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How To Make Creamy Coffee

Make Iced Cold Coffee

Creamy Coffee (how to make creamy coffee) with English subtitles

6. Add 6 or 7 ice cubes. For a thicker blended cold coffee use just 2 to 4 cubes of ice.

7. Then pour in 2 cups of chilled milk . To make this recipe,;I used whole milk. See FAQs below for low fat cold coffee tips.

8. Blend once for again just a few seconds, until everything is mixed well and you get a nice frothy and foamy layer on top.

9. Pour into tall glasses and serve cold coffee immediately. The frothy top layer will settle into the beverage as it sits, so its best to enjoy blended iced coffee right away.

How To Make Homemade Coffee Creamer

A couple of years ago my brother-n-law, Ryan, developed a new interest: coffee. Coffee has been a very trendy topic for several years now, but his new interest went way beyond just being a trendy fad. His interest led him to learning how to make the perfect pot of coffee, which then led him to purchase;the best coffee gear and source the perfect beans to start his own coffee business. Thats some intense coffee love! Now;Ryan is;even working on mastering the art of roasting his own coffee beans.

Ryans;love for a good cup of joe has be passed down to other family members, including my own family. And while Im not interested in ever roasting my own beans , I do have a new respect for a good cup of coffee.

With a new passion for all-things coffee running through our familys caffeinated veins,;Im learning some of the dos and donts of making and enjoying a well-brewed cup of joe. Lets talk about one of these rules, shall we?

Coffee Rule: A well-roasted, well-brewed cup of coffee doesnt need coffee creamer.

No coffee creamer? Say what?!

Im happy to report that Ive convinced Dustin that even really good deserves coffee creamer, because not all coffee creamer is created equal. ;In fact, nearly every store-bought coffee creamer on the market is made with very questionable ingredients, some are beyond questionable and just down right disturbing, particularly the powder imitation stuff!

Oh, Im so glad you asked.

Homemade coffee creamer!

How Much Caffeine Is Too Much

Heres the big secret about this coffee drink it is a lot of caffeine! Depending on the instant coffee youre using, 2 tablespoons might be the equivalent of SIX CUPS of coffee. Yowza!;

If youre worried about caffeine content, there are decaf instant coffee options. You could also cut the caffeine by using half regular and half decaf.;

Another option would be to attempt this recipe using only one tablespoon of coffee granules.

My favorite thing to do is just share with a friend. In my opinion, this recipe makes plenty of whipped coffee for two cups.

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How To Make A Whipped Coffee

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Sipping on a delicious coffee drink is a great way to start your day or to treat yourself. Creamy, whipped coffee is the perfect way to get your coffee buzz! You may have seen whipped coffee trending on TikTok, as its all the rage. Since its easy-to-make and super delicious, why not try making it yourself?

The Difference Between This And Dalgona Coffee

How to make tasty creamy coffee at home I Best coffee ...

Dalgona coffee has recently gone crazy mostly thanks to viral TikTok videos.

Whipped coffee and dalgona coffee are almost identical.

The only difference really between the two is that in dalgona coffee, you whip the instant coffee, sugar, and water together and then spoon it on top of iced milk .

With beaten coffee, you whip up the instant coffee, sugar, and water together in the mug youll be drinking out of and then pour the hot milk over the whipped base so it melts into it.

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Other Recipes Using Instant Coffee

Since there are only so many beaten coffees you can drink, here are some recipes that use instant coffee or instant espresso for flavor.;

Irish Cream Coffee Recipe

If you are looking to step up your cocktail game this St. Patricks Day this Irish cream coffee is a great place to start. Its a lightly sweetened, creamy coffee drink with just the right kick of Irish whiskey and Irish cream.

While you are here, make sure to go check out my cheddar sausage Guinness beer bread. Its a mouthful to say, but tastes great for breakfast with an Irish cream coffee. Need a St. Patricks Day dinner recipe too? Ive got you covered with Bangers and mash with Guinness gravy. For more cocktails, see all of my drinks recipes.

