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How To Make Your Own Starbucks Coffee

What Makes A Starbucks Flat White Extra Special

How to make your own Starbucks Cold Brew Coffee!!

Theres something warm and cozy about this classic coffee drink. Its reminiscent of a chilly night with a fire going and snuggling inside a blanket. It gives you a case of the warm fuzzies and makes you nostalgic for the past all at once.

If thats what youre looking for in a coffee drink, then flat white is your answer. Its a Starbucks classic, and it consists of only two key ingredients. But dont let the two ingredients fool you it packs a punch.

What Is A Blonde Latte

Same same but different! Uh? What do I mean?

So, the process of making the latte is the same as i.e, single shot espresso with steamed milk and foam.

The only difference would be the beans used for the coffee grounds.

Therefore a blonde latte is a type of espresso made from a blonde roast which creates a blonde espresso.

For instance, a blonde espresso at Starbucks is so much velvety and light in color than an espresso made from a dark roast. Obvious uh?

I have a whole article dedicated on blonde espresso here.

Starbucks Bacon & Gouda Breakfast Sandwich

Bacon and cheese for breakfast? I will never say no to that! Thats why this copycat recipe is a must-try.

Sweet, salty, and smoky bacon and rich cheese are nestled between two pieces of chewy ciabatta. What a nice way to start the day, am I right?

Whats great about this recipe is that you can make the sandwiches ahead of time, refrigerate, and reheat when hungry. Its the ultimate grab-and-go breakfast!

Mocha frappe is such an iconic Starbucks drink that youd think theyd have secret ingredients that make it so special. But no.

This copycat recipe calls for five basic ingredients that you probably already have on hand.

Youll need coffee, sugar, milk, chocolate syrup, ice, and if so desired, whipped cream and chocolate syrup. But yep, basically, thats it!

If you like your brownies fudgy, then this recipe is a must-try.

Soft, chewy, ooey-gooey, and chocolatey. Be still, my heart! These brownies are seriously addictive.

Why are they called double chocolate? Apart from the chocolatey batter, its also packed with chunks of chocolate.

So dont be surprised if the whole batch disappears within minutes!

And its super easy to make, too. The batter comes together in just one bowl, which means cleaning up is a breeze.

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Copycat Irish Cream Cold Brew

Youll love this Irish Cream Cold Brew, a homemade copycat version of Starbucks seasonal favorite. An iced cold brew coffee flavored with a dash of Irish cream simple syrup, and topped with a cold vanilla sweet whipped cream and a sprinkle of cocoa powder this sweet treat is the perfect rich and creamy caffeine pick-me-up!

If you get as excited as I do when Starbucks announces its holiday menu each year, youre going to LOVE this copycat cold brew recipe for the seasonal Irish Cream Cold Brew fan favorite.

While I do enjoy doing the occasional Starbucks run, I enjoy remaking classic coffee drinks, like the Pumpkin Cream Cold Brew, at home even more. And my take on this creamy holiday cold brew is as delicious as youd get in the store, all without needing to leave the house!

To Make A Frappuccino

How To Make Your Own Frappuccinoð?

The quintessential beverage of popular middle school girls can be made easily in your very own home. Most Frappuccino recipes call for ice, coffee, and flavoring. If you follow that recipe, your Frappuccino will be weirdly soupy. Starbucks uses a thickening agent, which holds the Frapp together. A former barista recommended xanthan gum , but I used cornstarch, which is also a thickening agent, and it worked out fine. I used the All Recipes Caramel Frappuccino recipe, but with coffee ice cubes and a quarter teaspoon of cornstarch. I also dripped caramel in the cup before I poured in the drink. And then, feeling truly invincible, I blended three Biscoff cookies into the drink, and topped it with whipped cream and crushed cookies.

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Dont try this at home

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Pumpkin Butter Cold Brew

We love Starbucks fall menu, and we love it even more when we can customize the seasonal offerings! This one starts off with a Venti Pumpkin Cream Cold Brew with no vanilla. Then ask for three pumps of white mocha, two pumps of cinnamon dolce, and one pump of chai, and top it off with cinnamon powder on top of the foam.

Key Lime Pie Refresher

You can make a Key Lime Pie, or you can make things easier by ordering up this Key Lime Pie Refresher. Order a Venti Kiwi Starfruit Refresher with no inclusions, add light coconut milk, then ask for vanilla sweet cream cold foam with one pump of funnel cake syrup blended in. Dont forget the caramel crunch topping!

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To Make A Latte Or Mocha

According to multiple sources on Reddit , Starbucks hot drinks follow a set ratio. For espresso shots, the ratio is 1:2:2that is, tall drinks get one shot, grandes get two, and ventis get two as well. For pumps of syrup, the ratio is 3:4:5, so three pumps for tall drinks, four for grandes, and five for ventis. Americano shot ratios are 2:3:4. To get the exact espresso-to-milk ratio that Starbucks uses, keep in mind that tall drinks are 12 ounces, grande drinks are 16, venti hot drinks are 20, and venti cold drinks are 24. You can foam milk at home in secondsheating it at a low temperature on the stove and using an electric mixer or vigorously whisking it.

