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Why Are Coffee Enemas Good

Why Use Filtered / Purified Water To Do A Coffee Enema

Coffee enemas : why ? what benefits ? risks ? dosage ?

One very simple reason.

If you are doing a coffee enema for detoxification and healing, you are working to REMOVE toxins from your body, not ADD new ones.

A simple Google search will show you what harmful toxins are in tap water, like lead, mercury, pharmaceuticals, fluoride, and chlorine just to name a few.

Did you know that finished water can contain up to 59 different pesticides? Groundwater can contain up to 51 different pesticides and even bottled water can contain up to 11 different pesticides.

That’s just pesticides and not lead, chlorine or pharmaceuticals.

You do not;want to use or introduce toxic and contaminated tap water for this detoxification procedure.

If you are going to take the extra step to make sure you use the very best organic, non-toxic coffee available, please take one more important step to make sure you use the cleanest and purest water available.

Tap water is not that.

A Berkey Water Purification System is an excellent choice for using the cleanest and purest water possible.;

It’s the only water I use in my home – for cooking, drinking, and coffee enemas.

Remember, one of the main purposes of performing a coffee enema is to REMOVE;toxins from your body, not ADD new ones.

Safe + Clean Filtered Water That Removes 200+ Unsafe Contaminants

How To Complete A Coffee Enema

Your first coffee enema might seem like a daunting task. But once youve done this process a few times, it will be much easier.

The first thing you will have to do is gather the equipment and supplies. This includes:

  • The coffee – choose organic, light roasted or air roasted whole coffee beans
  • Organic blackstrap molasses, optional
  • Pure Water – distilled or filtered to remove chlorine, fluoride and other chemicals
  • Coffee enema bucket or kit
  • Coconut oil or some other lubricant for the end of the enema hose
  • Soft towels for the bathroom floor
  • Paper towels

The best time of day for this is in the morning after you have already had a bowel movement. Coffee is known to stimulate the brain, so doing this too late in the day could hinder your sleep patterns.;

For your first one, choose a day that you are not rushed and can take your time with this process.

Watch as Dr. Jay talks about ways to enhance your coffee enema. Written instructions follow the video.

Evaluation Of The Risk Of Biases

For studies that investigate the effectiveness of coffee enema, the researchers adopted the Cochrane risk of bias tool for randomized controlled trials and the risk of bias assessment tool for nonrandomized studies . For case reports, critical appraisal checklist for case reports developed by Moola et al was used. If a case report satisfied 5 appraisal items out of 8, the case report was regarded to have an acceptable quality and thus, included in this systematic review. Two independent reviewers performed the risk of bias and a consensus was reached with another reviewer in cases of inconsistency.

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Coffee Enemas & Periodic Cleansing

Our astronomical seasons determined by the Earths tilt as it orbits our sun, with the March equinox long celebrated as a time of rebirth.; These seasons revolve around equinoxes in the Spring and Autumn and solstices during Summer and Winter, with our Spring Equinox marking the first day of Spring. This year, it falls on Friday, March 20.

Physically;it can be a good time to clear out the cupboards, clearing and cleaning inside cupboards, throwing out old clothes and rubbish and recycling as much as you can.


Coffee Enemas: Can They Fight Cancer & Help Detoxify

Why I do Coffee Enemas

By Jillian Levy, CHHC

You might consider yourself a true coffee lover, one who knows all the latest research about;coffee nutrition facts;and benefits, but would you be willing to try an unconventional way of using coffee to improve your health?

While;drinking;coffee has its well-documented benefits, thats not the only way to reap the rewards of this antioxidant-packed beverage. It might sound strange to inject the caffeinated liquid directly into your body via your colon, but research shows that coffee enemas are an effective way to to clean out the lower intestines and improve your health.

Coffee enemas are known to;help flush out bacteria, heavy metals, fungus and yeast from the digestive tract, including the liver and colon, while also lowering inflammation therefore helping people restore bowel function, increase their energy levels and heal from disorders that have caused them trouble for years.

Before you start thinking that this sounds completely crazy, consider the fact that various types of natural detoxification treatments, including enemas, have been used for thousands of years to help restore digestive function and general health. Some were even mentioned in ancient historical scripts like The Dead Sea Scrolls that described how Jesus used ordinary ingredients and materials, like food and water, to help heal illnesses.

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How Do Coffee Enemas Work Does It Really Work

According to the Gerson Institute, coffee enemas are a vital part of the detoxification process. They then go on to say, the purpose of the enemas is to remove toxins accumulated in the liver and to remove free radicals from the bloodstream. Through the hemorrhoidal vein and portal system, caffeine is delivered to the liver. By doing this, it is believed bile ducts are opened and toxin containing bile is able to be released from the liver. In addition, it is thought that the cafestol palmitate in coffee increases an enzyme named glutathione S-transferase activity, which stimulates bile excretion. GSH is also a major detoxification enzyme, having antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and natural blood cleansing effects. Coffee also helps to relax smooth muscles and open up blood vessels, therefore helping to produce bowel movements.

