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How To Make Your Own Coffee Pods

Why Recycle Coffee Pods In The First Place

EASY HOW-TO: Make Your Own Coffee Pods

In 2020, surveys found that almost 40% of people in the United States have a single-use coffee maker, like a Keurig or Nespresso machine. That means that millions of people across the country use a plastic pod and then discard it. Worse, the plastics in most single-use pods do not degrade over time and can leach chemicals into soil and water, leading to an issue that will affect the earth for years to come.

Billions of single-use coffee pods now sit in landfills around the world. As pollution and climate change worsen, it is our responsibility to try and make responsible choices whenever we can in order to preserve the health of the planet. For most of us, taking an extra second to recycle your coffee pod is a great place to start.

Advantages Of Working With Joes Garage Coffee

Just as your customers have many choices when it comes to purchasing their daily cup of coffee, you may consider a few different coffee pod suppliers as you search for the right single-serve cup manufacturing company to produce and deliver your custom coffee pods.

Whether youre creating custom coffee pods to add to your inventory or designing coffee pods for promotional use, make sure youre getting the results you deserve. Choose Joes Garage Coffee as your trusted custom Keurig compatible pod supplier. We offer several benefits, including recyclable pods and:

Outstanding Service

Theres a reason so many businesses trust Joes Garage Coffee for their private label Keurig compatible cups we have outstanding customer service that is unmatched. We set the industry standard for stellar client support by catering to your unique needs. Our service staff replies to all questions and concerns with lightning-fast response times. For companies large and small, we tailor our resources to facilitate your needs, goals, and budget.

When you partner with Joes Garage Coffee, we do everything we can to make sure youre satisfied with the finished product. From roasting to packaging to taste testing and artwork reviews, we offer guidance and support every step of the way.

Superior Quality

Scalable Capacity

Fast Turnaround Times

Why You Should Create Your Own Custom Coffee Pods

We love coffee. You love coffee. Its a safe bet that many of your customers, clients, and employees also have a passionate craving for coffee. If youre a coffee brand or café, you should consider expanding your product availability into the Keurig coffee pods variety. Custom coffee pods also provide opportunities for increasing brand visibility in businesses that have no formal ties to coffee. Designing your own Keurig compatible cups can allow you to:

Expand You Coffee Brand

Do you sell retail coffee bags on your website or in stores? Unless you also sell Keurig coffee pods, youre limiting your ability to meet the needs of your customers and increase your sales potential. Although many coffee drinkers frequent cafés, the majority of them also brew coffee at home. Adding your own white label coffee pods to your shops inventory allows you to offer more products to a broader customer base.

Offer Your Customers More Convenience

Whether you own a bustling café or operate a mobile coffee cart, you should make every effort to let your customers enjoy your brew as much as possible. Offering freshly roasted batches of beans or ground coffee gives them the option to brew their own cup at home, but it limits those who use Keurig machines to create their daily cup. Design your own coffee pods to maximize convenience for your customers.

Celebrate a Special Company Event

Create a Promotional Item

Customize Your Coffee

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Where To Get Used K

I used my first set from a box of weird-tasting iced coffee no one in the house wanted. In the future, Ill be saving my tea K-cups and my daughters hot chocolate K-cups. But if this isnt an option, look for big markdowns on pre-filled K-cups at the store and re-use those. Or ask a friend to save their old K-cups for you!

When youve got a bunch, you can prepare your DIY K-cups in advance for the week!

Pre-fill batches of DIY K-Cups!

Heres my happy K-cup carousel now!


What an awesome morning great tasting coffee, a new way to re-use something, AND a blog post. Life is good.

How To Make Your Own Coffee Pods

Coffee Pod Replacement Filters for Coffee Pod Brewers ...

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Coffee pods are very useful and convenient. They save you the time and hassle of preparing your coffee in a filter and cleaning out your coffee maker. Unfortunately, coffee pods can be very expensive. The quality and taste of the coffee might not also be as tasty or fresh as other ways of preparing coffee. Luckily, it is relatively easy to create your own coffee pods, which will be cheaper and fresher than store-bought ones. Youll also be able to use all of your favorite coffees and create new flavors you might not be able to buy.XResearch source

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The Capsulier Lets You Build Your Own Artisanal Nespresso Pods

The Nespresso machine identified a pretty unique problem. Coffee makes you energetic and gets you through the day, but prior to that first cup, youre lazy, groggy, and pretty unlikely to go and manually brew your coffee. The Nespresso therefore gives you your serving of coffee in a jiffy. Insert a coffee pod into machine, close lid, press button, and presto, great coffee in an instant. However, the Nespresso comes with its disadvantages too. Its built to work only using Nestlés proprietary disposable pods, which are expensive, impossible to customize, and terrible for the environment.

