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What Shape Coffee Table For L Shaped Sectional

Don’t Make This Living Room Coffee Table Mistake

HOMARY l L Shape Outdoor Sectional Sofa Set

Savvy Home,

Choosing a coffee table for your living room seems like an easy enough task when you first think about it. You walk into a store you like, pick your favorite piece, and go home with it , but upon further reflection, there are many more decisions in picking the right coffee table than meets the eye.

First, it needs to be the right sizeboth heightwise and in terms of length and width. It needs to be the right scale and proportion to the space and needs to work with all your existing furniture. The material needs to fit with your lifestyle and work well in the room. It even needs to suit the needs of your family, whether this means that it has to be kid-friendly or have enough storage for TV remotes and other miscellaneous items.

Only after you’ve answered all these questions can you really begin finding the perfect coffee table for you and your space. So how do you choose a coffee table from start to finish? We outlined five rules to follow before committing to a coffee table you’ll love.

Where Do We Find Compelling Coffee Tables

Archic Furniture has a wide vast selection of coffee tables currently available and more being added by our brands every single day! If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to our team of experts. We would be happy to help you find the perfect coffee table for your home. Visit Archic Furniture today and shop our collection of coffee tables!

Qualities To Look For:

  • Will the top be durable?
  • Is it cleanable?
  • Does it fit with my decor?
  • This time I chose not only a beautiful coffee table, but one that was WAY more durable.

    The white lacquered top completely changed the space and I can spray it down to clean perfect!

    If you are putting the coffee table in a room that doesnt get a ton of use, then you can just think through getting one that looks good.

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    Shop the Room

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    Choosing A Coffee Table Finish

    Next, think about what kind of finish you want the coffee table to have.

    Does the finish coordinate with the rest of your furniture?

    Im a BIG fan of mixing a variety of finishes in a room.

    You can mix painted and stained or stained and metallic easily for a visually interesting look.

    Or think about mixing in woven or natural material coffee tables.

    • Metallic
    • Weathered

    There are so many options, so you need to narrow down your choice by deciding what look you want to achieve.

    Really think through now how it should look.

    Do you want the coffee table to match the existing finishes in the room .

    How Do You Choose A Coffee Table For A Sectional

    15 What Shape Coffee Table Goes With A Sectional Sofa Ideas

    Though your coffee table needs to fit in with your sectional, it also needs to fit in the rest of the room. This includes style and shape in addition to size. There are countless combinations of these factors, so you’re sure to find one to fit your needs. Before we discuss the best table for each type of sectional, here are a few things to think about in general.

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    How To Adjust Your Sectional Sofa With A Coffee Table

    There is a lot to love about your sectional sofas. They are a perfect escape to your conventional sofa and loveseat combinations while offering utmost comfort and seating.

    In addition, they are hands down super cuddly!

    However, when the sectional sofa is not paired with the right coffee table, the result can usually be off-putting. It usually leaves a major impact on the look of your walls and feel of your space.

    To make the most of your space, choose the coffee table that feels proportionate to the scale and size of your sectional sofas. And, not to forget consider the height, width, and visual weight while selecting

    Modterior Decorating Tip: Recommended to leave 14 18 inches of space between the edge of your sofa and coffee table.

    Should Your Coffee Table Be Lower Than Your Couch

    Your choice of a coffee table is probably among the most important decisions you will make in your home as you come to terms with the decorating decisions for the new year. While a great deal of attention is given to the choices of flooring, wall coverings, carpeting and furniture, little consideration is given to the shape of a table.

    It is true that a table is most often used as the primary gathering place for the family but it also frequently happens that we end up with an unbalanced number of chairs and dining tables in our house which can make it difficult to find a common ground. This is where a coffee table can come in handy.

    A smaller coffee table helps to balance out the number of seating pieces while at the same time making it possible for everyone to see what is on the other side of the table. A table with a larger surface tends to make it difficult for people to talk because they are all trying to see the same thing.

    A smaller coffee table makes it possible for everyone to see what is on the other side without squinting. It also creates a great conversation piece because everyone can look at the same thing without having to turn their heads.

    What if you have a smaller living room? Dont worry you still have many options when it comes to finding the perfect table. A smaller table often goes with a larger coffee table so you can easily find a way to combine the two without looking tacky.

