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How To Get Fresh Roasted Coffee Beans

How To Get Started: 4 Ways To Roast Coffee

How To Home Roast Green Coffee Beans by color using the Fresh Roast SR700

Diving into the world of home roasting is incredibly easy. Choose the method you feel most comfortable with from the following:

  • Roast in a pan/grill
  • Roast in a popcorn popper
  • Roast in a purpose-built home coffee roaster
  • Roasting in a pan or oven is the cheapest way to get fresh beans. But for producing the best possible results we recommend that you choose either a popcorn machine or a purpose-built coffee roaster for their simplicity and consistency.

    If youd like to start roasting on a budget, this video will show you how:

    However, the price jump from a popcorn machine to a coffee roasting machine can be massive. Popcorn machines can be picked up brand new from as little as $20, whereas a high-quality home roaster can be around $500, skyrocketing upwards from there. Cheaper machines can be around $150 but are often of inferior quality and may break down sooner.

    If youre serious about roasting your own coffee beans, its worthwhile investing your money in a machine that will stand the test of time!

    Prepare The Coffee Roaster

    For this tutorial, you will need green coffee beans and a coffee roaster. To begin, the best place to set up your coffee roaster is outside if you can. The smell from roasting is very strong.

    Note: Some people do use popcorn makers, ovens and frying pans to roast coffee beans at home, but personally I recommend using a coffee roaster. Popcorn makers are not designed for roasting coffee, and we believe using a purpose-built coffee roaster is the best way to get a fresh cup of joe. It allows you to roast outside, avoiding smoke and smell inside of your home. Plus, it stirs the beans for you and it is much easier to get an even roast on your beans.

    Best Dark Roast Coffee: Stone Street Coffee Company

    New York-based Stone Street makes a mean cup of dark coffee. The company has an array of options along the darker end of the spectrum, equally delicious and from all over the global coffee map. Too often, a dark roast coffee is too intense to drink without a heavy pour of milk, but thats not the case here.

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    What Is The Best Way To Store Coffee Beans

    When you buy roasted coffee beans, you need to make sure that you store them correctly so that they retain their fresh flavor. You should keep them in an airtight container since too much exposure over time to moisture, air, and oxygen can severely affect their quality and may make your coffee taste strange. What’s more, storing your roasted beans in this way can actually extend their shelf life!

    If you buy coffee beans that come in a resealable bag, then you can store them here. However, it’s not a great long-term option. The best way to keep your beans fresh is to put them in a sealed container. Try to avoid leaving them in exposed areas in transparent containers, since light can cause changes to the beans’ flavor.

    You should put your coffee beans in a cool, dark place in your home, like a cupboard. The further away from heat sources such as ovens, the better, as there is less risk of your beans getting damaged and they’ll have longer-lasting freshness.

    Storing your beans in a closed container will ensure they stay fresh-tasting for at least one month. However, even home storage containers can still let in small amounts of air, so it’s better to use up these coffee beans quickly, and not leave them sitting around for too long!

    How To Roast Coffee Beans At Home

    Fresh coffee and roasted coffee beans on white background ...

    Today Ive got a really exciting project for you youre about to learn how to roast coffee beans at home. This guest post is from fellow writer and food aficionado James di Properzio, co-author of The Baby Bonding Book for Dads: Building a Closer Connection With Your Baby. When I learned that James could explain how to roast coffee beans at home, I just about fell on the floor I always figured this was a long, complicated process, reserved for coffee shops and the highest echelon of coffee geeks. Turns out I was wrong.

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    Look For A Glossy Appearance

    Coffee grounds are chock full of oils, acids, and other compounds. All of these chemicals, referred to collectively as “solubles,” give coffee its flavor they are what is extracted from the grounds during the brewing process.

    When coffee beans are roasted, the intense heat evaporates moisture out of the heart of the bean and simultaneously draws out the volatile, oil-like substances, which then coat the outside of the bean.

    This substance is not technically an oil, though. It readily evaporates after being exposed to the air, which is why the longer it sits out, the less oily it becomes.

    Not all beans produce the same mount of oil, however, so be careful when using oiliness as a proxy for freshness. A light roast won’t be as glossy-looking as a dark roast because it wasn’t roasted as long.

    Beans decaffeinated with the Swiss water process, a procedure that draws caffeine out of coffee beans using water instead of chemicals, will also produce much duller-looking beans.

    Pts Coffee Flatlander Signature Blend

    PT’s Coffee Flatlander Signature Blend

    Easy does it. And this coffee proves just that. A bittersweet aroma is balanced by a nutty, sweet finish. Heres to one less complication.

    Did you know that medium roast coffees are often called the American roast? This is because these strong-flavored, non-oily beans are generally preferred in the United States. With this in mind, it should come as no surprise that the Flatlander Signature blend from PTs Coffee is so widely enjoyed.

