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How To Make Coffee Like Dunkin Donuts

Why Whole Bean Tastes So Much Better

Delicious Home Made Iced Coffee Just Like Mcdonalds Or Dunkin Donuts for just .20 cents

While it might be convenient to buy ground coffee , whole bean usually is a much tastier alternative. Fresh ground beans smell better and taste better, especially when the beans are new. For the best tasting coffee, try to use the coffee within two weeks of opening. There’s no need to keep your coffee in the freezer, because this really won’t preserve the freshness . Instead, keep it in a cool, dark place like a cabinet, and use the coffee quickly. Keep it stored inside of a sealed container if you have one. The tighter the seal, the better.

In some instances, ground coffee might actually be a better choice for you, and sometimes the only choice. Many of the flavored coffees now only come ground. If you’d like to get going in a hurry in the morning, ground coffee can save you a lot of time if your machine doesn’t have a built in grinder .

Dunkin Donuts Frozen Coffee Recipe

Dunkin Donuts has a large fan base, especially for their coffee. Actually, the entire company is built on the principle of sourcing premium coffee and turning it into awesome drinks. More affordable than other coffee chains, theres nothing like visiting your local store for a caffeinated treat. But wait, there is: making your own Dunkin Donut-inspired coffee at home.

Coffee drinks are pretty straightforward. You often need less than four ingredients to craft fantastic beverages and making them is faster than waiting in line for the folks at the store to give you your coffee.

Today were making one of Dunkin Donuts favorites, the frozen coffee. Beautifully creamy, this particularly refreshing drink is popular because its still pretty strong, so you never feel cheated with a watered-down concoction.

To get this coffee specialty right, youll need powerful coffee, thats for sure. There are several ways of doing this. You can double-brew your coffee in a percolator or you can also use a concentrated instant coffee with at least two heaping tablespoons of freeze-dried coffee. The third way of getting strong coffee is by adding two espresso shots. Finally, my favorite using cold brew coffee.

Were not done yet. We want a frozen coffee, not just an iced one, so were using a regular silicone ice cube tray to freeze our rich coffee. These dark ice cubes will give a gorgeous texture to your drink, especially when blended with milk.

The Dunkin Donuts Logo Design Elements

Symbol: The Dunkin Donuts logo first featured the hot pink shade in 1960. The symbol itself portrayed a stylized coffee mug with a circular Dunkin Donuts wordmark dunked in halfway. In 1976, orange made its first appearance on the logo. The updated wordmark consisted of the brand name only, written in orange and hot pink.

Apart from the orange and pink wordmark, the current symbol, which was unveiled in 2006, consists of a steaming mug of coffee with a brown outline featuring a D.D. monogram.

Color: The mix of orange and hot pink on a white background brings a jolly, happy mood.

Font: The font used for the wordmark looks very much like the Debussy and Frankfurter fonts. The letters appear round and plump to the extent of being mouth-watering, which seems absolutely appropriate for a brand specializing in selling coffee and donuts.

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The Story Behind Dunkin Donuts Success

Dunkin Donuts remains one of the top restaurant chains in the world. Its renowned for its fresh foods, exciting and fresh donut ideas, as well as innovative marketing strategies. Interestingly enough, Dunkin Donuts invented the word donuts, which became the new unofficial spelling for doughnuts. This even started a spelling debate.

The company sells an average of 6.5 million donuts daily and over 2.9 billion mugs of coffee per year. Its now the worlds biggest bagels and donuts franchise.

Dunkin Donuts has always adopted a friendly tone when it comes to its adverts and campaigns, making many people opt for its coffee over Starbucks due to its pocket-friendly price. The company has also come up with a new concept dubbed on-the-go ordering, which lets customers make an order one day in advance.

Dunkin Donuts has always had many celebrities associated with its brand. In fact, Al Pacino was its spokesman at one point. The company made a name for itself, supporting many fundraisers and charities. It also contributes to hospitals and medical research, in addition to donating to cancer organizations.

So Whats Different About Dunkin


Dunkin claims that its coffee is Premium, which youll see written on the Dunkin coffee package. By the SCAAs classifications, premium coffee has to earn a grade of 2. Thats the second-best!

It doesnt mean that other coffees are necessarily worse. But Dunkin has voluntarily labeled its coffee as premium, while some competitors havent. Dunkin also boasts that its coffee comes from 100% Arabica beans from Central and South America. Arabica beans have long been hailed as superior to Robusta beans by coffee tasters. The chain even works with the Rainforest Alliance to make sure its coffee is ethically sourced.

Dunkin is clearly proud of the coffee its putting out. Its no wonder why Dunkin Donuts coffee has so many dedicated fansthey must be doing something right!

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Main Reasons Why Dunkin Donuts Coffee Tastes So Bad

As you all know, Dunkin Donuts is an American-based brand.

It sells a variety of donuts, coffee flavors, and bagels.

J.M Smucker is the owner of Dunkin Donuts which is one of the largest FMCG brands that sells baked food and coffee.

But I have seen people complaining about the bitter burnt taste of this coffee.

