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What Is The Best Travel Mug For Keeping Coffee Hot

Best Overall: Thermos Stainless King Travel Tumbler

Best Travel Mug Keep Coffee Hot | Contigo Snapseal Byron Stainless Steel Travel Mug

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Thermos created a whole category of gear when the brand came on the scene in 1904, and it continues to be a top name in the industry. This 16-ounce travel tumbler tops our list thanks to a hard-to-beat combination of insulation and durability. Its vacuum insulation technology maximizes temperature retention, whether hot or cold. Reviewers said their drinks stayed at temperature for six to eight hours, and they praised the products overall durability. When youve found the perfect roast, you dont want to risk spilling a drop. The Drinklock sealing lid is leak proof when in the closed positionas long as you dont overfill the carafe. If youre not a coffee drinker, youll also appreciate the built-in tea hook, which holds both tea bags and loose-leaf tea infusers.

Who Is A Travel Mug For

Now, you dont necessarily need a coffee thermos if you love coffee, but its a handy thing to keep around, especially if you

  • Commute on a daily basis
  • Work outside your house
  • Take long train rides
  • Go on camping and hiking trips

There are many other creative and effective ways to keep coffee hot for longer, but the best way to enjoy hot beverages for a long time is to get an insulated coffee mug that will help you keep coffee piping hot for hours on end.

What To Look Forward To

Zojirushi has released a new mug, the Zojirushi SM-TA. Compared with our Zojirushi pick, the SM-TA has similar temperature retention and the same great locking lid but costs more and has a few different design features, such as a smaller lid with a rounder opening. Well be testing this new model and will report back on how it compares to our picks.

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Iron Flask’s Best Insulated Coffee Mugs

If youre looking for the best insulated coffee mug to take your caffeine habit to the next level, look for a top-rated travel mug for hot and cold drinks from the Iron Flask collection.

Mug That Keeps Coffee Hot: 24 Oz Grip Coffee Mug

There are many reasons the 24 oz Grip Coffee Mug is one of our bestsellers. The extra-large size holds three standard servings of coffee, making it a dependable caffeine delivery setup. The double-wall of vacuum insulation in the 24 oz size is the best mug to keep coffee hot because it maintains hot temperatures for up to four hours without any condensation on the exterior. Another useful feature is the side handle, giving you a classic coffee mug grip but with all the useful features of a reusable travel tumbler such as lightweight stainless steel, and a 100% leak proof, BPA-free tritan lid for easy sipping on your favorite coffee drinks. It also comes in a range of different colors and patterns, giving you lots of options for stylish and sustainable coffee on the go.

Most Versatile Travel Mug: 16 Oz Grip Coffee Mug

Cutest Travel Coffee Mug: 12 Oz Grip Coffee Mug

Armed with the best insulated coffee mug from Iron Flask, you are now ready to maximize your daily intake of caffeine the other Vitamin C.

Fellow Stagg Double Wall Carafe For Coffee

The Best Travel Coffee Mugs of 2020 Reviewed

Heres a secret: If you keep your coffee in a well-insulated coffee carafe, then every pour that follows will be kept hot!

Think about it. If you are planning to drink more than 8-12oz of coffee in a day, and your goal is to keep coffee hot all day, its better to keep the bulk of the freshly brewed coffee together in a well-insulated carafe and pour as needed.

We have a coffee carafe from Saint Anthony Industries that we love, but unfortunately is discontinued. Thanks to the addition of a silicone lid to further aid insulation, this option from Fellow Stagg actually feels like an upgrade as a way to keep coffee hot all day. We still love and recommend the double-walled coffee snifters from Saint Anthonys as the vessel of choice when pursuing this method of keeping coffee hotter, longer.

Smaller pours + hotter coffee diminishes the likelihood of your coffee cooling too quickly. Hot mug win!

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Why Should You Own A Travel Mug

  • Healthier than plastic, paper, or Styrofoam cups. Insulated mugs are made with materials that are safe
  • Economical these mugs enable you to make coffee at home and bring it with you wherever you go. You dont have to spend money on hot coffee in local coffee shops make it in your office, dorm, or house and pack it into the mug before heading out the door
  • Practical: bring a travel mug every time you leave the house and enjoy coffee on the road any time you want
  • Spill and leak proof to keep enjoying hot coffee everywhere you want
  • Eco-friendly unlike the Styrofoam to-go cups or endless piles of plastic/paper cups from the local coffee shop, travel cup is reusable and can help you reduce those 50 billion paper cups that we throw away every year!

Why Trust The Spruce Eats

This piece was written by Derek Rose, the coffee and tea expert for The Spruce Eats. He researches a variety of coffee products, from measuring scoops to commercial espresso machines, and interviews field experts for their insight. Of the items on this list, he has used the Copco Insulated Travel Mug a solid budget option for the coffee drinker on the go.

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Coffee Shop Discounts Available With Your Reusable Cup

Switching to a reusable cup doesnt only benefit the environment it can save you money too.