When ingested, orally or directly through the colon, coffee behaves as a cathartic, causing the colon muscles to contract. These contractions help move stool along, making it easier to go to the restroom, and easing constipation. As you likely know, regular bowel movements are important for removing waste and toxins from the body.

Different Types Of Retention Enema

Basic water enema:

Some people prefer to do a ater cleanse enema before a another retention enema, as it helps to have a clear colon when holding onto the enema liquid.; Otherwise, some people can find it too uncomfortable, and cannot hold the retention enema for long enough.

Use filtered water only. Fill your Enema kit with two pints of filtered water.; Arrange the base of the container at least 1 metre above where you are lying down, creating a decent gravity feed.; Massage the abdomen as the water flows in, to help to move fluid over to the ascending colon .

Triple Water Enema:

Our lymph is thicker between the Autumn Equinox and the Spring Equinox, increasing congestion during the winter months.; During this time when the lymph thickens, the triple water enema hydrates the body via the colons and will get your lymph system moving.; I recommend using three single pints of filtered water at the following times: Night, the following morning, and then the night again. This will help to thin the lymph throughout the process.

First, hold the first pint, massaging the abdomen and then release. And then the second pint, massaging the abdomen and then release.; Repeat for the last pint eliminating.; Hold onto the third enema for longer.; This practice is especially good for decongesting sinuses.

Retention Enemas or Implants after an enema:

All retention enemas are held in the lower bowel for 12 minutes minimum and up to 20 minutes.

Chamomile:;This herb is a liver sedative.

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Coffee Enemas For Cancer

Coffee enemas were originally prescribed for cancer treatment by Dr. Max Gerson in the 1920s as part of the Gerson Therapy Cancer diet. Since then, Coffee enemas have been widely used in different alternative cancer protocols. As toxins and free radicals are removed from the organs during the coffee enema, this in turn helps the body to heal itself naturally.Dr. Patrick Vickers, from the Northern Baja Gerson Therapy Center, explains below:

What Does Colon Cleansing Feel Like

Why Do Coffee Enemas? What They Do and Review of the Research

Most people report little or no discomfort with a colonic, but you’ll likely experience varying feelings of movement and fullness during the session. You may notice your abdomen becoming distended as the fluid is pumped in, and you might feel like you need to use the bathroom.

During an enema, you may also feel fullness, but probably less so than with a colonic because less liquid is used. You may feel a need to use the bathroom while you hold it in.

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Do Coffee Enemas Deplete Minerals

Remember, coffee enema benefits primarily aid in the purging of toxins. Getting these toxins out helps take the burden off your liver. Its important to keep in mind that other substances get purged as well. Minerals can be removed along with the toxins. Doing three or four coffee enemas a week shouldnt be a problem.

Because they are typically energizing, some people choose to do them multiple times a day. This is too often. Your body will only release so many toxins at once. Remember that this is a journey. Give your body time to benefit from your coffee enema protocol.

Coffee Enemas Can Help Detoxify And Protect The Liver

The liver is the lifeline of the detoxification system. Supporting liver function can change the course of your health journey. Coffee contains some unique constituents that can be helpful to the liver. Two of the main constituents are:

  • Kahweol palmitate
  • Cafestol palmitate

They can increase the level of glutathione in the intestines and the liver. Glutathione is a vital detoxification antioxidant. It helps to prevent damage from reactive oxygen species and heavy metals. It breaks apart chemical carcinogens so our body can remove them. Kahweol palmitate seems to increase glutathione more than cafestol palmitate. But both raised it. The less roasted the coffee beans, the higher the amount of these two powerful ingredients. These constituents may also help to suppress cancer growth.

Coffee is also a significant source of antioxidants. Again, the lighter the roast, the more the antioxidants. It can lower inflammation in the liver and help the liver cell regenerate.

Coffee also contains caffeine. This may help to prevent chronic diseases like type II diabetes and liver problems. Coffee can inhibit fibrosis of liver tissue. It also helps to dilate blood vessels. This increases the coffee enema benefits dramatically.;

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Preparing The Coffee Enema

Secondly, while your enema coffee is simmering, you can start getting your area ready for the coffee enema.

  • Set up a space to do your enema. You’ll need to pick a place where the enema bag can be hung overhead, like near a door. There are various places you can do this, but the most practical is on your bathroom floor, to make clean up easy if you happen to have an “accident”.; Try to make it as cozy and relaxing as possible by laying one or two large old towels on the floor that you wouldn’t mind getting stained if the enema coffee spills on it. You can even get a small pillow or roll up a towel to use as a pillow to support your head so you’ll be comfortable.;;
  • You will also want to have a small glass jar of organic coconut oil handy to use when you start the enema.
  • Make sure you have a timer, watch or phone with a stopwatch so you can make sure you leave the enema coffee in for at least 15 minutes. You can also get anything else you might want to make the time relaxing like a book, music, etc.
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    Why Would I Personally Do An Enema

    I have a really good digestive system from fasting and colon cleansing and using these types of tools for so many years, so when I do give myself one, there are generally two main reasons:

  • If I was constipated or starting to feel sick; or
  • Im fasting and want to support my bodys detoxification process.
  • Otherwise, I dont do them every day, and unless youre replenishing your colon with good bacteria, I wouldnt recommend you to do one every day either.