What Is Flat White Coffee

DIY Ice Coffee: Make Your Own Starbucks Ice coffee at Home

Before we get into how Starbucks makes their special coffee drink. Lets talk about what a flat white really is. A Starbucks Flat White is a super-strong espresso topped with creamy milk froth.

A super-strong espresso is called a ristretto, which is like a regular espresso, but with less water. Learn more about espresso vs ristretto at Real Good Coffee.

The origin of the flat white with its velvety texture was possibly the result of a happy accident, or perhaps someone stumbled onto the right coffee to milk ratio for so many of us.

Alan Preston from New Zealand claims he invented this drink in the 1970s when he was making a cappuccino. He could not get the milk to rise. He called it a flat white. So you could think of this as a failed cappuccino because its a cappuccino that has no foam.

How did it really get started? We will never know, but what you can enjoy is a coffee with milk that has a layer of foam on top. You can read more about the history of the flat white.

Starbucks introduces new drinks regularly. It seems like every time you look at the menu, there are one or two new beverages. Its fun to try the new drinks, but sometimes you just crave a classic, and thats the flat white. Its a classic drink thats easy to make at home.

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What Is The Best Milk For Frothing

Its easier to achieve a good froth if you use low-fat or skim milk . Whole milk has more fat making it heavier and harder to froth. Almond, rice, and soy milk all work well.

Whichever type of milk you choose, it should be cold .

So whats next? Armed with your knowledge of how to make a flat white coffee, you can learn how to pour the milk and make some of your own latte art. Who doesnt want to make some fancy latte artwork with foamed milk? Check out this video on how to create artwork on your coffee.

Have Them Make Your Drink Directly In Your Personal Travel Mug Or Tumbler

If you hand your barista your reusable travel tumbler or mug, theyll make your drink directly inside it for you. According to Starbucks, in 2013, customers brought their own tumblers into stores 46.9 million times, saving 1.6 million more pounds of paper than they did in 2012. Keeping the planet happy never looked so good.

Come here often?

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Starbucks White Chocolate Mocha

If you want to learn how to make homemade Starbucks drinks, one drink you may be craving is the hugely popular White Chocolate Mocha.

White chocolate is made from sugar, butter, and milk solids. This decadent chocolate has a velvety consistency that is super smooth.

This drink is one of the original Starbucks espresso drinks and customers still love it.

To make it, you need white chocolate sauce or white chocolate chips, espresso, milk, and whipped topping.

For the milk, you can use half and half, whole milk, soy milk, almond milk, or skim milk. You can also enjoy this as an iced coffee.

How To Make Starbucks Coffee At Home

Discover rich, creamy Starbucks® lattes made with 100% ...

Introducing Cafepod’s Supercharger Espresso coffee. No word of a lie, this stuff tastes more like Starbucks than the actual Starbucks brand coffee you can buy from the supermarket.

If you have a Nespresso pod machine, the Cafepod capsules are recyclable and you can get 60 of them for £18. If you use just two pods a coffee , it works out at just 60p a drink – pretty good, right?

Or, if you use ground coffee or beans, you can buy those, too. Essentially, to quote Oprah , “You get a Starbucks, you get a Starbucks, EVERYBODY gets a Starbucks.”

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What Is The Secret Its All About The Equipment

If you dont have an espresso machine, making extra strong coffee wont quite cut it. You are going to need to push steam through your coffee maker. I love the inexpensive Bialetti Moka Pot. For under 40 bucks, you can make espresso at home just like the Italians do.

You can also try espresso powder such as Medaglia DOro Instant Espresso.

Espresso is different because the water goes through the coffee as steam, not just as a drip. Its the steam pushing through the coffee that gives it its signature espresso taste. I think a super-strong regular coffee is ok for lattes, but if you want this distinctive espresso flavor, you need to step up your toolkit.

To Make An Iced Chai Tea Latte

This is deeply upsetting for anyone who has spent as much money on iced chai lattes as I have , but all iced chai lattes made in coffee shops are just liquid chai tea concentrate and milk, poured over ice. It does not matter if you are at a trendy indie coffee shop or in an airport: I promise you they are pouring chai tea concentrate out of a carton. I believe that Starbucks uses the Tazo Chai Tea Concentrate I prefer the Oregon chai concentrate. But either way, an entire box of concentrate costs less than a tall chai latte at Starbucks and takes 30 seconds to turn into a fancy lady drink. Add milk and a little vanilla simple syrup if you really want that Starbucks sticky-sweet flavor, and curse your foolish self.

If you want to take it to the next level, throw in a shot of spiced rum or bourbon. Cant get that at Starbucks.

Jenny Singer is a staff writer for Glamour. You can follow her on .

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How To Make Cold Brew Coffee At Home //

While you can purchase bottled cold brew coffee from the grocery store, making your own homemade brew is as easy as 1-2-3.

