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How Do I Make Keto Coffee

A Blender Or Immersion Blender

How to Make Keto Coffee

A keto bulletproof coffee recipe is very easy to make with only 4 ingredients. However, the key to making a tasty keto coffee with butter is to use a blender! In fact, you MUST blend all your bulletproof coffee ingredients together on high-speed or the creamy coffee texture wont form.

If you dont blend your brewed coffee with MCT oil and butter, it will results in two layers, coffee at the bottom and fat on top. It wont taste good at all!

Another option is to use an immersion blender or hand milk frother. Place all the ingredients in a tall mug, wide enough to fit your immersion blender or milk frother. Blend until creamy.

On The Keto Which Is Worse To Drink Diet Coke Or Coke Zero

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Can You Substitute Ingredients In Chaffles

Yes! The basic ingredients in chaffles are eggs and cheese, and other than that, they are pretty forgiving. Feel free to play around or swap out anything you dont like.

If you have allergies or intolerances to the main ingredients, here are some options for those:

  • Substituting Eggs If you cant have eggs, you can substitute a flax egg in any chaffle recipe. Stir together 1 tbsp flax seeds with 3 tbsp water and let sit for 15 minutes to thicken.
  • Substituting Cheese While I havent tried it, Im pretty sure that vegan cheese substitutes will work in place of shredded cheese or cream cheese in keto chaffles. Check labels to make sure that the carb count is still low.

For chaffle recipes that require flour of some kind, the versions I have below list amounts for both almond and coconut flour. You can choose which one you prefer to use.

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Main Components Keto Coffee

Coconut Oil or MCT Oil Coconut oil technically is MCT oil, well about 65-80% MCT anyway. MCT oil is just more concentrated than coconut oil, but both have been shown to aid in fat loss.

Grass Fed Butter Cows that have a diet of fresh grass yields butter that has improved consistency and nutritional properties. The increase of fresh grass in the diet proportionally increases the amount of fat content, specifically unsaturated fats, which gives a pleasant firmness. The nutritional quality also increases, its loaded with Vitamin K2 and Omega 3 Fatty Acids.

Immersion Blender Go on and try to mix this up with a fork, youll be sitting there for 20 minutes and having terrible results. Oil doesnt mix with water unless you give it some help. You need a blender to be able to force these 2 liquids together, giving you a finished look like a latte foamy on the top.

How To Make Chaffles Crispy

Fabulous Body Wraps

I have a few tricks to make your chaffles both crispy and not taste super eggy.

  • Let the chaffles cool completely to reduce eggy taste. You can reheat them on the stove top, air fryer, or oven after, if you want them hot or more crispy.
  • If you are sensitive to an eggy flavor, you can replace the egg with 2 egg whites in any chaffle recipe.
  • For savory chaffles, you can make them more crispy by sprinkling some plain shredded cheese onto the waffle maker first, then add the filling, then more shredded cheese. The extra shredded cheese on the outside will help them get more crispy. This is not recommended for sweet chaffles, since shredded cheeses that are not mixed into the batter will make them too salty.
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    Does Keto Bulletproof Coffee Break A Fast

    Now you might be wondering if that is cheating since fasting usually involves only water. Well, the Bulletproof folks believe that it does not, in fact, break your fast since BPC is only fat.

    Since there are no carbs in the drink and it does not affect insulin, their opinion is that it will continue the fast.

    There are other opinions out there as well that suggests that BPC does, in fact, break a fast and that anything over 50 calories does just that.

    My advice would be to make your own determination. I drink BPC through my fasting.

    There are quite a few calories in BPC, which is completely fine. It is an easy way to increase your fats especially at the beginning if you are struggling with eating more fats.

    If BPC essential or required? Not at all. It does all the things that are listed above and really is great way to start the day, but you dont need it.

    How To Make The Keto Bulletproof Coffee

    Prepare your coffee like you usually would and pour it into a cup. After you have your coffee in the cup, add the butter and coconut oil to the cup, mixing well with a spoon.

    You can drink it straight from the cup or add ice to it if you want to be cold instead of hot. I like to pour it into a reusable plastic cup and fill it with a bunch of crushed ice because I prefer cold coffee.

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    Keto Coffee For Weight Loss

    Our keto coffee recipes can be great for weight loss. The healthy fats keep you full and satiated longer, while the caffeine helps to give you an overall boost to attack the day. Plus drinking a beverage can be easier for some people who struggle to stop eating once they have started.

    High amounts of fats like heavy cream, coconut oil, and mct oil can also help with blood sugar management. They keep blood sugar stable when paired with a keto diet to ensure there are no quick rises or dips in energy. If you find you need a pick me up snack around 3pm everyday, it might be time to make keto coffee instead.