In comes the Capsulier Lite, with its super-hero sounding name, because it quite literally saves the planet and your wallet together. The Capsulier lets you create your own coffee pods, rather than rely on store-bought ones. The machine comes with reusable stainless steel pods that you can simply fill with your own blend of coffee, even throwing spices or aromatics in to craft your personal custom blends. All you have to do is simply pour your crafted brew into the Capsuliers upper compartment and pull on the lever on the side. The Capsulier fills the stainless steel pod with a leveled dose of your brew. The pod can then be used with a Nespresso machine, giving you your instant fix of coffee at the push of a button.

Best Nespresso Coffee Pods To Use

This is the most important part of this iced coffee recipe. You will need to choose your favorite coffee pods of Nespresso to use. But what if you dont have any experience with Nespresso pods? This is where I come in.

Because of the amount of milk used in this recipe, you want to pick a Nespresso pod with a good amount of flavor in it.

The coffee pods that I recommend for this recipe are the coffees that have been dark roasted.

These coffee pods start from level 9 of the intensity scale of Nespresso. Choose an espresso variant for this recipe to really give that amazing iced coffee feeling.

If youd like to use a Lungo pod instead of an espresso coffee pod, please feel free to do so. But be careful with the amount of milk youre going to add.

The Lungo pods will produce more coffee than the espresso pods, and you might want to add less milk to balance it out.

Also, make sure the Lungo coffee pods are strong in flavor. You need to balance the flavors between the milk and the coffee a bit.

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Recycling Your Pods & Discs

If you are wondering if your tassimo pods can be recycled, Tassimo UK have teamed up with TerraCycle to help with the mountain of waste created from your used pods. You can find out more information on how to recycle Tassimo Pods on the Tassimo UK website and start collecting the empty pods today.

Be sure to check out our Tassimo pods guide which has tips of what to look for and video tutorials showing you how they work and where to get the cheapest t-discs.

What To Look For In A Coffee Pod Manufacturing Partner

How To Make Your Own Coffee Pods for Pennies

If you want to make your own coffee pods, its much easier when you work with a coffee pod manufacturing company to achieve your vision. Even if your café can roast and brew well, its always a wise choice to trust your new product development to coffee pod suppliers who specialize in creating custom coffee pods.

When it comes to creating single-serve coffee pods, you need to consider the quality of the product and service offered. Some essential factors to consider when looking for a manufacturing partner are:


Price is obviously an important factor in any decision you make. However, its important to consider value and affordability as you crunch the numbers. Some business owners dont immediately realize that cheap pricing often yields cheap products.

An affordable product is one that delivers exceptional quality at a rate thats competitive. Receiving gourmet coffee at a reasonable price is a better investment than choosing to settle for low-quality coffee at the lowest price possible. Your customers will be able to taste the difference immediately and may not come back for seconds.

Minimums and Capacity

Turnaround Times

Coffee Quality

Customer Service

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Coffee Pod Capsules Are Wasteful

Everyone knows coffee pod capsules have a huge impact on the environment. According to a British producer, every minute about 39,000 of these pods are made globally. At the same time, 29,000 end up in landfill sites. That is a lot of aluminium waste!

The problem is, pods from brands like Nespresso are not reusable. And yet, more than 40 per cent of US households own a single-serve coffee machine. If you have a pod machine at home, theres no need to go out and buy a new machine. There is a way to make environmentally friendly coffee with the one you currently have: reusable Nespresso pods.

How To Brew Coffee Using A Keurig Machine And Reusable Pods

If you are ordering your coffee pre-ground, choose Foil FilterIf you order whole bean and grind yourself, youll want to grind to just slightly coarser than medium

Everybody agrees that a Keurig* machine is convenient for brewing a single cup of coffee. Its quick, and some would say ideal for a business environment. Carrabassett Coffee is not available in pre-made, disposable K Cups, but as long as your coffee is ground correctly , refilling a pod only takes seconds.

Although convenient, K Cups leave much to be desired in regards to sustainability. Thats why we have tested out different re-usable off-brand K Cup options to find the pod that brews the best cup of coffee.

After testing different pods, we selected the EkoBrew for a few different reasons.

  • The EkoBrew pod is designed with metal mesh over the entire bottom of the pod, but hard plastic on the top and sides. This means that no water can leave the pod without going through coffee grinds, leading to stronger extraction .
  • The EkoBrew pod is larger than other coffee pods, so you can fit just a little bit more coffee inside. More grinds= stronger coffee. Stronger coffee= yum.
  • We found the EkoBrew to be the easiest reusable pod to clean.
  • Using a Keurig Machine is pretty straightforward, but here are a few tips to ensure your resulting cup of coffee is as enjoyable as possible.

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    Try These Coffee Cream Flavours

    Because we believe having great coffee should never be complicated, we suggest keeping it simple to start. Try one of these three coffee flavour combos: vanilla cinnamon, chocolate almond and coconut. Whichever you choose, these homemade coffee creamers are a simple way to bring something new to your morning brew.