  • Combine coffee and water: The first step is to combine coffee grounds and water into a pot or pitcher. The general ratio is 1 cup coarsely ground coffee beans for every 4 cups COLD filtered water.
  • Let brew in the refrigerator overnight: Once the coffee and water are combined, place your pitcher into the refrigerator and let brew overnight, or at least 12 hours if brewing during the day.
  • Drain out coffee grounds and serve: When youre ready to serve the coffee, drain the coffee grounds by pouring through a fine-mesh strainer, a cheesecloth, or even a traditional coffee filter before drinking. Dilute the coffee with 4 cups cold water, or less depending on your desired coffee strength.
  • Tip To Cool Coffee Quickly

    Make Your Own: Starbucks Frappuccino

    If you just can’t wait for that fresh-brewed pot of double strength coffee to cool before enjoying a cup, you can always add ice right away. What I do is pour the fresh brewed coffee into a pitcher then add a full tray of ice cubes . I stir them until they are melted, which significantly cools down the coffee, then I add extra water to fill the pitcher and voila! Ready to drink!

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    How To Make Starbucks At Home

    At Starbucks, syrup is practically a requirement of your order. I’m joking but, also, if you’re as basic as some of us here , it really is an essential part of the drink…

    Once again, Starbucks use their own brand syrups but, if you ask me, the best you can buy are from Monin.

    You can get Caramel, Vanilla, Hazelnut and, the best part? They’re available in sugar-free varieties.

    I’d recommend about a dessert spoon sized glug of syrup in a standard mug. Of course, if you’re using your trusty Sports Direct mug, you’re going to want a tad more.

    Well, there you have it folks, the tried and tested formula for a perfect Starbucks at home. Bon appétit!

    Starbucks Passion Tea Lemonade

    If youre ever conflicted over whether to have lemonade or iced tea, why not go for both?

    This classic combo from Starbucks combines the deliciousness of homemade lemonade with the refreshing flavor of passion tea. Its a decadent combination that isnt too heavy.

    To make this, you will need lemonade, tango passion tea, and some simple syrup. Make your simple syrup ahead of time and it will keep in the fridge for days.

    If you cant find passion tea, you can substitute hibiscus tea or berry tea.

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    What Is A Frappuccino

    Before jumping right into the Frappuccino recipe, lets take a moment to discuss what a Frappuccino is. Even though it is easily one of the most popular drinks in the United States , very few people understand what the drink is.

    Simply put, the Frappuccino is an ice coffee blend sold exclusively through Starbucks. Inspired by the frappe and cappuccino, the drink is made from cold and delicious coffee. This drink will typically be based on an instant coffee roast or crème. The drink will likely include syrups, spices, and whipped cream for additional flavoring in addition to the base.

    Even though Starbucks trademarked the name Frappuccino, other stores sell similar drinks, just under a different name. Many stores sell their own version of the Frappuccino under the name frappe, nodding back to one of the inspiring drinks for the Frappuccino.

    Because a lot of different stores make the Frappuccino, the recipe isnt too difficult to figure out. In fact, Frappuccinos are really easy to make, and just about anyone will be able to make one from the comfort of their own home.

    Starbucks Bacon And Gouda Breakfast Sandwich

    starbucks frape recipe

    Did someone say breakfast? Bacon and cheese is the food of the gods. If youve ever woken up to the smell of sizzling bacon, youll already know what a treat this is. As a weekend pick me up, its ideal. When combined with a slightly doughy ciabatta, complete with melted butter dripping at every angle , we can think of no better reason to get out of bed. Breakfast wouldnt be breakfast without an egg or two. We like to make a sort of rough omelet to sandwich between all of the other ingredients.

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    Why Youll Love This Recipe //

    • If you enjoy Starbucks Irish Cream Cold Brew during the holidays, you can enjoy it all year long by making it at home.
    • The strong taste of cold brew pairs perfectly with Irish cream syrup and vanilla whipped cream, without being overly sweet.
    • The whipped cold vanilla cream is as easy as it gets, coming together in only one minute.
    • Cold brew can be made at home overnight in the refrigerator, or you can use bottled brew to save time.
    • It can be made into a coffee cocktail with a splash of Baileys or Irish whiskey.

    How To Make Starbucks Simple Syrup

    Simple syrup is sugar dissolved in water, right? Well, yes, but whats the correct ratio? Heres where things get tricky.

    Most simple syrups are made with equal parts sugar and water or 1:1 syrup. Interestingly, when using a cup of sugar and another one of water, you get one and not two cups of syrup as the ingredients merge, increasing in density but not volume.

    Then you have 2:1 syrup, a thick, super sweet sweetener that makes a difference, even if you add just a splash to your coffee. It has twice the sugar than regular syrup.

    So, what does Starbucks use? Neither. Starbucks classic simple syrup is thicker than a 1:1 syrup but not nearly as thick as a 2:1 or double simple syrup.

    For this recipe, were using 1 and 1/4 cups of water because were expecting some of it to evaporate and 1 1/2 cups of granulated sugar.

    To dissolve this amount of sugar in the water, youll need to heat it on the stovetop and stir constantly. The result is worth it youll end with a syrup remarkably similar to what they use at Starbucks.

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