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Where To Buy Kimbo Coffee

Taste The Difference Of Raw Whole Bean Coffee

De’Longhi Coffee Accessories – Kimbo Coffee Beans

Want to taste test before you buy gourmet coffee beans from Faema Canada? Our state-of-the-art coffee showrooms are located all around the Greater Toronto Area. Come in to see how all of our different machines work and taste test the various coffee blends. Its the most delicious way to buy high-end, authentic Italian and European coffee in North America.

Kimbo Premium Coffee: The Taste Of Naples In Your Home

For the best in Neapolitan coffee, Kimbo authentic Italian espresso brings the flavor of Naples to your home kitchen. A smooth and creamy roast, Kimbo is a premium coffee made with Arabica beans sourced from Central and South America. If you cant make the trip to Naples, include Kimbo espresso beans in your weekly coffee rotation and create your own Neapolitan café from the comfort of home.;

For Those Who Want The Best Coffee Beans

Without the best coffee beans, theres no way to get the best cup of coffee. From pods to raw coffee beans, decaf to robust caffeinated grinds, theres something for every type of coffee machine and every type of coffee drinker at

Buying the worlds best coffee and espresso beans online has never been easier or more affordable. Since 1962, we have been supplying people in Canada with direct access to Italian roasts that cant be bought anywhere else. Today, we continue the tradition and share our passion with customers around the world.

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What Types Of Italian Coffee Products Does Kimbo Coffee Sell

The premium coffee selections of Kimbo are designed to suit every taste. For a classic Italian espresso, the Caffe Kimbo Aroma Espresso White Can has a rich aroma and tantalizing flavor. Caffe Kimbo Espresso Napoletano Black Brick is another espresso variety that is smooth and creamy.;For those who love the taste of Kimbo espresso but dont want the stimulating effects of caffeine, there is also Caffe Kimbo Decaf Can blend. The brand’s;whole bean coffee is perfect for the;gourmets who prefer to grind their own coffee beans.Just as the Rubino brothers were ahead of the times in 1960, the family has kept up with modern trends and produces a wide range of Kimbo Italian espresso pods. Try Kimbo Napoli Espresso pods for that classic Neapolitan coffee flavor!

Kimbo Coffee & Restaurant

Caffe Kimbo Espresso Napoletano (Ground)

Ghrghar Groups association with the world-famous Kimbo Italian Coffee has been a game-changer for the coffee industry in the Middle East. The group has once again partnered with a legacy brand and introduced it to the Middle East region. An established brand since 1963, Kimbo has been a pioneer of Naplesian coffee, bringing the authentic flavors of the beverage to its sizeable clientele. Along with authentic Italian coffee, Kimbo today offers a vast menu of food offerings as well, thus growing into a fully-fledged cafe restaurant from a coffee shop.

Kimbo Coffee can be enjoyed in its outlets at Kite Beach and DIFC in Dubai, and different outlets in Egypt. Ghrghar Group also holds exclusive rights to market and sell Kimbos raw organic coffee beans in Egypt. For Kimbo, coffee is more than just a product or a beverage. Coffee is a culture as well as a responsibility, one that each member of Kimbo performs with every cup of coffee that gets produced. The association with the Ghrghar group allows Kimbo an in-road into the fast-developing Middle East region, one that the partnership is poised to leverage fully in the near future.;

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What Makes Kimbo Coffee Unique

50 years ago in Naples, a band of brothers started roasting espresso beans in their fathers bakery. Thanks to a passion for excellence and an intuitive, entrepreneurial spirit, the Rubino brothers were able to bring their Neapolitan coffee to cafes and homes throughout Italy and the world. Ahead of the production game, they were already using state-of-the-art packing techniques, including vacuum-packed cans, which made it possible to ship their Neapolitan coffee anywhere in the world. Their premium coffee and espresso varieties now line shelves in Italy and abroad, always maintaining the high quality standard and rich, Neapolitan flavor.

Where Can You Buy Kimbo Coffee

In the Espresso-International online store under the category Kimbo Coffee you will find the typical Neapolitan espresso from the company Café do Brasil S.p.A. In addition to the classic Southern Italian coffee varieties you will also find cups, glasses and accessories for your complete Kimbo coffee experience.

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Coffee In The Shade Of Vesuvius

Kimbo was born from the Rubio family’s vision, which, like other big roasters, started small. From the ’60s until today, for over 50 years, the company has managed to grow rapidly and compete against the giants of the domestic market, so much so that it has earned second place in consumer preferences.

The Rubino family’s ambition comes from the unique love nurtured by the Neapolitans for the Arabic drink: no one knows better than them how to turn coffee beans into black gold.

Kimbo has its own philosophy and prefers Arabica beans in its blends, which make for a more delicate and softer coffee, combined with precious varieties of Robusta. The beans are selected in the countries of origin and, after careful controls, are sent to the factory for samples, where experts and tasters verify their properties and taste.

A quality-conscious supply chain

Kimbo is certified as one of the companies that maintain high standards of control throughout the supply chain. All the way from selecting the best varieties of coffee beans, which is done locally by specialists sent to the plantations, to approving the final product after professional tasters give the green light to the batch.

The manufacturing process follows the dictates of traditional roasting, without renouncing modernity. Kimbo thinks big.

Looking to the Future

ESE Pods are available in various blends in the 44 mm format . They can be easily recycled because they are compostable, in line with the respect for the environment.

Kimbo Prestige Espresso Coffee Beans 250g

Kimbo Whole Bean Coffee Roasted in Naples

Kimbo Prestige espresso coffee beans are sourced from the best Arabica coffee beans region of Brazil, Colombia, Peru and carefully balance with a fine selection of Robusta beans in Asia to deliver a medium body and sweetness. Aromatic experience from the beans give off hints of caramel, freshly baked biscuits and dried fruits. To complete the sensory experience, the finish is pleasantly acidic with a long-lasting spicy aftertaste.

  • 65% Arabica, 35% Robusta coffee beans
  • Place of origin: Peru, Brazil, Colombia, India, Indochina
  • 250g pack

If you are looking for a storage solution, store your beans in De’Longhi Vacuum Sealed Coffee Beans Canister 1.5L to preserve the long-lasting aroma and flavours of your coffee beans.

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Kimbo Coffee Which Variety Is The Best

On you can discover the complete range of coffee from Kimbo Coffee. More than 15 different blends, as well as pods and capsules with different flavour profiles, are roasted especially for fully automatic coffee machines, portafilters, or moka pots. Everyone can find their own personal favourite Kimbo coffee because due to differences in the temperature and length of the roast, and of course the composition of the beans, there is a perfect blend for each of the various brewing methods and preferences: no matter whether espresso, cappuccino, lungo or latte macchiato. The Caffè Kimbo flavour profile is popular worldwide. Kimbo Coffee is one of the 3 largest roasting companies in Italy and yet the coffees from Naples are still an insider tip in Germany. Kimbo Extra Cream, an inexpensive all-rounder, is the top seller. Sweetish in taste and with a delicate fullness of aroma.

Who Sells Kimbo Coffee

There are a large number of online coffee merchants who have Kimbo’s coffee in their assortment. in particular has specialized in espresso varieties from Southern Italy and therefore carries the full range of Kimbo’s coffee. Special attention is paid to freshness. Do you need an offer or advice? We are gladly there for you! 040 822 4567 90.

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