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How To Print On Coffee Cups

Why Are Custom Mugs An Ecommerce Staple

How To Print Coffee Mugs Using Sublimation

Mugs exist in every single kitchen from ordinary homes to professional establishments, they are as essential as a roof is on a house. When it comes to eCommerce, custom mugs are a highly versatile option that can cater to categories like personal gifts, seasonal celebrations, family themes, names, movies, and anything in between.

Custom mugs are also popular as a promotional product by companies and marketers. Many choose to give away free custom logo mugs with a printed design that conveys their brand message. Every time people use these items, they see the brands promotional message a surefire way to raise brand awareness for free.

Custom mugs are one of the most sold merchandise items. According to Statista, general merchandise stores were forecast to reach a revenue of almost 2.2 trillion USD globally. In the US, consumers spent 860 billion USD with US merchants that had an online presence an incredible 44% upward spike when compared to 2019.

This should encourage any small entrepreneurs to start their own businesses and a great product to start with, is of course creatively designed custom mugs.

How To Remove A Logo From A Mug

Nothing is worse that having a perfectly good coffee mug, only to absolutely hate it because you dont like the print on the front. Worse if you have a photo mug of you and an ex-boyfriend or a pic of you with a bunch of friends that you dont even see anymore

If you dont like the logo or picture on your coffee mug, you can try any of the following to remove it:

  • Wash the coffee mug in the dishwasher.
  • Paint over the logo or picture.
  • Use rubbing alcohol or nail polish remover.
  • Apply paint stripper to the coffee mug.
  • Heat the mug & rub with Scotch Brite.
  • Cover the logo/photo with a fabric koozie.

Unique Customized Mugs For Couples

The couples market is a huge one and it can do wonders for your business. Creating wholesome 2-Piece sets is a great way to add value to your offer and make it stand out. These custom coffee mugs can have great appeal to couples themselves, and can become a smart gift that spreads a smile with every sip. Potential winners include quirky slogans, loving quotes, inspirational sayings, and heart-based designs.

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Configure The Mug Heat Press Settings

To prepare the mug for the sublimation printing process, first, place the mug into the machine and adjust pressure. Pressure simply means how tight the heating element will press onto your mug. Medium pressure works best for plastic and glass mugs whereas metal sublimation cups can take on a heavy press. Most digital heat press machines feature a knob that you can turn to adjust pressure.

After adjusting the press according to the circumference of your mugs, switch on the heat press. Select the ideal time and temperature settings as well. Some machines come with a reference guide that lets you know how to set your mug press to work optimally with specific materials.

Electric Iron Method For Printing Ceramic Mugs

White Printed Coffee Mug  Alligator Screen Printing

The electric iron printing method for ceramic mugs is the preferred choice for many people because of how easy it is to pull it off. There are a couple of items you need for this method. They are:

  • An electric iron
  • Heat-resistant Tape

Step 1

The first step of this method is pretty simple, choose your mug and the photo you want to print. Choosing the mug is pretty simple since you can just about use any ceramic mugs on the market. However, we recommend choosing a mug that contrasts the color tone of the photo that you will be using.

For instance, if you want to print a white image, going with a black mug might be the better choice. It would help the image in the mug pop after printing. Inversely, if you are printing a dark picture, going with a white mug might be better. It ultimately comes down to your preference and taste.

Step 2

Choose a high-resolution image that you want to print. Going with a low-resolution image will not give you a good effect after printing.

It might come out blurry, which will not look that good on your mug. So always go with a high-quality image that comes out crisp and sharp for your ceramic mug.

In this step, you have to . As for paper, go with sublimation paper as it will make it easy to transfer the image to the mug using an electric iron. While exporting the image, make sure you choose the best quality available for printing.

Step 3

You do not want any dirt or debris to be on the surface when you paste the image.

Step 4

Step 5

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Build An Online Store At Minimum Cost

Before you take your business online, you need to get your business registered to not face any legal problems in the future. You can get in touch with your lawyer to get the details about permits and licenses you need

To set up a website for your mug printing business, you need to choose a business model first. If you have a huge capital reserve, you can follow the traditional way of starting an eCommerce business. Here, you carry out all your operations from procuring raw materials, manufacturing, packaging, and dispatching products. However, if you dont have a huge capital reserve, you can arrange cost-effective alternative methods.

For instance, if you start a dropshipping business.

Dropshipping will help you save expenses in deliveries and handle all order return or replacement requests.

There is an additional advantage you can get while selling custom mugs online. That advantage is offering customers the freedom to create designs of their own choice through an online product design software solution that you can integrate into your store.

As a business owner, you get complete control of the backend of your tool. You can set custom pricing, restrict the editing area, manage printing methods, and more. Understanding your business feasibility, we offer complete customization of our tool.