Many high street coffee shops offer money off or reward stamps if you bring in a reusable cup, which can add up to big savings over time. The most generous discounts could save you more than £100 a year if you’re a regular coffee drinker.

Below, you can see the discounts offered by popular coffee shops and the potential saving you could make over a year:

47 free drinks

*Based on five visits a week. Accurate as of October 2019.

Want to save even more on your coffee habit? Consider buying a coffee machine and making your own brew at home.

To find out how to choose the right model for you, see our full coffee machine buying guide.

Kinto Day Off Tumbler

Best Insulated Travel Mug – Really keeps your coffee HOT!!!!

and$38 at Anthropologie

The Kinto travel tumbler impressed us with its chic design and heat-retaining abilities. This is another winner from a Japanese company with an appreciation for simple, beautiful designs. It has a rounded handle on top of the lid, which was comfortable to hold, and especially nice when commuting sans bag. But, it was also leak-proof when we tossed it in a tote.

The cap is smartly constructed: The handle on the top can be removed, revealing a thin circular opening that ensures controlled sipping. Nothing pours out at an extreme rate . You can also remove the entire top of the mug, which makes it easy to pour from, and makes the travel mug easy to clean. The Polypropylene-coated stainless steel vessels come in a variety of interesting hues, so carrying your hot coffee around is stylish in a sustainability-focused 2020 way. The Kinto mug is the priciest of the bunch, but worth it if you want to splurge on something beautiful.

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Best Everyday Mug: Crate & Barrel Hue Mug

From hot coffee to mug cakes and everything in between, these mugs look great and do it all. Theyre wide enough to house plenty of marshmallows on hot cocoa, lightweight, stackable, and the handle is the ideal size. The handcrafted and hand-glazed porcelain comes in 6 colors, so you can mix and match or grab a full set. And yea, theyre good to go in the dishwasher, microwave, and oven.

Crate & Barrel Hue Mug, $5 at

How To Shop For A Travel Mug

When shopping for a travel mug, there are a few important factors to keep in mind:

  • Is the mug insulated? Insulated travel mugs can keep your drinks hot or cold for much longer periods of time. Most of the top-rated options on the market have stainless steel or glass interiors. Some options are also double-walled , meaning there is an air pocket between the two layers of insulation to keep liquids hot and prevent the cup from overheating.
  • Does the mug have a spill-proof lid? Arguably one of the most important features of a travel mug is a leak-proof lid. When you buy a reusable cup, look out for ones with vacuum-sealed lids and screw-on caps.
  • How big is the mug? When shopping for a travel mug, its important to consider how much coffee the mug can hold. If you intend on using your mug in your car, you should also consider the shape and size of the reusable cup, and whether it will be able to fit inside a cup holder.
  • Is the mug dishwasher safe? As Consumer Reports noted, some travel mugs are made with many small, intricate parts that can be difficult to clean around. If you know that you arent going to want to deal with hand-washing your cup, you may want to invest in one that is dishwasher safe. Also, many insulated travel mugs are made with several silicone gaskets, which can be difficult to clean especially if they arent removable.

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Ello Jane Ceramic Travel Mug

If youre looking for a ceramic travel mug to take with you on the go, Ello Jane has got you covered. Its made with clean and safe materials. The mug and its 18 oz are fit for any coffee lover. The great part about it is that ceramic is easy to wash and effective. And it also comes with a handle! This is one of the few options on the list that have a handle. The mug isnt completely leak-safe, but its sturdy, big, and stylish!



  • The mug isnt leakproof

Ello Jane is more of a desk mug than an actual travel mug, but it has a rubber bottom and lid that comes off and its easy to wash. The cup wont keep coffee hot as long as other insulated mugs on the list, but its made of ceramic, and thats a unique exception on the list.

What Coffee Mug Keeps Coffee The Hottest

The Best Travel Mugs to Keep Your Coffee Hot 2021 Reviews

How long an insulated coffee mug retains hot temperature depends on some factors. The temperature in the surroundings could affect the efficiency of a mugs insulation.

If the weathers too cold, an insulated mug may not hold hot temperatures well. Keep in mind that insulated coffee mugs are not built to be as efficient as thermoses.

Additionally, these insulated coffee mugs were tested at room temperature.

Another factor that affects how an insulated coffee mug retains hot temperatures is how often you take a sip. As you take a drink, youd be opening the lid, and hot temperature escapes through the opening, lessening the efficiency of the vacuum insulation.

So, what coffee mug keeps the hottest? Based on our review, wed give the most efficient heat insulation to Contigo for the 20 oz capacity, and Thermos King for the 16 oz capacity mugs.

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Tips On Finding The Best Travel Coffee Mug For You

Need coffee on the go? Sipping on your favorite caffeinated beverage is one of the great joys in life, so make the most of your morning cup on your commute to work and afternoon coffee break with the best travel coffee mug from Iron Flask.

