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Where To Buy Yeti Coffee Mugs

What Happened To Yeti Travel Mug

Yeti Rambler 14oz Coffee Mug Review and Making a Good Cup of Instant Coffee

Yeti has issued a voluntary recall for more than 240,000 of its Rambler® 20 oz Travel Mugs with Stronghold Lids sold nationwide during the month of October 2020. The company says the lids magnet slider can eject from the lid and hot contents can spill out of the mug, posing injury and burns to the consumer.

Why Are Yeti Tumblers So Expensive

YETI, as claimed by the company, is an over-engineered product, and as rated by the thousands of users, YETI has been proven to be of high-quality. If one has to analyze, YETI is not expensive when you think of the quality, durability, and features.

A product that provides value for money is not considered expensive anymore.

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Yeti Rambler 10 Oz Tumbler

The Yeti 10 oz tumbler is hands down the best Yeti cup for small coffees. As a small coffee drinker I have tried all versions of the smaller Yeti cups and this one is in a league of its own.

It’s vacuum insulated so it keeps your coffee hot for hours but the design in thinner than any other Yeti cup on the market, meaning it is easy to hold in your hand but more importantly it fits in any cup holder easily.

Even the small cup holders in my cooler that fail to fit most cups and mugs fit this Yeti.

It’s dishwasher safe, comes with the MagSlider lid which allows me to carry my coffee without worrying about it spilling and comes in lots of different colors. I chose the Navy Blue as I liked the masculine design but I also love the black, the white and the sea foam green.

The only downside to this cup is that the small opening at the top makes good latte art difficult and like all Yeti tumblers it’s not completely leak proof.

But otherwise this, in my humble opinion, is THE BEST Yeti cup for coffee.

Yeti 16 Oz Stackable Pint

YETI Rambler Mug Review: Durable Build, Mediocre Insulation

The Yeti 16 oz Stackable Pint is the perfect size for a Grande 16 oz coffee and I like that they are stackable so if you’re camping or traveling they take up less space.

It’s important to note that these stackable cups DO NOT come with any lids. No standard lid, no MagSlider lid, nothing. So this means they aren’t splash proof at all unless you’re going to spend the extra money to buy a lid .

Actually, it’s around $10 cheaper than the Yeti 20 oz tumbler which comes with a lid. MagSlider lids are only $10 so the combination puts it at the same price as the 20 oz tumbler.

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Best Coffee Mugs To Keep Coffee Hot To Buy In 2021

WhatsAppWe may earn commissions on purchases made through qualifying links, at no extra charge to you. For more information, check out our Disclaimer.

Hot coffee in the morning is a ritual for many now. And there are many good coffee machines available that brew and keep the beverage hot until youre ready to have the sip. But it is infeasible to carry coffee makers everywhere with you. And there come coffee mugs in the picture. There are some best travel mugs to keep coffee hot for hours after brewing.

A travel mug or say coffee mug is specially designed to keep beverages hot. They are quite different from your regular thermos. These insulated coffee mugs are battery-operated. And battery helps to keep the temperature of the beverage inside piping hot so you can enjoy a hot coffee on the way or in the office.

If you find a battery heated coffee mug too bulky to carry then not worry. There are many units in the review list below that do not require any external heating sources to keep your coffee hot for hours. These are either ceramic or stainless steel mugs that are ideal for keep coffee, water, and soups hot.


Check Price

These inexpensive products can prove to be a lifesaver in a time of need. And our aim is to guide you to find the best coffee mug that not only helps to keep the content inside hot for long but is also durable. After going through several products, weve picked the 7 best coffee travel mugs for the best taste anytime, anywhere.

Yeti Mug In A Burning Truck

In another surprising story, a truck caught fire when the driver was having some cold milkshake with ice cubes. The truck was burnt badly when the fire came down and all settled down Yeti Mug was brought and it was surprising that the mugs had still few ice cubes left.

These stories really seem inspiring and it motivated me to figure out that,

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Yeti Rambler 14 Oz Mug With Lid Vacuum Insulated

Do not let a fun outdoor adventure stop you from having your favorite coffee with the Yeti Rambler cup. This stainless steel vacuum insulated travel cup is a perfect adventure partner. Credit goes to Yetis 18/8 stainless steel construction that is hard to puncture. So hang it on your bag while trekking, hiking, or biking, without worrying about dents or dings on the surface.

Instead of a single wall, Yeti Rambler travel mug with a lid offers double-wall insulation. This helps to keep a cold drink cold and hot drinks hot for hours. Though it claims to retain the brewing temp for hours, we find the product does not actually maintain the same temp for more than 2-1/2 hours. After 4 hours, you can experience a sharp decline in the temperature.