    Theres something for all seasons, whether you want a taste of the tropics with our coconut coffee creamer in the summer or some warmth in the winter with the vanilla cinnamon or chocolate almond. That said, all three are great any time of the year.

    Once youve gotten the hang of the basic coffee creamer recipe, feel free to play with homemade syrups, spices and other flavours you have on-hand. You can even add frozen fruit or jam just remember to strain the cream with a sieve before refrigerating.

    Even more daring, dynamic and delicious is using the coffee cream flavours for recipes that call for milk or cream. Experiment! Next time you are baking a cake, why not use some coconut coffee creamer for the icing or try the chocolate almond in tomorrow mornings waffle batter? With these fun flavours, the possibilities are endless.

    Do Nespresso Pods Have A Big Impact On The Environment

    How to Make Your Own Coffee Pods: 9 Steps (with Pictures)

    The coffee pods are made of aluminium, which is 100% recyclable.

    Nespresso is known for its recycling process that the coffee pods undergo, but we are also partly responsible for recycling the coffee pods that we use. The Guardian wrote a great article about this:

    Unlike plastic, used by many of Nespressos rivals, aluminium is 100% recyclable, but there is a big difference between offering recycling facilities and getting consumers to use them. Nespresso says its global recycling rate is 30%.

    The Guardian

    According to this article, the mining waste generated from aluminum production is incredibly high, which makes you question if your best option is buying coffee pods in the first place.

    This is why I will show you how you can reuse and recycle your coffee pods so you have every piece of information to reduce your environmental footprint.

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    Why Wont My City Recycle My Pods

    Unfortunately, some plastic types, including #7 plastics, are not recyclable in certain places. Many local recycling companies dont accept #7 plastics because they are difficult to recycle into usable materials. This is because #7 plastics may contain potentially harmful substances and have a small market even if they are able to be transformed. Double check the types of plastic your single-use coffee pod contains before putting it in your recycling bin.

    Do A Few Things Really Well

    At the same time, you dont want to branch out too much. New and growing brands often make the mistake of trying to do everything and please everyone at once. Brands that offer a wide variety of products must invest more time and money to develop these products and manage their diverse inventory. When a brand is spread too thin, the overall quality of their products may decline. If you want to be known for your great coffee, focus on creating great coffee. Offer related products without straying too far from your core focus.

    Instead of aiming too broadly, smart coffee brands limit their assortment of coffee products so they can offer a few things that are exceptionally high quality. Narrowing the target audience of your brand allows you to truly satisfy your customers. This is especially true in the coffee industry where flavor preferences and tastes vary widely between demographics, regions and individual customers. By tailoring your products to a niche group of coffee drinkers, you can create products they will love and narrow your marketing efforts for a better return on your investment.

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    How Many Times Can You Use Reusable Coffee Pods

    The longevity of a refillable capsule depends on which system you choose. Any premium stainless steel capsule base should technically outlive your appliance, maximising your environmental impact, and your savings. We’ve listed the lifespan of the most popular refillable pods below:

    WayCap: Infinitely reusable SealPod: Infinitely reusable base FeePod: Infinitely reusable base MyCap: 100+ uses

    How To Brew Coffee Pods Without A Machine

    How To Make Your Own Coffee Pods

    Coffee pods are designed to be used with a pod-based brewing system, such as the Keurig, and they offer great convenience when you brew them as intended. However, you dont necessarily have to use these pods with a machine. K-Cup® pods typically referred to as K-Cups can actually be used without standard brewing equipment. Below, were showing you how. Lets take a look!

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    Make Your Own Coffee Pods

    By | Submitted On August 04, 2009

    Coffee pods are expensive. Ever wish you could just make your own? Not only would you save money, but you’d also be able to put whatever coffee you wanted into that brewer instead of whatever happens to be offered in the shape of a little pod, all while enjoying the convenience of one cup brewing. Making your own coffee pods is not as hard as you might think, either.

    Lounging around your kitchen cabinets is likely all the things you’ll need to make your own coffee pods. First, find a measuring scoop that fits neatly into the pod holder on your coffee pod brewer. A 1/3 cup seems to be a common fit, but experiment a bit and see what works best for you.

    Now, find a glass or jar that will fit tightly into the measuring scoop. Many use vitamin jars for this step, but whatever fits will work. Lastly, see if you have any standard coffee filters that are intended for the small 4 to 5 cup coffee machines. These are necessary, as they will be your outer shell, so you may have to go buy some, but they’re not very expensive at your local grocery store.

    If you just have to have really well formed coffee pods, place the jar into the scoop again and put some pressure on it with your hand.

    Just flip the scoop and, voila, home-made coffee pods!

    Anthony Davis – Owner of the best resource for finding information about coffee pods


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