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Do Grinds Coffee Pouches Work

What Are Grinds Coffee Pouches

How To Use Grinds

Grinds coffee pouches are tiny moistened bags of coffee that are usually flavored and packed with taurine and B-vitamins.

Each grinds coffee pouch contains 20-25mg of caffeine which is equivalent to a quarter-cup of brewed coffee. The newest flavor, New Orleans Style pouches, has 60mg of caffeine per pouch.

The idea of coffee pouches came about when two baseball-playing college students who were also roommates started chewing ground coffee to stay awake to complete a marketing project.

Since dipping tobacco was widespread in baseball, Pat and Matt decided to pack grinds in small pouches and market them in the Major League Baseball as a healthier alternative to chewing tobacco.

After some initial headwinds, the coffee pouches would later become a hit with baseball players and coaches. The pouches were later featured in mainstream business media including the Entrepreneur Magazine and Fox Business channel before making an appearance on Shark Tank.

Do Grinds Coffee Pouches Expire

Yes, coffee pouches have a Best Before date imprinted under the tin. Beyond this date, the pouches are likely to lose their freshness, potency, and flavor. Expired pouches are also likely to be dry.

Although there is little risk from the coffee element of the pouch past the expiry date, I would be more worried about the flavoring and sweetening ingredients as they may taste rancid.

The pouches do not require refrigeration or freezing as this may do more harm than good by causing the pouches to dry and lose their flavor. Instead, place the cans away from light, moisture, and heat in the pantry or drawer.

How To Use Grinds Coffee Pouches

Take a grinds coffee pouch and place it between your cheek and the upper or lower gum for 20-40 minutes. As saliva wets the pouch over time, it dissolves the caffeine and the vitamins in coffee.

Placing the pouch between the cheek and the upper gum where there is less saliva provides for a slower wetting of the pouch whereas, at the lower gum, there is more saliva that absorbs the caffeine much faster.

Swallow the saliva for a quick boost of energy. Spitting the saliva inhibits you from reaping the maximum pick-me-up benefit of the pouches.

Coffee pouches are housed in a can with a secondary lid inside the main lid where you can place the spent pouch and discard it later.

You may want to avoid placing the pouches between your lip and the front teeth as coffee can stain them and affect your smile. Remember that the pouch stays in your mouth for up to 40 minutes.

You can use one pouch at a time or pop a few coffee pouches at the same time for a bigger dose of caffeine, especially for people with a higher tolerance for caffeine.

See the section about who can use coffee pouches.

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What Happen To Grinds Coffee Pouches At The Shark Tank Pitch

Matt Canepa and Pat Pezet came to Shark Tank with their Grinds Coffee Pouches and a $75,000 offer in return for a 10% stake in the business which brings the company valuation at $750,000.

According to Pezet, the pouches contain fresh coffee and are enhanced with chemicals that keep the user awake and attentive.

Canepa distributes product samples, which the Sharks, with the exception of Barbara Corcoran, try. Theyre blown away with the flavour.

They sold $3,500 in their first year, but Bruce Bochy, the manager of the San Francisco Giants, endorsed them.

They sold $135,000 in their second year, and by the time they got to the Shark Tank, they were on schedule to sell $300,000.

Will the Sharks bite on this coffee-flavoured chewing tobacco alternative despite the positive numbers?

Barbara Corcoran admires the duos energy, but believes the product is simply not one I can relate to. Shes no longer with us.

Kevin OLeary tells them they need money to get the product to market before the large coffee corporations crush you like the insect you are.

He makes them an offer: $100,000 in exchange for a $.25 royalty on every can sold, which is more than double what they were asking for.

Daymond John wants to know whether theyre just searching for finance or looking for a strategic partner.

A counter-offer is made by Robert Herjavec. Hes willing to pay the couple $75,000 in exchange for a 15% stake in the company.

Grinds Coffee Pouches After The Shark Tank Pitch

Grinds Coffee Pouches

Despite the fact that the Shark deal did not go through, Grinds Coffee Pouches is doing well on the web and through online merchants.

