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How To Make French Vanilla Iced Coffee At Home

You Can Prepare Your Vanilla Iced Coffee With:

  • filtered black coffee left to cool in the fridge
  • whipped cream instead of milk
  • vanilla and/or coffee ice cream
  • vanilla sugar
  • plain ice cubes

You can choose how to make your flavored vanilla iced coffee and to be honest there are no set rules.

Just because Starbucks does it with their own vanilla syrup it doesn’t mean you need to do it that way only.

In fact, I encourage you to try out different mixtures.

One day you can try it with cold brew another you use up leftover coffee from the previous day.

For example in central Europe, you will always see iced coffee prepared with vanilla and/or coffee ice cream.

2 scoops vanilla, one scoop coffee ice cream placed into an elongated glass and covered with cold filter coffee and some milk.

To finish off, decorated with whipping cream and some coffee syrup.

This is a heavier dessert like iced coffee version. Sugar is never added.

Now, the following way is how I make mine almost everytime because it’s easy, effortless and I use up leftovers, which is another plus point!

Basically, I can prepare this iced coffee within 2 minutes and it’s not too caloric heavy but completely enhanced with deep bourbon vanilla flavors.

What Is The Best Coffee To Use For Iced Coffee

Personally, we like Folgers Gourmet Supreme Dark Roast. However, I would suggest starting with whichever coffee you typically drink in the morning, if you make coffee at home.

Now it is time to create that McDonalds Iced Coffee that you love so much without the Mcdonalds iced coffee price! Remember all the ingredients can be found in most major retailers. Now for the good part

How To Make An Iced Vanilla Latte At Home

  • How to make an iced vanilla latte at home
  • There is nothing quite like sipping a homemade iced latte on a Summers day. Icy cold and with a touch of vanilla, it is such a refreshing way to enjoy coffee on a hot day.

    Here we explain how to make an iced vanilla latte at home super quick and easy, this iced latte recipe is sure to become a new favourite way to enjoy coffee at home.

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    French Vanilla Iced Coffee With Homemade Vanilla Syrup

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    French Vanilla Iced Coffee with Homemade Vanilla Syrup is the ultimate delicious drink to kick start any day or week. We are all busy and on the go, and having the right amount of creamy caffeine made to order is the perfect solution for going all day every day. I am in love with this Homemade Vanilla Iced Coffee and make a big batch every Monday!

    Questions You May Have

    How To Make French Vanilla Iced Coffee

    Whats in Starbucks Iced Vanilla Latte?

    Starbucks makes this drink with the same 4 ingredients thats in this copycat recipe: ice, 2% milk, 2 shots of espresso, and 4 pumps of vanilla syrup in a grande.

    Can I make this drink with cold brew or cooled down coffee?

    For a drink to be a latte, it needs to be made with espresso. You can use strong coffee or cold brew but it wont have the same taste as using espresso.

    How much ice goes into a Starbucks iced drink?

    Starbucks iced drinks are half ice. So a grande 16 ounce drink has 8 ounces of ice.

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    French Vanilla Cappuccino Recipe

      French vanilla may be a flavor you see more in ice cream, but it can also make for a delicious coffee drink. Combine velvety steamed milk with a whole vanilla bean and a sprinkle of brown sugar for a cappuccino that just might knock your socks off.

      The French vanilla cappuccino is easily one of the most popular coffee drinks. Even people who prefer tea over coffee have likely heard of French vanilla cappuccino and love its frothy and sweet taste. As we are in the throes of winter, you may be looking for the perfect French vanilla cappuccino recipe to make from the comfort of your home.

      In this article, were going to give you the most delicious French vanilla cappuccino recipe that will make you feel like an at-home barista. At the end, we offer different variations to this recipe in case you dont have the needed machines or ingredients. This French vanilla cappuccino recipe is easy to make and customize. Plus, its much more affordable than heading to your local coffee shop. Bon appetit!

      What Kind Of Coffee Works Best

      Any coffee that you enjoy will work just fine! Personally, we really love iced Aldi brand Organic Honduras Coffee . It has hints of chocolate and vanilla while being super smooth and rich.

      We also really love the Mexican Organic coffee from the bulk bin at Whole Foods but our store doesnt carry it anymore plus, its VERY expensive.

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      Lavender Vanilla Iced Latte Recipe

      A lavender vanilla iced latte is another flavorful departure from traditional vanilla coffees.

      The recipe uses dried culinary lavender, fresh lavender sprigs, vanilla beans, and vanilla extract to create a lavender-vanilla syrup. Mix with milk and espresso for a unique, spring-like treat. Plus, lavender may offer health benefits when ingested .