In my opinion, one of the major reasons that lead to the unpleasant taste of coffee is the quality of coffee beans used by Dunkin Donuts.

Unlike, a few other bestselling coffee brands like Starbucks, Dunkin donuts might be using molds and chemicals in their coffee.

They might also be using an inorganic collection of beans to produce their coffee.

Dunkin Donuts has a very high level of calories and sugar in its food.

Some of their coffee products use a large portion of cream and sugar.

If you check out this article on, then you will realize how many unhealthy coffee flavors are produced by Dunkin Donuts brand.

Along with this high amount of cream and sugar, one must be careful about drinking their store bought coffee.

The coffee made at the stores usually sits on the coffee warmer for a very long period.

This makes the coffee tastes bitter and burnt in terms of its flavor.

To avoid this bitter taste, the coffee makers must keep stirring the coffee regularly.

But people who sell this coffee usually dont pay much attention to it and then coffee taste changes after it is put on the warmer for too long.

The History Of Dunkin Donuts

Dunkin Donuts is a multinational coffee and donut company that was founded by William Rosenberg in 1950. Rosenberg had dropped out of middle school to help look after his family after they lost their business in the Great Depression era.

A born entrepreneur, Rosenberg reportedly transported an ice block to a racetrack in New Hampshire and made money selling ice chips for $0.1 each, earning $171.00 in a day. After taking on many different jobsincluding delivering telegrams for Western Union aged just 14Rosenberg was employed as an ice cream truck driver when he was just 17. By age 20, hed risen through the ranks up to management level.

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Best Hot Coffee Drinks To Try At Dunkin Donuts

Coffee and donuts are one of the greatest love stories of our time. Sure, you could have one or the other, but if you can indulge in both, isnt that better? We think it is!

Finding a delicious donut and a great cup of hot coffee at the same location isnt always easy.

Enter Dunkin Donuts. Although this establishment is lovingly named after a sweet treat, were not after that at this moment.

What were looking for is amazing hot coffee drinks. Lets begin, shall we?

  • LatteA latte without the perfect layer of foam, cannot be called a true latte. Fortunately for us, Dunkin offers a true latte.The rich notes of espresso, lacing their way through creamy steamed milk, are accentuated by the fact that Dunkins espresso is freshly ground and brewed in-house.This is a must-try, for sure! By the way, latte translates to milk in Italian, but the latte as we understand it is derived from Caffe e latte, which means espresso and milk. Fun facts!
  • CappuccinoWhats the happy medium when it comes to flavor? For coffee, its the smoky notes of espresso combined with just the right amount of milk , steamed to tasty delicious perfection.

    The rich aroma alone is enough to make your mood go from good to great, but wait until you taste it. Unassuming, yet oh so smooth and wonderful. Trust us and try it

  • Now that weve listed 12 of the best hot coffee beverages at Dunkin Donuts, a little extra help on how to streamline the process of ordering your drink of choice is coming up!

    How To Make Dunkin Iced Coffee At Home

    Kuerig 2.0 How To Make Dunkin Donuts Butter Pecan Iced Coffee

    With warmer temps on the rise, you may be wondering how to make a delicious Dunkin Iced Coffee from the comfort of your perfectly air-conditioned home. Thats why we sat down with Jim Cleaves, Research & Development Manager here at Dunkin! Jims team is responsible for ensuring Dunkin provides you with an excellent cup of coffee every day, so we came to the right place.

    Q: First, what exactly does it mean to be a Research & Development Manager at Dunkin?

    A: There are a lot of aspects to my job, but one that many people dont know, is that sometimes I get to travel across Central and South America. While there, I taste countless cups of coffee to ensure that our guests are receiving the highest quality of coffee beans. I do something thats called cupping, which is sort of like wine tasting for coffee. Its all to make sure that our coffee beans brew a delicious cup of coffee every time, whether in store or at home.

    Q: What sort of coffee should I use at home?

    A: Dunkin offers a number of packaged coffee varieties that our guests can purchase in our restaurants. Flavors include Original Blend, Dark Roast, Dunkin Decaf®, French Vanilla and Hazelnut. All of our blends make a great cup of coffee, whether hot or iced, so theres really no bad choice.

    Q: So, how can I make a great cup of Dunkin Iced Coffee at home?

    A: Its easy to brew smooth and refreshing iced coffee! Just follow these five steps:

    1. Store it Right

    2. Clean the Brewer

    3. Double those Beans

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    How To Make Dunkin Donut Iced Coffee

    Dunkin Donuts a vanilla latte inspired iced coffee recipe. Im gonna tell you guys how to make that delicious drink at home. This recipe and Im gonna show you guys right now. It is so bomb!

    Youre gonna be like where have I been. Why havent I been making this at home and it saves you so much money. So lets go ahead and see how we make this.

    Start this recipe were going to be using the Dunkin Donut. This is the medium roast original blend. It was only right that we used Wengen donut. And youre going to be needing 1 tablespoon. Its gonna be like a venti sized latte. This is a trendy size.

