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What Coffee Is The Least Acidic

Low Acid Coffee Brands To Settle Your Stomach

Low Acid Coffee Brands [Review] – Cupping & Analysis

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Coffee is an essential part of the day for millions of people around the world, and theres a good chance it is for you, too. But for some people, the acidity of coffee causes problems. From acid reflux to damaging tooth enamel, coffee acidity can harm your body. If this is the case for you, then you could try one of a number of low acid coffee brands.

The producers and roasters of these coffees use a variety of methods to lower the acid content. That reduced acidity can make a difference for people who are vulnerable to the effects of acid.

Is Coffee Acidic A Valid Question For Coffee Lovers

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With your colleagues, you pull out a chair in your favorite coffee shop and order a cup of coffee. Your work has been terrible. There are a lot of documents that you have to finish. You are stressed out! You need energy, and you have been relying on your coffee maker for an extended time.

Before, you used to drink the brew only during the mornings. But as of late, you have been chugging coffees regularly. Worse, you have been experiencing reflux and tummy aches. Yet, midway into sipping your favorite blend, you hesitate. A thought comes through your head is coffee acidic?

Lucy Jos Mellow Belly Low Acid Coffee Review

Flavor Notes: Smooth, sweet and earthy

Size Options: Available in both ground and whole beans in 11 oz bags

Lucy Jo Coffee is a a family run business from upstate NY. Their organic low acid coffee uses 100% Arabica beans and they are a popular choice by people looking for a stomach friendly coffee.

They offer a range of low acid blends including their most popular, the Mellow Belly coffee.

The PH level isnt listed, but their beans come from Indonesia and Brazil. These areas typically produce naturally low acid coffee beans. You can be confident their coffee beans are gentle on the stomach.

Lucy Jos low acid coffee range includes a number of low acid blends including Organic Brainstorm and Organic Sumatra. Why not try them all and find a favorite?

Blend- Indonesia and Brazil

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Holding Tea Or Coffee In Your Mouth

While those who love coffee and tea may want to savor the beverage for a little bit longer, it is not wise to hold the tea or coffee in their mouths. As with swishing the liquid around in your mouth, your teeth are being exposed to the acid for a long period. This will further weaken the teeth as well as stain them.

Medium Roast Folgers Simply Smooth Ground Coffee

Low Acid Coffee for People with Digestive Disorders

On the fifth position is the striking dark dish coffee which accompanies a solid smell. The source of this coffee is Louisiana which ensures that it is 100% unadulterated coffee. You have to have all the certainty to buy because of the notoriety of the brand.

It has ever been in the market since 1850. The bundling is the amazon thing you will like about this coffee. It includes a holder with interlocking and water/air proof seals to hold the freshness.

The Stanford study that viewed up in May in The Files of Inward Medication, amazon distributed medicinal reports from 1975 to 2004 on indigestion. The investigation view that there was no proof that medium tobacco, liquor, coffee, zesty nourishments, citrus, or chocolate helped decline acid reflux.


  • The coffee will be stale.

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Tips: How To Reduce Acid In Your Coffee

A cup of coffee is a healthy way to jump-start your mornings or keep you focused on a slow day. However, the nasty heartburn sensation that often follows after a cup of joe can make you quit coffee altogether. We will talk about how to make coffee less acidic today.

Before you do away with your coffee drinking ritual, allow me to educate you on acidity in coffee. Better yet, we show you how to reduce this acidity so that you can relish a cuppa coffee with zero consequences.

Kava Instant Coffee Low Acid Review

Flavor Notes: Smooth tasting and full bodied

Size Options: Available as instant coffee in a 4 ounce jar

Kava Coffee is one of the few low acid instant coffee brands. Whilst we generally recommend purchasing whole beans for the best tasting coffee, sometimes instant coffee is the most practical choice.