The pouches are selling like hotcakes on the companys website, and business is growing.

The Sharks pounced on this coffee-flavoured concept, and its now a home run, assisting chewing tobacco addicts in quitting and adding a new, delectable product to the Shark Tank success list.

In August of 2021, the firm is still in operation, with yearly sales of $5 million.

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Are The Grinds Coffee Pouches Discount Code Updated

CouponAnnie has dozens of Grinds Coffee Pouches promos and discounts coming from different sources. When a discount code is classified as “Verified”, that means CouponAnnie has checked its authenticity on As of yesterday, Grinds Coffee Pouches brings 6 updated promos and discount codes overall.

Can They Use Grinds As An Alternative To Tobacco

Yes! Grinds Coffee Pouches were originally designed to help smokeless tobacco users kick their habit.

Quitting tobacco can be a long and difficult process.

Grinds Coffee Pouches are a great way to simulate the oral fixation that accompanies chewing tobacco.

Also, the caffeine from the coffee + the B-Vitamins in our product can help combat nicotine cravings.

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Grinds Coffee Pouches Flavors

Grinds coffee pouches come in several different flavors.

  • You can choose the 6 pack sampler that comes with the most popular flavors such as Mocha, Cinnamon Roll, Peppermint, Vanilla, Caramel, and Mint Chocolate.
  • Or you can pick and choose from the complete list of options Mocha, Caramel, Cinnamon Roll, Irish Cream, Mint Chocolate, Peppermint, Black Coffee, Vanilla, Wintergreen, and Mocha Decaf.

Mint Chocolate: Has a similar taste to the Girl Scout Thin Mint cookies.

Caramel: If you like a caramel latte, then you will want to try it.

Cinnamon Roll: Taste like you are having morning coffee with a sweet cinnamon roll.

Mocha: Taste like it has a hint of chocolate with a strong bold coffee flavor.

Peppermint: Has flavor that resembles peppermint latte, but without any sweetener.

Vanilla: You may like this flavor if you like a slightly sweet vanilla latte.

To use the pouch, simply place it between your teeth and cheek on either side of your mouth. The juice made from the pouch will start to flow into your mouth. As the juice builds up you can spit it out, which will result in a slow intake of caffeine. Or you can swallow the saliva, and experience a quicker boost in energy as you ingest more caffeine.

Once you are finished with the pouch completely you should throw it away. Please do not swallow the pouch as it is not meant to be consumed.

How Much Do Grinds Coffee Pouches Cost

Grinds Coffee Pouches Review | Stop Smoking and Dipping Now! |Hot Shots LIVE

One serving size of the grinds coffee pouches is all you will need to give you that zip of energy, accompanied by a sense of alertness and focus.

When you buy a can of the grinds coffee pouches, each one will have around 18 packets in it. A single packet can last anywhere from 2 to several hours.

One of the convenient features of the can is a place on the top to put partially used packets. This way you can return to using the packet instead of throwing it away after every time you decide to take it out of your mouth for a break.

If you buy from the website there is an option to purchase 6 cans of coffee pouches for $22.00. Doing the calculations, you would get 108 pouches. Dividing the total cost by the total number of pouches has each pouch priced at $0.20.

Using Tough Guy Chew as the tobacco counterpart to compare prices, it sells at $18.00 for a 6 can package. The difference in price is nominal. This is especially when you consider how much healthier the alternative is. And note the benefits that will come from not consuming carcinogens in the long run.

One tip on purchasing, is the more you buy in quantity the cheaper it will be per pouch for you.

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Grinds Coffee Pouches Flavor Review And Buyers Guide

Do you ever wake up so tired that you wish you could stick an i.v. of coffee right into your veins?

Or think about eating coffee beans?

Anything to get the coffee into your system faster, am I right?

Unfortunately, caffeine blood transfusion does not exist yet. In the meantime, we at least have Grinds Coffee Pouches.

These are like eating a handful of coffee beans, but with better flavor and less grit!

