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Single Group Espresso Machine Commercial

How Many Group Heads Should A Coffee Shop Espresso Machine Have

Best Commercial Espresso Machine | Magister ES 60 Stilo One Group Espresso Machine

According to a poll we did of coffee shop owners that have successfully run a coffee shop for at least a year, 94.6% used an espresso machine with at least two groups. Of the 5.4% that used a single group machine, the majority used a large single group machine with 220 volt connection. Most suggested that they were planning on getting a two group soon or wished they had gotten a two group machine. There was only one coffee shop owner that used a 15 amp single group machine and that was in a small town coffee shop that did about 40 drinks per day and the owner suggested that they wished they had a two group machine. At Espresso Outlet we highly recommend that you start your business the right way and start out the right way with a full size machine with at least 2 group heads and a 220 volt connection.

Heat Exchange Or Dual Boiler

Although you may see other types of boilers, heat exchange or dual boilers are particularly common.

Both types will make it possible to steam and brew at the same time. The way they achieve this the difference.

Heat exchange boilers are single-boiler systems that siphon water for brewing to the group head and store steaming water outside of the brewing tube that runs through the boiler.

Dual boilers have boilers for brewing and boilers for steaming.

Each kind of boiler design has its advantages and disadvantages.

Heat exchange boilers have a shorter heat-up time because only one boiler needs to be warmed when you turn them on. You will need to run the group head briefly before brewing, though, to make sure the water in the group head is up to temperature.

Dual boiler systems are legendarily powerful. The main drawbacks are that theyre less energy-efficient because they must heat up more than one boiler and they can be more of an expenditure initially.

Best Machine For A Small Space: Ascaso Baby T Plus

Short on space? TheAscaso Baby T Plus is the perfect choice for any espresso-serving venue that lacks the space necessary for a wider, roomier machine. Even if youve got room to grow but want a machine thats light and more easily portable, this sleek machine is for you.

Theres no sacrificing performance with the Baby T Plus. With PID control, volumetric programming, and an onboard shot timer, this small powerhouse truly packs a punch. Plus, separate thermoblocks for espresso and steam make sure youre never waiting on boilers to warm up or cool down. Measuring just 13.8 inches wide and 17.5 inches tall, youll be hard-pressed to find a space too small for the Ascaso Baby T Plus.

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Why Buy An Espresso Machine From Kitchenall

Here are five reasons you should buy your espresso machine from Kitchenall for your café, coffee shop, or restaurant:

  • We offer a wide range of top espresso machines from leading brands and prices to fit any budget.

  • Excellent customer service, convenient financing options, and a dedicated team available for repairs and maintenance.

  • FREE delivery within 50 miles of showroom

  • Each espresso maker comes with a manufacturer’s warranty.

Buying your commercial espresso machine from Kitchenall guarantees you’ll be brewing coffee that’s more than just a drink – it will be an experience!


Any Tips For Opening A Coffee Shop

iTOP 3121 Single Group Commercial Coffee Machine  iTOP Coffee

Im no expert on opening a coffee shop, but when it comes to the business side of things, its similar to running any other brick-and-mortar store. You can find lots of resources online to do your research.However, starting a cafe will have its own challenges. Primary among them is the cost of opening a coffee shop. You also need to make a business plan accordingly. Most importantly though, do your research before jumping in head first, and buy quality equipment including different types of coffee makers , a commercial coffee grinder, a reliable espresso maker, and more.


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    What Certifications Does An Espresso Maker Need To Be Used In A Business

    To be used in a business, an espresso maker must be certified by the National Sanitation Foundation and the Electrical Testing Laboratories . These certifications have nothing to do with the taste of the espresso and everything to do with the safety aspects of using the equipment .


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    Used Kees Van Der Westen Espresso Machine

    Combining stylish design and technological innovation, Used Kees Van Der Westen espresso machines are normally rare and difficult to come by. A Kees piece will take centre stage in your café or restaurant and pour consistently great coffee all day every day. Kees Van Der Westen has been manufacturing exceptional barista coffee machines since 1984. Get yourself a piece of art by purchasing a second hand Kees Van Der Westen coffee machine from Coffee Machine Depot USA. Shop our wide range of Refurbished Kees Van Der Westen Coffee Machines.

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    Best Machine For Retailers Wanting To Add Coffee Service: Rancilio Classe 5 Usb Compact Tall

    While we proudly champion the very best espresso makers on the market, we know that there are machines designed to suit every needincluding simpler machines that dont need to be highly technical.

    If youre looking to add espresso service to your already-busy retail space, theRancilio Classe 5 USB Compact Tall has got you covered.