    Beans for this medium roast are sourced from South America. When its brewed, youll taste notes of sweet caramel and citrusy tangerine, and the chocolate aroma will have your mouth watering as soon as the first drop of java hits the carafe of your automatic drip machine. You and your taste buds will absolutely love the nutty, sweet finish of this well-rounded brew.

    If youre a fan of PTs Coffees 1861 roast and are sad youve been unable to find it, no worries this is the same blend, just with a new name and the same well-loved taste.

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    The Stages Of Coffee Roasting

    The first stage of the roast is the drying stage when the green beans lose their humidity. Then, the initial phase continues to 320 , at which point the browning stage begins. The result of the browning stage is a toasted aroma. At 385 , the beans will start to pop, and this is known as the first crack. Stop the roast at this point for a light roast. The bean surface will still be dry and light brown, and much of the character of the green bean is still present .

    The crack is crucial for the flavor. It is also the earliest moment when the coffee can start to actually extract properly.

    Tom Nieminen, Paulig Barista Institute

    For medium and medium-dark roasts, continue roasting to between 410 and 460 . The beans will be much darker but still quite dry on the surface. Then, around 440 , coffee beans will undergo a second crack. Here, oils begin to migrate from the inside to the outside of the bean.

    This stage marks a dark roast. They will have a shiny, oily surface, a very dark color, and the flavor will be characterized more by the roast than the bean.

    Tips For Roasting Green Coffee Beans At Home

    Preparing Coffee Beans for Roasting

    Green coffee beans are the raw material used in producing roasted coffee. It is also known as the green bean, roasted green bean, or roast. If you wonder how long you should roast green beans for a home roaster, it depends on how dark you want your coffee to be. Most people will roast their green beans around 3-5 minutes for light brown roast color, which is popular among most people. In this article, you will be learning tips on how to roast green beans at home.

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    The 15 Best Coffee Beans To Buy In 2021 Reviewed

    Nothing really beats the first sip of coffee in the morning whether its a dark roast made from coarse grounds and a French press or something less strong and dark via your reliable Mr. Coffee. But just like everything in life, theres always room for improvement. Whether it be the right coffeemaker or the right milk or milk frother, the ideal method for making the perfect cup of coffee is easier than you think. After all, in addition to tasting great and kick-starting your day, there are coffee health benefits that arent widely known.

    While were all for coffee clubs and the coffee subscription route, sometimes you just want to be in charge of your coffee beans. And remember, coffee beans do expire, so dont let them sit for too long. Below are some of the best coffees around that will surely please your palate and will provide some perk.

    What Is Coffee Degassing

    The standard wisdom is that freshly roasted coffee beans are best. After all, many of the complex aroma compounds that make a great cup of coffee can oxidize and degrade over time.

    However, it is possible for coffee to be TOO fresh. Coffee after roasting is full of carbon dioxide that has formed during the roasting process.

    When you try to brew this coffee, the hot water causes the carbon dioxide to rush out of the beans quite quickly, really interfering with the extraction process that is supposed to create great coffee. The result is a flat-tasting cup.

    This effect is even more pronounced when making espresso, thanks to the short extraction time.

    Degassing is the process of letting your roasted coffee beans rest, so the gas that has built up during the roasting process gets released into the air rather than your cup.

    Its a balancing act. You dont want to wait too long, because the presence of some carbon dioxide in your roasted beans is a big indicator of freshness.

    Thankfully, degassing is a simple process that anyone can do easily. If your coffee beans were packaged in a bag with a one-way valve, you just need to leave them on the counter in the bag. If you roasted your own and need to find a container, look for a coffee degassing container that will block out light and oxygen while still allowing the gas to escape. More on that at the bottom of this article.

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    With A Coffee Roasting Machine

    A home coffee roaster is undeniably the best way to roast coffee beans at home. Though they are more expensive, they will last much longer than a repurposed popcorn machine. Most importantly, the quality of the roast is far superior to the other methods. So, if you plan to roast your beans regularly, its a worthwhile investment.

    What you need

    • Colander

    Step 1: Establish ventilation.

    Dedicated home coffee roasters often feature smoke suppression systems. Still, you should make an effort to maximize ventilation or do your roasting outside.

    Step 2: Ready the machine.

    All coffee roasters are different, so you should follow the manufacturers instructions for this step. For electric roasters, power them on and add the beans. For roasters that use a gas burner, start the heater and allow them to heat up, then add the beans.

    Step 3: Roast the beans.

    Many home coffee roasters claim to be fully automated, but you should still monitor the roast carefully. Watch the darkening color of the beans, and listen for the first and second crack.

    Pro tip: Some roasters allow you to adjust temperature and fan speed as the roast progresses. Others feature a probe so you can sample beans during the roast. Use these to optimize your roast.

    Step 4: Cool the beans.

    A good home roaster typically offers a built-in cooling system. If this is the case, simply turn it on. If your roaster doesnt have this feature, you can use a colander the same way as the other roasting methods.