    Are You New To Keto

    How To Make Keto Coffee | FB Live

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    Choose a coffee capsule intensity that matches the time of day. If you drink your keto latte in the morning, I recommend the maximum coffee strength capsule from 9 to 12 capsule.

    For afternoon coffee drinkers, a level 6 or less will be better to avoid caffeine impact on your night sleep. If you dont have a coffee machine, you can use fresh brewed coffee too.

    Can I make a keto cappuccino or keto caramel latte?

    You cant use flavored syrup on a keto diet as they contain a huge amount of sugar. I dont recommend artificial sweeteners either, as they can kick you out of ketosis.

    The trick to creating a quick caramel latte, vanilla latte, or keto cappuccino is to use flavored Nespresso capsule or flavored stevia drops like caramel or vanilla.

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    Homemade Keto Coffee Creamer Ingredients

    This keto coffee creamer recipe is made with basic ingredients:

    • Sugar-free sweetened condensed milk Just 3 simple ingredients and 3 easy steps to make this. It acts as the base for the creamer.
    • Unsweetened almond milk This helps to get the creamer to just the right consistency.
    • Heavy cream This adds rich and creamy flavor to your keto friendly coffee creamer.
    • Flavors You didnt think I would leave you with just a basic keto approved coffee creamer recipe, did you? You totally can, but you can also add in flavors like vanilla extract, hazelnut extract, pumpkin puree, and cocoa powder for flavored keto coffee creamer.

    Sugar Alternatives That Contain Carbs

    Lets first rule out two categories of sugar alternatives.

    Natural caloric sweeteners, like maple syrup, coconut sugar and honey, are certainly sweet. Theyre certainly delicious. But theyre also very high in both carbs and calories, just as the word caloric implies. Coconut sugar adds just as many carbs as regular sugar does. Honey adds even more.

    So-called sugar alcohols like erythritol, xylitol, sorbitol and mannitol are lower in calories and carbs than sugar, and do provide other benefits when used as sugar substitutes. For instance, they have low glycemic indexes, so they dont spike blood glucose levels and are safe for diabetics.

    Thats why sugar alcohols are the sweeteners commonly found in products labeled sugar-free,diet or low-calorie. Theyre not really produced for the purpose of sweetening coffee, though theyre most often used in packaged and commercial products. But more importantly, low-carb by definition isnt as helpful to keto dieters as no-carb.

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    Chaffles Ingredients: Pin To Save For Later

    • Gently melt the cream cheese, if using. The basic chaffle recipe doesnt include cream cheese, but the sweet chaffles and the jalapeno popper savory chaffles do. This step just ensures that we can stir it into the batter.

    TIP: You can melt the cream cheese in the microwave or a double boiler. It doesnt need to be piping hot, just warm so that you can stir it.

    • Mix the chaffle batter. Stir together all your chaffle ingredients. These will vary depending on if youre making sweet chaffles or savory chaffles, but the basic ingredients will include at least egg and cheese.

    Cheese TIP: If you want your chaffle more uniform in texture, use finely shredded cheese instead of regular shredded mozzarella. I usually have regular so thats what I used and it was still delicious!

    Nut-Free Chaffle TIP: If using coconut flour, let the batter sit for a few minutes to thicken.

    Crispy Chaffle TIP: The optimal crispy chaffles tend to have a thicker batter. Some chaffle batters are thicker than others, and I recommend a thicker batter. Just spread it onto the waffle maker if its thicker.

    • Cook your chaffle. Pour the batter into the waffle maker to cover the surface well. Cook until browned and crispy, about 3-4 minutes.

    TIP: Youll know the chaffle is done when steam is no longer coming out the sides, or at least very little is coming out compared to earlier. Some waffle makers also have a light that will tell you its done.

    What Is Hca In Diet Pills

    Keto Iced Coffee  Low Carb Nomad

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    Keto Coffee: What Is Bulletproof Coffee Is It Good For You

    This is an evidence based article

    This article has been written by experts and fact-checked by experts, including licensed nutritionists, dietitians or medical professionals. The information in the article is based on scientific studies and research.

    It is designed to be honest, unbiased and objective, and opinions from both sides of an argument are presented wherever there is disagreement.

    The scientific references in this article are clickable links to peer-reviewed research material on the subject being discussed.

    Those who want to lose weight, but havent tried the ketogenic diet, probably dont know most of the diets ins-and-outs.

    But heres one thing they probably do know: a lot of delicious foods are off-limits. In fact, the restrictions are likely to be a major reason why they havent tried keto.

    The list of beverages youre supposed to avoid when youre rigorously following keto guidelines is a long one. It includes soda, fruit juice, smoothies, energy drinks, sweetened iced tea and beer. Milk isnt expressly forbidden, but it contains so many carbohydrates that just one glass would use up about half the diets daily allotment of net carbs.

