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How To Determine Coffee Table Size

How To Match A Coffee Table To Your Sectional

How To Choose the Right Coffee Table | Southern Living
  • Patricia Palermo

Theres a lot to love about sectional sofas. Theyre a great alternative to the more traditional sofa and loveseat combination while providing just as much, if not more, seating. Plus, theyre hands down super snuggly.

However, when a sectional is not paired with the right coffee table, the result can be off-putting and have a major effect on the overall look and feel of your room. Here are our best tips for matching a coffee table to your sectional.

To make your space feel balanced, choose a coffee table that feels proportionate to the size and scale of your sectional. Height, width and visual weight are all important factors to consider. Think about it: an oversized coffee table just feels right parked in front of a large, overstuffed sectional and its big enough to accommodate all who sit at your sectional. Conversely, a modern, clean-lined sectional pairs well with a slimmer coffee table, such as one with a metal base or an acrylic style.

We recommend leaving 14-18 inches of space between the edge of your sofa and the coffee table

For L-shaped sectionals, make sure your coffee table doesnt extend beyond the arm of your sofa on either end. If one of the sides juts out past the sofa, it can make the room feel imbalanced and block the flow of traffic. To that end, if youve got a loveseat-sofa combination, try a rectangular sized table, where the shallow width is proportionate to the loveseat side of your sectional.

Measure For Proper Coffee Table Length

Coffee tables should measure about two-thirds the length of the sofa. Following this tip will help keep your coffee table in proper proportion to your sofa, resulting in a comfortable feel. Again, like other coffee table rules, this one is flexible, depending on sizes of other furniture in the room and your preferences.

Diverse Brands & Styles In One Place

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Choose Your Materials Carefully

Lastly, before shopping for your perfect coffee table, pick a few materials that would work well with your lifestyle and your space. Don’t just default to woodthere are so many options out there. Now that glass is out of the question for families with small children, think of other options that could work well for your lifestyle. If you have a small space, a lucite coffee table could be a good option to not visually clutter the room. If you have hardwood floors in a mid-tone color, try staying away from woodand pick something complementary like marble or travertine. Think of whether you’d rather be able to move the piece easily or if you’d rather have it anchor the space permanently. These are all questions that can help you choose the perfect coffee table.

When To Use A 9×12 Rug In The Living Room

Standard Coffee Table Size In Inches / List Of Standard ...

A 9×12 rug works best in an open floor plan, or any room that is at least 3 feet larger than the rug in both length and width, like an 11×13, 12×18 or 15×20 living room space. This leaves a comfortable border around the rug. A 9×12 rug also works best under a sectional sofa.

A 9×12 rug should have enough surface area to have most of your main furniture sit on top of it for a more cohesive look.

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When To Get A Smaller Coffee Table

Ive talked a lot about coffee tables being too small, but when is it better to opt for a smaller table?

You definitely dont want the table to feel too big for the space. Remember the importance of scale?

Use your judgement when it comes to your space. If you have a smaller, more intimate space, a smaller coffee table will feel more appropriate. Likewise, if your furniture is small in scale, a smaller table will be a better option.

How To Choose The Right Rug Size For Your Living Room

Your living room rug can make or break the space The right rug size will help define the area and make your living room look and feel more refined and cohesive. It can also improve the acoustics of the space. On the flip side, a living room rug that is too small or ill-proportioned to the room can detract from everything else and make the space feel smaller or look imbalanced.

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What Size Coffee Table To Get For A Sectional

The size of the coffee table is a personal choice, and you are going to acquire it according to your needs and the space you have available. What most professionals use as a rule of thumb, is to let some distance between your coffee table and your sectional sofa for convenience and nice looks.

20 inches of space between the cushion of the sofa and table is enough to allow some breathing room for your furniture. It would be suggested that you measure the distance between the legs of the inner side of your sectional sofa, and find a coffee table that is slightly smaller than your measurement.

Always have in mind not to overstuff your room. If you have enough space, then a large sectional sofa could be a really nice match with a large rectangular coffee table. On the other hand, if you see that your sectional sofa is too large for the room, try acquiring a smaller coffee table for more freedom of space.

Lastly, sectional sofas offer you the option of separating their pieces and arranging them in various different ways. If the room allows you to, try placing the pieces of the sofa in different locations and positions, so that you can save up some space for the coffee table in the middle.

