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How To Make Coffee With Whole Beans

Why Should You Use Whole Beans

Making Starbucks coffee at home in a percolator with whole beans

The biggest advantage of buying whole bean coffee is that it can last longer and taste better. Whole bean coffee can be stored well for a year or longer before being stale . You just have 2-3 months to use the coffee until its been roasted, until it goes stale.

And if you dont care about the beans long-term freshness, grinding them right before brewing will result in a better-tasting cup. Carbon dioxide is trapped within the bean as part of the roasting process. This gas is released after the coffee is roasted. When combined with the oxidation mentioned above, the majority of the coffee beans aromatics dissipate within 15 minutes of grinding.

Whats The Best Way To Store Whole Coffee Beans

You can make coffee with whole beans but they tend to lose flavor if exposed to moisture, heat, air, or light. To preserve the aroma and flavor of coffee beans, you must ensure that you store them at room temperature in airtight containers. If your countertop gets a lot of sunlight, store the beans inside the cabinet.

Do You Have Enough Time To Make Coffee

If youre the kind of person whos always running out the door five minutes late, youre probably thinking you dont have time to grind your own beans. Having said that, you might change your mind once you realize how quick the process is.

Brewing coffee takes less than 10 minutes with all hot methods. Exactly how long depends on the specifics. Espresso is the fastest , followed by AeroPress and pour-over , then drip and French press .

With an electric grinder, it takes 30 seconds or less to grind enough coffee for your morning brew .

So while pre-ground coffee is more convenient, it doesnt really shave that much time off of the process. In fact, it locks you into using a longer brewing process, since most pre-ground coffee is sized for drip brewers.

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Cold Brew Coffee Tips

  • Use flavored roasts!
  • Extracts like vanilla, raspberry, coconut, chocolate, etc in your cold brew will easily change up the flavor.
  • Compliment your roast flavor with lemon or orange slices, vanilla bean, mint leaves, nuts, and so on!
  • Add in sweeteners or sugar free syrups.
  • The lighter the roast you use, the more acidity it will have in it .

As for storage, your cold brew coffee should stay fresh for around 2-3 weeks so dont be scared to make a ton of it at a time!

How much caffeine does this cold brew coffee recipe have in it? Theres a ton of variables here but my estimate for the caffeine content is around 100-125mg of caffeine per 8 ounces.

Happy Brewing!

Ready for a Cold Brew Low Carb Mug Cake!?

How To Make Cold Brew Coffee

How to Make Whole Bean Coffee
  • Grind Coffee Beans Place 1 cup of whole coffee beans into your coffee grinder. Grind the beans to a coarse grind and then place coffee grounds in a large jar or french press.
  • Add Water Pour 3 cups of water over the coffee grounds. Mix until the grounds are wet and let sit for 5 minutes. The coffee grounds will likely float to the top. Mix one more time and then cover.
  • Let it Sit Place the cod brew in the refrigerator and let it sit for 12-18 hours.
  • Strain the Water Filter the water through a coffee filter, a thin dish towel, or a dish towel with a fine sieve.
  • Enjoy- Serve 1/2 cup of cold brew over 1/2 cup of ice. Serve black or add your favorite creamer and/or sugar.
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    Why Isnt Making Coffee With Whole Beans More Common

    The coffee industry is a huge industry around the world. Coffee is actually the second most traded commodity in the world, and the number of specialty coffee shops are growing.

    Even with all this coffee moving around, using whole beans is not exactly common.

    A big reason for this is the extended time needed for the brewing process.

    The average person is not going to wait an hour for their first cup of the day, and who wants to wait at a coffee shop for that long? It would give taking a coffee break a whole new meaning.

    Grinding the coffee beans allows the whole process to be streamlined.

    Is There Another Way To Brew The Beans

    A less common way to brew the beans would be to put them in a jar of boiling water, then wait for the beans to make the coffee.

    You will then need a strainer to separate the beans from the coffee, but you will have a brewed cup of coffee as well.

    This site over here actually does a great job of teaching this method!

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    How Many Tablespoons In A Coffee Scoop

    Heres where things get interesting. Coffee scoops are not standardized as far as I know, so using scoops as a measurement is not very accurate.

    Many coffee makers come with scoops that are equal to one tablespoon, but the Aeropress, for example, comes with a scoop that is about 2 tablespoons.

    So even if your coffee maker shipped with a scoop, its better to use a known tablespoon measure rather than any old scoop.

    Burr Grinder Vs Blade Grinder

    Making coffee the old fashioned way & w/ 8 O’ Clock Whole Bean Coffee

    The reason were using a burr grinder over a blade grinder is simple. A burr grinder is a nice, consistent grind whereas a blade grinder is not.

    Why?A blade grinder, for the most part, has no adjustability. Its going to grind some of your grounds into a powder and others in larger pieces. Basically, a blade grinder is like throwing in a bunch of random protein powder into a shaker and a burr grinder is using your favorite brand. The burr grinder will extract the most and best flavor.

