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Dejong Duke Coffee Machines Repair

de Jong Duke Coffee Machine – Virtu 90 Series | Bean to Cup Coffee Brewer

At De Jong DUKE, quality is our trademark since we believe that it is the deciding factor when choosing equipment that serves our evolving customers needs. We have built our brand around the idea that reliability, top-notch performance, and intuitive design are the cornerstones to success. With a wealth of more than 100 years of experience, we continue to listen to our clients needs and develop modern equipment that meets their unique needs.

De Jong Duke coffee machines are designed to enable you to make a quality cup of coffee and minimize waste and operating costs. The interactive touch screen enables you to choose from various beverages, including premium coffee, fresh grounds, or tasty espresso, in no time.

Notably, these coffee brewers boast of innovative ConnectMe technology that provides detailed real-time information on the machines display. This technology enables full two-way communication with the machine allowing you to run an advertisement, launch a promotion, and so much more. Below are our latest De Jong DUKE coffee makers available on the market. This post will discuss some of the common problems with each product and how a licensed De Jong DUKE coffee maker repair specialist near you can help you with the repairs.

Connect Your Coffee Machine

Explore the possibilities of a connected coffee machine. With our ConnectMe solution, you can manage and monitor your coffee machine remotely from your desktop or tablet.It optimises your business processes and increases sales opportunities. ConnectMe enables a full two-way communication with our coffee machines. Turn your coffee machine into a communication platform.

Offering The Complete Line Of Commercial Machines

All Pro is proud to be a distributor of de Jong DUKE Virtu, commercial espresso and coffee machines, well known throughout the restaurant and foodservice business. We are an office coffee service that enjoys serving customers the finest quality coffees, teas and other refreshments. We are focused on making sure that you, the customer, are the priority and that your needs are taken care of quickly and courteously. We want to earn your loyalty and strive to make you proud to be our valued customer.

The Virtu offers a suitable solution for every demand. Fresh whole bean espresso or powdered beverages in a proven concept. Pleasant to use and easy to maintain, the Virtu is optimized for performance and has a low total cost of ownership.

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If You’re Looking To Fix Issues Popping Up With Your Virtu Or Nio You’ve Come To The Right Place

Is your De Jong Duke coffee machine acting up? Has the screen frozen? Is there an error message that just wont go away, preventing you from the elixir of life we all know and love???

Fear not. Through this guide, you will get some tips and tricks on getting your De Jong Duke back to life by checking out a few common issues that we run into:

  • Power issue – the machine appears to be off, or is turning off after selecting a drink.
  • Error message – an error message is appearing on-screen and preventing you from making a drink.
  • Water issue – not enough water error message is on-screen, or boiler temp low message is on-screen.
  • Checking the upper piston – making sure that all the pieces are there and the upper piston is working properly during a brew.
  • Frozen screen – while navigating the menu or selecting a drink, the screen is stuck.
  • Testing After Deep Clean

    ZIA Coffee Machine (for

    After your deep clean cycle is completed, ensure that the DJD is functional by testing a drink with the door open to see the functions of the machine.

  • Step 1: Place the green key into the lock. Exit the service menu and return to the main screen . You can get to the main menu by pressing the Quit button on the top left of the screen, and then pressing the Return to main menu option that pops up.
  • Step 2: Place a cup underneath the dispenser and select 1-2 different drinks to test .
  • Step 3: Observe the machine preparing drinks, making sure there is no liquid dripping inside throughout the process. After ensuring everything is functioning properly, dispose of the beverages, remove the green key, close the door, and lock the machine.
  • Step 4: The final part of the deep clean is wiping down the exterior of your DJD. This includes the top of the bean/powder canisters, wiping down the top of the Duke with the lid closed, and making sure the cup holders and splash wall is clean. Congratulations, youve finished a deep cleaning on your DJD!
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    Is Your Upper Piston Malfunctioning Pop The Hood And Lets Take A Look

    Brewer not in home position can pop up as an error message after a deep clean. This tends to happen when we dont properly reassemble the upper piston or the funnels attached to the grinders. Here are some steps to take when encountering this error message:

    • Check if the brewer is installed correctly. Remove and replace the brewer following the usual procedure.
    • Check if the upper piston is not firmly seated and locked into position, or otherwise has damage.
    • Check if the micro leveler is bent.
    • Check if the motor is broken.
    • Check if the brewer is blocked and cannot run.