In case of a really small room, consider compact coffee table solutions such as the ioHOMES Smillie Modern Coffee Table. This type of coffee table fit really nice in corners, which helps you keep the middle of the room open for more convenience and less overstuffing.

Length Of The Coffee Table

How to Choose the Best Coffee Table

Choosing a coffee table with an ideal length is important too. Using one that is too long can obstruct or restrict movement inside the room. While a shorter one may be insufficient to support the objects that you need to place on it.

To get the ideal coffee table length for your home, pick one that is about 2/3 the length of your sofa.

For example, if the length of your sofa is 72 inches, then the ideal length for your coffee table is around 48 inches.

Using one that is close to the recommended length is preferable. It will allow people to reach things and walk around the room with ease and comfort.

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Drawing Inspiration From Your Home

  • 1Look at your existing table. If you have a coffee table you are replacing, take a glance at what it is currently housing. Is it used to store books? Is it used as a second dining table, perhaps? Is it a catch-all for junk? Whatever the case may be, identifying what you use your table for and how much traffic it receives on a daily basis will help you choose the correct one.XResearch source
  • Think about what things you like and dislike about your current coffee table and use them to help you choose a new one.
  • 2Identify areas in need of improvement. If you have an existing table, identify any of its problems, and write them down. This way, when you are searching for a replacement, youll know what traits to avoid. If you are getting a table, not replacing one, identify what the space needs, whether that is a piece to tie the room together, or a footrest for your seating area.XResearch source
  • If your current tabletop is perpetually covered in items, you might want to invest in a coffee table with storage space.
  • Use your table for a few days and make a note of any irritating things you discover, such as the table being too far away to comfortably place drinks, or being low enough for children to climb on top.
  • 3Evaluate your storage needs. Some coffee tables come with built-in storage, such as drawers, shelves, baskets, or storage underneath the tabletop. Determine what type of storage you require, if any, and make your selection based on those needs.XResearch source
  • Explore Coffee Table Styles

    Choosing the best coffee table to go with your sofa also means finding one with the right style. As evidenced by the variety of coffee tables featured in this post, there are so many styles to consider! If youre uncertain about what style or shape of coffee table to choose, take our style quiz, or work with one of our designers to find the best furniture pieces and layout for your whole living room!

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    Here’s How Store Pickup Works:

    When you add your item to cart, select the store pickup option and choose the store at which you’ll pick up your order.

    We will notify you by email when the order is ready for pickup. You may opt in to text notifications as well during checkout.

    Remember to bring Photo ID and your Order Number. Face coverings are required for in-store pickup.

    Adjusting Coffee Grind Size

    How to Determine the Right Coffee Table Size For Your ...

    While youll want to stay within these general neighborhoods for grind size, most grinders have plenty of wiggle room to make smaller adjustments. Use those adjustments to help brew coffee thats not just delicious, but exactly to your taste.

    The lower a percentage of the brown stuff in your coffee grounds extracted into your cup, the more acidic your coffee will be. The higher a percentage, the more bitter. So if your pour over tastes too bitter, go a little coarser, repeat all the other steps and it should help. If your French press tastes too sour and is missing a bunch of sweetness, grind a smidge finer and it should taste more balanced.

    Every coffee is different, so youre not going to get a dark-roasted Brazil to taste super-bright just by grinding coarse, and youre not going to get a flowery washed Ethiopia to taste like a dark chocolate bar by grinding fine. But in highlighting rich, chocolaty Brazilian notes and that Ethiopian’s floral flavor, its a vital adjustment to understand.

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    Know Your Clearance Rules

    After you’ve figured out the height and length you’re looking for, it’s time to choose the ideal shape of your coffee table. Often, choosing between a square, rectangle, round, or oval coffee table boils down to the length and clearance required around it. Traditionally, your coffee table should be 12 to 18 inches away from your sofaany more or less than that will feel uncomfortably close or far. Between your coffee table and your TV stand or fireplace, you should calculate at least 24 inches to 30 inches to leave enough room for circulating around the space. To find your ideal coffee table width, measure the length between your sofa and TV stand and subtract;42 inches.

    What Size Coffee Table For Sectional Sofa 3 Tips

    Do not worry about deciding what size coffee table for sectional sofa, because there are only three factors to consider. This article will look at the ideal distance between the sofa and sofa table and how you can use the width and depth to find the perfect size coffee table. It may sound complicated, but believe us that its very simple.;

    Speaking of sectional sofas, another item in the room that can be confusing to use with them is the rug. We have written a guide on how to place a rug under a sectional sofa for this matter. Equip yourself with these pieces of information, and you will get the room with a sectional that you desire!