Kava low acid instant coffee claims to have less than 50% of the acid found in other instant coffee brands. It achieves this through acid neutralization with the use of potassium hydroxide.

Potassium hydroxide is an alkaline compound used to reduce acidity. It acts in a similar way to other acid reducers like Coffee Tamer.

If you need a quick and affordable low acid coffee, Kava coffee is recognized as one of the best reduced acid instant coffee brands on the market.

Blend origin not specified

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What Is Coffee’s Ph Level

Coffee does indeed have a pH level, but this is not a useful measure of flavor. It would vary depending on brewing method and roast level, but not significantly.

Most coffees have a pH around 4.5.

A “low acid coffee” falls around 4.7 and a “high acid coffee” falls around 4.3. While this may not seem like a big difference, the pH scale operates on a logarithm , so a 0.4 difference can actually be substantial.

For comparison, apple juice lands at 3.8 .

Acidity as a flavor descriptor does not refer to the pH level of the coffee. It also shouldn’t be confused with the character of sourness .

This ambiguity is nothing more than a failure of the coffee industry to properly name its measures.

A high acidity is described as bright while a low acid coffee may be described as smooth, but if it is too low it will be considered unexciting and boring. A total lack of acidity may also result in a “flat” coffee.

Black coffee generally lands around a pH of 4.5 and milk has a pH of 6.5 . This means that adding milk to coffee makes it slightly less acidic by way of dilution.

Best Ways To Make Your Coffee Less Acidic

Elevate the Acidity in Coffee

There are a variety of ways to reduce the amount of acid found in coffee:

  • Dark Roasts: As mentioned above, darker roasts take longer to cook. This naturally purges out more of the acid.
  • Baking Soda: Baking Soda is an alkaline that can neutralize the acid in your coffee. Salt also has this same approach, but many prefer to add in a small bit of baking soda instead.
  • Acid Reducers: If you are extremely sensitive to acid, then this may be the way to go. Some acid reducers have the ability to remove 90% of acidity from your coffee.
  • Paper Filters: The filters are able to catch more oils and can help to keep as much acid from getting into your coffee cup.
  • Grinding: The finer you grind your coffee, the less acid will be released. The finest coffee will always be less acidic than coarser mixes.
  • Brew Time: Water brings out the acid from the coffee beans. By shortening the amount of time, the beans are in the water you release less acid.
  • Natural Alternatives: There are tons of natural coffee blends that are low acid. These specialty blends can be found at some grocery stores and through online retailers.
  • Hard Water: Hard water is water that has more minerals and calcium than normal. It also lacks sodium, which is one of the contributing factors to more acidic coffee.
  • Cold Brew: When you use cold water to make coffee, less acid escapes from the beans. Cold-brew does take around 24 hours to make, but colder water doesnt extract as much acid.
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    Java Planet Colombian Organic Low Acid Coffee Review

    Flavor Notes: Smooth and full bodied

    Size Options: Available in 1 and 2 pound bags plus sample packs

    The Java Planet Low Acid coffee beans tick a lot of boxes. USDA Organic and Fairtrade certified plus bird friendly, they are naturally low acid Arabica coffee beans from Colombia.

    The Colombia organic coffee beans are 100% Arabica, full bodied with a well balanced flavor. Small batch roasting helps create a consistently great coffee and with the roasting date printed on every pack, you can be confident you are buying fresh roasted beans every time.

    Java Planet offer a range of organic single origin and blends as well as coffee subscriptions. They even offer green beans if you are a home coffee roaster.

    If you are looking for a single origin low acid organic coffee, the Colombia organic from Java Planet is a great option.

    Single Origin from Colombia

    How Different Roasts Have Low Acid Profiles

    Casual observance of the roasting process proves that one of the best ways to lower the acidic level of any coffee regardless of region or natural acidity is to roast the beans darker.

    Dark roasts are quite popular and making coffee with them is a great way to ensure you are getting lower acidity. Even still sometimes you want a lighter roast and sticking to the aforementioned regions can help.