    Step 5: Let them rest.

    Home Coffee Roasting Is As Simple As You Want To Make It

    You Have To Get Fresh Roasted Coffee Beans For Your ...

    You can roast in your oven, re-purpose a popcorn popper, use a skillet or buy an actual coffee roastingThe application of heat to green coffee seeds to create palatable material for brewing a great cup!: Coffee roasting is a chemical process induced by heat, by which aromatics, acids, and other flavor components More appliance. Whatever method you use, you will be on your way to drinking much better coffee.

    The basic process is simple: use heat to turn green unroasted coffee into brown roasted coffee. Roasting times vary, depending on the method and batch size, but you can expect the process to last about 10 minutes for smaller batches and about 16 minutes for larger batches.

    There are many ways to roast coffee. The method you choose should be influenced by how much roasted coffee you need and how much money you want to spend. Whether you choose a D.I.Y. approach or a small appliance depends mostly on if you want more or less automation.

    D.I.Y methods are affordable and accessible.

    We think using an electric popcorn popper is the best of the DIY methods. You can also use a skillet, a stovetop popcorn popper or a cookie sheet in your oven while these methods are popular among home roasters, we think it requires a bit of experience to achieve good results.

    Home Coffee Roasting appliances offer coffee specific features.

    See our Home Roasting FAQ for more help finding the right roaster for you.

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    The Best Taste Is Seldom Right After Roasting Every Coffee Has A Different Need For Rest After Roasting

    We sometimes brew our Costa Rica Estate and Brazil Adrano right from the roaster, with maybe 20 minutes rest. It has a little bit of woodiness but its not enough to spoil that wonderful fresh-roasted taste.

    We let most of other coffee rest at least several hours before we will even try to brew them. And we have a number of coffees we won’t touch for 3 days, like anything that has been wet-hulled from Indonesia. If we brew it before then we just want to drain it down the sink, lol. Yet on Day 3 or 4 it becomes ambrosia.

    Why Does Coffee Need To Degas

    Coffee needs to degas for a simple reason: The carbon dioxide in a batch of freshly roasted coffee beans will release when it meets hot water for the first time. You may have seen coffee bubble up during blooming. This is the gas escaping your ground coffee.

    While this gas does help create a nice crema on top of your espresso, too much of it will prevent the water from evenly extracting your beans. The result could be a flat-tasting, acidic cup. You also wont get all the delicious flavor notes that developed during roasting.

    Its particularly noticeable with espresso, because youre interfering with an extraction that is already very short in duration. If you love a good espresso, be prepared to wait in order to have the most flavorful extraction possible. Its less noticeable with brewing methods like French press because the coffee is in contact with the hot water for longer.

    The coffees roast degree also has an effect. If you prefer a lighter roast, it will take longer to degas than a dark roast. This is because the bean is more intact, so there are fewer cracks from which the carbon dioxide can escape. Ground coffee also degasses more quickly.

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    How To Properly Store Your Fresh Roasted Coffee Beans

    image credit: Fellow Products

    Once you open your new bag of coffee, the beans start to lose their freshness quite quickly. Theres nothing you can do about that, its just a fact of life. But there are things you can do to slow that process down so that you can enjoy your coffees peak flavour for longer.

    First I need to tell you that there are two things that destroy coffee freshness. They are:

    • oxygen
    • fluctuating humidity and temperature

    Thats why the BEST thing to do is to keep your beans in a sealed container in a cool dry place, out of direct sunlight.

    If you go through a bag of beans quickly enough, like a 12 oz bag in a few days, the bag it comes in is probably perfectly fineespecially when the bag can be resealed, has some kind of an inner barrier liner and has a one way valve that lets carbon dioxide out of the bag while keeping oxygen from coming in. Like our bags have, see here?

    If you go through coffee more slowly, or the bag it comes in is not resealable, then it would be best to transfer your beans to some kind of a container that seals wellthe better the seal, the fresher your coffee will stay. If youre looking for some nice options, check these out.

    Another thing that keeps your coffee at its peak freshness the longest is grinding on demand. As soon as you grind coffee, youre giving away all those aromatic properties faster than you can sniff them in. So if possible, grinding right before brewing is best.


    Koffee Kult Dark Roast

    Home coffee roasting – how to roast coffee beans on charbroil grill

    There isnt a better way to start the day than with a smooth and clean cup of joe, and brewing Koffee Kult dark roast coffee grounds with your automatic drip brewer, French press, or pour-over coffee maker helps you do just that.

    One-hundred percent arabica beans for this blend are sourced from Colombia, Guatemala, Brazil, and Sumatra and are precisely roasted to near-black colored, oily perfection two characteristics you expect and want from a good dark roast. With this brew, youll find notes of cinnamon and cocoa. Its smooth and bright, and if you finely grind them in your trusty conical burr grinder, this batch of beans is perfect for a shot of espresso, too!

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