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How To Store Fresh Roasted Coffee Beans

How Long Does It Stay Good In The Freezer

Ask Gail: How Long Do Coffee Beans Last?

Really long. So long that you don’t have to even care about it as probably you won’t store it so long that something would happen. Some studies have shown that a day in room temperature is the same thing as over 200 days in freezer.

It would say at least two years and actually I have began to collect my own coffee collection in my freezer. I want to come back to my competition coffee from 2020 in three years and see if it tastes as good as today.

How To Know If Your Beans Are Fresh

Since coffee doesnt have an expiration date, how do you determine if its fresh? There are different tactics for identifying when the coffee was roasted, including the use of Julian dates.

Many people will look at a package of coffee dated 032119 and assume it had a roast date of March 21, 2019. If they’re using Julian dates, that’s not the case.

A Julian date of 032119 indicates that the roast happened on the 321st day of the year 2019, meaning November 17, 2019. Taylor Lane coffee beans packed in cans come with Julian dates, but our bags of coffee have best-by dates.

The trick to buying great coffee beans is to look for ones that were roasted as recently as possible. That way, youll get the longest possible life and freshness out of them.

Knowing about Julian dates makes you even more of a coffee connoisseur!

Can You Freeze Coffee Beans

The best way to enjoy that freshly roasted coffee bean flavor is to make sure you store your beans in an efficient way that helps preserve their rich flavor. Most people prefer to put them in airtight packaging like a container. Yet, many coffee drinkers choose to try different storage options. One way is by freezing coffee beans in sealable bags.

Freezing your coffee beans is a good way to extend their shelf life by several months. This is because it reduces the amount of oxygen that they are exposed to. Putting your whole beans in small, airtight freezer bags will ensure that they last and don’t go stale. If you store them in the freezer then, you need to ensure that they aren’t exposed to air or light for too long when taken out of storage.

It’s important to know that you should only remove a small number of beans every few days, and keep the rest in the freezer, to avoid any moisture forming on them. Frozen coffee beans will make it possible for you to ignore expiration dates as they’ll stay in date for longer. However, this may cause some changes to the beans’ flavors since their freshness will be reduced.

If you want to enjoy a fresh coffee that tastes as good as an Italian espresso, then it’s best to not freeze your roasted coffee beans, since this depletes the flavor. However, if you care more about extending your coffee beans’ expiration date by several months, then you should definitely store them in airtight freezer bags.

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Use Proper Storage Containers

Another important factor is storing your beans in the right container. Storing them in an airtight container is the best way to keep them fresh and long-lasting.

Vacuum-packed bags or Ziploc containers will also do the trick. However, please do not make the mistake of storing the beans in the freezer, resulting in dryness, making the green coffee beans lose their flavor. As you defrost them, it will also result in condensation, making them moldy.

The best method is to store the beans in a sealed four-layer bag, which will offer additional protection and retain its flavor and texture. These bags have a valve, which allows the beans to breathe, protecting them from over-oxidizing.

Nevertheless, whichever containers you choose, always remember to store them in a dry, dark, and cool place.

Find out more on the best coffee storage containers in another post.

Option : Vacuum Sealing

How long Does Coffee Last? The Best Way to Store Coffee Beans

Good-quality coffee comes in vacuum-sealed packaging. This packaging helps protect against oxidation. You can also vacuum seal bulk coffee beans or open packages of coffee to keep it fresh longer.

Note that coffee beans and grounds have air inside of them. Vacuum sealing will only remove air around the coffee. Home vacuum sealer bags are also semi porous and will eventually allow coffee aromas to escape. So, while this is a better method than storing coffee in opened packages, the coffee will still go stale after a couple years.

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Do Green Coffee Beans Last Longer Than Normal Roasted Beans

In general, green coffee beans last longer than your typical roasted coffee beans. Over time, roasted beans tend to lose their rich and bold flavors, become dull, insipid and acquire a bitter taste. So it is best to consume your roasted coffee beans as soon as possible.

Roasted beans can last between 10 days to 6 weeks, depending on the roasting process. Typically, dark roasted beans can last longer than light roasted ones. Light roasts usually last between 7 to 10 days, while dark roasts can retain their freshness for up to 6 weeks.

Freezing Keeps The Flavour Better

Freezing food is a great way to preserve its flavours and keeping it from going bad. Everyone know that if you freeze some bolognese sauce today, it will taste the same next week.

So why would it work with coffee also?

The problem with coffee is that once it has been roasted it will start to age and day after day it will start to taste more and more dull and boring. After a few more days or weeks you will start tasting staled flavours as the oils in the coffee will start to stale. So in optimal circumstances you would brew the coffee in 3-14 days after roasting but we all know that isn’t realistically happening. So you will need a way to store coffee for longer periods.