    What can you drink on keto? That list is a lot shorter: water, coffee, unsweetened tea and wine. Some diet sodas are OK, but theyre discouraged.

    Wait a secondif coffee is already on the approved keto list, then whats the big deal about keto coffee? Isnt coffee keto-friendly if you skip the sugar and milk?

    Adaptogens Herbs And Supplements For Bulletproof Coffee

    • Collagen peptides I almost ALWAYS include a big scoop of these. I find its an important supplement in my daily routine to help support nail strength, a healthy gut, healthy hair, skin, and joints. I definitely notice a difference in the health of my nails, skin and digestion whenever I fall off the collagen train. While not a complete protein , it does boast a nice array of amino acids that make up the building blocks of our bodies.
    • Maca powder Also known as peruvian ginseng, this herbal supplement has been gaining a lot of popularity lately. Well known for its ability to help with certain hormonal imbalances and energy levels.
    • Ashwagandha powder Also known as Indian Ginseng, this well researched herbal supplement has been documented in its ability to improve a stress resistance, anxiety and boost low libido.
    • Medicinal mushrooms This is a broad category of supplements, and includes everything from Chaga to Reishi, and Lions Mane. Each one has different beneficial properties from boosting immunity to increasing focus and physical performance if you want to learn more about the many options the Four Sigmatic Blog has a TON of educational resources available.
    • Turmeric A bright yellow anti-oxidant rich Indian spice that is well known for its anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties. Works best when paired with just a tiny bit of black pepper.

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    Keto Coffee Recipe Takes Less Than 5 Minutes To Make And Tastes Like A Dessert Filled With Good

    The Ketogenic diet does have quite a bit of dairy in it and I wont say I dont love my dairy but if we can find a dairy-free alternative, we do it. Thank goodness coffee is allowed on the ketogenic diet but we want to make a dairy-free option out there for our coffee lovers.. Well go more into that with this post.

    Mct Oil Vs Butter In Our Ketogenic Coffee

    How to make Keto coffee or ketogenic coffee
    • MCT OIL – If you have never used MCT oil before, ease yourself into it with smaller amounts. Try starting out with 1 or 2 teaspoons instead of tablespoons. Most people have a limit. While its known for helping with fat loss, it can actually cause some intestinal distress if your dose is too large. So start small and maybe try your first one on the weekend when you can be home.
    • BUTTER If you would like to substitute butter in replacement of the MCT Oil due to known intestinal distress you are more than welcome to! Keep in mind the nutrition information will vary at that point.

    If you prefer more of a mocha flavor keto coffee, you can add a little cocoa butter too! Not sure where to find food grade cocoa butter? You can find it on Amazon here. Food Grade Cocoa Butter

    We also have a fabulous German Hot Chocolate Fat Bomb Hot Chocolate recipe if you are just feeling some delicious low carb hot chocolate


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    Does Bulletproof Coffee Break A Fast

    This question is up for debate.

    Many folks who practice intermittent fasting include unsweetened bulletproof coffee as a part of their fasting periods. However others would argue that because of the calories in the fats added it does break a fast.

    So long story short: some say yes and some say no.

    Personally I have practiced intermittent fasting in the past and included unsweetened bulletproof coffee as a part of my fasting periods without any negative impact on the benefits of fasting. But thats just my two cents!

    Best Keto Coffee Recipes: Ultimate Keto Coffee

    Ever thought there was a way you could add an egg yolk to your coffee and it turns out so tasty? This is it.

    Its definelty the ultimate energizing,creamiest coffee you will ever taste. Once you try this you will never go back to your regular coffee.

    Has 3.1g net carbs

    6. Vanilla Cinnamon Keto Iced Coffee

    This is one of the best keto coffee recipes you will ever try. Its full of vanilla cinnamon flavors and it has only 2g net carbs.

    Its chilled with using awesome coffee, whipping cream and cinnamon-infused ice cubes which makes the coffee taste even better as the ice cube melts

    7.Coconut Almond Mocha

    This coconut almond mocha is perfect and a healthier option for those cold eveining when you need something a little sweet. Its gluten free, grain free, low carb, paleo and vegan.

    It cant get better than this. Coconut, almond and chocolate = delicious keto coffee

    8. Keto Bulletproof Peppermint Mocha

    Just look at that, looks amazing. Thick,creamy and absolutely delicious. Its paleo approved, dairy and gluten. Its perfect for the christmas holiday.

    9.Low carb Peppermint Mocha

    Some peppermint flavour in your coffee? Yes please. Its super delicious and easy to make. As the cup suggest, this should be your holiday drink. Be warned it will replace your favourite starbucks drinks.

    The net carbs is 4g

    Full recipe here



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