    Filter. The most important part of purchasing a filter for me was to have something I can reuse. The filter I use is a reusable and all purpose strainer bag that I picked up for around $10.00 which you can see here.

    Using this filter bag allows me to easily put my ground coffee into it then into my jar which makes things super quick.Another great thing about the filter bag? Clean up is a breeze! Seriously, all you do is dump your ground coffee out and give it a rinsethats it.

    You could also use a cheesecloth, t-shirt, and so on if youre in a bind. Think outside the box!

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    Ways To Grind Beans By Hand

    Now, if you dont have a blender or a food processor, grinding coffee beans by hand is the way to go. Not only are you without a grinder, but youre not using any other electric appliances. This method is all you.

    Blenders and food processors will only carry you so far and neither of those methods will make your grounds super fine, which is where grinding beans by hand comes into play.

    Just remember that these processes may take longer than the food processor and blender. They will require a bit of grit and persistence to achieve.

    Brewing Coffee Without A Grinder

    A long time ago, someone decided we should grind coffee, and thats the way its been done ever since. During my life, Ive probably tasted 10,000 cups of coffee and every single one of those preparations began with grinding roasted coffee beans. But, what if 3,000 years ago the person who first ground coffee steered us wrong?

    The truth is, grinders dont do anything to improve the flavor of coffeethey just break roasted beans into smaller pieces so they will brew more quickly. The best grinders are simply the ones that do the least amount of damage to coffees flavor in the process. Damage can be done in two ways:

  • Heat from grinding can degrade the flavor of coffee through oxidation or
  • The grinder can create particles with inconsistent size, which then extract at different rates.
  • When the particles extract at different rates, you get sour flavors from under extraction and bitter flavors from over extraction. Those off-flavors are created by grinding, and are actually a big part of what we perceive as the inherent bitterness of coffee. This is sort of like if you burned steak every time you cooked it and then came to believe that steak itself tasted burnt instead of understanding burnt-ness as a byproduct of a process and not the ingredient.

    RECIPE: Grinderless Brewed Coffee

    • 1 pint Mason Jar
    • Whole bean coffee
  • Fill mason jar with coffee to the 3 oz level using the tick marks on the side of the jar.
  • Taste a truly unique and amazing cup of coffee and share with your friends.
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    Lifeboost Coffee Whole Bean Medium Roast Coffee: The Best Overall

    Lifeboost coffee beans are high-quality, single-origin, and no-blend type. So, you can expect flavorful joe with a strong aroma. Folks see it as one of the healthiest coffees on the market. And if you need something thats good for your health, go for this one.

    The brand follows a no-pesticide approach to grow the beans in the mountain shade of Nicaragua. Furthermore, there are no chemicals used in the plantation, and that reduces the risk of allergies.

    This is a medium roast coffee thats low in acidity and has a rich and smooth flavor with proper balance. The hints of chocolate, nuts, and strawberry sweetness ooze out in every sip, and youll surely love how this coffee tastes.

    Lifeboost coffee beans are also ideal for people with stomach issues since it is low on acidity. Whether you are a starter or an avid coffee drinker, you can use these beans to brew cups of delicious coffee using a French Press.

    Should I Buy Ground Coffee Beans Or Whole Coffee Beans

    How To Make Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans

    Ground Coffee Beans: The Pros & Cons

    • Buy a weeks worth of grounds at a time to insure youll get the most flavors out of your ground beans.
    • Store your grounds properly away from coffee killers. Our Roasterie AirScape Container is like a coffee bodyguard.

    Whole Coffee Beans: Nothin But Pros

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    Have Fun With Your Whole Bean Coffee

    If you like your coffee black, or with a small amount of cream and sugar, go for it. But if youre like many these days, you want a lot of flavor in that coffee, and many different options.

    • Add some cream, then throw in some cinnamon and brown sugar for a snickerdoodle flavor.
    • Mix it up with some milk and honey for a subtle sweetness.
    • Or go with a favorite, the classic cream and vanilla bean powder.
    • For extra sweetness, add liquid sweetener to taste.

    Whatever your flavor preference is for the day, dont be afraid to try new add ins. After all, you spent the time trying a new brewing method, may as well try that new recipe with it.

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    The Reason Why You Should Brew With Whole Bean Coffee

    There is just one reason why a devoted coffee drinker would pick pre-ground coffee over whole beans, and that’s convenience. Pre-ground coffee is ready to brew, and doesn’t demand too much in terms of equipment or skills to produce a decent cup of coffee first thing in the morning. But, a little bit of effort could raise your home-brewed coffee game, and that effort begins with buying whole coffee beans.

    The chemistry that makes freshly-ground coffee beans taste differently from pre-ground beans is simple. When whole coffee beans are ground, the bean’s surface area is increased and spread out, making its compounds more easily accessible to the water that the grounds are soaked in. Fun fact: it’s actually possible to soak whole roasted coffee beans in water, but it would take more time, yield a weak brew, and would be devoid of the coffee flavor we enjoy .