And if were being honest, theyre more socially acceptable then stuffing raw coffee beans into your mouth

Things To Ask Yourself Before Buying Coffee Pouches

Chewing tobacco alternatives like coffee pouches have become wildly popular in the last few years. And for good reason. Used in much the same way as chewing tobacco, they are helping tobacco-users quit the dip, reduce the health risks associated with tobacco and save the money theyd waste on an expensive habit.

Instead of nicotine and the 30 cancer-causing chemicals found in dip, users chew on coffee dip or coffee pouches. The delicious coffee taste comes from real coffee beans and other natural flavors. The ingredients are held in a pouch until the moisture inside your mouth releases them in a burst of flavor. And instead of getting a buzz from nicotine, the flavored coffee produces a mild caffeine boost about the same amount as in 1/4 cup of joe.

But not all favored-coffee pouches are created equal. So, what makes some coffee pouches better than others? Ask yourself these questions:

  • Are the flavored-coffee pouches made in the US?
  • We all prefer to buy products that are made in America by American workers for obvious reasons: Like supporting manufacturing jobs. But there are less obvious ones to consider too: such as the loss of freshness that can occur when food products are transported over long distances and times.

    Products made outside the US can take weeks longer to reach stores and warehouses, so they may not be as fresh. To counter this, manufacturers add more preservatives which can affect favor and healthfulness.

    Heres what some of the participants had to say:

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    Get Grinds On The Shark Tank Show

    Coffee Chewing Tobacco Season 4, Episode 413, week 15

    Get Grinds is a very unique chewing tobacco alternative or maybe it should be marketed as a new form of energy in the crowded Energy Boosting Market. The Get Grinds Coffee Pouches have the same look as the traditional tobacco chewing products on the market but contain flavored coffee grounds instead. A 100% Nicotine Free Alternative sounds like a Great Idea. Not that an excessive amount of caffeine from the coffee grounds would be good for you, but a caffeine habit is much better than a nicotine addiction. Actually, one Get Grinds pouch also known as fake chew contains the equivalent of only 1/4 cup of coffee. Its not just caffeine that gives you the added boost but other energy boosting ingredients as well.

    Get Grinds Sampler PackThe two entrepreneurs inventing Get Grinds Coffee PouchesRed Bull or the 5 Hour energyGet Grinds Coffee Pouches

    Another unique advantage to the get Grinds Coffee Pouches especially if you already chew tobacco, is you do not need to spit. In Fact, its encouraged not to spit because you gain more of the energy boosting ingredients by swallowing. No Kidding! You are essentially brewing the flavored coffee in your mouth. The only thing you need to spit out is the pouch when youre done.

    Will the Sharks get into the Smokeless Tobacco/ Energy Boosting Business?

    Grinds Coffee Pouches Opens New Headquarters In Westfield

    Grinds Coffee Pouches Near Me

    The story of Grinds Coffee Pouches has a very humble beginning.

    We use the phrase fondly We were just two idiots chewing on coffee and getting some caffeine, says Grinds Coffee Pouches co-founder Pat Pezet. Matt had just finished playing minor league ball, so we came up with the idea of, Yeah, we could take this down to Spring Training and pass it around to some of our buddies.

    After starting their brand out on the West Coast, Grinds Coffee Pouches has moved its headquarters to Westfield, allowing for a more centralized hub to serve devoted clientele throughout the U.S. Originally founded in 2009, Grinds Coffee Pouches provides a healthy alternative to chewing tobacco, with flavors that range from black coffee to spearmint.

    Both former baseball players, Pezet and business partner Matt Canepa first met while attending college at Cal Poly, where they both were a part of the schools baseball team. Looking back, the Grinds Coffee Pouches co-founders see the sport of baseball as the reason why theyre where they are today.

    It really was a catalyst to bringing us together, and eventually launching the company together, Canepa says. Without baseball, Im almost certain both our lives would be completely different, and this wouldve never happened.

    After pitching their initial business idea to a contest at Cal Poly, the two were awarded $15,000, which they see as the first major springboard for Grinds Coffee Pouches.