      Tips And Tricks For Vanilla Iced Coffee

      Vanilla Iced Latte Recipe at home | no machine, using instant coffee
      • Use fresh coffee for this recipe.
      • If you know that you are going to be drinking iced coffee throughout the day, brew an extra pot in the morning and put it in a pitcher in the refrigerator for yourself to drink out of. Make sure to use fresh coffee each day.
      • Not sure if you will be wanting some throughout the day? Then just brew one cup at a time and use the quick cool method of pouring over fresh ice in a mason jar and giving it a good shake.
      • If you need your iced coffee sweeter than listed, do not simply add sugar to the cup. Melt sugar in an equal amount of water heated a little on the stove or in the microwave .
      • Use a quality whole milk for maximum creaminess in your coffee, but dont use cream. Its too thick and wants to cling to your lips when you drink it in a greasy type of film.
      • This recipe requires quite a lot of ice if you are chilling your coffee by that method. Just be forewarned.

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      How To Make Iced Coffee At Home

      I have an obsession with coffee and have made it lots of ways throughout the years! We have our fully from scratch Homemade Iced Coffee Recipe, our Thai Iced Coffee, a copycat Iced Brown Sugar Shaken Espresso, and even Frozen Cold Brew.

      You cant go wrong with any of those recipes, but this is my easiest and favorite. For this I just use a chilled cup of brewed coffee, Lactaid Whole Milk, and some Homemade Vanilla Syrup.

      Can I Refrigerate Coffee To Make Iced Coffee

      Yes, it is one of the methods for making iced coffee, however, this requires some preplanning.

      If you dont have time to wait for coffee to chill in the refrigerator, simply use one of the quick chill methods listed above in the Pro Tips section.

      You CAN simply brew an extra pot of coffee, pour it in a pitcher or jar in the morning and set it in the fridge and let that be your iced coffee pitcher for the day.

      That said, dont just keep coffee indefinitely for iced coffee, it wont be good. Make a fresh pot each day.

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      Cold Brew Iced Coffee

      My family has a history of high cholesterol. While my levels are fine according to my latest check up, Im still conscious about the cholesterol content of the food and beverages I take in. Because of that, Ive switched to coconut milk dairy-free creamer for my morning coffee. We all have a morning routine, and I simply cant function without my coffee to get me started!

      During the warmer months I drink a lot more iced coffee than I do hot coffee. I learned how to make cold brew iced coffee and Im going to show you just how easy it is to make at home! Imagine the money you will save making your iced coffee at home instead of stopping to buy one each day. Turning it into vanilla iced coffee is as simple as your creamer choice.

      To What Coffees Can I Add This French Vanilla Creamer

      French Vanilla Iced Coffee Recipe

      Most of us love coffee, and we love cream with it. But, not all creamers are created equal, and sadly, most of them come in a plastic bottle. Homemade French vanilla creamer is a delicious treat and will make your mornings happier.

      You can add this coffee creamer to any coffee you like to drink. I personally like to add it to a cup of black coffee, as this isnt sweetened yet.

      The coffee creamer will give it a fantastic flavor that will transform your daily cup of coffee into something a little more special.

      You can also add it to all kinds of iced coffees. My favorite is adding it to a plain iced coffee, so you have given it a sweeter taste that is refreshing and it also looks amazing!

      Tip: If you want to learn how to make an easy 5-minute iced coffee, you can check out the recipe for it here.


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      French Vanilla Coffee Creamer

      I have often asked myself, how do they make French Vanilla coffee creamer? I walk by those fancy creamers in the grocery store. I wont put them in my basket because I feel like they have artificial flavors and are filled with a lot of different chemicals.

      I want fancy flavors in my coffee from time to time. When I have guests, I like to offer something unique. This homemade creamer is all of that and more.

      How To Make French Vanilla Coffee

      If you are wondering about how to make French vanilla coffee, the following are the simple steps that you should follow:

      • Fill your coffeemaker with the desired amount of water. This will depend on a variety of factors, such as how much you will be drinking or how many people will be consuming the drink that you will make. Be sure to not overfill.
      • Add the ground coffee that you would like to use. As usual, you can choose to use instant coffee. But if you want to enjoy better quality, it would be best to grind fresh beans. There are grinders commercially available, making your life a lot easier.
      • Next, add the crushed vanilla beans in the container. You do not have to crush the beans too much. You just need to make sure that it is broken, allowing the vanilla extracts to come out and to add flavor to your drink.
      • You can also opt to add a tablespoon of sugar, if preferred. This is commonly done by people who are looking for something sweet. Nonetheless, the vanilla that is already included in your coffee will already be enough.
      • Start the brewing process. This will depend on the specific type of brewer that you are using. Once the water is hot enough, not necessarily boiling, your coffee is already finished. Have it transferred in the cup and finally, enjoy!

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      How Many Calories Are In This French Vanilla Creamer

      The number of calories youll add to your coffee depends on the amount of French vanilla creamer youll add.

      I like to use two tablespoons per cup of coffee . I find that this makes the coffee taste just sweet enough and with the right amount of vanilla flavor.

      If you like your coffee on the sweeter side, you might want to add a bit more creamer to your coffee. A tablespoon of this French vanilla creamer has a total of 37 calories.

      A cup of coffee with two tablespoons of this French vanilla creamer added will have a total of 74 calories.

      French Vanilla Iced Coffee

      Making A Starbucks Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Brew Iced Coffee At Home! (Easy Recipe)

      Up to4%cash backFrench Vanilla Iced Coffee is easy to make using your favorite Ninja® appliances. Discover delicious and inspiring recipes from Ninja® for every meal.

