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What Is The Best Tasting Coffee Creamer

Native Joy Superfoods Zen Focus Coffee Creamer

What’s the Best Coffee Creamer? | Blind Taste Test Rankings

Some people switch to decaf coffee because caffeine can make them anxious and jittery. If youre one of them, then the Superfoods Zen Focus Coffee Creamer by Native Joy is the right creamer for you.

Made using high-quality, plant-based ingredients, this creamer has a calming effect that lowers anxiety and gives you an energy boost, thanks to the use of ingredients like L-Theanine. It has plenty of nutritional value with the inclusion of all four MCTs and chaga mushrooms that lower the effect of coffee crash that people usually experience once caffeine starts wearing off. On the flip side, many people dont like that the product is priced so high.

One very surprised customer reported that he was hesitant in using this non-dairy powdered creamer because of the loads of healthy ingredients in it. But, he found that the taste was much better than expected and he needed only a single scoop to bring the ideal flavor for his morning cup of coffee. It mixes quite easily, but many customers found this an overpriced product.

Omega Powercreamer Keto Coffee Creamer

If you do not have time to fix yourself breakfast in the morning but can make yourself a cup of coffee, theres a creamer that can help you make your cup of coffee quite delightful. Instead of going to work on an empty stomach, the Omega PowerCreamers Creamer can give you the fuel you need to keep going.

This keto-friendly liquid coffee creamer is sugar-, lactose-, gluten, and casein-free. Its packed full of healthy, non-GMO ingredients like MCT oil and so much more that can satiate your appetite for hours. Some people have actually started using this in their coffee to make a standalone breakfast for their keto diets.

A customer who tried it to see if it goes well with his ketogenic diet was already expecting ghee in his coffee, but he found that this product went overboard for his liking. The ghee took a while to blend into the coffee, but it coalesced back to the top after the coffee started to cool down. He also found the pumpkin spice to be over powered by a hint of movie popcorn butter type flavor, probably because of the ghee content.

Laird Turmeric Superfood Creamer

This is a tasty dairy-free choice which adds even more health benefits to your cup of joe. The coconut flavor is strong thanks to its coconut oil and coconut sugar base, but it also contains turmeric, a peppery and musky-tasting spice that contributes powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Each tablespoon has 15 calories, about a gram of carbs and less than a gram of fat, so its good for you while providing a great change-of-pace flavor for your coffee.

Honorable Mention: Silk Original Dairy-Free Soy Creamer

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The Label Readers Healthy Coffee Creamer

The Label Readers Healthy Coffee Creamer by Sammis Best is a powder creamer thats coconut oil based for good HDL cholesterol. All-natural, non-GMO, and gluten-free, the formula is calcium enriched to neutralize coffee acid, making it a great option if your primary reason for adding cream is to protect your stomach. You can snag this Healthy Coffee Creamer in original, vanilla, mocha, and hazelnut, with the original clocking in at only 25 calories per serving, only 18 of which are from fat.

How To Buy The Best Coffee Creamer

Best Coffee Creamer

Given that coffee is the second most widely consumed beverage globally, you can be certain that there will always be many options to choose from when buying anything coffee-related and creamers are not an exception.

While there are many good coffee creamers in the market, there are almost as many substandard and unhealthy ones. Hence, to make sure you pick something that not only enhances your coffees texture and flavor but is also good for your health, you need to keep the points below in mind.

1. Types of Coffee Creamer

Before you start even shopping for coffee creamer, the first thing should always be to understand what they are all about. And one of the most important things to know here are the different types available.

Typically, different brands will give their products different names and while there are many creamer types available, the four most common ones are half and half, light cream, whipping cream and heavy cream

Half and Half

Half and half is by far the most popularly used coffee creamer in the US and across most countries in Europe.

As its name indicates, it is made with half milk and half cream. And with a fat content of about 12%, half and half is thicker and sweeter than whole milk.

However, half and half will not have the thickness of whipping cream or pure whole cream. But, if you prefer a creamer that will give you a perfect balance of thickness and sweetness, half and half is one of the best options.

Light Cream

Whipping Cream

Heavy Cream

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Powdered Vs Liquid Coffee Creamers

Whether you should go for powdered or liquid coffee creamer, it is based entirely on your personal preference. Powdered creamers generally last longer than liquid creamers but liquid creamers tend to have a better taste.

Final Thoughts

With so many coffee creamers available in the market, we understand that it can be hard to make the right buying decision. After reading this buying guide, we hope you have all the information you need to buy the best coffee creamer that will suit your lifestyle and preferences.

Bulletproof Instamix Coffee Creamer Perfect On The Go Coffee Creamer

  • Type: Dairy

For the coffee lovers that want a convenient coffee creamer for use on-the-go or when traveling, the Bulletproof Instamix is a perfect choice.

The travel-friendly package and the fact that it does not require blending will make it ideal for use from almost anywhere by simply mixing it into your beverage.

