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How Do You Make Your Own Iced Coffee

Is It Okay To Drink Iced Coffee In The Morning


It is okay to drink iced coffee in the morning. Some people prefer to drink it for an early morning pick me up while others drink it during the day. There are pros and cons, however, that come with drinking iced coffee in the morning. The pros are that it is refreshing and light which can be better for those who are sensitive to caffeine or need a break from caffeine after drinking it all day long. Iced coffee also has less caffeine than regular coffee so there is less chance of being overwhelmed with caffeine if you have a sensitive stomach or are worried about the effects too much caffeine can have on you. The downside to drinking iced coffee in the morning is that some people may not want the caffeine when they first wake up.

Starbucks Iced Coffee Copycat Recipe

Funny to admit Im finally starting to feel like an adult, because Ive figured out how to make a good cup of coffee at home. Im going to share how to make a Starbucks iced coffee copycat recipe via two methods: cold pressed iced coffee and French press iced coffee.

Theres nothing I enjoy more than a cold, delicious iced coffee from Starbucks. But sometimes I dont have the time to pick one of these bad boys up in the mornings, so I was determined to figure out how to make Starbucks iced coffee at home, which is exactly what I did!

The trick to making the iced coffee is to cold press it or use a French press, and then serve it with a simple syrup and cream. Having a simple syrup is the smooth sweetness that compliments the coffee so well and because it is already a liquid, you wont have any pesky sugar granules coming through the straw! Coffee made via these methods are so smooth, youre going to love it, so lets dive in.

How to make iced coffee via the French Press method:

How to make iced coffee via the cold pressed method:

To me, a cold glass of iced coffee is the cats meow.

Out of curiosity, I looked up what the phrase cats meow meant, and totally got a laugh out of Urban Dictionarys use of it in a sentence George, your zoot suit is quite the cats meow!aaahhhhahaha! Im still going with it in this context Phi, this iced coffee is the cats meow!

Make Instant Coffee Without Hot Water

You know how youve always been told that instant coffee had to be made hot?

Well it also makes iced coffee!

Just mix cold water with instant coffee grounds, add some creamer, and stir.

It can take a minute or two for the coffee to dissolve, but it does!

I usually stir mine up, go do something else for a minute or so, then come back and stir a little more and it is ready!

I will include the exact measurements that I use for my perfect iced coffee, or you can experiment to make it just right for you!

Add ice and you have an iced coffee recipe thats not only cheap and convenient, but much less sugar and junk too!

For another delicious homemade coffee recipe, be sure to try this Whipped Cream Frozen Coffee!

Be sure to pin this recipe for later and follow for all the latest delicious recipes!

Did you make this recipe? Be sure to leave a star rating below!

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How To Make Perfect Iced Coffee At Home That Is Smooth And Delicious

Add coffee granules and sugar to a tall glass, then add about 2 tablespoons of warm water and stir until dissolved.

Dilute the coffee with chilled water and stir to combine. Taste and adjust the sweetness to your liking.

Add milk of choice stir to combine and finish it off with some ice. Give it another good stir and serve with a straw or drink it straight from the cup. Enjoy!

How To Make Coffee Without A Coffee Maker

How To Make Cold Brew Coffee

If youre going to be making coffee at home, you need to know how to make coffee without Iced coffee maker. That way, if theres a kink that you cant fix, you wont have to spend a ton of money on a coffee maker.

Its important to have Iced coffee at home. Its far better to have coffee at home than to have it shipped to your office. Coffee can be expensive, so its important to have the right coffee machine at home. If you dont have a coffee machine at home, you can use a percolator.

Bottom Line

Iced Coffee is one of the all time legendary drinks. Its a way to get your caffeine fix without waking up, and its a much healthier alternative to regular coffee, or before going to sleep. Iced coffee is just as good as a cup of regular coffee, but with a few simple tweaks, you can easily make a delicious cold brew at home.

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Beginners Guide To Iced Coffee What It Is And How To Make It

Iced coffee seems to be the perfect summer treat. Were not in the hot season just yet but its coming our way, alright.

But how do we make iced coffee, in the first place ?

And is it really any different from other cold coffee drinks ? It does have a very broad name, so itd fit several drinks as a category.

So, lets take a closer look at iced coffee. See exactly what it is, what kind of coffee we need, and how to make one at home !

Tips For Making Cold Brew Coffee

  • Ive read that its best to use coarsely ground coffee for cold brew. Ive tested this recipe with both coarsely ground coffee and more finely ground coffee that I purchased at the grocery store. Both make delicious cold brew, so dont worry if you dont own a coffee grinder. The most important thing is to use a type of coffee that you really like.
  • For the best flavor use filtered water to make your iced coffee.
  • You can use decaf coffee or half decaf and half regular in this recipe.

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How Does Iced Mocha Work

Your iced mocha drink can be enjoyed in a lot of ways. If you need to keep your focus because youre working on a tight deadline, a refreshing iced mocha drink can lighten up the mood while keeping you attentive and focused. You see, a coffee cocktail increases your energy levels. The same is true for a drink as exciting as iced mocha.