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Common 2 Method For Sublimate A Mug

a. Mug Press

Step 1: Load Mug

After securing the design sheet, get the mug press machine started. Load the mug into this machine according to the instructions which came with it.

Make sure that you invest in a mug press that accommodates the mug sizes you have or are planning to use. That is why reading up the details of these machines before purchasing is a good idea.

Step 2: Press Mug

In order to finally press the mug, you will need to specify the temperature and the duration of pressing on the machine. It varies from person to person but sticking to 380-400 degrees for 185-250 seconds is a safe bet. You can get more accurate information by checking the specifications of your transfer paper and mug.

During the press, make sure that the mug handle is not in contact with the metal edges since that can create excess pressure.

Step 3: Remove And Cool Down

Wait for the set duration on the mug press to reach its end and then prepare to take off the mug. Since it should be incredibly hot right now, you will need a pair of gloves or pot holders to remove it from the machine.

Then carefully remove the transfer paper wrapping it with your nails and fingertips.

To prevent bleeding of the freshly printed images or designs, place the hot mug in front of a fan. It should start to cool down soon enough and be ready for packaging or use after that.

b. Mug Wraps

Step 1: Dampen Transfer Paper

Step 2: Place Mug Wrap

Step 3: Bake In The Oven

Why Make Your Own Coffee Mug Design

How to Print Photos on Coffee Mugs : Photography Lessons

There are plenty of coffee mug designs out there, as a quick click around the internet or a browse in your local big-box store will attest. So, why should you bother designing your own?

A custom-designed mug adds a touch of class, character, and charm that plain, store-bought mugs just cant match. When you make your own coffee mug design, you create an end product that is uniquely yours.

One of the best ways to design your own coffee mug is to professionally print one at a custom printing shop like Banana Print. Contact us today to learn more!

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What Is Sublimation In Printing

The term sublimation is typically used in chemistry to describe the direct transition of a substance from solid to gaseous state. However, in the world of printing, it means something entirely different!

Here, sublimation represents the way you can turn a digital or hand-drawn design into a permanent imprint on a solid surface.

This is the method used by experts or hobbyists to customize mugs, bags, keychains, phone cases, notebooks and more. Here we will only focus on sublimation on mugs to get you started.

Ready To Print And Sell Custom Print Mugs

If you have that flair for creativity and want to strike gold with a business, a mug printing business can be a good idea. With a few well-thought steps, you can easily launch your mug printing business and start making profits speedily.

Looking for an online web-to-print storefront solution with a product customization tool for your online mug printing business? Brush Your Ideas is the one-stop solution. For 14+ years, we have been helping businesses in the print and eCommerce industry with our web-to-print solutions. It includes a designer tool and various print ERP solutions that help you streamline your business operations.

Lets assist you in building a successful mug printing business. Drop us a message, and our team will be in touch with you. Meanwhile, you can check our Mug Designer Tool below.

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Choose The Right Type Of Heat Press For Printing Mugs

If you want to print designs on mugs, youll need to invest in a digital mug heat press. Heat press machines for mug printing are quite different from those used in sublimation printing of t-shirts, caps and other fabrics. These specific units have cylindrical Teflon-coated heat platens with a vertical slot for accommodating the handle of a mug. The platens hug a mug during heat press printing, and you can adjust pressure using a clamping mechanism.

There are two types of mug heat presses, and each comes with its own set of pros and cons. These include:

Vertical Mug Heat Press

With this model, the mug remains upright when heat pressing. One of the big drawbacks of the vertical mug press is that it will only print to the height of the machine. This limits you to the kind of mugs that you can print. For instance, printing images on the higher side of a mug that is taller than the machines heat blanket could prove impossible.

Horizontal Mug Heat Press

As the name implies, the horizontal mug heat press lets you place mugs on the side when printing. This is arguably one of the best mug press machines because you can adjust mug placement across the horizontal platen. As such, you wont have to spend more on an extra removable mug blanket/heating element to accommodate tall cups.

Profit With Your Own Mug Printing Business

Make Your Own Personalized Coffee Mug

Enter the highly profitable world of coffee mug printing. A high demand service that you can easily serve with your Printa 990 Series Cylindrical Screen Printing equipment.

Let’s take a look at a typical job and see exactly how you can earn those types of profits.

An order for 144 plain white coffee mugs with a one color logo will typically sell for around $1.50 at a 50% gross profit margin. You will also charge an industry standard set up fee of $45. Of this set up charge, your actual cost of materials is about $15. A 144 mug order will typically take you around 1 hour to complete.

When all is said and done, you made a profit of $138 on this 144 mug order or $138 an hour!

Recapture your investment in your mug printing equipment quickly with fast profits.

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Why Print Promotional Mugs

Promotional merchandise, such as custom mugs, are a great marketing medium you can use to thank your clients. Theyre a great way to express your appreciation for your client while promoting your company and encouraging brand loyalty at the same time. Who doesnt love a nice coffee mug? Theyre great for coffee breaks, double as pen holders, and make great gifts!

