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What Is Single Origin Coffee

What Is The Best Processing Method For Single

Coffee Blend v’s Single Origin Coffee – What is the difference?

Single-origin coffee processing methods include washed and natural and oth have advantages and disadvantages, but most individuals prefer natural processing.

Coffee beans in a machine

The processing method is something many roasters claim as the most important determinant in defining the taste of a specific coffee.

Whenever I mention processing, Im referring to a process used by the producer to separate the coffee beans from the various layers of fruit flesh.

There are two methods for this: washedor wet method and the natural or dry method.

Coffee From Multiple Farms

The most commonly recognized definition of single-origin coffee, this kind of single-origin coffee includes a handful of farms that produce the same coffee in the same area. This area can include anywhere from a couple of acres, to several square miles.

This version of single-origin coffee is so popular because its easier for farmers and roasters to accomplish since it involves more than one specific farm. Multiple farms allow for more crops to be produced, but they also allow for higher exports and greater profit for the farmers.

However, the main downside to this is a slight loss of the exclusivity and authenticity that smaller farms can provide. Likewise, with multiple farms contributing beans from the same area, it leaves room for the inconsistency of growing conditions and flavor overtones. Though there is a possibility of this happening, the risk of error is still somewhat small.

Blends Vs Single Origin Coffee: Which Is Right For You

Garrett Oden

Delicious, well-rounded, and highly scored coffees are not difficult to find these days. Farmers are growing better crops, roasters are refining their craft. The specialty coffee industry is now the largest portion of the coffee industry in the United States.

With this rise in quality, were also seeing a rise in single origin coffees. These coffees have never been so popular and accessible – and theyve also never been so flavorful.

But that doesnt mean you should jump ship if youre a fan of coffee blends. Blends are getting better as well, but in some circles they seem to be less popular.

During my time as manager of a coffee shop, I was asked about blends vs single origin coffees all the time. Most people phrased it something like this: which is better?

Theres no objective better type. Blends and single origins both have merit and advantages of the other. Its really a matter of which is better for you.

I cant tell you which coffee type more suits your taste preferences, but I can give you all the information you need to determine that for yourself.

Lets get into it: blends vs single origin coffee.

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What Are The Different Types Of Single Origin Coffee

Single origin coffee can mean a few different things depending on how where your coffee is harvested and produced but can be broken down into the following categories,

Single Country

As I mentioned above, the first single origin type is the one that comes from one single country or region. Here we witness the first distinction between single origins and blends, with the single origin beans being considered superior.

Single Estate

these are coffee beans that have been cultivated in a single farm. Single estate coffees are usually of exceptional quality and do not produce many bags of coffee.

Single Cooperative

There a many countries that have their own coffee cooperatives, who are responsible for processing coffee beans from many different small farms of the area. This is happening because there are many farms that yield only a small quantity of coffee beans each harvest. The cooperative brings these coffee beans together and processes them as a single lot. Since a cooperative is working together with a lot of different farmers, there are certain quality checks in place to ensure the best harvesting methods are being followed.

Micro Lot

Macro lot

This term is similar to the single country/region, meaning that the coffee beans have a distinctive flavor profile that represents a specific area.

Nano lot

Sign Up For A Single Origin Coffee Subscription

What is Single Origin Coffee?

Are you indecisive? Do you love surprises, especially in mail form? Do you just want to leave it to the experts?

Then sign up for a single origin coffee subscription. There are several reputable roasters who offer subscription services that deliver freshly roasted, high quality, single origin coffee right to your door. Were currently enjoying Blue Bottles subscription which can be tailored to your liking and Driftaway Coffees customizable subscription.

The bonus? Youll never run out and have to drink that emergency stash of Folgers in the cabinet.

So, What is Single Origin Coffee and Why Does it Matter?

To recap, single origin coffee is coffee that comes from one particular place. This could mean a region, country, farm, crop, or cooperative.

Single origin coffee allows us to experience the unique characteristics of specific regions. And its not just about us, the consumers. Thanks to direct trade relationships with coffee roasters, hard-working coffee farmers also benefit from the popularity of single origin.


Is Single Origin Coffee Better?

No, single origin coffee is not inherently better than blends. For a long time, single origin coffees were synonymous with high quality, while blends were associated with mass-produced, low-quality coffees .

Which is the Best Single Origin Coffee?

How Do You Make Single Origin Coffee?

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It Provides Transparency And Traceability

When we brew coffee, we want to control as many variables as possible. Thats why we want as much information grind size, water temperature, brew time as we can get. It helps us to repeatedly achieve desired results and identify errors. The coffee sourcing process isnt much different.

Single origin helps coffee roasters be consistent by repeatedly buying from the same regions and farms. If they buy a coffee that they feel is great, they can buy that same coffee, or one just like it, again.

Knowing the origin of your coffee means you have an easy answer to queries like this coffee is awesome, where can I get some more? Ethiopia, thats where!