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    What Are The Health Benefits Of Using Grinds Coffee Pouches

    If you are trying to beat your nicotine cravings, then the caffeine provided in grinds can be a great substitute. Having it in pouch form can also provide a similar feeling to chewing tobacco.

    The ingredients used are the same as what you find in energy drinks such as

    • Coffee
    • Sodium Benzoate
    • Other Natural and Artificial Flavors.

    I highly suggest trying Grinds Coffee pouches, to help kick that nicotine craving to take a step towards better health. It will give you the energy you are looking for.

    With a variety of flavors, and in easy to carry and reusable pouches it can always be in reach and ready to use when you get a craving.

    How Did Grinds Coffee Pouches Come To Be

    The origin of Grinds coffee pouches starts with a couple of college students. They were doing what they do best, trying to stay up late doing school work.

    Inspired by baseball players who were known for chewing and dipping, they did the same thing. Instead of tobacco, they used ground coffee beans.

    This improvising not only gave them the quick boost of energy they wanted, but also a great business idea.

    The product found its way to the San Francisco Giants and was a success with the team. It provided all the benefits of energy and alertness. There was also the familiar feeling they would get from chewing tobacco but without all the associated health risks.

    The product then spread to the rest of the Major League Baseball teams. And now the world!

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    How Do They Use Grinds Coffee Pouches

    Grinds Coffee Pouches are designed to be placed between the cheek and gums just like you would use smokeless tobacco.

    Just pop in a pouch or two and let the flavours brew. The energy will begin to flow from the grinds to you in minutes.

    Once the pouch loses flavour, simply take it out and throw it away

    So Why Grinds Coffee Pouches

    Grinds Coffee Pouches – FAQs

    Coffee is the universal energizer that powers millions every day with caffeine. This can be in the morning to help get through the sluggish start and later on to get a second wind to keep going.

    Many of us can even attest to feeling a nice buzz in the form of energy after drinking coffee. And a refreshed feeling and sense of alertness after consuming our daily dose of caffeine.

    The buzz is not like that from drinking alcohol. It is more comparable to what someone who is familiar with using chewing tobacco may feel.

    Although chewing tobacco comes with negative side effects that pose a risk to health.

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    Grinds Coffee Pouches Analysis

    Listed above are top Grinds Coffee Pouches promos on the internet. As of yesterday, CouponAnnie has 15 promos overall regarding Grinds Coffee Pouches, which includes 2 discount code, 13 deal, and 3 free shipping promo. With an average discount of 22% off, buyers can snag fantastic promos approximately 30% off. The top promo available as of yesterday is 30% off from “20% Off At Grinds For All Military Personnel!”.

    Does Grinds Coffee Pouches Do Black Friday

    When it comes to Black Friday shopping extravaganza, buyers can always snag the deepest discounts of the year. Grinds Coffee Pouches is no exception. Each year, the seller brings more than just fantastic Black Friday promos. Grinds Coffee Pouches also offers pre-Black Friday savings and bargains for Cyber Monday.

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    Can They Swallow The Juices From The Pouch Or Do They Have To Spit Like Regular Dip

    In the end, the choice is yours. Swallowing the saliva produced by each pouch is the most efficient way to receive its energy.

    Youre effectively making coffee in your mouth when you have a Grinds pouch in your mouth.

    You may spit if you so choose. The energy and caffeine will still be absorbed, but at a slower and less intentional pace.

    If you are used to spitting, we usually recommend starting with our product in the same way you would with smokeless tobacco so that your habit is not disrupted for the first few weeks.

    What Other Items Do Customers Buy After Viewing This Item

    Grinds Coffee Pouches Near Me
  • Get it as soon as Thursday, Jan 13FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon
  • Get it as soon as Thursday, Jan 13FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon
  • Get it as soon as Thursday, Jan 13FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon
  • Get it as soon as Thursday, Jan 13FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon
  • Get it as soon as Thursday, Jan 13FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon
  • Get it as soon as Thursday, Jan 13FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon
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