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    Strike The Right Balance

    Another handy rule to follow when choosing a coffee table is its “weightiness.” In other words, it should complement the other furniture in the room to make the space feel proportional and balanced. What does this all mean? If your sofa has high skinny legs, consider a table that’s solid all the way to the ground or has shorter chunkier legs. On the other hand, if your sofa has no visible legs, choose a coffee table that has higher skinnier legs. An interior designer once told me that when a room feels too “leggy,” it doesn’t feel as groundedand it’s something that’s never left me.

    What Kind Of Coffee Table Goes With An L Shaped Couch

    Xander TV Console | Coffee Table (with Ginette L-Shaped Sofa)

    The size of a coffee table that will go well with an L-shaped couch depends on the size of the sofa itself. It shouldnt extend over the size of the sofa arm, or the finished look will be disadvantageous to traffic. The living room will also look disproportionate since some L-shaped sectionals already have one side longer than the other.

    As for the shape itself, try a rectangular coffee table paired with the L-shaped sofa. Then, make sure that it is proportionately wide with the longer side of the sectional. You can also fill the negative space with an oval table, depending on your intended uses of the coffee table.

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    What Kind Of Coffee Table Goes With An L

    When we think of sectionals, theres no doubt that the L-shaped type is what immediately comes to mind. And if its the style you own, the shape coffee table for an L-shaped sectional is rectangular. This way, you wont have too much negative space in the area with the shorter section of the couch.

    Place the rectangular coffee table parallel to the longer section, but make sure that it wont be longer than the sofa itself. It would be best to familiarize yourself with how tall a sofa table should be so the result stays visually appealing and functional. And finally, note that you dont always need to have the table perfectly centered, especially if youre already providing symmetry with other decorations near the sofa.

    Visually Enlarge The Living Room

    In any case, avoid large specimens. These would take away too much space and thus the necessary freedom of movement. Additionally, they would visually narrow the space – exactly what you don’t want in a small living room. Instead, round or oval coffee tables are suitable. From a purely visual point of view, these are often perceived as lighter and more relaxed.

    Glass tables have a similar effect. Due to their transparent surface they loosen up the room and appear less conspicuous. In addition, they ensure more brightness in the room, which in turn makes it appear larger.

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    How To Arrange A Sectional Sofa In The Living Room

    It is always awkward to find a sectional sofa in a room as it does not look as neat as it would have in its proper place. One has to face the fact that the sofa will either go in one corner of the room or go in the other corner of the room, depending on which way the sofas centre line is pointed.

    However, all this need not be a big issue if you take some time and plan your move carefully. You can even arrange how to arrange a sectional sofa in the living room so that it looks neat and well arranged even when it does not fit into its allotted corner.

    One of the first things that you have to decide in how to arrange a sectional sofa in the living room is the size of the room. If the sofa will be taking up a significant chunk of space in the room, you should try to choose a smaller piece as it would give the impression of disorganization if the sofa was taking up a lot of space.

    If you have an open plan living room, you can simply keep the sectional sofa in one corner of the room and leave the wall space unoccupied.

    However, if the sofa is in a small living room, you will have to work a bit harder in order to arrange it. One way in which you can do so is to make use of the wall space behind the sofa. This is something you cannot do if the sofa is in a large space since it would simply be too cluttered.

    The Right Coffee Table For Small Rooms: What To Do If There Is Not Enough Space

    Coffee Table For L Shaped Sectional

    Small living rooms usually make furnishing very difficult. It is important to carefully consider what really needs to be in the room and what you can do without. Many choose not to buy a coffee table in order to save valuable space, but that is not absolutely necessary . With a few tricks, a coffee table can fit in well even in a small living room.

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    Abstract/organic Shaped Coffee Tables

    Finally, there are coffee tables on the market that come in abstract shapes made of stone, metal, glass, and wood.

    Abstract shapes are great for inspiring movement in the living room design as they give off a dynamic look and sense of fluidity. Not to mention, this type of coffee table can appear quite interesting and add dimension to the room.

    Given that abstract shapes come in many different forms, it is difficult to recommend what type of seating arrangement it is best paired with. Simply analyze the size and shape of the coffee table and consider the size and scale in comparison to the sofa.

