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Extra Large Square Coffee Table With Storage

Square Coffee Table With Storage

DIY Farmhouse Coffee Table with Storage

Large Coffee Tables For Your Spacious Living Room

Instead of an ottoman or a slew of poufs, focus your relaxation and seating around a different kind of piece. These 45 large coffee tables for your spacious living room will add gorgeous appeal and function too!

Which one suits your living room? Well, thats up to you and how your living room looks, what fits best with your overall design, and, of course, your personal needs. Check out our favorite finds below!

What Size Of Unit Do I Need

We want to help you select the unit that fits your needs perfectly. These illustrations might help you. Keep in mind that all units are 9 feet high so you can stack things in boxes, stand furniture and mattresses on end or edge, etc. If you need more detail about any unit size and what might fit into it, then click here to see our Storage Unit sizings! Or, just call us, and we would be happy to help you sort out your needs, and give you tips on saving storage space.

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Sleek lines, clean edges, and high style are just a few things you can expect from a square coffee table. Not only are these edgy beauties a great way to add style to both indoor and outdoor spaces, but the right design can be just what you need to anchor your furniture layout to ensure optimal flow. So, whether you need an all glass coffee table that will blend right in or a contrasting showpiece that is destined to steal the spotlight, our collection has something for every need, style, and budget. We’ve even made sure to include styles that can provide extra storage, create a makeshift workspace, or provide a bit of mood lighting! What do you need?

Square Stainless Coffee Table With Tempered Glass Top: A high shine, square coffee table that refuses to go unnoticed with its slatted design that effortlessly combines Mid-Century Modern and Contemporary. If you are looking for something sleek and eye-catching, then this stainless steel and glass option should definitely be considered.
Oversized Square Coffee Table: Big living rooms call for big style and a big coffee table. This oversized design can effortlessly make a large living room feel much more cozy and centered in a way that is both functional and stylish.
Small Square Glass Coffee Table With Geometric Chrome Base: Easy on the eyes and on your wallet. Thanks to its glass top paired with a chrome, asymmetric base, this square table not only has a sleek aesthetic, but it is easy to wipe clean.

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Extra Large Square Coffee Table With Storage : Large square walnut ...

A large coffee table is a great way to add a touch of style and elegance to your living room, dining room or family room. A large coffee table will provide a versatile centerpiece for your living space. Browse the top-ranked list of large coffee tables below along with associated reviews and opinions.

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    Product Description

    Oversized, simple and stylish, our Sawhorse Large Coffee Table is designed to fit perfectly in your living room. We made this table extra-large at 48 inches wide by 32 inches deep to allow easy use when situated in front of a sectional sofa or 3-piece sofa configuration. This versatile Coffee Table can fit easily in your space and turn heads at the same time.See all Coffee Tables

    Product Description

    Oversized, simple and stylish, our Sawhorse Large Coffee Table is designed to fit perfectly in your living room. We made this table extra-large at 48 inches wide by 32 inches deep to allow easy use when situated in front of a sectional sofa or 3-piece sofa configuration. This versatile Coffee Table can fit easily in your space and turn heads at the same time.

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    Square Faux Marble Top Coffee Table With Gold Base: Get the sleek look of marble, but without the hefty price tag. This glam table combines a gold base and faux marble top to create a look that is both chic and elegant. Also available in Silver.
    Square Faux Marble, Wood & Gold Coffee Table: Weâve come across a fair amount of faux marble coffee tables in our travels, but none quite like this. Its unusual build and 3 tone design instantly captivated usâand honestly weâre still a bit obsessed with its unique design. Matching side tables also available.
    Square Black Marble Coffee Table With Gold Base: If you are looking for a square coffee table with an offbeat charm, then this is a great choice. The black marble and gold base create a luxe look that refuses to go unnoticed. Available in 2 base sizes with multiple table top options.
    Square All Glass Coffee Table: Looking for a coffee table that is versatile and wonât detract from your other decor? Thanks to its all glass build, this glass coffee table has a light and airy aesthetic that will leave the room feeling spacious and never overwhelmed.
    Square Wooden Coffee Table With Drawers: A luxury coffee table with a poignant design that allows for tons of hidden storage. The table that you need if you donât want to sacrifice style for storage space. After all, it should never be one or the other!