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More Advice For A Perfect Creamy Iced Coffee

  • You can store your creamy iced coffee inside a bottle in the refrigerator but you have to remember that the cream wont be always fluffy and your creamy coffee would be not so creamy anymore after a while. I advise you to keep it in a bowl in the freezer, occasionally mix it and assemble it but mostly use it as soon as you can;
  • If you follow the method to prepare the coffee cream directly in the bottle, you can also put the bottle in the refrigerator for about 10 minutes for a colder cream but remember that you will have to shake it to make it frothy before serving it. The coffee cream made in this way is more liquid than the classic but can be a great gift;
  • If you have an ice cream maker available, pour the mixture into it and start to whisk for about 15 minutes, making sure that the mixture does not freeze but becomes frothy.
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Difference Between Cappuccino And Caff Latte

Coffee Recipe Without Machine in 5 minutes – Frothy Creamy Coffee Homemade by (HUMA IN THE KITCHEN)

Cappuccino is traditionally small with a thick layer of foam, while a latte traditionally is larger. Caffè latte is often served in a large glass while cappuccino mostly in a small cup with a handle.

For this creamy and frothy Cappuccino, I used the instant coffee powder of Nescafe but you can use any coffee brand or even you may use coffee beans if you have a coffee grinder.

Try this simple and easy to make homemade Cappuccino recipe without any coffee maker. Lets start the recipe!

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What Is Whipped Coffee

Whipped coffee is also known as Dalgona coffee and it is very popular in South Korea. Its also common in Greece where its called Frappe Coffee and in India where its called Beaten Coffee. The trending name for it from TikTok though is just whipped coffee.

To make it, just mix equal parts instant coffee, granulated sugar and water. The mixture will go from liquidy to super thick and creamy. Then spoon the mixture over milk of choice, either iced or hot. And thats it easy simple creamy frothy whipped coffee!

Can I Customize The Recipe At All

The beauty of eiskaffee is that you can customize most portions of the recipe! While the coffee part should always be made with a robust and flavorful coffee like espresso or cold brew concentrate, the ice cream portion can be your place to let your creativity shine.

Weve experimented with a few different ice cream flavors. Vanilla is our favorite, but cookies and cream was a rather exciting flavor choice, and mint chocolate chip delivered a beautiful minty coffee experience that was unique and refreshing. We can imagine that a maple or pecan ice cream would also be quite lovely.

You can also experiment with homemade whipped cream recipes and garnishes to make this recipe your own. Maple-vanilla-infused whipped cream is one whipped cream alternative that we were incredibly excited about, but you can get as adventurous as you like. Garnishes could range from simple chocolate sprinkles to bits of candy to fruit. The options are endless!

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How To Enjoy Dairy

Now that you have your fabulously trendy Dalgona coffee in hand its time to take that first sip.

To be honest, I had no idea what to expect. Would the topping melt into the milk? Was I supposed to stir it? Drink it with a straw?

Im not sure what the protocol is here, but I took a spoon and gave mine a gently stir to infuse the milk layer with coffee. While it didnt mix together instantly, ;it more or less stayed part liquid-part fluff, it was definitely delicious and fun to drink.

Next time, just to change things up, I might try tweaking the basic recipe by doing one or more of the following:

  • Add a pinch of cinnamon or ground cardamom to the coffee-honey mixture before whipping.
  • Add a teaspoon of cocoa powder before whipping .
  • Use vanilla or chocolate almond, or maybe some cashew milk.
  • 1 Tbsp. instant coffee or espresso powder
  • 1 Tbsp. honey
  • 1 Tbsp. hot water

Easy Sweet Cream Iced Coffee Recipe

How to Make Coffee Cream: 4 Steps (with Pictures)

This homemade Sweet Cream Iced Coffee;tastes better than a fancy drink from a gourmet coffee shop and is SO EASY to make!

Dreaming is so much fun. I love planning things for the future, especially when it involves trips! Mike and I love to travel and take trips together. Our anniversary is coming up in 5 months and we have always done a trip for our anniversary. So let the searching begin.

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I havent done a road trip in forever. Which is funny because I did them ALL the time growing up. I give my dad the hardest time about those trips still. He is a huge National Parks lover. So each year for our family vacations we went to a different park. As soon as we got to the start of the park, where they typically have the Welcome to xxxx National Park my dad would make me and my brother get out of the car and take a picture.

So I have a picture in front of almost every National Park sign in the US. Thanks dad!

Truth be told. I am thankful that we were able to do that and my dad was so adamant about showing us the national treasures. Even with all the cheesy photos.

Well, on that trip I actually got pulled over twice within 12 hours.

Were also trying to plan a Disney Trip this year. Probably sometime late fall.

So fun!

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How To Prepare The Milk

Once the coffee is as thick as shaving creamit should look like glossy meringue at about medium to medium-stiff peaksheat your milk combination, whisking the whole time.

Pour the frothy milk in so;the mug is half full.

Then, thoroughly stir to allow the whipped coffee to sort of melt into the hot milk. Top off the mug with the rest of the milk, spooning on a bit of froth on top if you want.