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    Whole Beans Vs Ground Coffee

    The choice is yours! You can use either whole beans or ground coffee to make cold brew. Seeing that Im suggesting you purchase a burr grinder above, Im obviously partial to using whole beans. Using ground coffee will end up being quicker and more convenient but youre going to be compromising the taste.

    Why is the taste comprised? The simple answer is that whole bean coffee is going to be much fresher. As soon as coffee is ground it starts to go stale. Grinding the beans yourself will give you a fresh, delicious flavor.

    How To Grind Beans With A Hammer

    “Whole Bean Simmering” A New Way To Make Coffee
  • Place the desired amount of beans in the bag, similar to the rolling pin method.
  • Crush the beans with the hammer but do not strike them as you would strike a nail. Instead, use the same method as the rolling pin, pressing down firmly on the hammer.
  • Continuously move the crushed beans to one side of the bag to ensure a fine grind
  • If a hammer is not available, use the fatter side of a large knife to crush the grounds.
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    Use A Pestle And Mortal

    A pestle and mortar is the good old-fashioned way of smashing up herbs. Why not smash up coffee beans too?

    The trick is to crush only small amounts at a time. On top of that, when the beans crush, they can burst into little fragments. You want to use one hand to cover the mortar so youre both holding it in place and stopping small pieces of bean from escaping.

  • Drop a few spoonfuls of coffee beans into your mortar. I find it works best to not fill it very high. Just one layer of beans seems easiest to grind.
  • Crush the beans with the pestle with a strong twisting motion. Make sure to cover over the mortar with your other hand so bean pieces dont explode away.
  • Once each bean has been crushed at least a little press and roll the pestle around the inside of the mortar.
  • When the beans are ground to your liking, sit the grounds to the side, and repeat on the next little lot of beans for the batch.
  • Measurements And Water Ratios

    There is an easy to remember the rule for measuring out the perfect coffee called the golden ratio.

    This ratio is 1 gram of coffee grounds for every 18 ml of water, 1:18. If you are measuring out your coffee for the perfect cup, then this is the perfect place to start. You can play with this ratio to tailor your favorite coffee to your specific tastes.

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    Why Do We Love French Press Coffee

    There are so many reasons. We gravitate towards making French press coffee most mornings at Fit Foodie HQ because it is a way to brew really good coffee for more than one person at a time.

    We prefer a pot of French press coffee over a coffee machine because we have a bit more control over water temperature, how long the coffee brews, and it is usually the perfect amount of coffee for 3-4 people.

    How Many Coffee Beans Make A Tablespoon

    Whole Bean Coffee

    4.1/5Tablespoontablespooncoffee beanscoffee

    Approx 1 rounded tablespoon per 4-6 ounce cup. I usually measure about two tablespoon of whole bean for about an eight ounce cup. After that, just tweak it to your taste.

    Secondly, how many coffee beans should I grind? A good rule of thumb for most people though, is to start with two tablespoons of coffee beans for every six to eight ounces of water and adjust to your taste. Now, once the grinder is loaded, don’t just hold the button down and let it rip use short bursts of a few seconds each so the coffee doesn’t overheat.

    In respect to this, how much ground coffee does 1 cup of beans make?

    For every 6 ounces of water, use about 2 tablespoons of ground coffee, which should equal around 0.38 ounces or 10.6 grams of coffee beans. Using these numbers as a baseline, one cup of coffee beans should equal about 3 ounces or 85 grams of coffee beans that you have ground.

    Do you get more coffee if you buy whole bean?

    All the taste is in the bean oils, and they will evaporate once the beans are ground up. But if you buy whole beans, and then grind them up minutes before you brew up your pot of coffee, the flavor is much stronger and the subtle tastes of your specific type of bean are more noticeable.

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    Coffee Beans Deteriorate After Grinding

    Oxidation. Carbon dioxide. Moisture. Contamination. These things sound horrible, right?

    Well, when the beans are ground, oxidation occurs more quickly . Unless I were to brew my coffee immediately after grinding the beans, my coffee will taste less than perfect.

    Carbon dioxide is what stimulates the transfer of oil from the beans to the water. Fortunately for me, I typically grind my beans once a week and store them in an airtight container. This helps to prevent the release of carbon dioxide and preserves some flavor. If, however, I were to buy pre-ground coffee and store the grounds in a loosely closed bag, I would lose more of the coffees flavor potential.

    Moisture also weakens the flavor of coffee. When I grind my beans, I am exposing the surface area to humidity in the air, which is essentially moisture. I want as much flavor in my coffee as possible, so I like the idea of minimizing exposure to moisture by keeping my beans completely intact.

    And then theres contamination. I cook with a lot of garlic. While my coffee has never even hinted at the taste of garlic, apparently grinding beans does make them more susceptible to soaking up the smells of the kitchen.

    When I became convinced that whole bean brewing has a few things going for it, I wanted to know how to brew my coffee with whole beans.


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