    The Right Shape: Round Or Square Coffee Table

    Here, too, it is best to orientate yourself on the surrounding seating furniture. Basically you have the choice between rectangular, square, triangular, round or oval coffee tables. Depending on the size and shape of the existing living space as well as individual needs, certain variants are more suitable:

    • Rectangular coffee tables go well with large L-shaped or elongated sofas .
    • If the couch is very long but you don’t want a square table , oval models are a good choice.
    • With U-shaped living landscapes we recommend quadratic or round models
    • Round or triangular coffee tables are ideal for smaller sofas .
    • With two adjoining sofas a small triangular table in the corner is perfect.
    • It is best to combine round chairs with comfortable armchairs Side tables made of glass. By the way, these can then be a little higher, because after all you have to reach for the table over the armrest.
    • Round and oval designs are ideal for families with smaller children . Because here the risk of injury is much lower than with a square table.

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    What Type Of Coffee Table To Use With An L

    A small, leather sofa with attached chaise needs a small coffee table. I can’t seem to find a good solution. A beautiful Oriental carpet is in the ‘L’, and I don’t want to hide it with a heavy piece of furniture.

    • A round table with a glass top and metal or wood legs.

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  • 9 months ago

    Totally depends upon your style — more casual or more formal — and your budget.

    Agree that round is likely going to be your best choice so you’re not knee knocking and stumbling over the table … but you might consider a round ottoman — even a storage ottoman, either with a flip top for a table or, depending on the surface of the ottoman, to be used with a tray for a table surface. The price range is from “big box store” price to well over a thousand or more if leather.

    Something else to consider: add wheels in lieu of legs to either your table or ottoman so you can easily push/roll it aside as you want to stand up and/or move it over to where it is needed — and out of the way where it is not.

    If you want something inexpensive and temporary — perhaps a bit quirky — until you find exactly the table you want, you might consider a totally fabric ottoman on which you could use a round tray for the table top.

  • Where To Put Your Coffee Table

    Italian minimalist living room Loose Fabric L shape sofa Walnut wood TV cabinet and Coffee table

    With the above proportions in mind, its worth thinking about how youll work your coffee table in with your existing furniture. We recommend mapping out the space with tape or cardboard on the floor so that you can make sure your desired placement leaves the 24 inches of walkway required. You may even want to get inventive with your existing layout!

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    An Oval Glass Top Coffee Table

    Between the chic oval shape, tempered glass surfaces, and sleek steel frame, its no wonder that Amazon reviewers have major heart eyes for this coffee table, and it boasts a whopping 4.6-star rating overall on the site. The two-tiered table features an elongated oval shape that would perfectly fill the negative space of a L- or U-shaped sectional. Four floor levelers ensure this pick is stable on any surface, carpet included.

    Choose from gold or pewter finish options. The coffee table also comes in a round shape if youre not into the oval one, plus the brand also sells coordinating nesting tables, side tables, and a mirror that match this piece.

    Enthusiastic Amazon review: Great looking with our graphite sectional!

    • Size: 48 x 23.25 x 14.5 inches

    Different Types Of Materials:

    • Woven
    • Natural materials

    Side note: upholstered coffee tables in fabric or leather look amazing, but arent the most practical since they are hard to clean. You also have to use a tray for drinks, so they are limited in their use.

    Also think through how durable you need the top to be.

    Do you need it to be cleanable or do you want to put your feet up on the table.

    Can it handle people who dont or wont use a coaster?

    My previous coffee table had a wood top and it took a beating! Here is a similar looking coffee table.

    We used it without concern and propped up our feet, ate on it, and I would lay on the sofa and set my drink in the corner every night.

    The finish wore off, chipped and eventually it ended up with a bunch of college kids LOL!

    When I went to replace my old coffee table, I looked for different qualities this time.

    Plus didnt just focus on getting a good looking table.

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    Best Coffee Table Shapes For Sectionals

    While all of the same shapes are available to you when you have a sofa with a chaise or a sectional, different shapes and sizes work differently within this context. While were just showing you how these shapes work with a sofa with a chaise, the same principles apply to a sectional with a full L-shape.

    Consider How Youll Decorate

    15 What Shape Coffee Table Goes With A Sectional Sofa Ideas

    Lastly, be sure to consider how you want to decorate the top of your coffee table before buying one. Do you want to display coffee table books? Do you want to have a family photo album? A coffee table tray? A vase of flowers? A candle? The possibilities are endless, and its always fun to plan the design ahead of time! Consider the colors you want to use beforehand to make sure everything fits together just right!

    I hope this post inspired you and made your coffee table decision a bit easier!

    Let us know what you chose in the comments, or tag us on !

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