The best way to store coffee for longer periods is freezing it. Freezing locks the flavours to the coffee beans and it will keep the coffee in same status as it would be a few days after roasting. Will it taste as good as freshly roasted? Probably not but it will be close.

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How To Make Unroasted Green Coffee

If you are curious whether you can drink green coffee without roasting the green coffee bean, the answer is yes. The taste of the green coffee bean extract is definitely different from the typical coffee, like herbal with a tinge of green tea.

To make your green coffee, you will need to grind two ounces of the raw coffee beans in a coffee grinder. Then, let them simmer in about 12 ounces of water for 15-20 minutes. Also, remember to steep them for about an hour before straining.

If you find the taste too bitter for your liking, you can mix it with your regular coffee before having a cup. A green coffee bean contains less caffeine than your regular freshly roasted coffee.

Storing Coffee Beans In Mason Jars

How to Store Green Coffee Beans

Some people like storing coffee beans in mason jars, especially because it looks cool, but some mason jars arent airtight enough. Also, a lot of mason jars are clear, so your beans could be subjected to lightwhich can make the beans expire faster. So we usually dont recommend storing coffee beans in a mason jar unless its dark-colored.

Some mason jars ARE airtight, though, especially if they have a metal clasp that keeps it together. See some of the best mason jars you can buy here.

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How Long Do Roasted Coffee Beans Last

Is there anything better than a hot cup of fresh coffee first thing in the morning? There’s no denying that the peak of the day for many people is a cup of flavorsome joe, brewed with freshly roasted beans. Although it’s easier to brew instant coffee, you’ll have a higher quality cup of coffee if you grind your own beans.

Many things can affect the taste of coffee. The flavor, roasting and brewing methods, and grinder that you use can all influence the outcome. Yet nothing is more important than the freshness of the ground beans themselves, and many people wonder how long do coffee beans last for, and what can be done to retain their fresh taste?

If you’re a roasted coffee bean lover, then it’s especially important to know a little bit about how to use them and keep their rich flavor. A great place to start is to learn how to properly store them, and how long they last for before you get stuck into the art of coffee making. So, without further ado, let’s explore the world of coffee beans, and how you can make the best coffee out there.

Ground Coffee Vs Whole Beans

Ground coffee, with its higher proportion of surface area, goes stale more quickly than whole beans. If you have the time, energy, and equipment, grind your own coffee beans each morning. If you’re not ready to take on that level of commitment, you can still have delicious fresh coffee if you use whole beans within a month of roasting and ground beans within two weeks of roasting.

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Keeping Roasted Coffee Beans In The Freezer

Roasted coffee beans may last longer if kept in the freezer.

Whether the coffee bag is still unopened or not, you can extend the period of coffee freshness if you freeze the roasted coffee beans.

Nevertheless, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind if you want to freeze roasted coffee beans:

Freezing roasted coffee beans may extend their shelf life by up to 3 years. Just make sure you follow the aforementioned recommendations for storage in the freezer to preserve as much flavor as possible.

Can You Keep Coffee In The Fridge Or Freezer

How to Store Your Coffee Beans

Theres some debate about frozen beans. You want to use coffee beans as close to the roasting date as possible. So its usually recommended to buy smaller amounts of coffee more frequently, as opposed to bulk buying and throwing them in the freezer.

However, if youre not going to be using your coffee beans for a while, the freezer can be a good second bet. Freezing will help ensure the coffee isnt subjected to high temperatures or moisture in the air. However, keep in mind that frozen coffee beans can lose some of their flavors over time.

Note: Even if youre storing them in the freezer, you want to keep the beans in an air-tight container to avoid condensation on the beans.

The freezers okay, but can you keep coffee in the fridge?

We dont recommend putting coffee in the fridge, because itll be too susceptible to moisture and air. Just like how vegetables go bad in the fridge faster than the freezer, so do coffee beans!

Check out Huffposts opinion piece about keeping coffee in the freezer to learn more.

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Whats The Shelf Life And Proper Storage Of Roasted Whole Coffee Beans

Once roasted, coffee beans start to oxidize at a higher pace and therefore lose their flavor and aroma much faster compared to green beans.

Furthermore, as mentioned earlier, the darker the roast the faster the coffee loses its freshness and starts to develop off-flavors.

This causes it to crack.

If you roast your coffee for too long to a dark roast, the pressure inside would push the coffee oils to the surface.

Because of that, and because theyre more porous, dark roasted coffee beans are easier to extract compared to light roasts.

Naturally, for the very same reasons, dark roasts oxidize faster and their flavors and freshness dont last for as long as those of lighter roasts.

To get a better understanding of the shelf life of roasted coffee under different storage conditions, we need to shed light on the process of coffee degassing.

These reactions lead to the generation of gases mostly carbon dioxide .