And dont forget the farmers! Single origin can be a win-win-win for all of us the coffee roaster, the customer, and the farmer. It allows the opportunity for direct trade, the term for buying coffee directly from those who grow it. This can mean stability for farmers as they form longterm relationships with coffee roasters who love their product .

If they understand the quality of the product, it guarantees sustainability for everyone making extra efforts in every step of the coffee-making chain to me, thats beautiful and thats why single origin matters.

Cesar Magana, farmer, barista, and roaster at Lechuza Cafe in El Salvador

Single Origin Coffee Vs Blend

Roasters and coffee houses who want to offer a traceable, high-quality, and unique coffee experience choose single origin beans. If they want to offer standardized coffee flavors year-round, they choose coffee blends. We break down the biggest differences between single origin coffee and blend coffee so you can decide which is right for you.

  • Single Origin Coffee Cost On average, a 12-ounce bag of single origin coffee is $15.
  • Blend Coffee Cost On average, a 12-ounce bag of blend coffee is $8.50.
  • Single Origin Coffee Availability Single origin coffees have limited seasonal availabilities.
  • Blend Coffee Availability Blend coffees are curated year-round/without limitation.
  • Best Single Origin Coffee Applications Cold Brew, Manual Brewing, Auto Pour Over
  • Best Blend Coffee Applications Espresso, Drip Coffee, French Press

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What Is Single Origin Pour Over Coffee

What is a single origin pour-over coffee? Coffee is one of the largest produced crops globally, making people buy a mixture of coffee beans from different regions. But what many people do not know is that there is one coffee that comes from a single place of origin.

Single-origin pour-over coffee is a brew that uses coffee beans from a single farm, region, or country. Meanwhile, pour-over is a brewing method that filters to separate the coffee grounds from the extract.

The result is single-origin pour-over coffee that has a distinct flavor and aroma.

  • Should You Choose Single Origin Pour Over Coffee?
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    Benefits Of Single Origin Coffee

    What is Tabi? | Single Origin Varietal Coffee Explained

    Buying single origin coffee is a great way to ensure quality and distinct, flavorful beans. Another benefit of buying single-origin coffee is its traceability.

    For most coffee products, the supply chain can be incredibly complex. From farming and harvesting to processing, roasting, and distributing, your coffee may be handled by numerous companies throughout the supply chain. Because of this complexity, its hard to know if each step your coffee takes before it hits your cup contributes positively to global sustainability efforts. Food chain traceability and knowing where your coffee comes from is essential to being a conscious coffee drinker. When you buy single origin or single estate coffee like 100% Kauai Coffee, you know where your coffee has been and how it has been cared for from seed to cup.

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    Roasting Single Origin Coffee

    Many coffee professionals have been experimenting with roasting coffee beans from different origins and selling them as blends. However, specialty coffee roasters favor single origin beans because they adjust the roast profile depending on the beans characteristics.

    In order for a roaster to do their job properly they need to know about all these climate variables we talked about above, so they can choose a way to roast their coffee in order to enhance and not to remove and unique flavors.

    For them to do this with coffee beans from different origins can be quite difficult because of all the different flavor characteristics. Whats important to understand here is that if done right, coffee blends can bring together unique and complex coffee flavors but if done poorly, the result will be a bland cup of coffee.

    Is Single Origin Better Than Blends

    One of the most asked questions among coffee enthusiasts is which is better between single-origin pour-over coffee and blends. Nowadays, people have more flexibility in terms of selecting the variation of their coffee:

    • roast levels
    • coffee blends
    • flavors

    In addition, coffee enthusiasts became more meticulous in their coffee, prompting them to explore the variety that suits their preference best.

    Moreover, two of the choices initially compared are single estate and blends. It leads us to the question, is single-origin pour-over coffee better than blends? Here are some points to consider:

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    How Much For Single Origin Roasted Coffee

    On average, a 12-ounce bag of single origin roasted coffee costs $15. The more specialized the beans are, the more they will cost. Many estate and microlot coffee prices reach the mid-twenties for a 12-ounce bag. Coffee shops should provide as much detail as possible about their single origin coffees, so their customers understand why theyre worth more.

    It Tells You What The Coffee Tastes Like

    What Is Single

    While some people think all coffee tastes the same, we coffee enthusiasts know that couldnt be further from the truth. Some coffees are bold, some are sweet, and some can be straight up fruity.

    This isnt by chance. Single origin depicts the unique characteristics and qualities of a region. Coffees from different regions of the world can taste completely different from one another.

    The taste of coffee can also be affected by things such as how its grown, harvested, and processed. Heck, even the soil plays a role.

    Good coffee roasters understand this and select their coffees based on what they want it to taste like.

    search out single origins because growing conditionssoil, weather, and cultivation practicesare the very things that give coffee its unique character.

    Blue Bottle Coffee

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    How Do You Make Single Origin Coffee

    To make single origin coffee you need beans that are sourced from the same geographic area or farm. The best way to enjoy them and appreciate their unadulterated taste is to brew them as an espresso shot or a filter coffee, without adding milk and sugar.