    If you are looking for the lowest acidity levels possible in your coffee then definitely stick to the regions mentioned above and err to the side of the dark french or Italian roasts. The darker the higher the pH levels and the more palatable the coffee will be to your stomach. Sure, you could go for a branded low-acid coffee but you will get better results sticking with naturally low acidic levels in the beans.

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    Your Low Acid Coffee Cheat Sheet

    Generally speaking if you choose a coffee from a region like Brazil or El Salvador and choose a bean that came from lower elevation and roasted quite dark then you are most likely going to be drinking some of the lowest acid coffee possible. These will obviously be some exceptions to this but its a good sheet sheet or rule of thumb to follow.

    Java Planet Low Acid Colombia Organic Coffee Beans

    Is Coffee Acidic?

    Despite the fact that this company decided to try and cram everything they possibly could into that title, it does tell us what we need to know. Java Planet coffee is 100% USDA organic, arabica, low acid, harvested in Colombia, and its Fair Trade, which is always a good thing.

    Like Lucy Jos, Java Planet is family-owned and roasted in small batches, once again to provide the freshness that helps keep acid levels constant. It is, however, a medium dark roast, and can be bitter because of the quinic acids. Its generally well-received, though, so might as well take a shot!

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    Top 8 Low Acid Coffee Brands

    • 100% Certified Organic, and pesticide free
    • Very Low Acidity Levels
    • Fair Trade, Ethically Produced Coffee
    • Amazing tasting organic coffee

    When you buy this low-acid organic coffee from Lifeboost youre buying some of the healthiest and most sustainable coffee money can buy.

    Sitting 5700 feet above sea level in the lush green rain-forest of the Nicaraguan Highlands sits a tiny 6 acre farm. The soil is pristine the rivers are full of natural minerals, and here, under the canopy of humongous guava trees grows a gorgeous, high-quality gourmet coffee.

    The coffee plants are harvested by the smiling local farmers washed with local chemical free spring water, then dried naturally in the clean fresh sunlight.

    And since youre looking for Low acid coffee youre in for a treat. Sitting at a PH level of just 6.0 means these beans will not give you any of the uncomfortable side effects that usually come with regular coffee.

    • Save

    These beans are available in a range or roasts and flavors, but are limited in supply so see if you can grab some by checking out their store here. A great option low acid coffee in 2021. Heres what Scott said when he tried them:

    Of course, Volcanica coffee doesnt stop at with their blend. This high-quality company has some other excellent low acid options to choose from. Case in point: Komodo Dragon Coffee.

    Java Planet also carries the certified USDA Organic label, which we cover in detail in our article on organic coffee beans.

    How Acidic Tea & Coffee Affect Acid Reflux

    People that already suffer from different conditions that cause acid reflux typically stay away from tea and coffee because they are too acidic. But do they have to? When it comes to tea, while it has caffeine and certain levels of acidity, it is actually much better for heartburn sufferers than coffee.

    However, it isnt because of the acid levels or caffeine. Even though coffee has a stimulant in it, it is also a type of muscle relaxer. There is a muscle between the stomach and the esophagus, and when it relaxes, it allows the stomach acid to move back up the esophagus, causing heartburn.

    Some people say the reason coffee causes heartburn is because of the acid or even the caffeine, but that isnt the case. Even decaf has been known to cause heartburn in some people.

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    Tres Hermanos Colombian Supreme Coffee Review

    Flavor Notes: Smooth and full bodied

    Size Options: Available ground or in whole beans in 1, 2 and 5 pound bags

    Tres Hermanos coffee produce low acid organic fairtrade coffee from Colombia.

    Their patented air-roasting process removes 80% of the acidity and sourness in the coffee beans without losing the dark roast intensity.

    This reduced acid coffee is roasted in small batches to maximize freshness. Roasted with 100% Arabica beans it has a smooth, bold flavor and lacks the bitterness found in many dark roast coffees.

