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How To Decorate My Coffee Table

A Flower Or Plant Is Essential

Coffee Table Ideas For Small Spaces / How To Decorate My Coffee Table (For Summer)

A flower arrangement or plant is an essential ingredient when styling a coffee table. And you can go fake here if you need to . A plant or flower brings life and softness to the scene, and can break up the potential monotony of too many hard-items.

Heres my list of top fake plant suppliers if youre a black thumb like me.

Fresh Flowers Are Your Friend

This is the number one thing I heard from designers when it comes to coffee tables. According to Abbe Fenimore, an age-old styling trick is to add fresh flowers. They will instantly add life and soften up the area, she notes. Fresh flowers also appeal to all five senses and can be changed with the seasons. Peddicord suggests to create a foraged look for fall.

Photo by Cary Hazlegrove Design by Holly Lydick for H. H. Lydick Interiors.

Glass And Gold Tray Display On A Marble

Wood + marble + glass = gorgeous every time. We love how the gold dipped candle holders reflect light the same way the round vase filled with water does. Theres a really nice symmetry there. A bell jar is a classy way to show off a focal point, and everything is neat and structured in the simple wooden tray.

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Types Of Coffee Table Trays

  • Choose a neutral color tray to be able to switch out seasonally.
  • Rectangular trays are the most common and easy to find. You can place longer objects such as books on a rectangular tray.
  • Round coffee table trays or serving trays are harder to find. I know because Ive been on the hunt for a large one for months!

Think About The Table From All Angles

Decorate with Style: 16 Chic Coffee Table Decor Ideas ...

When thinking about how to style a coffee table its important you remember that this is a scene you view from all directions. So dont style with the front of your pieces all facing the same way. Of course, when it comes to books the spine is going to face a certain way by design, but other objects can be pointed in different directions.

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Natural Driftwood Votive Holder On An Upcycled Sea

These elements are whimsical and grounded all at once. The antique table is painted a cheery light shade of turquoise, but its weathered edges show its character. Driftwood is a gorgeous way to bring the outside in, and repurposing it as a votive holder is genius! This is a perfect light, natural arrangement for a coastal home.

Minute Decorating Ideas For Decorating Trays On Coffee Tables

  • Choose personal conversation pieces that tell a story about you.
  • Vary heights, colors and textures to create visual interest.
  • Start with your tallest object, such as a vase of flowers, garden clippings or a plant.
  • Add linear elements next, such as a book or a box. Those ugly remote controls are great to hide in boxes!
  • Layer some architectural pieces on top of your flat object for interest.
  • Odd numbers of objects appear organic and casual, while even numbers of objects can look staged.

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Use A Couple Of Books

Choose hardcover ones that are interesting and beautiful to you that youd enjoy picking up and flipping through regularly. Pick whatever interests you: particular artists, beloved travel destinations, signature fashion styles, a favorite period of history, whatever speaks to your heart.

The helpful thing about books is they can act as risers too, if you want to vary height of your decor items.

How To Style A Coffee Table: 18 Tips For All Table Shapes

How To Decorate Your Coffee Table In 4 Easy Steps | #AskKat | InStyle

Today Im sharing my 18 insider tips on how to style a coffee table. Its a topic design clients and blog readers are always asking for help with, so I figure now is as good a time as any to jump into this style challenge.

The thing to keep in mind with this topic is that different coffee table shapes will all be styled differently. They have to be because the table top will have different parameters you have to work within. So below I want to outline my general rules when it comes to coffee table styling, and then Ill get more specific around individual table shapes after that.

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Almost Huggable Moss Topiary Spheres With Bronze Art Pieces

Heres another iron and wood coffee table, but with a very different vibe. The vibrant green topiary spheres are a classic go-to color element. This table also shows off a unique horse sculpture as a book weight and an antiqued glass candleholder. The tiny glass box framed with dark metal is another interesting accent piece that draws in the eye.

Double Decker Display Of Geometric Art And Natural Accents

When your overall palette is neutral, you can use your coffee table as a frame to add in color. In this case, the table itself is consistent with the warm neutrals throughout the room. The woven basket keeps the various elements nicely clustered together. Everything adds up to the simple greenery really standing out.