    Starting at only 24 inches in width for the 2-group compact model, it wont crowd your countertop, so you can whip up espresso drinks in virtually any setting. Because its so simple to operate, it wont waste valuable time needed for customer service, and even the greenest of baristas can quickly master the Classe 5. This user-friendly, semi automatic machine offers the best of a bigger Rancilio model, with easy-touch shot buttons, programmable dosing, and space for cups up to 5.7 inches in heightperfect for to-go beverages. With the Rancilio Classe 5 USB tall in your retail space, customers will be cozying up with their cappuccinos and never wanting to leave.

    What Is Your Cheapest Two Group Espresso Machine

    Slayer Espresso Single Group Features

    At this time, the Casadio Undici is the cheapest two group espresso machine we sell. Its a good machine for smaller volumes, coffee trailers, restaurants, and things like that. It doesnt have the temperature stability of higher priced machines and for this reason we dont recommend for coffee shops.

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    Do You Recommend Two Group Machines For Coffee Shops With Drive Thrus

    For drive thrus, it is especially important that you are able to deliver finished products to the customers as quickly as possible. If you dont, you will reduce the likelihood that your customers will return again in the future. Most drive thru coffee shops can be quite busy as many commuters prefer the option of going through a drive thru vs getting out of their cars and going into a building. In order to make drinks as quickly as possible, a large two group machine can work. We recommend something like the Nuova Simonelli Aurelia Wave 2 Group Volumetric or the Digit or T3 version would also work well. We also recommend upgrading one or both steam wands to an auto steam wand so that making milk-based drinks is as easy and quick as possible.

    La Spaziale Vivaldi Ii

    The La Spaziale Vivaldi II is an award-winning option thats also conveniently good for shoppers limited by a budget. If youre looking for something with a variety of options without breaking the bank, then this may be the machine for you.

    It comes with direct-connect or pour-over options, and sturdy stainless steel construction that will allow it to push through the most strenuous demands.

    Convenient touch pad group temperature control means you can adjust the temperature of groups without breaking a sweat at any time.

    If youre worried that budget means sacrificing quality, that couldnt be further from the truth with the Vivaldi II.

    • Pre-Infusion Option Before extraction, a soft flow of water settles the coffee, protecting from mistakes in tamping.
    • Dual Boiler You wont need to worry about your steam supply depleting, even with a line of customers out the door.
    • Stainless Steel Construction Attractive meets functional with a stainless steel body that is resistant to rust.
    • Touch Pad Group Temperature Control Make any tweaks you need to group temperature with a user-friendly touch pad display.
    • Volumetric Dosing Guarantee the perfect amount of water for espresso extraction with minimal effort using the automated water volume mechanism.

    Its name isnt the only thing thats dreamy about the La Spaziale S1 Dream.

    This machine is a solid choice for many different settings, including homes, coffee shops, or restaurants.

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    Best Luxury Machine: Slayer Steam Lpx

    For an espresso machine baristas will love and customers wont forget, theres no better choice than theSlayer Steam LPx. Designed with improved steam valves that don’t require regular rebuilds, the LPx will churn out delicious milk drinks like cappuccinos, flat whites, and lattes without wavering.

    Its all thanks to the elite technology powering this machine. PID temperature control allows baristas to make precise adjustments to the temperature of the machine on the fly, allowing for multiple flavor options from a single coffee. Automatic mode makes it easy to save and store recipes by weight or time, and the Barista Dashboards touch screen interface makes programming a breeze. This combination of volumetric dosing and temperature control lets baristas pull shots more efficiently and makes it easy to accommodate various recipeseven when youre at your busiest.

    A few other features to note: massive drip tray for maximized bar flow, shot light for visibility in dim cafes or evening hours, and independent brew tanks for each group.

    For specialty coffee shops and professional baristas who truly see each cup as an experience, Slayer Steam LPx is the top-tier choice for a perfect cup, every single time.

    Why Are Commercial Espresso Machines So Expensive

    Single Group Semi automatic Commercial espresso coffee machine 15 bar ...

    Commercial espresso machines are expensive for a reason they are built to handle the heavy workload of a busy coffee joint. Even the most expensive home espresso machine wont be able to hold a candle to the most basic commercial-grade machine.A commercial espresso machine has heavy-duty components like a water pump , a water circulation system and boiler, and multiple heads to keep up with the brisk demand for coffee. Building such a machine means adhering to stringent engineering and safety standards. And those come at a steep price.

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    Victoria Arduino White Eagle

    Beauty and efficiency are combined in the Victoria Arduino White Eagle.

    With configurations that come in two- or three-group options, its ideal to grace the counters of larger businesses.

    Its volumetric dosing or manual dosing choices make it so more experienced baristas can enjoy more control or beginners can guarantee the same level of quality as their advanced counterparts.