    I bought this on Amazon but Im gonna be making it venti. So for a large coffee like a venti size youre going to need 3 tablespoons of coffee and whats super important. During this step, you want to use half the amount of water. That you would regularly use for one cup of coffee a measurement right here state for every six ounces use one and a half tablespoons.

    I have three tablespoons right here so Im gonna be using 6 ounces. That cuts it in half what happens is when you make an iced coffee want to cut down the water. Because youre going to be adding ice and the ice will melt and add to the coffee drink. Im gonna put this in here. I already measured out my water.

    PS:Let me know if you have tried this iced coffee or if you have a recipe that I should try. I am so into iced coffees you have to try this.

    Dunkin Donuts Is Founded

    Dunkin Donuts traces its origins back to the Second World War when Rosenberg was a Quincy Shipyards employee. He eventually realized that his fellow employees lacked many options when it came to having their lunch.

    After the war, Rosenberg raised a total of $2,500 to launch a company he named Industrial Luncheon Services, which served coffee, donuts, snacks, and sandwiches out of old phone company trucks hed converted into what everyone now knows as food trucks.

    After realizing that coffee and donuts constituted half of his companys sales in 1948, Rosenberg started a restaurant called Open Kettle in Quincy, Massachusetts, that sold donuts for one nickel and coffee for 10 cents. While the restaurant was an instant success and was grossing more than $5,000 a week, Rosenberg wasnt content with the companys name. Therefore, he decided to change it.

    Upon noticing that customers tended to dip their donuts in coffee, Open Kettle was rebranded by Dunkin Donuts two years later. Before long, Rosenberg launched Dunkin Donuts restaurants all over Massachusetts in towns such as Shrewsbury, Saugus, Natick, and Somerville, where customers could see the bakers making the donuts.

    In 1955, Rosenberg opened his first Dunkin Donuts franchise in Dedham, Massachusetts, offering 52 donut varieties, enough to offer a different variety every week of the year.

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    Dunkin’ Donuts Coffee By The Pound How To Get Great Tasting Coffee From The Store And How To Keep It Fresh

    Buying by the pound can save you a substantial amount of money versus buying directly from the store. Also, there’s no wait, you can have several cups for the same price, and you won’t have to drink out of a disposable coffee cup. All that, plus you won’t have to deal with the long lines, only to find out that your drink is wrong five miles down the road! Make it at home and save yourself the money and the frustration.

    When you buy Dunkin’ Donuts coffee by the pound, be sure to keep a few things in mind:

    • The coffee doesn’t last forever. The expiration date on the bag will tell you when to throw the coffee away. Not abiding by this date can lead to some pretty awful tasting coffee.
    • Coffee should be sealed up. Most bags come with a seal on them, but they’ll do best when you use a coffee canister in addition to the bag to seal in the freshness.
    • When buying from a store, always check the date first. If you’re buying online, you should receive a fresh bag. If you haven’t, just contact the seller .

    Why Does Dunkin Donuts Coffee Taste Different At Home

    Iced or Hot Coffee?

    One of the major reasons of Dunkin Donuts coffee tasting differently at home than the store coffee is the change in the atmosphere.

    In most coffee shops, there is a coffee-making environment where they are continuously preparing coffee in batches.

    Due to constant coffee making culture, you usually experience a strong coffee aroma in the whole environment there.

    It greatly affects the overall taste and flavor of Dunkin Donuts coffee.

    Secondly, the taste of coffee depends on the age of the coffee beans.

    The coffee prepared in stores is usually made from fresh beans.

    Because they are continuously selling and not storing the beans, unlike at homes.

    How you store your coffee beans also affects the taste of your coffee.

    So, these two reasons are mainly responsible for experiencing the taste change at home.

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    Ground Vs Whole Bean Coffee

    While it might be convenient to buy ground coffee , whole bean usually is a much tastier alternative. Fresh ground beans smell better and taste better, especially when the beans are new. For the best-tasting coffee, try to use the coffee within two weeks of opening. There’s no need to keep your coffee in the freezer because this really won’t preserve the freshness . Instead, keep it in a cool, dark place like a cabinet, and use the coffee quickly. Keep it stored inside of a sealed container if you have one. The tighter the seal, the better.

    In some instances, ground coffee might actually be a better choice for you, and sometimes the only choice. Many of the flavored coffees now only come ground. If you’d like to get going in a hurry in the morning, ground coffee can save you a lot of time if your machine doesn’t have a built-in grinder .

    How To Make Dunkin Donuts Frozen Coffee Healthier

    So … what makes this skinny frozen coffee healthier than the store-bought one? A couple of simple, key ingredients:

    • Coffee – there are less than 5 calories in 8 oz. of coffee
    • Vanilla almond milk – 8 oz. only has 80 calories and enough sweetness to take the place of added sugar
    • Almond extract – ½ teaspoon has about 6 calories

    One generous 16 oz. glass of this skinny frozen coffee clocks in at under 90 calories!

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    Dunkin Donuts Iced Mocha Coffee Recipe

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