color of the coffee, the stronger the cafestol.
  • Gerson Therapy recommends medium roast, fine grind, for their patients.
  • Enema coffee needs to be retained in the rectum for 15 minutes if possible for full effectiveness.
  • The lighter the roast, the more powerful the cleanse.

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Blowing Smoke Up Your

A strange type of enema found throughout Europe, especially London, in the 18th century involved blowing tobacco smoke into the anus of individuals who had drowned. Physicians at the time believed that this procedure would help resuscitate these individuals, and it was a regular occurrence along the River Thames. The theory behind this procedure was that the tobacco smoke would irritate the bowels, which would cause the stomach to contract so strongly that it would force the lungs to cough. As explained by one physician from the time, for the heat and sharpness of the tobacco smoke irritate so much the bowels, as to cause a violent contraction of the belly, which forces out of the breast the air contained in it.3

Note: this is not a valid resuscitation method!

How Poor Brain Health Leads To Poor Gut Health

Poor brain function leads to poor gut health. When the brain ages, degenerates, is injured, or otherwise becomes impaired, total output to the vagus nerve decreases. As such, the organs do not receive enough neurological input to function properly. Think of poor water flow through a hose.

This can cause such gut health problems as:

  • Difficulty digesting foods
  • Difficulty swallowing supplements or large bites of food
  • A gag reflex that is either too sensitive or under active

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What Does Colon Cleansing Feel Like

Most people report little or no discomfort with a colonic, but you’ll likely experience varying feelings of movement and fullness during the session. You may notice your abdomen becoming distended as the fluid is pumped in, and you might feel like you need to use the bathroom.

During an enema, you may also feel fullness, but probably less so than with a colonic because less liquid is used. You may feel a need to use the bathroom while you hold it in.

How To Administer A Coffee Enema

Coffee Enema Q& A Review For Beginners – Coffee Bean Enemas Detox Miracle (Organic Green)

Grab a thick folded down to place underneath your bottom and lie down somewhere comfortable within quick and easy reach of a toilet. Some people like to do enemas in the bath as they find that the heat enables them to retain the solution. I find that slightly pulling apart with both hands on my lower abdomen helps me to retain the enema. Others find that lying on their right side with their legs pulled up slightly can help them to retain. Then hold the enema for 15 minutes and release it into the toilet. It will help you to retain it if you have had a bowel movement beforehand or flushed out your colon with a water flush enema beforehand, using one to two pints of body temperature filtered water and allowing it to be expelled as soon as the urge to defecate comes.

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Preparing The Enema Coffee

Firstly, you’ll need to prepare the enema coffee which takes about 20 minutes + about another 30 minutes for it to cool off.

I usually start making it first thing in the morning, using a timer for the boil and simmer steps and then let it cool off well before I intend to use it around mid-morning.

You’ll need to have organic enema coffee, filtered/purified water, an ultra-fine stainless steel sieve, and a 4-quart stainless steel saucepan. It is not recommended to use an aluminum saucepan or tap water. The ultra-fine sieve is important because you don’t want to have coffee grinds in the enema coffee, which will happen if you don’t use the correct sieve.

Next, add the filtered/purified water and organic enema coffee to your saucepan, stir, and then bring it to a boil.

Please note that because I have been doing these for years, I use the “Ultra Light Roast” coffee as shown below, however, if it is your first time or you are new to detoxing it is recommended to use “Medium Roast” coffee, which is darker in color.

Once it comes to a rolling boil, set the timer for 5 minutes and let it boil. Once the timer is finished, reduce the heat to low/medium, set the timer for 15 minutes, and let it simmer.

When the timer is finished, remove the saucepan from the stovetop and allow it to cool completely before using it.

Trust me – this is very important. Do not attempt to take the enema coffee directly from the stove to perform a coffee enema while the coffee is still hot.

Coffee Enemas: Crazy Effective Or Just Crazy

Robyn Openshaw – Mar 05, 2020 – This Post May Contain Affiliate Links

The information in this article is intended for educational purposes and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition.

I know what you might be thinking: Coffee is meant for only ONE end of my body, and its not my south pole.

While the idea might sound strange at first, an all-natural coffee enema offers many health benefits, like pain relief, quick detoxification, and stimulating the bowel and liver.

Lets explore how coffee enemas work, their numerous health benefits, and how to do a coffee enema at home safely and painlessly.

In this article:

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Is It Safe To Do Coffee Enemas

But before you go out and purchase a pack of coffee grinds at the supermarket, here?s one truth that you need to know about them?they are not the best coffee to use for liver detox enemas. Coffee enema is a specialised liver detox technique. It is imperative that users use coffee bean blends with high concentrations of beneficial compounds namely caffeine and palmitic acids.

Regular coffee does not contain high amounts of caffeine and palmitates. Furthermore, regular coffee is known to contain harmful ingredients such as herbicides and pesticides- both of which contain toxins that can do more harm than good to our health.

Coffee Enemas Are Not Suitable For Everyone

Can You Use Regular Coffee for Enema

Enemas of any description should not be used during pregnancy. Some people are very sensitive to caffeine.

Some people have a genetic variation which means they cannot detoxify caffeine efficiently. Other people, particularly people with adrenal fatigue / M.E., can find coffee enemas too stimulating.

Coffee enemas would also be contraindicated with diarrhoea heart, kidney or respiratory failure inflammatory bowel diseases removal of part of the colon or intestines high blood pressure and post-surgery unless under supervision from a qualified naturopathic nutritionist.

Whilst absorption of caffeine is minimal with a coffee enema in comparison to drinking caffeine, there is still some absorption taking place.

Its also important to make sure you are well hydrated, i.e. you are drinking 4 pints a day of still, pure water read my blog on hydration for more information on the best way to get yourself hydrated. Coffee enemas can be quite dehydrating on the body so are really not a good idea until you have your hydration levels up.

If you are unsure how you react to coffee, start very slowly with a teaspoon of coffee in your coffee solution. If you react ok to this, you can then start to slowly increase a teaspoon at a time.

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