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How To Style An Oval Coffee Table

  • Oval tables can go one of two ways mirroring a round table or going for a formal option
  • The round table philosophy includes showcasing three moments at different heights in the centre of the table
  • The formal way to do it is to have one major moment in the centre and then have two smaller moments of similar heights either side

I hope this post has you all clued up on how to style a coffee table. If you have any questions for me please dont hesitate to drop them below. I also have a members-only Facebook group you can join to get style advice from me and the TLC community. Post a pic and have us all weight in with some style advice. Its fun and friendly, and .

Happy coffee table styling at your place!

How To Style A Square Tray On A Coffee Table

37 Best Coffee Table Decorating Ideas and Designs for 2017

Likewise, here are demonstrations of how I styled a square tray on a coffee table, 2 different ways.

In this example I used a square black mirror tray:

Animated GIF of the steps:

In all of these examples you will see me using 4 to 5 objects but always with 3 heights.

Again, using the same tray, but with different objects:

Hopefully you can start to see the process with these GIFs!

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How To Style Your Coffee Table: Our Super Easy 3

Imagine its Halloween night. Youre sitting at home and all of a sudden you hear a ring of your doorbell and a knock on your door. Tiny voices are outside giggling the time is now. You get up, grab your bowl of candy, and head for the door. As it swings open you hear those little child voices scream TRICK OR TREAT and you know what they came here for. As you reach into the bowl they see something horrifying behind you: AN EMPTY COFFEE TABLE. They scream and run away with fright. Its the third time this has happened tonight. Im so glad you all came here today so you can prevent this from happening this weekend

Okay while that might have been a bit dramatic of a story trying to style your coffee table well might just actually be the most daunting and scariest thing youll do all weekand we get it. Its an awkwardly shaped surface that needs to be functional, not overstyled, but not understyled. So how can it be done? You guys. It can be easy as pie if you just follow our simple shake and bake recipe. We have used this super-secret Krabby Patty formula for years and were gonna show u how to do it well every single time no matter the coffee table shape or size you heard me size does not matter here today! Lets begin.

Modular Coffee Table Pair With Extra Storage Space

Modular coffee tables are wonderful because theyre so versatile. They can turn into side tables in a snap, so your decor should look good whether the tables are together or apart. This kitschy, eclectic collection is perfect for a few bright books, unique ceramics, and a muted neon tray holding the white ceramic candlesticks and vase. Plus flowers, obvi!

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The Interesting Large Decor Item

This could be a vase, fun stone, a live-edge wood statue or a fun, vintage corbel. Add something to your grouping that is the star of the show and a conversation starter. Another option might be putting a smaller item on a stack of books to give it some height!

I would be willing to spend a little bit more on this item since its the coffee table centerpiece.

Coffee Table Decor Idea #5 Decorative Boxes


Decorative boxes are the best! There are so many beautiful options and theyre great for stashing things that you dont want cluttering up your table. on our family room coffee table holds extra TV remotes, our lighting remote, and my photo flash drives I need every now and then while laptopping on the sectional:

And the smaller marble box on our living room ottoman tray holds a set of coasters:

These are some other beautiful decorative boxes that would work well on a coffee table :

Once youve got these essentials in place, then its time to have some fun and add a few quirky things you love! For me, thats often brass animals like this pair of brass cranes :

but for you it might be something related to your favorite hobby or a piece that simply has some history and special meaning. Put it all together and youll have a coffee table thats the star of your space!

TV console | Chandelier | Rattan chair | White tasseled corner pillow cover | Textured gray pillow cover | Antelope pillow cover | Faux fiddle leaf fig tree | Rug | Pair of floor poufs | Acrylic coffee table |

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Coffee Table Decor Idea #1 Large Coffee Table Trays

I always use a large tray on my coffee tables. Always. I love that they keep everything neatly corralled and if you want to clear off your coffee table to use it for playing a game or setting out a spread of food, you can take everything off with the simple lift of a tray. Trays are also a great way to add some contrasting texture or color to keep things interesting.

