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How To Make Cold Brew Mocha Coffee

A Healthy Version Of Starbucks Salted Caramel Mocha

Cold Brew Coffee | Iced Mocha Recipe

Starbucks is a small obsession of mine. Maybe not such a small obsession. Everyone knows its my weakness.

And coffee swoon.

I love my iced coffees, and Ive been known to spend quite a lot of money at Starbucks. After I started making coffee concentrates, like this Salted Caramel Mocha, my trips to Starbucks became less frequent because making treats like this at home costs pennies compared to dollars.

I often make this with Cold Brew, but if I dont want to wait a day for that to be ready, instant coffee works also.

Cold Brew is amazing because:

  • It stays fresh in the refrigerator for a week.
  • Cold brew is extra smooth and rich.

Instant Coffee is also awesome because:

  • Its so easy to have on hand, and stays fresh tasting about 3 days.
  • Instant has a lot less caffeine than cold brew or drip coffee.

How To Make Mocha Iced Coffee

If you visit any coffee shop, youre more than likely to find Mocha iced coffee on the menu. Loved by many coffee drinkers, this delicious style of beverage consists of coffee, foamy milk, and other ingredients.

There are many reasons why people love Mocha Iced Coffee. Apart from having an interesting flavor, the beverage is easy to make at home.

Do you want to know everything about Mocha? Well, this post will teach you about the drink and how to make mocha iced coffee.

Ingredients Used To Make A Cold Brew Iced Mocha

This recipe is all about the chocolate. The cool thing about it is that its a cold recipe, which means you can make it at night and have it ready to go when you wake up in the morning.

Its effortless to make, and the best part is, you can double or triple the recipe depending on how many people youre making it for. To make the recipe, youll need the following ingredients:

This recipe uses quite a few components, but itll be worth your time, as this drink is perfect in every way.

For this recipe, Ive used whole milk to give off the fullest flavor, and I like how it compensates for the sweetness of the chocolate sauce. But, of course, you can use any dairy or dairy-free alternative if you want to.

I recommend having enough ice cubes ready to go in the freezer to make your coffee very icy. If you dont want to risk diluting your coffee while using ice cubes, I recommend using coffee ice cubes instead.

These ice cubes are made using brewed coffee that has been cooled completely before being poured into an ice cube tray or ice cube bag. You can check out my full guide to coffee ice cubes here.

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How To Make Cold Coffee For Iced Mocha

Most iced mocha recipes cannot be made without adding cold coffee. Although you can use regular coffee, it would help if you knew how to make a cold brew for the Mocha. There are two ways to make this important ingredient.

  • You can place hot coffee in a large cup and store it in the fridge for 15 minutes.
  • You can also prepare a coffee brew and allow ice to melt in it. Besides, you can freeze the liquid into ice cubes and save them for future cups of coffee.
  • How To Make An Iced Mocha At Home

    Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate

    1. First, youll whisk together sugar, cocoa powder, and a little milk on the stove over medium heat until the sugar dissolves and you get a smooth chocolate syrup.

    2. Then you just mix a bit more milk and cold coffee into the syrup, stir, and pour over ice.

    3. Top with whipped cream if desired, and if youd like to garnish your mocha with fudge sauce as I did in the photos, this is the fudge sauce recipe I used.

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    Do I Have To Make My Own Mocha Syrup

    You dont have toalthough we recommend it since its just so simple to do and it can save you some serious cash!

    But if you want to use store-bought chocolate syrup for your mocha, you absolutely can. Just make sure you grab a Fairtrade certified productchocolate producers face similar challenges to coffee producers, and you can vote with your dollars to support people and the planet! Wildly Organic makes a great vegan chocolate syrup that is Fairtrade Certified.

    Whats The Best Way To Chill Coffee Without Watering It Down

    The very best way to chill your coffee is time and a fridge, but you can also hack it by thinking ahead and making coffee ice cubes from your last batch of brew. Just pour the coffee into an ice cube tray, and then pop in the freezer. Keep the cubes on hand for when you need to cool down freshly brewed coffee in a jiffy!

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    Easy Iced Mocha Recipe

    Just so you know, if you click on a product on and decide to buy it, we may earn a small commission.

    If youre tired of spending too much on your weeklyerrr daily coffee splurge then this recipe is for you! Its literally as easy as 1 2 3. Three simple ingredients and a few good shakes and youll have yourself a delicious and much less expensive mocha!

    It is also a perfect treat to entertain your friends with! You can always make your pot of coffee the night before and then put it in the fridge so your coffee is cool and ready for an iced morning treat!

    What Coffee Is Used In An Iced Mocha


    An iced mocha is best made with freshly brewed coffee that has been cooled completely. You can make this recipe with any cooled coffee you prefer, like, pour over coffee or even the more robust French press coffee.

    I like to use pour over coffee for this recipe as it has just the right amount of robust flavor and is also very balanced. It combines great with the sweetness of the chocolate and the added whipped cream.