Besides coffee, this delicious and creamy flavor coffee creamer will also be ideal for use on other beverages like cocoa and tea.

Also, users will love the fact that besides providing a steady, all-day energy boost, it is also effective in keeping cravings in check which is vital for your diet plan to work.

Given its price per serving, this coffee creamer seems to have a surprisingly lower amount of fat which might be a significant shortcoming for those on diet plans. But blending in a little oil or butter into it should provide the fat you need.


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Nestle Coffee Mate Coffee Creamer Rich And Great Tasting Creamer

  • Type: Non-dairy

With a few spoons of this top-rated coffee creamer by Nestle, your daily cup of coffee will always be richer and creamier to give you that perfect start to a day.

Like with many of their other creamers, Nestle uses an all-natural formulation that makes it safer and ideal for use even for individuals with health issues.

What many coffee lovers will like most about this creamer is that besides being completely gluten-free, it also does not have any lactose and cholesterol.

And to ensure that you get great value for your cash, each container contains enough coffee creamer for at least 35 servings. There is also no after taste, the creamer mixes into the coffee well and will also not leave any stains on the cup.

While this cream seems to take a few extra spoons to bring out the flavor, this should not be a deal breaker given that there is a lot of it in the container and the fact that it is all natural means it will not have any adverse effect when you take lots of it.


Positive Effects On Your Body

Which Coffee Creamer Froths Best! NEW Coffeemate & Fairlife Creamer Froth Test
  • According to the Harvard School of public health, consuming coffee one to three cups reduces the chances of various diseases like cancer, diabetes and heart diseases
  • The consumption of coffee boost metabolism and stimulate the nervous system of our body
  • It is the richest source of antioxidants, which are effective to fight radicals against cancer
  • Coffee improves your mood and boost your energy level instantly.1 to 4 cup of Coffee can help you focus on work, reduce depression
  • 2 or 4 daily intake can accelerate your fat burning process, So somehow coffee help you to loose weight fast
  • Studies have shown that Caffeine lower the risk of Alzheimer and Parkinson’s disease as caffeine increase our brain’s activity.

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Whats Better About Half And Half

Versatility is half and halfs big advantage. Unlike coffee creamer, it can be used in a much greater range of products. When you buy half and half, you can use it not only in your coffee but in the meals and desserts that you prepare.

Half and half can be used in nearly any dish that needs to be made a little lighter and creamier.

Are Coffee Creamers Bad For You

Some non-dairy coffee creamers contain hydrogenated oil also known as trans fat. Consuming too much trans fat increases the risk of raising LDL and reducing HDL . The AHA recommends a daily intake of 2g of trans fat per day. As a reference some coffee creamers contain half of this in one serving! Non-dairy coffee creamers can also be high in sugar and calories whereas black coffee has almost no calories. So overall, the best option is always to drink your coffee black, but if you like myself love a creamy additive, coffee creamers can be a good option. Just make sure you check the nutritional information and opt for one that is low in fat and sugar. There are plenty of low-fat and sugar-free options.

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How To Make Different Flavors Of Coffee Creamer

In this post, I share a base homemade coffee creamer and 5 other variations for homemade coffee creamers. If you wanted to make your own homemade coffee creamer with your fave flavors, you could replace the vanilla extract with any of the following for more flavor options:

  • Hazelnut extract
  • Coconut extract
  • Almond extract

I think you get the idea add any flavor you like or even combine flavors, like almond and chocolate or chocolate and peppermint. You can also not add any extract for a plain flavor, if youd prefer. Check out below for some great options to get you started!

International Delight Pumpkin Pie Spice Creamer $267

19 Best Coffee Creamer Holder Metal in 2020

Shockingly , International Delights take on falls signature flavor was the runaway winner.

Ive always thought of Coffee-Mate as the end-all-be-all of coffee creamers and International Delight as a subpar alternative. In fact, heading into this tasting, I truly believed Coffee-Mate had it in the bag.

Boy, was I wrong.

We tried two Coffee-Mate pumpkin spice creamers , and everyone found them both cloyingly sweet with an artificial aftertaste.

International Delight, on the other hand, was spicy, authentic-tasting, and pretty much the ideal pumpkin spice experience in every way.

Hats of to you, ID.

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Coffee Mate Hazelnut Liquid Coffee Creamer

Coffee Mate is a well-loved option for most people looking for creamer. Hazelnut is a classic flavor that can compliment nutty coffees really well. This 16 oz. hazelnut option is non-dairy, gluten-free, lactose free, and cholesterol free, but keep in mind that it does have 5 grams of added sugar. There are 32 servings per container with 35 calories per one tablespoon, but take that with a grain of salt because Ive never met anyone who only uses one tablespoon. Note for the environmentally conscious coffee drinkers: the container is recyclable but only if you remove the label.