    Insert The Deep Clean Tablet

  • Step 1: Place a cleaning tablet into the brewer , close the door, and put a large receptacle or cup underneath the coffee spout.
  • Step 2: Access the Service Screen and press Weekly Deep Clean then Press here to begin deep clean.
  • Step 3: The DJD will now go through its deep clean cycle which lasts 8 minutes. Once it has completed the cycle, make sure to dump the receptacle or cup and wipe out the grounds bin with a paper towel. Make sure to lock the door and youre done!
  • Warning: If you do not keep the DJD on a consistent deep clean schedule, the DJD will display Rinse Brewer with Tablet. After 48-hours displaying this message, the DJD will lock itself and prevent people from making coffee drinks.

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    Frozen In Time: A Story About Computersall Of Them

    Your screen has stopped responding to your touch! Dont fret. Were going to treat this like every other computer problem weve faced since dial-up was a thing. Just reset the machine.

    Go to the back of the De Jong Duke and turn the power off by flipping the power switch to the off position. Turn it back on, close the door, and your regular menu will load with all functions back to normal. If the problem persists please contact Crafty and we can schedule a service visit!

    Youre now your own personal barista. We are very impressed!

    Removing Bean Hoppers And Powder Canisters

    Nio | The versatile and award-winning coffee machine in the office

    Once a month, you should be more thoroughly cleaning out the DJD to make sure any spilled powders and or beans are being removed and everything is sparkly clean!

    • Step 1: Pull the green handle towards you until you hear a click.
    • Step 2: Do not skip this step otherwise beans might spill everywhere! Double check that the green handle is pulled all the way towards you by pulling it again.
    • Step 3: Lift the bean hopper upward, holding it by the base of the hopper and place it on a steady surface. Note: Remove the hoppers once a month to clean behind them, clearing all beans and powder that may have fallen. This is not only good practice, but helps our technician out if the DJD needs to be looked at or repaired.
    • Step 4: Once you are ready to put the bean hopper back, make sure to pay extra close attention to align the 4 spikes on the grinder house with the 4 holes on the bean canister itself. Warning: If you do not place the bean hopper back properly, the hopper will become jammed and difficult to remove.

    Warning: If a powder canister is not pushed back all the way, the motor will not dispense the powder OR if you forget to turn the funnels back to their original position the machine will pour hot water only.

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    Water Where Would Coffee Be Without It

    Nowhere, apparently. At least, thats how it goes if the De Jong Duke is showing Enough Water? or Filling Boiler error messages. This may occur after a rinse or deep clean is performed on the machine and will go away after time. If these messages do not go away after 15-20 minutes there may be an issue with the water pressure the De Jong Duke is using. Contact Crafty and we can guide you on the next steps!

    Once Per Week Give Your De Jong Duke Nio Or Virtu A Deep Clean

    Its that time of the week!

    Your De Jong Duke is starting to look a little worse for wear, and the main screen is showing a Rinse Brewer with Tablet error message. Its time for a deep clean!

    In this comprehensive guide, we will cover:

  • Supplies needed to service the DJD
  • Disassembly
  • Inserting the deep clean tablet
  • Reassembly
  • Test pouring after deep clean
  • Removing bean hoppers and powder canisters
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    Why Choose A De Jong Duke Coffee Machine

    NIO coffee machine (for De Jong Duke) on Behance ...

    The coffee machine has an important function in every working environment offer delicious coffee, every day, without any hassle.Our coffee machines are known for their reliability, ease of use and low total cost of ownership. We have been building trust among our customers all over the world since 1957 thanks to our high-quality products. Over the years, we have introduced various innovative coffee solutions, such as our patented CoEx® brewer, and have won awards for our designs. We are passionate about creating the most reliable coffee machines in the industry.

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