Spread the word. This stuff is seriously too good not to share. Just dont share your own mug!

ANOTHER UPDATE:;It is now almost 2 years after I wrote the original post, and I still make beaten coffee at least a few times a month. While I enjoy my pour-over coffee using my Chemex, I crave the creamy, milky texture of beaten coffee pretty frequently. Do give it a try. I think you will really like it!

I can confirm that already at least three people I know have made this and are sold. A few more folks are planning on making this today. Maybe youll be one of them.

How To Make Different Flavors Of Homemade Coffee Creamer

Italian Sweet cream is my favorite flavor, but that doesnt mean I dont want to shake things up occasioanlly, and mix insome seasonal flavors. You can totally customize your coffee creamer with your favorite flavors. Experiment with different extracts, and create your own custom blend coffee creamer. Change up the vanilla extract with any of the following for seasonal flavor options:

  • Maple
  • Almond
  • Rum

With all these extracts it is best to start with a very small amount and adjust the flavor to taste based on your personal perfence. *Peppermint is a significantly stronger extract than all the others I have listed in this post, and I recommend starting with 1/4 tsp.

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Is There Any Kind Of Instant Coffee I Shouldnt Use

Caveat: Do not make this with Starbucks VIA;or similar super-fine ground instant coffees.

I tried it and even after about 20 minutes of whisking, I couldnt get it thick enough. The resulting coffee was too thin, even with the foamy milk mixed in.

Plus, I wasnt a fan of the flavor.

NOTE: the Via will probably whip up just fine if you use a stick coffee frother, but dont bother by hand.

And speaking of a coffee frother? Theyre a game changer, allowing you to make your coffee in about the time it takes to heat up the milk rather than 15 minutes or so.

Sour Cream Coffee Cake Loaf

How to Make Creamy Vanilla Iced Coffee *YUM*

One of bakings simple pleasures is coffee cake. Theres just something irresistible about a soft, not-too-sweet cake topped with a cinnamon crumb thats so comforting and irresistible!

This Sour Cream Coffee Cake Loaf satisfies your coffee cake cravings while baking on a small scale. It bakes in a loaf pan for a nicely sized cake thats perfect for sharing or for grabbing a bite pretty much every time you walk by it.

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Tips For Making Whipped Coffee

  • Use hot water for best results. The hot water is not necessary. It will still whip up nicely with cold or room temperature water. However, I found that the hot water works faster.
  • Use an electronic mixer to make it faster. The first time I made this, I had my husband whisk it for me because my hands were tired after a couple minutes whisking. A stand mixer or milk frother work really well and theyre much faster! It will still take at least 5 minutes.
  • Whisk the ingredients in a bowl, not in a mug or jar. Thats because the dalgona coffee gets fluffy and whipped through the mixture interacting with the air. So a tall container like a mug or jar wont allow enough air to circulate around.
  • Mix the whipped coffee with a spoon or straw before sipping. Its fun to serve the whipped coffee recipe on top of the drink, but to enjoy it fully, mix it around to incorporate the flavor. It will look like a frappuccino at that point.
  • How To Make Whipped Coffee Three Different Ways

    Even though whipped coffee has recently become trendy because of a viral TikTok video, this particular easy-to-make coffee drink has been a staple in southern Asia for quite some time. Also known as dalgona, or beaten coffee, whipped coffee is surprisingly easy to make. It has the same texture as a frothy latte from a coffee shop, and you can easily make it with different flavors at home!

    Now, true dalgona coffee is actually made with a type of Korean honeycomb toffee , so it will be slightly different than the original. We don’t have the sweet treat with us, so we can’t exactly call it authentic dalgona coffee. But that doesn’t mean we can’t try this easier version of whipped coffee with the ingredients that we do have at home!

    To make the frothy coffee beverage, you whisk together equal parts instant coffee, sugar, and hot water until the texture of the mix becomes creamyalmost like whipped cream. You then serve it over hot or iced milk.

    Here is an easy step-by-step tutorial for you to follow!

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    How To Make Creamy Iced Coffee

    Pour creamer in an ice cube tray and freeze for at least four hours ideally overnight. After freezing, add your coffee and creamer cubes to a blender. Add your sweetener if youre using one. Pulse for coffee with crushed ice or blend until smooth. Pour into a cup, add a straw and enjoy!

    If youre looking for good reusable straws, I highly recommend;these stainless steel straws or Koffie straws. The Koffie straws are great for hot coffee too!


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