    So, I hope thats helped you guys learn a little bit about enemas.

    Grab your very own;Enema Kit;and clean your clacker. You might just be surprised what youve been holding onto!

    Sometimes its easier to live a balanced, healthy, creative and fulfilling life when you get to do it with a group of amazing people on a similar journey. Thats why we created the;Tyler Tolman Free Community.

    This is an amazing community with live discussions with Tyler and the team of experts as well as online coaching, case studies and podcasts.

    Thanks for reading!

    What Can You Look Forward To With A Coffee Enema

    Improved energy, clarity of mind, a spring in your step and the knowledge that, in conjunction with a good eating plan, you are tackling chronic infections such as parasites, candida and strep. ;This has been the experience of myself and all of the people on the Kultured Wellness lifestyle. To maximise your detox you can take some charcoal at the same time to mop up any toxins left in the colon. Stick around and Ill talk about this next week.

    So time to dump the icky feelings about enemas and adopt what is both an ancient and cutting edge therapy for whole body and gut healing. Im so grateful for the benefits Ive gained from my enemas, Ive never looked back and Im sure you wont either.

    If you are looking for an enema kit, you can find some options in our store here.;

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    The Safety Of Home Enemas

    Hands down, enemas should be absolutely safe and an amazing process. Just use a bit of common sense. Be gentle when you insert the little nozzle, go for filtered water and make sure the water is not too hot to submerge your hand or elbow in.

    Enemas date all the way back to ancient Egypt, not to mention many different cultures. Hippocrates spent seven years in Egypt learning from the physicians, then brought these practices back to Greece, and they then slowly spread around the world.

    The ancient Egyptians also had very specific recipes using certain essential oils. Its going to take me way too long to explain what that is. But basically, its a four-day process of doing very specific things that cleans your colon more than anything Ive ever seen. It strips it of all kinds of plaque. People tend to see parasites coming out, deep levels of sandy-looking stuff and all kinds of things!

    Maybe if I get enough requests, Ill make a separate video just about the ancient Egyptian technique and what they used.

    At the end of the day, if you ever get to the point where its starting to hurt a little bit or youre not inserting it correctly, listen to your body. Its usually simple things where people run into problems. At any point where you feel like theres pain or something going on, you can just stop and wait a few days until you try it again.

    Plus something for the ladies

    The;Enema Kit;also comes with another attachment for a vaginal douche.

    Coffee Enema: What Youll Need

    Coffee enemas, How and Why?

    1. Get the right enema bag

    To begin with, youre going to need to pick up an enema kit. Remember, you arent douching here as an immediate prep for bottoming.

    Instead, cleansing your colon for the purposes of health and detoxification, which in turn leads to a better bottoming experience.

    Ive tried different types of products over the years and by far, the best one Ive used is the silicone coffee enema bag from Mikacare. I like this one because its easy to use and great if you are sensitive to things like latex. I bought mine on .

    2. Use specialized enema coffee

    If you think you can just pick up can of Folgers and use that, think again. Thats because many coffee products on the market are loaded with chemicals, preservatives and fillers that you absolutely dont want in your colon.

    Your best bet is to get something natural. I can personally share with you that one of the best products on the market is the coffee enema roast make by S.A. Wilson.

    It has a higher amount of caffeine than most brands and is specifically designed for the purpose of detoxification and colon cleansing. If you get this one, be sure to store it in the freezer.

    3. Get a nut-milk bag or coffee enema strainer

    Because you are using organic coffee, its going to need straining before using in enema form. There are two ways you can do this:

    1 Get a simple nut-milk bag. You can buy these at many specialty shops that specialize in coffee or tea. You can also get one online .

    4. Grab a Mason Jar

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    There are indeed many beneficial substances in coffee. Coffee decreases risk of several cancers, including cancer of the endometrium, colon, skin, prostate, and liver. A brand-new study shows that coffee drinkers have substantially lower blood markers of inflammation than non-coffee drinkers and that this may mediate the anti-cancer effects of coffee .

    Coffee does contain a high amount of antioxidants . Both kahweol and cafestol are potent enhancers of glutathione S-transferase, a major antioxidant enzyme . Average coffee consumption in humans increases the amount of glutathione S-transferase in the blood by 16% . Theres some other neat antioxidants in coffee too. Melanoidins, which are formed during the roasting process, are not only great antioxidants but even inhibit oxidation of lipids . We all know, Im a big fan of phenolic compounds; coffee contains chlorogenic acid and caffeic acid which are antioxidant phenols. Even caffeine and its metabolites are antioxidants and may protect DNA from damage.


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