It can help you manage your stress levels while also allowing you to enjoy the drink and the busyness of your schedule. Its like feeling secure that you have work while also getting all good ideas to finish what youre doing within the deadline.

Your iced mocha drink can also keep you feel refreshed and pleasant on a hot day. When you think a smoothie is too sweet or that a glass of juice is not enough to shake off the feeling of dullness in your body, an iced mocha drink is a good alternative. The caffeine in the beverage is enough to restart your body and give it the kick it needs to feel fully awake.

The mixture of milk and chocolate will also give you a relaxed feeling that would make you enjoy the day. And lastly, the added ice on the drink can help you feel fully refreshed.

Your iced mocha drink is also so flexible that you can enjoy it early in the morning, in the middle of the day, or late at night. When you dont feel that good, it could also be the go-to drink that can uplift your mood and change your perception of your circumstance.

How To Serve Cold Brew Iced Coffee


This recipe makes a coffee concentrate. Unless you like really strong coffee, you will probably want to dilute it with water when you serve it. I use about a 1:1 ratio of coffee concentrate to water, sometimes a little more coffee since I like my iced coffee strong.

You can serve your cold brew over ice or even heat it up for a hot cup of coffee. The smooth, less bitter flavor of cold brew makes a perfect cup of hot coffee in the morning! The easiest way to heat cold brew is in the microwave.

Serve your cold brew coffee black or with a splash of milk or cream. Sometimes Ill stir in cream, a drizzle of honey and a pinch of sea salt for a sweeter iced coffee. It tastes like an iced salted caramel latte!

Enjoy your iced coffee in the morning with a bowl of steel cut oatmeal or this whole wheat pancake recipe, or as an afternoon pick me up with a slice of healthy banana bread.

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Making Your Own Iced Coffee Recipe

Coffee is an all-time favorite. That is also the reason why more and more people put up coffee shop business establishments. Coffee is not just irresistible, it is salable as well. But don’t worry. You do not have to spend money buying expensive coffee just to satisfy your craving. Why not create your own? Well, it’s just a matter of knowing how to make blended iced coffee.

What Type Of Coffee Should I Use

Like any cup of joe, you should choose high-quality coffee beans to make the coffee for your iced coffee recipe. I swear this is not a plug for Lavazza but I love their dark roast coffee. You can buy the beans on their own and grind them using a coffee grinder at home, or you can buy pre-ground coffee your local grocery store. It’s up to you!

I will often try to go to my fave local cafes as well and buy their house blends, or pick up some coffee from Starbucks. That way you get the same taste of your favorite coffee place without having to spend $5 per drink!

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Other Tips And Tricks On This Iced Vanilla Latte Recipe

  • If you have an espresso machine, then you can sub in 2 shots chilled espresso for the coffee in the recipe.
  • Love cold brew? You can use it in this recipe for a different spin! HERE is a recipe for cold brew so that you can make it right at home!
  • Instead of ice, freeze extra coffee in an ice tray and use it in the iced latte to avoid it getting watered down!
  • It is up to you whether you would like to use milk or half-and-half in the recipe. Personally, I am a half-and-half person.
  • Homemade vanilla simple syrup is an amazing alternative for store-bought vanilla syrup but that is totally optional!

What Type Of Ice Is Best For Iced Coffee

Making Your Own Healthy Iced Coffee At Home Is Easy

I know this may not seem important but choosing the right ice for your iced coffee is key! Here are your options:

  • Crushed ice this is what you see in this recipe. Because I had a ton of coffee to make I picked up a big bag of crushed ice and used it liberally. This is typically what I use for iced coffee
  • Medium-sized ice cubes this is usually what people have on hand in their freezer and I say go for it!
  • Large ice I like to use larger blocks of ice if I’m going to enjoy my iced coffee outside. They are slower to melt this way!

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Heres My Go To Recipe For Bottled Coffee

  • 2% Lactose Free Milk
  • 2 shots of espresso .
  • Flavored Creamer to Taste .

Brew your espresso, add to bottle.

Add your flavored creamer , to taste. I use about a tablespoon. Add your base the rest of the way. In my case, Lactose Free Milk.

Close the bottles and refrigerate. Consume within a week or prior to any expiration dates of your ingredients .

Open, Drink, Enjoy!

Thats it! . They work great, they are dishwasher safe and are canning quality. I estimate about 195 calories with these ingredients .

Tell me what you think and what speciality coffee drinks you love to make at home!

What Is Iced Mocha

The best way to describe iced mocha is iced coffee with a hint of chocolate. Ordinary mocha coffee has steamed milk, chocolate, and espresso. To complete its presentation and taste, most add whipped cream on top of the beverage.

Compared to latte and cappuccino, this is the sweetest of all three. If you want to turn your ordinary mocha coffee into an iced drink, its not as simple as adding ice to it. First, you must decide whether or not youll be using foam or steamed milk for the mixture. If you arent using steamed milk, you can replace it with cold milk.