  • What is the material? The best material for a mug that keeps coffee hot is 18/8 stainless steel. Not only is it indestructible, but its also non-toxic and has no flavor transfer, so your drinks will always taste exactly as they should. Thats why its the healthier and more sustainable option compared to commonly used disposable cups made with plastic-lined cardboard. While single-use cups are a convenient option for coffee on the go, your java or other hot beverage will have a hint of cardboard flavor.
  • Is it insulated? Along with the pollution factor, another problem with disposable cups is that they dont have the insulation needed to stay hot long enough for you to enjoy it at just the right temperature. The best travel mug to keep coffee hot is one with a double wall and vacuum insulation, a top feature of Iron Flasks hot drink tumbler collection. Not only will your drink stay hot for up to four hours, but the stainless steel insulation will also keep the exterior from sweating, giving you a secure grip and no splashes in your cup holder.

Iron Flask Grip Travel Coffee Mug

  • IRON °FLASK Grip Travel Coffee Mug is made of stainless steel with a powder-coated exterior finish that has an element of timeless design. Our logo is now laser engraved to assure the best quality. The IRON Flask coffee mug comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, if you are not completely satisfied we will issue you a full refund or exchange!
  • Iron flask is the perfect gift for any coffee or tea-lover that wants to take their drink with them wherever they go. The double-wall insulation keeps liquids cold for up to 18 hours and hot for up to 4 hours .
  • The flip lid makes it leakproof, so theres no reason not to carry the mug in your bag. It also comes equipped with a stainless steel interior which is 100% BPA-free and non-toxic, so you can enjoy drinking out of your Iron Flask knowing you wont be ingesting any chemicals.

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Contigo Autoseal West Loop An Example Of The Best Thermo

Contigo brand is gradually taking leading positions in the production of quality insulated products next to other famous brands. Thanks to their exclusive patented Autoseal technology their coffee mugs, and this one, in particular, are incredibly popular nowadays.

According to Contigo brand, there is a huge difference between leaks and spills. So the manufacturer decided to create a coffee mug that will prevent you from experiencing both of these troubles. It is achieved by a sealed lid that constitutes one connected piece. It features a lock, an autoseal button that seals the opening after you have made a sip. And is reliably twisted inside the coffee mug to make it leakproof. Moreover, it is safe for a dishwasher.

Best Coffee Mugs To Keep Coffee Hot

These travel mugs keep your coffee hot for hours

Disclaimer: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

Those people who spend hours searching for the perfect coffee beans often neglect the choice of the cup. It is an important choice since coffee is not enjoyed in the same way with any implement. Some options are made of stainless steel or ceramic.

With which, below we bring you the 6 most suitable options to enjoy your coffee in a better way. Therefore, you will be able to analyze the best coffee mugs to keep coffee hot that are available on the market today.

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Simple Modern Summit Vacuum Insulated Water Bottle

Our next Best Coffee Thermos recommendation is a real beauty coming in quite literally all the colors of the rainbow along with some beautiful designs too. We fail to see how there cant be a Summit coffee thermos to suit even the most discerning and stylish among you! They do actually have a design called Rainbow and a very chic design with anchors on it which is nautical but nice! If you prefer something more subtle though, they also come in a host of more contemporary and classic color choices like Midnight Black and Graphite Grey.

Vacuum insulated as you would of course expect, these Simple Modern Summit bottles are also double walled so they will keep drinks hot and cold according to your preference for longer. They all feature a matte powder coated 18/8 stainless steel exterior with durable premium gauge 18/8 stainless steel interior. The surface of the coffee thermos is also additionally coated with a thin layer of copper which delivers even greater insulating properties.

Test : Cold Retention

Taylor Murray

For this test, I filled each mug with 36°F water and noted the temperature with a calibrated instant-read thermometer. I continued checking every 30 minutes until the liquid reached 60°F.

Any mug whose contents quickly increased in temperature were disqualified. If the mugs manufacturers made specific claims for a length of time the mug could keep a drink cold, I tested that, too. Some mugs had separate claims for keeping the liquid cold versus keeping any ice in the mug from melting within a certain time frame. Either way, I checked to see if the ice remained ice or if the cold water remained cold for the full duration of the claim.

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Contigo Autoseal West Loop Travel Mug

This Target find is a bestseller, and with good reason. It’s got vacuum insulation to keep hot drinks hot up to five hours and cold drinks cold for up to 12 hours. The auto-seal button lock ensures the drink won’t spill or leak on bumpy car rides. It’s also a bargain at under $20, and comes in an array of colors, including silver, black, teal, and purple.

Stanley Classic One Hand Mug

The Best Travel Mugs to Keep Your Coffee Hot 2020 Reviews

Vacuum insulated coffee tumblers work exceptionally well at keeping drinks hot or cold, and this is the case for the Stanley Classic.

It has vacuum insulation as well as a thermal lid to keep your coffee hot for a maximum of five hours, which is perfect when you need to take your brew to go.

This thermos for coffee has a stainless steel interior and can be popped into the dishwasher for convenient cleaning, and the lid is dishwasher safe as well. Its design guards against leaks and is made to be portable and durable.

Thanks to its slim design, you can put this insulated coffee mug into your bike cage or set it inside your cars cup holder without any problems.

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