If you want to learn more about how your company can enjoy the benefits of promotional merchandise, dont hesitate to contact us.

At Logo X, we realize the importance of fine quality print and offer a fine selection of coffee mugs and branded drinkware that are meticulously designed according to our clients needs.

We also offer travel mugs, sports bottles, tote bags, electronics, and other quality promotional items, depending on your companys needs and budget.

For more info about our company and our vast range of products, visit

Do you have more questions about making your promotional drinkware? Feel free to let us know in the comments section below.

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The Best Custom Disposable Coffee Cups

Nothing helps reinforce your coffee shop’s brand more effectively than custom cup printing. Here at Hot Cup Factory, we make ordering custom coffee cups and soup containers simple, affordable, and hassle-free for everyone — wholesale buyers, small business owners, wedding planners, and special event organizers. Our custom paper coffee cups are great quality for a great price.

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What Do You Use To Print On Mugs

The key is to use water slide decal paper, which is a layer of water-soluble adhesive attached to water-resistant paper. Images can be printed on this paper using either a laser or inkjet printer, and with the help of a digital camera and basic photo-editing software, you can make printed mugs quickly and easily.

Personalize Mugs With Messages Logos And Graphics

How To Make Vinyl Mugs With Cricut Maker

Whether youre adding names to mugs or customizing them with company logos, there are a lot of profitable opportunities for graphics providers to supply unique drinkware products to customers. Print designs with a Roland DG Texart printer and heat transfer them onto mugs to create high-quality custom mug products with bright colors and long-lasting ink results.

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Selling Personalized Mugs: A Profitable Idea That Works

One of the most significant factors contributing to the increase of personalized mugs is the growth of the personalized gift industry. The industry is evolving every day owing to the ever-advancing digital technology.

The personalized gifts market size in the US is expected to reach a value of USD 2.01 billion, at a CAGR of 5.83% during 2021-2025.

This implies that mug printing can open up a lot of business opportunities for you.

This implies that personalized mug printing can open up a lot of business opportunities for you. Custom printed mugs can be used as:

  • Corporate gifts for employees and vendors
  • Birthday gifts for friends and family members
  • Wedding gifts, etc.

Further, you can enable your customers to design their mugs by adding logos, taglines, images, etc. This wont only keep your customers engaged but also contribute to increasing your brand awareness.

An example of a company doing great with customizable mugs is 365Canvas. The company provides a wide range of photo gifts, including canvas print, mugs, pillows, etc. What sets it apart from competitors is a personalization tool.

Using the tool, shoppers can add a personal touch to their gifts by adding names, images, messages, etc.

Now, lets start with how you can launch your mug printing business successfully.

What You Need To Heat Press A Mug

Now that you know the type of heat press machine to buy for mug printing and some of the key features to look for, the next step that follows is learning how to heat press a mug. Make sure that you have all the supplies and tools you need before embarking on the printing process. Below are the most essential items to include in your list.

  • Computer with graphics design software
  • Sublimation printer
  • Digital Mug Heat Press
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    Choose Where To Sell Your Custom Mugs

    Once youve picked your best ideas and have designed your first custom mugs for your store, picking an ecommerce platform to host your store is next. Printify is integrated with many of the leading eCommerce platforms that not only host your online store but also equip you with awesome marketing tools to help you sell and scale your business.


    Paper Cup Design Software

    How to Custom Make a Coffee Mug with Vinyl
    • Illustrator is the way to go. The best software to prepare a cup design with is, without doubt, Adobe Illustrator .
    • It gives the biggest flexibility for adjusting the design to a cup template.
    • You can also work with InDesign and Photoshop, but AI is our recommendation.

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    Paper Cup Printing Color Model

    • Work in the CMYK workspace. Avoid RGB or spot colors when not needed.
    • Our main printing process used for printing cups is high resolution full color process CMYK.
    • This process is great for accurate representation of photos and graphics.
    • If you have specific Pantone references for your brand, no problem. We convert all Pantone references to the CMYK version of this reference using up-to-date Pantone Color Bridges Books.
    • For the most part this is very accurate. But there are some colors to watch out for.
    • The colors with the most discrepancies to be aware of are bright oranges such as PMS 021.
    • Please be aware that some spot colors cannot include our usual food safe inks.
    • Pastel and Neon color palettes are a couple more examples. Always please enquire first.

    Vector vs. Raster Graphics for Cup Designs

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    Black Needs to be Black

    • Black mixes using all 4 Process Colors are not recommended as they might print as dark brown due to high ink coverage.
    • To print black we advise using K100% only, additionally to achieve deep black Cyan boost between 40-60% can be used.

    Small Text Sizes and Tiny Elements

    Follow the Grid

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