Instead of the foam, use ice instead. Just make sure that the ratio of coffee to milk is the same. Most iced mocha recipes still include chocolate syrup and whipped cream on top.

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Make Cold Brew Coffee At Home It’s So Easy And Your Iced Coffee Will Never Taste Watery Or Bitter Again

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If you crave a good iced coffee in the summer, but loathe the way so many end up tasting watery or overly bitter, then there’s only one solution: cold brew coffee. This method guarantees a smooth and icy cup, every time.

Making cold brew coffee is no great secret, nor does it require the ninja-level skills of a trained barista in order to master. You don’t even need much special equipment beyond a large container for making the coffee and a strainer.

How To Make Iced Coffee At Home


Learn how to make iced coffee at home with our top barista tips. See how to make classic drinks like cold brew, iced lattes and Dalgona coffee.

Experience your favourite coffee shop at home with our top recipes and barista tips. Recreate classic drinks like iced lattes, cold brew, frapp├ęs and trendy whipped coffee.

Get started with the best coffee beans to buy online, or upgrade your kitchen kit with the best coffee machines to buy.

For the ultimate selection of recipes, see our coffee collection.

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How To Make Great Iced Coffee At Home

1. Start with Quality Coffee Beans

The better the beans, the better the coffee, right? We love using our H.C. Valentine Royal 150 Blend — its apricot, chocolate, and caramel notes are perfect in an iced coffee!

2. Make Coffee Ice Cubes

Freeze leftover coffee into an ice cube tray, and pop ’em into your iced coffee the next morning. The best part? When they melt, they add flavor to your brew instead of diluting it. If you really want to get creative, you can drizzle some chocolate or sprinkle a little cinnamon into your ice cubes before freezing them.

3. Flavor Your Iced Coffee Like a Barista

No need to spend a ton of money — here’s how to make your own coffee creamers and flavored syrups.

4. Make a Big Batch

There are several ways to make iced coffee at home, but the most simple way is to brew a pot of coffee in your coffee maker, and stick it in a temperature-safe container in your refrigerator until it’s cold.

If you’re really short on time, you can “double brew”, or add double the amount of coffee grounds you normally use . It won’t taste diluted when you pour it over ice because the coffee is super concentrated.

5. Experiment with Cold Brew

There are differences between iced coffee and cold brew , but cold brew can still be poured over ice and mixed with milk. Here’s how to make cold brew coffee at home in your French press.

How To Make Iced Coffee Using Coffee Ice Cubes

If you really want to make sure your coffee will not be watered down, there’s only one solution: coffee ice cubes! This method takes forethought, but once you have coffee ice cubes on hand you don’t have to wait for the coffee to come to room temperature before you pour it over ice.

Here’s What You’ll Need:

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Three: Serve Over Ice

Good news, the hardest part is over. Wilson describes the rest of the process as simply: Coffee in, ice over the top, milk, stir, but lets break that down a bit. Your shot of coffee goes in the bottom of a glass. Now its time to add the ice. You want to fill the glass between a third and a half with ice, to cool the coffee down. Your first few cubes will melt quickly, because of the heat of the coffee. The alternative method is to blend the ice, but this has its own pitfalls. As Harley says: Blended drinks just change the dilution of the coffee, so blending the ice with the milk and espresso turns it more into a slushie. If people want to blend the ice, they might want to consider increasing their espresso, maybe adding another double, so that once blended it tastes more balanced. But Im more of a cube purist. I like just to have a chilled drink, and not a blended one.

Things You Can Buy To Help You Make The Perfect Iced Coffee:

Toasted Coconut Iced Coffee
  • MY FAVORITE GLASS MUGS: I absolutely love these glass mugs and I use them for both coffee and tea. Theyre microwavable and large.
  • TALL GLASSES: I use these for iced tea and iced coffee and any drink where I want to add ice in a tall glass.
  • TALL PLASTIC GLASSES: I also have this set of plastic, non-breakable glasses since we have a pool area and use them outside often in warmer weather. They are dishwasher safe.
  • TALL SPOONS: These are a must if you use the tall glasses!
  • SILICONE ICE CUBE TRAYS: Even if you have an ice maker built-in to your refrigerator, you would totally love these ice cube trays. I love the shape of the cube molds , and they come out super easy with bendable silicone. You may also choose to make ice cubes out of coffee, so these are perfect for that.
  • COFFEE STIRRER STICKS: We have a little coffee station in our kitchen, and since I dont always like to get our spoons dirty these wooden stirrer sticks come in handy.
  • GLASS MEASURING CUP: You might already have one of these in your kitchen, but its definitely a must-have .
  • RE-USABLE STRAWS: I use these for everything I drink these days. This set comes with a straw cleaner, which is a nice thing to have!
  • MY FAVORITE NO-CALORIE SWEETENER: I just started using this sweetener for tea and coffee, and Im obsessed with it. No aftertaste!

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