But on the positive side, Yeti Rambler offers a BPA-free travel coffee mug. No parts that come in contact with the beverage contain BPA which makes it safe to store soup, milk, etc. And being a dishwasher-safe coffee mug, you do not have to worry about cleaning it after use. Simply pop it in the dishwasher and let the machine clean off all the smells and stains from the cup.

What Color Is Yeti Coming Out With Next

Best Stainless Coffee Mug – Review Yeti LowBall 10oz cup

If youre a fan of Yeti for their cult-favorite travel coffee mugs, unbeatable coolers, or even their everyday water bottles, its always exciting when they bring new categories or colors into the world, and their latest collection three new colors, which include prickly pear pink, granite grey, and aquifer blue is Mar 15, 2021

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Which Travel Coffee Mug Is The Right One For You

Even though we’ve narrowed down the field, you still may have a challenging time choosing a mug. Here are a few questions to ask yourself as you weigh your options:

  • What sort of heat retention do you need? You might be someone who drinks your coffee first thing in the morning, and heat retention isn’t as important to you. On the other hand, you may travel in the cold weather or drink your coffee later in the day, and then you might want a mug that has excellent heat retention.

  • Where will you be bringing your coffee mug? Some people have their coffee mugs sitting safely in a cup holder or on their desk, while others like to throw it in their backpack to drink later. If you’re going to be bringing your mug on the go, you’ll want one that’s leak-proof.

  • Are you okay with handwashing your mug? Several mugs on our list aren’t dishwasher-safe, meaning you’ll be handwashing them after each use. If you can’t stand the idea of handwashing your coffee mug, be sure to choose one that can go in the dishwasher.

  • How important is design? Some people are only concerned with function, while others want something that’s also nice to look at. There’s no right answer, but knowing which is important to you can help you narrow down your choices even more.

What To Look At While Buying Your Coffee Mug


Good insulation is the main point of buying a coffee mug. And mostly, all travel coffee mugs offer double-wall insulation that helps to keep the beverage hot for hours. If youre looking for a product for home or office use then go for the new electric coffee mugs with coaster heating plate that. These units plug into a regular socket and help to maintain the beverage temperature till the battery lasts or for the whole day as long as the unit is plugged in.


A travel mug is usually 12 or 14 oz and is ideal to store 2-3 cups of coffee. This means you can sip on the hot beverage on the way to work or while out camping. Then there are small coffee mugs that hold 1-2 cups and are ideal for home and office use. These are best to keep a check on caffeine intake.

Spill-Proof Lid

The lid is an important part of any travel mug as it helps to maintain the temperature for a long as well as keeps dust, debris, and insects out. A good lid is one that is spillproof and offers a small slide design that lets you sip the drink instantly.


We all love a product that pays off the price. So settle for quality instead of looks because the better the quality, long the item will last. And stainless steel travel mugs are by far the most durable products as compared to ceramic and glass. A thick, double-wall steel construction will not dent easily as well as is easy to maintain.

Ease of Cleaning

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Do You Need A Mug Tumbler Or A Bottle

Whether youre looking for a mug, tumbler, or a bottle, YETI has something to offer. But do you need a mug, tumbler, or a bottle?

A YETI Rambler mug comes in 10 oz and 14 oz. Typically, a mug has a handle for more comfortable handling while sipping hot or cold coffee.

You may also alternatively use the lowball YETI Rambler as a mug.


A YETI Rambler tumbler doesnt have a handle, but it has a contoured design for easy handling. It comes in larger capacities of 20 oz or 30 oz.


A YETI bottle is ideal for travel as it doesnt leak. However, YETI bottles are not recommended for hot beverages as the chug cap allows liquid to flow freely and may cause burns to your lips or mouth.

To Our Valued Customers

Yeti Coffee Mug

We regret that due to technical challenges caused by new regulations in Europe, we can for the time being no longer accept orders from the European Union. If you reside in the UK you can continue to order from our UK websites or shop from our locations and partners. Visit West Elm at and Pottery Barn Kids at

Matters of consumer privacy and rights are paramount to our brands and we will continue to work diligently to make our products available to you. The pace of global regulations is hard to predict, but we have the ultimate goal of being able to offer our products everywhere.

We share your disappointment and greatly appreciate your understanding. Thank you for your patronage.