After roasting is complete, part of the gases remains in the porous structure of the roasted coffee beans. When freshly roasted, the coffee beans still release CO2 .

Degassing may negatively affect coffee extraction if you grind and use the beans right after theyre roasted.

In the first few days after roasting, coffee beans release gases more rapidly.

While brewing, the CO2 gases exit the freshly roasted grounds, forming bubbles.

Those bubbles can disrupt the contact between ground beans and water, thus leading to uneven extraction.

It means theyre still fresh.

Whole Roasted Coffee Beans

  • Unopened, in Pantry: 12-24 months past best-by date
  • Opened, in Pantry: 6-12 months past best-by date

Whole coffee beans will last a lot longer than ground coffee. However, because the roasting process uses heat, it triggers a chemical reaction which causes the natural oils to start breaking down. Like with ground coffee, roasted whole beans will still eventually go bad.

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How To Store Coffee Beans The Right Way

For the freshest brews, you need to store your coffee in the most appropriate environment. Coffee beans, whether they are roasted, unroasted, ground, or unground, all need to be stored in a cool, dark, dry, and moisture-free environment.

Your best friend is the simple yet ever effective airtight container. Keep those beans sealed up, in the dark, and far away from the fridge! Coffee storage doesnt need to be difficult, so keep it easy.

Why not bookmark our guide to coffee bean storage, so you can have the freshest brew each and every morning?

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How Long Will Your Green Coffee Beans Really Last

Roasting Coffee Beans in a Popcorn Popper – homemade fresh coffee

Coffee companies advertise that green coffee beans can last years with proper conditions and storage. Many others will advise that they are good for only six to eight months after harvesting, while some believe that beans should be roasted for greater taste and flavor.

Experts agree that you can store green coffee beans for up to a year without losing their quality, distinct flavors, and aromas. However, the catch is that you have to make sure to store it in a cool, dry, and dark place, such as the kitchen cabinet or pantry.

Too much time in storage can also lead to a distinct deterioration in the beans. Depending on the country of origin, you have to use them within eight and twelve months to avoid any quality loss.

My advice to you would be to roast your green coffee beans as soon as possible within a year of your purchase. This will give you the best quality possible from the green beans. You can do so in small batches so that you can still store the remaining unroasted beans properly.

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When Does Coffee Expire

Does coffee ever spoil? Depends on how you define the word spoil

If by spoil, you mean go bad like milk or meat to the point that maggots will start consuming it and if you eat it, youll most definitely get sick, then no. Coffee does not spoil.

But if by spoil, you mean lose its flavor and end up brewing a really sour, bitter drink, then sure, coffee does spoil

While the 10-15 day window is for the optimal freshness of a roasted coffee bean, its by no means an expiration date. Youll still get drinkable coffee even after a whole month.

Once youve tasted what really fresh coffee is, youll be ruined for anything else.

Heres a shocker: the coffee youve been drinking at your favorite chain cafe? Its most likely spoilt. These cafes dont really roast fresh with a few exceptions so while they do indeed grind fresh, the beans may be a bit older.

How To Store Coffee Pods

Storing coffee pods is easy! Many single-serve coffee makers include coffee storage options but, if yours doesnt, just keep them in a cool dry place and away from direct sunlight.

Just a little problem: now that you know how to store coffee beans, grounds and pods correctly , youll die inside a little every time you spot a bag of coffee in your friends fridge.

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Where Can I Get Fresh Coffee Beans

So where do you get good beans from?

Another good place to check out is Trade Coffee.

Your supermarket?may have freshly roasted beans, but even then, theyll still be well into the countdown and you will want to finish them fast.

There are plenty of local roasters you can pick up coffee beans from and many lesser known roasters actually roast some really fantastic coffees sourced from all over the world.

With coffee beans there are so many varieties that there will always be something new to try and you can probably buy sampler packs that will help you find which combination of coffee bean and roast suits you the best.

Good roasters often write the date of roasted and a suggested use-by date, too.

Ive actually compiled a list of lesser-known but really awesome roasters that may be worth checking out. Giving some love to these roasters will help the small-scale coffee roasting scene bloom, if you catch my drift!

Why Buy Whole Beans

How To Store Coffee Beans?

If youre looking to get the richest flavor when you brew your morning java then the only choice is whole coffee beans. Ground coffee is easy to use but the grinding process, unfortunately, means that the coffee starts to release a lot of its aroma so less is available to end up in your cup of coffee.

The coffee bean is a little package of fats, sugars, and acids that all contribute to that delicious coffee taste. When you start grinding the beans into smaller particles you increase the surface area of the coffee. This means that a lot of flavors are lost as the coffee lets off carbon dioxide gas.

This is why pre-ground coffee lacks the full depth of flavor you get with whole bean coffee. Once you make the decision to choose whole beans, the next, most important step is storing them correctly.

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