For our family room coffee table, I went with a large 28 square wood tray that takes up a large chunk of the coffee table but still leaves room for my husband to throw up his feet on it :

White tasseled corner pillow cover | Textured gray pillow cover | Antelope pillow cover | Faux fiddle leaf fig tree | Rug | Pair of floor poufs | Acrylic coffee table | Black and white striped box | Brass cranes | White coral

I had the hardest time finding a large handled square tray that I liked but ended up finding the perfect one on Etsy. The shop I bought mine from no longer exists but you can find an almost identical tray at . They offer them in a wide variety of colors in a velvet matte or gloss luster finish. A tray this large is expensive but Ill have mine for YEARS. I love that if I change up my color scheme in the future, I can simply repaint it rather than having to buy a new tray.

On our living room ottoman/coffee table, I mostly use light woven trays to add some brightness and texture. I recently bought which is a nice size and a great price for a tray this large:

Elegant Solid Wood Topped Table With Turned Wood Candlesticks

Sometimes you just know that a bunch of stuff is going to wind up on top of your coffee table, so simple elegance is the way to go! This pretty wooden table has three large carved candlesticks holding pillar candles. Follow the rule of 3 for simple groupings like these candles and youll never go wrong.

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Use The Rule Of Threes

Abbe Fenimore likes to style coffee tables using the rule of threes. This entails arranging items in odd numbers for a visually interesting aesthetic. This is perfect for adding interest to a large square coffee table, plus it leaves a little space to kick your feet up. Dont feel like you need to fill up every inch of the coffee table, either.

Photo by Emily Hart Design by Abbe Fenimore for Studio Ten 25.

Light Up Coffee Table

37 Best Coffee Table Decorating Ideas and Designs for 2021

Add a bit of ambiance to a coffee table by using candles in a vignette. How pretty!

Im using three-wick candles I got on sale at Pier 1. Its Citrus Cilantro! See it HERE.

But dont be afraid to use a tall candleholder topped off with a chunky candle if you need a little height in your decor.

As you are creating a fabulously decorated coffee table you might want to keep these things in mind too

  • vary height
  • keep a tight color palette
  • edit, edit, edit- dont overcrowd a vignette

These 5 coffee table accessories will help you seamlessly create coffee table decor like a pro

  • 1 basket

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Coffee Table Decor Idea #4 Book Toppers

Along with some stacked coffee table books, I always add a book topper or two. These can be just about anything from the large gold wishbone I used on my fabric covered book above to a decorative magnifying glass like one of or a small piece of coral like ):

Wood bead garlands or sea glass bead necklaces like are other favorite toppers:

Here are a few other ideas for fun book toppers :

Use Objects Of Different Heights

There should be a number of objects at different heights on your coffee table. You want the eye to go on a visual journey up and down the ornaments on the table to create a sense of interest. Dont have them so high that you cant see over them when seated on your sofa, but do explore different levels.

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Single Low Bowl With Flowers

This post is going to be a lot like this is your life coffee table.

Youll see the same coffee table styled different ways. When I looked back I couldnt believe how many coffee tables Ive styled and this coffee table is so simple and yet its one of my favorites.

You just take a low bowl, crisscross the top with scotch tape and fill it with water and flowers.

Coffee Table Book Design Ideas

How To Decorate a Coffee Table Like an Interior Designer

With a nod to a long-standing tradition, a few books on your coffee table can really invite relaxation in your living roombefore they know it, screens are turned off and members of your family are engrossed in learning about the fjords of Iceland or the history of fashion throughout the years!

This coffee table displays a tall vase, slightly shorter bust, a pair of smaller pieces, one thin and one thick book, and a photo frame to draw the eye to the book stackgenius! The variety of book thickness can really make for a more interesting arrangement.

Modern and simple, the transparent decorative items sit at one side of this glass table, while the fanned-out books lie on the other side. If you notice, the books are on the end where its more natural to lounge with a good read, versus the accent chairs that are more geared towards visiting with guests.

Different moods call for different coffee table books and décor ideas. A guest waiting for afternoon coffee to be brought out might be more naturally inclined to flip through an image-heavy, small book, whereas a lazy Saturday afternoon calls for learning something new and immersing oneself in a good book. If your table has enough room, go ahead and place two book stacks!

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