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Best For Replacing Paper Cups

Anyone looking for a glass travel coffee mug will love the aesthetic of the KeepCup Reusable Coffee Cup. It’s made of toughened glass and has a natural cork band. However, this mug won’t keep your drink hot as long as many of the other products on this list. After all, it’s designed to replace disposable cups you’d find at coffee shops . KeepCup is an environmentally-friendly mug, and the company donates revenue each year to help the environment.

This mug has over 2,000 reviews on Amazon, earning it a rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars. Customers like its beautiful design and the fact that it’s the same size as coffee shop paper cups.


  • A portion of proceeds go to environmental causes

  • Excellent disposable cup replacement

Your Coffee Size Will Have A Huge Impact On The Best Yeti For Your Coffee

Most people have a preferred coffee size that they tend to stick to. Maybe that’s a small, maybe that’s a large. You might deviate from that from time to time but most of us are creatures of habit.

Melbourne, and Australia in general, is considered one of the coffee Meccas of the world. Specialty coffee shops and roasteries can be found on almost every corner and there is a huge coffee culture here.

Here a standard or small cup of coffee is 8 oz and a large is 12 oz. You can get a piccolo latte which is 4 oz and some coffee shops have a 6 oz small. But you’ll rarely if ever see anything about 12 oz.

My personal coffee of choice is a small double shot almond latte, which is 8 oz and given Yeti don’t sell 8 oz cups I’m stuck choosing between either a 10 oz or 12 oz cup/bottle. There aren’t any options for a 4 oz piccolo or espresso sadly.

But in the US sizes vary from 8oz all the way up to 16, 24 and even 31 oz!

I say all this to saywhile I recommend the best Yeti cups for coffee below in my order of preference ultimately you’ll need to decide for yourself based on what size coffee you tended to drink.

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Rambler 26 Oz Stackable Cup

The 26 oz stackable cup is the 2nd largest cup that Yeti sells. Like the 16 oz stackable cup mentioned above this cup is stackable but doesn’t come with a lid.

You can however buy a MagSlider lid for it and it still works out to the same price as the 30 oz tumbler. So if you perfect this shape then that can be a good option

Yeti 20 Oz Travel Mug With Stronghold Lid Leak Proof

Review: Yeti 14 Oz Coffee (Rambler) Mug. A Great Work From Home Option?

I wish they had more sizes of these Yeti Travel Mugs as I would personally rate them as the #1 best Yeti cup for coffee in every single size. But at the moment they only come in a 20 oz size.

What makes them so good you ask?

Well the biggest thing that makes them the best Yeti for coffee is that they are completely leak proof.

The lid screws on which means it won’t fall off and the slider has a rubber gasket making the lid completely leak proof when it’s closed.

It also screws on so the sipping hole can be on either side, allowing the handle to work for both left and right handed drinkers.

Currently it’s the only leak proof Yeti cup but hopefully Yeti will release more sizes in the future.

This cup feels like it has everything. It’s got the best leak proof lid Yeti offers, it’s got a handle, it’s tapered at the bottom so it fits into most car cup holders, the handle is high enough that it won’t stop it fitting into most car cup holders.

It’s completely dishwasher proof, comes in lots of different colors and overall is just a great travel mug for coffee. It’s more expensive than the other 20 oz options but only by about $5 and, in my opinion, it’s worth the extra cost.

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How The Yeti Rambler Fared In Cr’s Tests

Temperature PerformancePerhaps the boldest claim Yeti makes for the Rambler is that it has vacuum insulation, to protect your hot or cold beverages at all costs. When CRs test engineer Bernie Deitrick filled the Rambler with water heated to the temperature of freshly brewed coffee, he found that the Rambler kept liquids hot for 4½ hours.

That might be plenty for most users, and enough to earn a rating of Very Good in our test, but it was far from the best, Deitrick says. We found eight other mugs that performed better than the Rambler, including a Zojirushi which kept water hot for 13½ hours, which is about three times as long as the Yeti. Almost 14 hours is probably overkill for most coffee drinkers, and frankly, the 4½ hours youll get from the Rambler might be, too, but its also clear that the Rambler is far from the front of the pack.

Leaking and SpillingThe Rambler isnt a leakproof mug, but to be fair, it isnt designed to be. The perimeter of the Ramblers lid is wrapped with a rubber gasket, and the lid sits snugly atop a lip inside the mug. That precision fit keeps coffee from splashing, say, if you go over a speed bump while driving, and it slows any leaks if the mug is knocked onto its side, giving you the chance to turn the mug right side up before your coffee leaks all over the floor. Its simple magnetic opening mechanism allows you to sip easily, then close the latch.


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