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    What Makes Single Origin Special

    Clarity and flavour density are the key determinants that make single origin coffee so appealing. Some coffee lovers argue that single-origin coffee is the only way to fully appreciate the flavours of coffee.

    Single Origins Have A Distinct Flavour

    Due to their unique flavour profiles, single-origin coffees have become a favourite in independent coffee shops. Single origin brews often have a subtle flavour with fine nuances. The climate, shade, altitude, and soil quality of the particular source region determines the flavour overtones in each coffee bean.

    Traceability Is Important For Coffee Lovers

    Traceability is also of great importance to coffee lovers. Coffee drinkers should be able to distinguish coffee by not only its traits, but also by the origin. Traceability further solidifies the reputation of the specific coffee farm, brand, or producer.

    Single Origin Coffee Is Quality And Flavour Assured

    Lastly, quality is the most critical factor. Since single-origins are often cultivated and processed in small amounts, farmers can pay much closer attention to their crops than commercial farmers. They have the ability to inspect each batch for quality and flavour.

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    Why Should Roasters Offer Single Origin Coffee

    Analysis by the Tasters Study Centre involving a group between the ages of 18 and 64 found that coffee consumers have evolved considerably in recent years, with a new focus on sensory experiences and the pursuit of pure coffees.

    Single origin coffee plays a significant role in the development of the specialty market because it offers consumers the chance to try complex and unique flavour notes from each coffee.

    As consumers have become more aware of the differences between different coffees, origins and varieties, there is a desire to experience these variables and further their knowledge, Nicole explains.

    Everyone has different preferences and single origin coffee allows people to develop their tastes by picking up on the distinct characteristics of the coffee. If, for example, a consumer is able to taste the difference between an Ethiopian natural and a Brazilian semi-washed, it allows them to make more informed decisions about what they buy in the future.

    Traceability also plays a significant role in the appeal of single origin coffee. Today, coffee consumers want to know everything about their coffee, from the farm on which its grown to the way in which its been processed.

    In contrast to packaging for blends, which may be limited to information on flavour notes and a roast date, single origin coffees are usually packaged with more information about the farm, climate, variety, and processing method, among other things.

    Which Is Better Single

    What’s the deal with Single Origin Coffees?

    As with most things in food service, whether or not single-origin or coffee blends are better is a matter of your individual taste preferences. Some argue that a coffee blend creates something better than the sum of its parts. In contrast, others say that single-origin coffee offers the purest coffee drinking experience.

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    Why You Should Buy It

    No doubt the modern day consumer has cause to be wary and particular about the products they buy. Single-origin coffees transparency about where it comes from, who the growers are, and how that particular brand is cultivated and produced helps put you at ease by lending credence to its quality and integrity. Isnt that what you look for in a product?

    It also goes without saying that you are single-handedly contributing to a coffee growers livelihood without transatlantic travel each time you buy single-origin coffee beans. Did you want some warm fuzzies to go with your coffee?

    If youre looking for high quality coffee that offers an educational yet personal touch to your morning and/or afternoon routine, consider buying single-origin coffee next time you run out.

    Psssst! You know who also uses single-origin coffee? Your friends at Atlas Coffee Club! Subscribe today for a coffee world tour!

    Single Estate And Single Farm

    Now that you know what single origin means, its easy to understand terms like single estate and single farm. 100% Kauai Coffee is grown, roasted, and packaged at our estate on Kauai. So, when you purchase 100% Kauai Coffee, you can be sure it came from one source our coffee ohana! Our Estate Reserve collection is the top of our crop. If you love 100% Kauai Coffee in our distinct blue bag roasts and flavors, try Estate Reserve Peaberry, Kauai Blue Mountain, and Roastmasters favorites like Acaia and Mundoloa Java today!

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    Is Single Origin Coffee Better

    If compared to a blend, a single origin coffee is better. However, weâve mentioned that the word âoriginâ refers to multiple locations and farm practices. So it may depend.

    Itâs important to recognize how the coffees are produced to perceive its effect on the quality. You need to know whatâs going on at origin.

    The more specific you delve into it, the more experience and knowledge you may get. So, here are the several reasons why single origin coffee is better.

    Why Is Single Origin Best For Brewed Coffee

    What Is The Difference Between Single Origin and Blend Coffee?

    When it comes to producing coffee for brewing such as for a V60, AeroPress or Cafetiere we want to offer our customers transparency and deliver a coffee that represents the natural characteristics of the origin it came from.

    To be able to provide this and still maintain the same level of consistency, we created 4 flavour categories. This is to make it easier for you to always find a coffee that youll love whether it be fruity, chocolate, fruity floral or chocolate fruit.

    Much like music genres, everyone will have their favourite category. So, if you really like a particular coffee, check which category its from and you should always find a similar single origin coffee that youll enjoy!

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