    Tres Hermanos is a family run business and their low-acid coffee offers some of the best value in terms of cost per ounce of any of the low acidity coffee brands on our list.

    Single Origin from Colombia

    Is Cold Brew Coffee Less Acidic

    Acid Reflux and Coffee

    A common belief is that cold brewing coffee will reduce its acidity. However, this is mostly false. It comes from a misunderstanding of the difference between coffee tasting acidic versus its actual pH, or acidity level.

    Cold brewing refers to the practice of steeping coffee grounds in water at room temperature rather than using hot water. The brewing process typically takes several hours.

    Its absolutely true that cold brewed coffee tastes different than traditionally prepared coffee. And its also true that youll often taste fewer acidic notes in cold brewed coffee. This has led many people to conclude that cold brewed coffee is low in acid.

    However, a 2018 study at Thomas Jefferson University demonstrated that the pH levels of cold brewed coffee are virtually the same as those of traditionally brewed coffee. Since pH level is what causes the issues people have with coffee acid, cold brewing isnt really a solution.

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    Ways Of Minimizing Coffees Acidity

    The color of the roast can heavily influence the coffees acidity. As a rule, dark roasts tend to be much less acidic than lighter ones. Also, drying the beans whole, especially while still in the pulp helps to minimize acidity.

    Therefore, choosing a 100% Arabica, single source coffee bean thats grown on a low-elevation Brazilian plantation, dried whole, and dark roasted should, in theory, give you a brew thats very low in acid.

    Popular Low Acid Coffee Brands

    As you know, the acid present in coffee is responsible for the bright and distinct taste that the brew provides. Although it can make a cup of joe taste phenomenal, it can be problematic for individuals with sensitive stomachs or suffer from heartburn since it’s the acid content in coffee that triggers these conditions. Fortunately, coffee manufacturers have taken their time to produce blends that everyone would enjoy.

    Here are the best and most popular low acid coffee brands that provide relief to heartburn symptoms without any side effects, not to mention the flavorful cup that each one produces.

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    Can You Drink Coffee When You Have Acid Reflux

    Drinking a regular cup of coffee when you have an upset stomach will just aggravate the situation. Avoid worsening your condition by going for decaffeinated and low acid coffee versions of the drink.

    You can go for a decaf dark roast coffee to help you avoid triggering your pyrosis but still getting the beloved taste of coffee in the morning.

    An alternative can be to drink cold brewed coffee which is low acid and will not upset your stomach that much.

    Can I Drink Coffee If I’m Acidic

    Least Acidic Coffee Reddit

    Yes, you can still drink coffee if you’re acidic or are suffering from heartburn and GERD . You need to pick the lowest acid coffee variation you can find or make your brews less acidic by adding milk, cream, or salt to it. You can also enjoy your favorite brews by brewing it cold instead of the traditional hot brewing method. However, before you drink any coffee, it’s best to consult with your physician or nutritionist for professional advice.But if you’ve tried drinking coffee recently and notice it triggers your specific conditions, it’s best to avoid the beverage altogether.

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    Acid A Positive Or Negative

    To answer this question, we first have to understand what it means for a brew of coffee to be acidic.

    Often, when the word acidic is used to describe a food or beverage people mean that what they consumed left a sour taste in their mouth and a funny feeling in their stomach.

    With coffee the word acidic is used quite differently.

    Where with soda, citrus, and vinegar acidity is used as a negative, with coffee it is normally used as a positive. This is mostly because coffee is not really an acidic beverage. In fact, it falls on the PH scale at around 5. Soda, citrus, and vinegar fall closer to 3 or 2.

    When using the word acidic to talk about coffee, experts are referencing the different acids found in coffee that gives it its heftiness. Therefore, when individuals desire less acidic blends of coffee, they are asking for coffee that has a subtle bite to it.


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