    Large Coffee Tables Ample Sized Tables For Your Home

    Let large coffee tables transform your living space, giving you a place to put all sorts of items that are commonplace in a busy domestic setting, while also adding a touch of style and class. Corcorans has lots of different coffee tables to consider, which can be delivered to your door or seen at our stores in Kerry and Limerick.

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    Large Live Edge Coffee Table

    Since theyre all the rage these days, this stunning live edge large coffee table will make a perfect addition to your home. The wood slab is covered in resin and placed over metal or wood legs. The coolest part to this Etsy table is that you get to customize exactly how you want your live edge table to look. However, this also means that it will take a while to get your table delivered.

    Final Thoughts On Large Coffee Tables

    Corbett Coffee Table Storage Ottoman – Square – Product Review Video

    Large coffee tables are certainly a requirement for many homes, either because a smaller table would be oversized by the rest of the furniture or the room itself, or because there are simply too many people in the house to justify crowding everything on a tiny table.

    We love our selection and found quite a few pieces to put on our own shortlist, so wed love to hear which ones you liked best.

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    Large Soft Coffee Table

    We found this awesome coffee table on Wayfair and it comes in two different colors beige or gray. The tufted creation will work as both a coffee table and a comfortable seat, should you need it. Also, it can double as an ottoman. As far as how it was made, it is upholstered with fabric, has a solid wood base, and looks like something we want in our room.

    Coffee Table Styles 2021

    While we are all for the slow interiors concept- timeless furniture to go with classic design, switching it up to trendy pieces would help you update the home and mood. And one way to easily change the look of your living room is by updating the coffee table and cushions.

    Lets check out what going to be trendy in 2022 based on the current trends.


    Out goes the round, and square and oval is in. Yes, oval and square shapes are becoming more and more popular in coffee table style.

    It is also interesting to note that the minimalist soft triangular coffee tables are making a statement. This is a trend which can be adopted in varied decor set up and works well in large to small living rooms. Also with small square coffee tables and large ones available in the market having a clear idea about how much space you can spare for a coffee table in the room can be crucial in choosing the right one.

    You can also go a step ahead by choosing a nest of oval coffee tables.


    Post pandemic consumer choices are much different to the pre-pandemic choices. The world is focusing more on sustainability and function over aesthetics. Reclaimed wood is showing no signs of slowing down its popularity.

    One material that has been in trend the last few years is Marble. Marble as a material can come across as cold, but if rightly made with its fittings in bright metallics- like gold or bronze, can make the piece a luxe statement as well as right for a living space.


    Buying Tips

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    Redwood Large Coffee Table

    This absolutely stunning redwood coffee table has a juniper base. You can also get this beautiful design made with other types of wood. The most beautiful part of this large coffee table we found on Houzz is that the pieces are put together in such a way that they simulate the banks of a river. Its clearly an artistic statement piece.

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    Captivating Coffee Table Storage

    If you’re shopping for furniture for your living room, ottomans can be a highly stylish and functional piece to add to your space. Wherever you are in Canada, there’s no better place to find and buy ottomans than right here, at Leon’s.

    Compare any of the living room ottomans we have for sale with other stores and you will find that we consistently offer better value for your money. No matter your style preferences, you’re guaranteed to find a beautiful piece to add to your living room!

    And, whether you have questions about ottomans, want to know about our warranties or delivery services, our sales team is friendly and knowledgeable. Don’t delay! When it comes to ottomans, Canada can count on Leon’s – both in store and online!

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    Cross Legged Large Coffee Table

    Found on Wayfair, this solid wood coffee table will hold everything you want and then some. Its a perfect pick for any home, especially those looking for a rustic aesthetic. The table is made out of wood and metal and the legs are X-shaped. The black color on the legs contrasts perfectly with the light-colored wood. Since this is natural wood grain, each table is slightly different.

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