    If you want to learn more about brewing coffee at home, I suggest checking out my beginners guide to brewing coffee. Ill talk about everything you need to know and give you many tips and tricks!

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    How To Make Cold Brew Coffee

    Grind the coffee coarsely, which you can do yourself at home if you have a coffee grinder or in store where you buy the beans. Combine ground coffee with water in a mason jar or French press, and let it steep overnight, or for at least 12 hours. During this time, the coffee slowly infuses into the water, creating a strong, concentrated brew. Strain the coffee the next morning using strainer, cheesecloth or coffee filter, and youre ready to go.

    For this Cold Brewed Iced mocha Latte recipe youll need:

    Although cold brewed coffee is naturally sweeter than regular black coffee if you feel like your coffee after brewing isn’t sweet enough you can add some extra sugar. I suggest you use pure maple syrup or honey. Any other sweetener will just ruin the amazing coffee taste.

    Making The Iced Vanilla Latte

    Vanilla lattes are so easy to make and you dont need to splurge on an expensive vanilla bean to get good flavour with this syrup. Like the rest of the syrups here, the formula is pretty straightforward. Make a plain simple syrup by mixing boiling water and sugar together, then add in your flavouring of choice.

    For this vanilla latte, I used plain old artificial vanilla extract but you could use the more expensive pure extract or opt for the vanilla bean if you can find them. But really, the vanilla latte is the easiest of all to make. Like the machiatto, start with an empty cup full of ice. Brew two espresso shots and pour them over the ice, then stir in 1 cup of milk and add vanilla syrup to your taste. Yum!

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    Making The Iced Mocha

    This chocolate iced mocha is made very similarly to the vanilla latte, and you probably already have the main ingredient at home: cocoa powder! Make the simple syrup from the Vanilla recipe above, mix in a tablespoon of cocoa, and youre good to go. Start with an empty cup full of ice, pour your espresso shots overtop, mix in some milk and some chocolate syrup. Super easy!

    If you really want to take this iced mocha over the top, you could also use chocolate milk, or even add in a little mint extract to make it an iced peppermint mocha. Amazing combo right?! There are so many ways to get creative with iced coffee!

    Will you be trying any of these iced coffee recipes? Which flavour syrup is your favourite?

    For Cold Brew Youll Need A Coarse Grind Which Allows For A Slow Transfer Of Extraction And Avoids The Cold Brew Becoming Bitter

    Cold Brew Mocha Frappe

    Grinding too fine will over extract leading to a harsh and bitter result. Too large of a grind and the brew is underdeveloped and weak.

    • The OXO Conical Burr Grinder makes this part of the equation so easy, and fast. It basically has the brain of a barista so you dont have to think, integrated into one machine. First youll twist the dial to the grind size you need it it does everything from espresso fine to very coarse. Then, with a built in scale, all you need to do is simply know how much coffee you want to grind, set the dial to that number, and grind. The machine will automatically stop when that amount of coffee is in the canister.

    3. Brewing System: The one negative to making cold brew is that it can get kind of messy, having to find a contraption large enough soak the grounds in, draining it, and then cleaning it out. The other important piece is gently saturating the grounds, rather than pouring all the water on them at once.

    • OXO makes this Cold Brew Coffee Maker that I found incredibly efficient and well designed. Similar to the burr grinder, it makes the process effortless. Just add grounds and water to the top, then steep overnight. The result? Coffee concentrate at the flip of a switch. The Rainmaker evenly distributes water over the grounds. It strains into the sleek glass carafe which has measurement markings for portioning, and can be easily stored in your fridge. Plus, the filter is stainless steel so can be used over and over again!

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    How Does Cold Brew Coffee Taste Like

    Standard coffee brewing tends to make coffee taste more bitter, because of the intense and rapid extraction of flavor from the beans by the hot water. Cold brew, on the other hand, takes around 18-24 hours. This slow infusion process pulls all the great coffee flavor from the beans and makes coffee taste less acidity, which is why cold brew coffee is naturally sweeter. Perfect for making iced coffee.

    How To Make Mocha Iced Coffee Concentrate

    I like to make a large batch of this coffee concentrate to have in the refrigerator for a week. When I am ready, all I need to do is add some almond milk or coconut milk and Ive got a frosty, lightly sweet, rich and chocolatey coffee.

    Easier than running to the coffee shop, I swear.

    Starbucks Salted Caramel Mocha has nothing on this.

    To make this beverage a healthy indulgence, I make it with:

    • sea salt .

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    How To Make An Iced Mocha

    If you want to create a delicious iced mocha frappuccino, youre going to need some special equipment. Lets go over the equipment that youll need to make your own iced mocha. To begin, youll need some milk. Were going to keep the milk simple and buy it pre-made, but you could also easily make your own. Get the lowest fat milk you can find , and pour it into a container. At this point, youll want to freeze it overnight to maximize the shake-ability of the drink. Youre going to need a blender to make the shake. You can get a blender at a local store, or you can find one on Amazon

    Coffee is a beverage that is consumed throughout the world. So, what is the best way to drink it? Of course, turning it into iced coffee is the way to go. Unlike dirty water, there are no side effects and no after-taste. But how do you make iced coffee? It may sound easy, but there are some tips and tricks that you should keep in mind.