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    What Is The Average Length And Width Of A Coffee Table

    What are the average length and width of a coffee table? That is an interesting question. When people think of a coffee table they always visualize a long curved table with tall chairs at the end of it.

    The truth of the matter is that the average length of a coffee table is much different than the average length. In fact there are some really nice modern designs where the table sits level on the floor with a comfortable padded top on top of it.

    What is the average width of a coffee table though? Well, this depends on the size of your room. Generally speaking the wider your room is the wider the table should be.

    Now, if you have a smaller room the standard width for a table will be smaller than 8 inches across. Of course if you are just buying a table to sit in a living room you do not need to worry about the size so the size you choose will be up to you.

    So, what is the average length and width of a coffee table? It depends on who you ask and on what criteria. Generally the longer the table the more expensive it will be because you are going to have to pay for storage space as well as the cost of the wood and the craftsmanship.

    If you are not worried about spending money and can afford to get a high quality table then go ahead and do it but most consumers will choose the smaller table because it is cheaper and it will also give your room a nice sleek look.

    Clearance Around The Coffee Table

    How to Pick the Perfect Coffee Table

    Now that youre feeling confident about the type of coffee table youre after, and perhaps its shape, consider the clearance on all sides of your new furniture piece. Everyone whos seated at the coffee table will need adequate leg room, but theyll also need to be near enough to set down their items without having to stand up every time! Aim for between 30cm and 45cm on all sides of your coffee table to allow for ample space for seated guests, as well as a healthy amount of room to walk around it.

    Dont forget to plan for this space when youre envisioning the layout of your living room. Its crucial that your coffee table is not just adequately spaced with your sofa, but also the entertainment unit, the walls and any other features within the room.

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    Consider Your Own Needs

    Of course, when choosing the right coffee table for you or your family, you should consider your lifestyle. Do you need a piece with a lot of storage? Consider a storage piece. Are you one to play board games in the living room constantly? Make sure it’s a comfortable piece to gather around. Do you have a tendency to put your feet up on the coffee table when watching TV? Maybe an ottoman is a better option for you.

    As for coffee tables that are kid-friendly, opt for a piece that has no sharp edges and isn’t made of glass. There are enough horror stories of kids breaking glass tops to know it’s NOT a good idea.;

    Coffee Table Buying Guide

    • Look for a coffee table around 40×60. Go up or down in size based on budget, availability, and your actual room size.
    • Measure everything! Use a free floor plan app to drag and drop furniture in and compare scale or hire a local designer!
    • Search for real wood rather than wood veneer.
    • Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist are great options for finding a treasure in budget.
    • Vintage and antique shops may have great pieces hiding :).
    • If your budget is tight, try buying 2 smaller square tables and placing them side by side!

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    Round Coffee Table Dimensions

    Depending on the design, the surrounding seats, and the area of the living room, you can choose from an array of round and oval coffee tables in different dimensions. Again, you have to take note of the 2/3 rule in choosing the right round coffee table that will best complement your couch. As such, following this rule of thumb, if you have a 72 inches long sofa, your round coffee table should be 48 inches long.;

    But at standard, most round coffee tables are 30-48 inches long and 22-30 inches wide. Oval coffee tables are 54 inches long and 22 inches in width.;

    Choose Your Leg Height

    How to Pick a Coffee Table (+ 105 Picks For Every Space ...

    This one is the easiest choice. Determining the best leg height depends on what you are making. Coffee table legs are typically 16” to 18” tall, end stand legs are often 24” to 26” tall, desk or dining height legs are typically 28” to 29” tall, and kitchen, bath, and bar legs range from 36” to 42” tall. The thickness of your table top will add to the total table height, so be sure to consider that as well.

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    What Kind Of Coffee Table Goes With An L Shaped Couch

    The size of a coffee table that will go well with an L-shaped couch depends on the size of the sofa itself. It shouldnt extend over the size of the sofa arm, or the finished look will be disadvantageous to traffic. The living room will also look disproportionate since some L-shaped sectionals already have one side longer than the other.;

    As for the shape itself, try a rectangular coffee table paired with the L-shaped sofa. Then, make sure that it is proportionately wide with the longer side of the sectional. You can also fill the negative space with an oval table, depending on your intended uses of the coffee table.;


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