Nutpods Almond And Coconut Creamer

If youre willing to sacrifice some taste for a creamer containing zero carbs, NutPods is a good option. Dont get us wrong, this product has a nutty coconut flavor, but its not as tasty as Super Creamer. Its major ingredients are water, almond milk and coconut cream the latter helps with consistency, but it isnt as good for keto dieters as MCT coconut oil and it contributes lots of calories to the mix, nearly 76 calories per tablespoon.

No carbs is a tempting quality for a keto creamer, however, and NutPods is definitely worth a long look. There are a number of interesting flavor options, including coconut macaroon, cinnamon swirl and cotton candy.

Honorable Mention: Omega French Vanilla Powercreamer

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Vital Proteins Collagen Creamers

Vital Proteins makes coffee creamers that provide collagen protein. These coconut milk-based creamers contain 5 grams of protein and less than 1 gram of total sugar per scoop and come in mocha, coconut, and vanilla flavors .

Keep in mind that these products contain 70 calories per scoop, so its best to stick to a single scoop.

Califia Farms Vanilla Almond Milk Coffee Cream Powder With Coconut Cream 32 Oz

Which Whole 30 & Vegan Coffee Creamer is the Best? [taste test with dairy free creamers 2020]

This best coffee cream powder blends of taste Vanilla Almond milk and coconut. If you like this flavor, this is ideal for you. This delicious cream powder is less sugar and calories. For this reason, it wont make you gain weight. Additionally, this coffee creamer is soy, gluten, dairy, and carrageenan free. It is safe to drink and keep you healthy because it is GMO-free in almonds and coconut. Something else, this creamer powder can keep or not in the refrigerator. Lastly, it is a natural flavor and boosts your energy. Let enjoy it and have a full day active performance.

Extra features:

  • Self-stable stand for easy arrangement
  • A smooth and rich taste
  • 100% of plants based and dairy-free

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Popular Coffee Creamer Brands Ranked Worst To Best

Everyone likes to start off the day with a hot cup of Joe. But if you’re tired of brewing your coffee at home, you may be tempted to go out to your favorite coffee shop to pick up some of the good stuff. You can do that from time to time, of course, but after a while, the cost really starts to add up. If you want to save money and still drink the best coffee ever, you might want to try a coffee creamer.

That all sounds pretty straightforward until you get to the grocery store and you find yourself presented with almost limitless options. What exactly should you choose? With so many different coffee creamers on the shelves, it can be difficult to make the best decision.

No worries we’re here to guide you through some of the most popular coffee creamer brands on the market. It’s not all-inclusive, but we do feature popular coffee creamer brands that you’re likely to find at your local grocery store. We put the worst ones first so you know which ones to avoid. But keep reading until the bottom of the list if you want to get the scoop on our favorite coffee creamers on the market. These products will ensure that you’ll never pay for an overpriced coffee when you could just as easily make it at home instead.

Can I Create A Milk Froth With Such A Creamer

This depends on which creamer you buy. Thicker consistencies are a must to create a rich, foamy froth, so trying to do this with a thin-textured creamer wont work as well for your lattes or cappuccinos. Options like the nutpods Oat Coffee Creamer are perfect for this since they have a thicker consistency and a creamy texture, holding the foam better than some other options.

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Which Coffee Creamer Is Healthiest

Suppose you are looking for the healthiest creamer. In that case, you have to ensure that it does not contain trans fat, too much sugar, high cholesterol content, artificial sweeteners or chemicals, additives, and fillers like carrageenan. If you are lactose-intolerant or have a sensitive stomach, make sure the creamer does not contain any milk products to avoid any repercussions. Better yet, consider a plant based product as an alternative. Consider the products included in our list if you are looking for a healthy alternative, as most of them are plant based and do not contain dairy, trans fat, gluten, cholesterol, and no added sugar.

Whats In Coffee Creamer

Sweet Flavored Coffee Creamers Taste Test

Here are the ingredients in what was my favorite brand :

  • Water
  • Partially Hydrogenated Soybean and/or Cottonseed Oil
  • Sodium Caseinate
  • Phosphate
  • Natural and Artificial Flavors
  • Carrageenan

Overall, not a very pretty picture. First off, there are waaaaay too many ingredients here for a very simple mixture . Second, there is partially hydrogenated oil which is very bad for you, along with a slew of very processed ingredients.

Now, here are the ingredients for my healthy homemade creamer recipe:

  • Almond milk
  • Raisins
  • Arrowroot starch
  • Pure vanilla extract

All whole ingredients, all waaaaay better for you. All just as tasty as the fake stuff youve been used to.

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Malk Organics Unsweetened Almond Malk

The thickest consistency of the bunch, resembling a heavy cream rather than half and half. Malk has only 5 ingredients, making it super clean and healthy! The almond flavor might be overpowering to those who like less flavor in their creamer. Add the Maple Pecan flavor to your coffee for an even sweeter taste.


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