      I prepare a pot of coffee with all the fixins I then take a few ice cube trays and FREEZE it-Store the frozen coffee-cubes in a Hefty bag in the freezerand when Im ready to add ice to my chilled coffee I use the cubes!

      Iced coffee is a perfect solution. If you have a sweet tooth, vanilla iced coffee takes things to the next level. More often than not, vanilla iced coffee is simply iced coffee with the additions of vanilla simple syrup and a bit of cream or milk. This is different than, say, a vanilla frappe, which adds vanilla ice cream and whipped cream.

      Add instant coffee into empty pitcher and add water. Add creamer and stir. I do half and half of the orginal and French Vanilla creamer so its a balanced sweet and refreshing drink. Place in fridge overnight and serve over ice the next morning. Once youve mastered the basics, this Iced Coffee can be made just for you.

      Grind enough coffee to measure 4-ounces, I use a simple kitchen scale. Place the ground coffee into a 2-quart pitcher and fill the pitcher with fresh water. Stir the mixture to make sure all the beans are wet. Now for the hard part.

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      How Do I Make My Coffee Taste Like Vanilla

      The best way to make your coffee taste like vanilla is to add some vanilla flavor enhancers to your coffee.

      Follow this list to achieve your results:

      • Start with a freshly brewed great tasting coffee.
      • Add a quality vanilla syrup .
      • Cool your coffee by one of the methods I mention in this article.
      • Add whole milk instead of cream in your coffee . Of course, if you are intolerant to dairy, vegan or have special dietary needs, then use whatever milk works for you.
      • Make sure you have PLENTY of fresh ice in the glass and dont reuse the ice that you cooled the coffee in.

      Vanilla Caramel Iced Coffee

      Caramel is one of the many flavors that pair well with vanilla and the end result is superb. To make this iced drink, yOu will have to mix vanilla syrup, caramel sauce, and brewed coffee.

      The steps are just similar to making French Vanilla Iced coffee.

      • Ensure that your coffee is brewed the night before and cooled .
      • Get a cup filled with ice or place ice in a cup. Pour the brewed coffee into the cup.
      • Add the mixed vanilla syrup and caramel sauce to the cup.
      • Stir the mixture so that it sits well.
      • Get a straw and sip away.

      This recipe just like the previous one wont take much of your time and you wont have to spend extra to get any new ingredients.

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      Caramel Iced Coffee Recipe:

      For the CARAMEL Iced Coffee Mcdonalds Copycat Recipe, its an easy change! If youd rather have Caramel iced Coffee, Mcdonalds makes this, too, and we have a recipe that is pretty close!

      To make caramel iced coffee, McDonalds style, just swap out the Torani Vanilla Flavoring Syrup above for 1 1/2 tablespoons of Torani Caramel Coffee syrup. Youre still getting all of the flavor without the Mcdonalds iced coffee price or inconvenience of leaving the house.

      Can I Just Put Vanilla Extract In My Coffee

      French Vanilla Iced Coffee

      You can put vanilla extract directly into your coffee but its likely that you wont taste much vanilla that way.

      Making your own vanilla syrup using sugar or store bought vanilla syrup carries a stronger vanilla flavor and adds a tad of sweetness to the iced coffee that you wont be sorry about either!

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      How To Make Homemade Vanilla Syrup

      Homemade vanilla syrup is made by combining equal parts white granulated sugar and cold tap water, along with a vanilla bean or a splash of vanilla extract.

      This is combined and placed in a small saucepan on the stove until the sugar has dissolved completely.

      Then, after its cooled, you can use it to sweeten your iced coffees. Itll look like this when finished:

      Ive been making this vanilla syrup for years, and it keeps turning out great. The perfect amount of sweetness with that unique vanilla flavor really is something else.

      If you dont want to make the vanilla syrup at home, you can also use a store-bought version or just add a splash of vanilla extract to your iced coffee instead.

      To make the vanilla syrup at home, you can find the complete step-by-step recipe here.

      What Is The Best Vanilla To Use

      As this is an easy-to-make recipe, the best way to incorporate the vanilla flavor is by using a vanilla extract.

      These potent extracts add a huge amount of flavor by using just a little bit. You can also substitute it for the following ingredients:

      • A vanilla bean
      • A tiny bit of vanilla paste

      Using one of the above-listed vanilla flavorings can make your French vanilla creamer taste a bit different than using a vanilla extract.

      The most flavorful option is using a fresh vanilla bean and infusing it with the whole milk and condensed milk on the stove.

      This is also true when using vanilla paste. Both options give a better flavor when infused.

      To do so, you can follow the steps listed below:

    • Combine all the ingredients in a small saucepan and place it on the stove.
    • Heat it until it summers and turn the heat to low.
    • Let it infuse for just a few minutes, and then remove it from the heat.
    • Let it cool completely and transfer it into a resealable jar for easy pouring.
    • Thats it! After cooling, you can use it just like youd when using the cold mixing method. Its a really easy way to infuse those delicious flavors from vanilla!

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