    Hey there ! Today I will be writing about how to make an iced mocha with cream. Iced mochas are a common drink at bars and coffee shops around the world. Usually they contain coffee with mocha cream and ice. But then again, they come in all sorts of flavors. Today I will be talking about making iced mocha with cream using an iced coffee maker.

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    »Do you like coffee? This Blended Iced Coffee Frappe, Dalgona Coffee Cocktail, or Iced Pumpkin Spice Latte may appeal to you.

    Tips For Perfect Iced Coffee

    How to Make Chocolate Iced Coffee – Healthy Mocha Sugar Free Keto Cold Brew Recipe
    • Use High-Quality Coffee: I recommend using a strong, high-quality coffee for your mocha to give it the best flavor.
    • Freeze Coffee Ahead of Time: If you dont want your ice cubes to melt and water down your mocha, freeze some coffee in an ice tray ahead of time and use those instead!
    • Adjust to Taste: You know your taste buds best, so adjust this recipe accordingly. And if you want to add even more deliciousness to this drink, top it with whipped cream and extra chocolate sauce.

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    Iced Mexican Coffee + Mochas

    This iced Mexican mocha recipe is actually one from years ago here on LM. The recipe is so easy and so tasty that it needed an update and a reboot! While it isnt authentic, its my easy way to enjoy some of that delicious combination of chocolate and spices.

    I dreamed up this iced Mexican coffee inspired drink for Día de Muertos back in 2015 . I was working with Zulka sugar and had a few week run of sugar-inspired recipes.

    My husband had just started a job and I all too quickly inundated them with delicious, homemade goodies! I quickly had to settle back on my dessert making and stick with healthy veggie-focused salads so nobody revolted!

    Im a purist when it comes to my iced coffee and cold brew. There are so many products and recipes that have flavors added, but I always go for the classic, adding the sweetness and milk on my own. Rarely do I venture into the minty, salty, caramely varieties.

    This Iced Mexican Coffee is just the perfect spin on my classic drink, however, that I will make an exception at home!

    Most of the flavor comes from the spices, which the foodie in me loves. And I always have all of the ingredients on hand, so I can whip it up whenever I need to kick up the flavor of my coffee. Its also a great recipe for any Mexican holiday parties, including Cinco de Mayo and Día de los Muertos festivities.

    How To Make Iced Mocha Latte

    Cold brewed coffee, deep flavored chocolaty cacao powder, amazing maca, and creamy almond milk combined in this refreshing iced coffee drink is a true winner. It’s an iced coffee drink you’ll enjoy all the summertime.

    Brew your favorite coffee, pour it over the ice, and enjoy!

    If you’re fancy recipes using MACA, here are some you might like:

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    Mocha French Press Cold Brew Recipe

  • 1/2 cup of french press cold brew**
  • 1/2 cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk
  • 1/2 tsp homemade chocolate extract**
  • 1-2 tsp sweetener
  • Ice
  • Fill a glass with ice, then add 1/2 cup of cold brew. If you like it strong, add up to 3/4 cup cold brew.
  • Add 1/2 cup almond milk, or your favorite type of milk.
  • Add in the extract and sweetener, stir and enjoy!
  • ** The amount of cold brew is up to you. I like about half and half, but you can increase to 3/4 cup.
  • ** See post below for chocolate extract. You can also substitute chocolate syrup if you don’t have the extract. Increase to about 2 tsp for that.
  • Another at home method for cold brew is this one using jars and coffee filters .

    Try It With Cold Brew Coffee

    How To: Make Cold Brew + A Butter Mocha Recipe

    Its nice to treat yourself for once!

    You can utilize your favorite pre-made cold brew coffee or your own as well to make it even easier to prepare no coffee/espresso maker required!

    • 8 ounces chilled or cold brew coffee of choice
    • 1 tablespoon chocolate sauce
    • optional: sweetener of choice
    • glass or wide-mouth, lidded mason jar with straw
    • long spoon, for mixing

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    Cold Brew Iced Coffee Faqs

    How is cold brew different from iced coffee?

    The preparation time is longer and the taste is different. This java recipe tastes less bitter and less acidic than regular brew. Plus, it takes 12 hours of steeping before it is ready to drink. Meanwhile, iced coffee only takes minutes to prepare.

    Do you use cold brew for iced coffee?

    No. Iced coffee may use the same ingredients as cold brew coffee. However, the grounds are not brewed for 10-12 hours. It is the brewing that sets cold brew and iced coffee apart.

    Can you use brewed coffee for iced coffee?

    If you use brewed coffee for iced coffee, it now becomes a cold brew iced coffee. Brewed coffee is the type steeped for long hours, 10-15 hours. Iced coffee is made in a few minutes.

    How long will it stay good in the fridge?

    Your drink will keep in the fridge for up to 2 weeks.


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