    • Volumetric or Manual Dosing The ability to choose between volumetric or manual dosing can challenge experienced users or boost novices.
    • Cool Touch Wands Cleaning steam wands is no longer risky, with steam wands that are cool to the touch.
    • Reverse Mirror Monitor each drink closely for quality with a reflective back plate that also looks shiny and sleek.
    • Automated Cleanings Closing shop at the end of the day is even quicker with an automated cleaning function that will clean whichever group the user chooses.
    • Raised Group Heads Pour directly into cups of virtually any size, lowering the risk of disturbing the perfect layer of crema at the top of the drink.
    • Shot Timer Theres no need to buy a separate timer, as the White Eagle has built-in shot timers on each group head so each shot can be timed.
    • T3 Technology Temperatures for each group had can be programmed easily by baristas for a higher level of accuracy.

    Using A Luxor Standing Desk Helps Promote Good Posture And Overall Well

    Sitting at a desk all day can impact your employees health, so promote a healthy lifestyle by giving them Luxor stand up desks instead. Luxor standing desks come in many different styles from presentation stations to desktop stands, so you can find the option that best suits your offices needs. Best of all, we offer these attractive and ergonomic Luxor desks in many different styles and finishes, making it easy to find desks that match your establishments aesthetic.

    Also make sure to check out other great items from Luxor.

    Get our latest deals and more.

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    Best One Group Espresso Machines

    The Rocket Dual Boiler R58 gives users the power to perfect each drink.

    Boiler and pressure gauges built on the front of the machine give you the information you need to make sure all temperatures are optimal. If theyre not, you can easily tweak the temperatures of either the group or boilers to exactly what you need them to be.

    This level of control means youll be able to tailor each drink to your or your customers needs.

    • Majesty Coffee Price: $3,000
    • Boiler: Dual boiler
    • Plumbing: Pour-over with direct-connect convertibility
    • E-61 Commercial Group: Thermal stability is increased, as water is continuously circulated between the group and the boiler.
    • External PID Temperature Controller: Easily make adjustments to group and boiler temperatures to enhance any coffee profile you desire.
    • Low Water Sensor: If youre using the machine as a pour-over machine, a light will flash to notify you when your water is getting too low, so you wont be able to forget to refill it.
    • 304 Stainless Steel Case: The casing for the R58 is incredibly sturdy, but also sleek and shiny.

    Do Two Group Espresso Machines Always Have Two Boilers

    Premium Espresso Machine Overview: La Marzocco Linea 1-Group Single Pro Coffee Machine

    No, they dont. There are a lot of two group machines that have a single heat exchanger boiler for steam water. For brew water, there is a tube that goes through the extra hot steam water. On one end of the tube, there is a cold water source. The other end of the tube is connected to the brew group. When a shot is pulled, water is pulled through that tube and as it flows through it, it is flash heated to brew temperature. For this reason, any water that sits in the tube between brewing will eventually increase steam temperature. This makes it necessary to flush the grouphead prior to pulling a shot, and for best results, every time you pull a shot you should flush the group head. This design allows you to brew and steam at the same time in a similar manner to a double boiler machine, but since there are less parts needed, heat exchanger machines are generally less expensive than multi boiler machines.

    The most popular two group machines we sell that have heat exchanger design are the La Spaziale S2, Nuova Simonelli Appia, and Nuova Simonelli Aurelia Wave, with the Nuova Simonelli Wave Volumetric 2 group machine being the most popular commercial machine we sell at this time.

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    The Brewing Process On The Linea Mini

    We already mentioned you get can cafe-quality brews from this machine, but dont this is not a fully automatic espresso machine, and if you have no barista skills, dont expect the machine to fix the problems.

    If you want quality espresso at the push of a button, you might want to look at some other machines the La Marzocco is a machine for the enthusiast.

    The level of control you have when brewing is reasonable, although not as extensive as its big brother, the GS3. For example, it is not volumetric, meaning you cant set the machine to stop when it has reached a preset amount of extraction.

    There is an automatic pre-infusion stage of about 1 second, which is a little on the low side, but Im guessing thats at full pressure as theres no way to vary the pressure or flow control on this machine.

    How Many Espresso Drinks Do You Typically Make Per Day

    Some machines are going to be faster than others.

    This is why its important to think about the number of espresso drinks you make on a daily basis.

    Youll need to consider if your machine needs to produce 20 espressos per hour, maybe even 50 or more. You also need to be aware of whether or not the machine you choose will have a necessary cool-down period after a number of drinks. This is uncommon for machines suited to busier coffee shops, but is still important to remember.

    The factor that primarily affects how quickly an espresso machine can produce drinks is how many groups it has. More groups means more drinks can be made at once.

    Usually, its better to be safe than sorry. If youre uncertain at all, look at espresso machines that can make a higher number of drinks than you may estimate, such as machines with more than one group.

    Even if you have a machine thats a little more heavy-duty than you need initially, you may grow into needing to use it for a greater capacity later on as your business expands.

    If youre fairly confident that you dont need to make an extensive number of espresso drinks, on the other hand, then it may be a better bet for you to look for machine that doesnt have as many groups. This may be better for restaurants that dont focus on serving espresso, or offices with a small number of people.

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