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Who Makes Death Wish Coffee

What’s The Difference Between Death Wish & Valhalla Java

Death Wish Coffee Review: World’s Strongest But Does It Taste Good?

We sink a lot of time into sampling and researching the beans we use for our Death Wish and Valhalla Java roasts, and while both roasts are nothing to be taken lightly , there are some key differences between the two blends.

The biggest difference between our original Death Wish blend and the Valhalla Java is the overall strength. Death Wish Coffee has the higher caffeine content across the board, and it’s actually the darker roast of the two blends.

The reason they’re called “blends” in this case, is that they are in fact, blends of beans sourced from a few different areas on the map.

Death Wish Coffee uses both Arabica and Robusta beans, sourced from mainly, India and Peru.

Learn more about Death Wish Coffee here

Valhalla Java uses a blend of Arabica and Robusta beans sourced from Honduras, Guatemala, Sumatra, Peru, and India.

To learn more about the taste comparison and flavor profile between the two blends, check it out here

To purchase Death Wish Coffee, click here.

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But Is Death Wish Really The Worlds Strongest Coffee

The short answer is no.

Biohazard Coffee has an even higher caffeine content than Death Wish, coming in at an insane 928mg of caffeine per 12 ounce cup of coffee, according to Caffeine Informer.

Black Insomnia goes even further, with 1105mg of caffeine per 12 ounce cup of coffee.

And then there is Devil Mountain Coffee Companys Black Label, which has a ridiculous 1555mg of caffeine per 12 ounce cup of coffee.

One can only wonder what the tipping point is here

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How To Enjoy Death Wish Coffee At Home

There are a lot of ways to brew coffee at home. Theres, of course, the traditional coffee pot. If you want something a bit fancier, a French press is always a great option, and even pour overs are getting easier to do at home.

But my favorite way to make coffee at home is through cold brewing. It retains more of the flavor of the bean, including the oils, and has a better overall taste to me.

I got this at-home cold brew system for my birthday, and I obsessed with it. To make my coffee, I just pour a healthy dose of coffee grounds into the metal mesh cylinder, pour filtered water over the grounds into the glass jar, screw on the lid and let it sit 12-24 hours.

Once its done, I remove the grounds and stick the jar into the fridge. It usually gets me through four days of iced black magic every morning.

Death Wish Coffee Flavor


Since aroma is so much of what makes up our sense of taste, I wasnt surprised to find that Death Wish Coffee fails to deliver a real kick-in-the-mouth of coffee flavor.

Thats what youd expect from looking at the coffees. Even the Medium Roast is on the very dark side when compared to typical commercial roasts.

I didnt notice much difference in flavor between the two roasts, except to say that the Medium Roast is even less robust than the typical darker roast versions.

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Seamless Integrations In A Customized Backend

With an ambitious plan to expand business by 200%, Death Wish Coffee Co. had their work cut out finding a support tool that would help their small team handle an influx of new tickets.

They previously used Zendesk, but found it couldnât offer the level of support they needed on a daily basis. The challenges began to stack up . On top of this, Zendeskâs API was clunky and it wasnât easy to integrate the stack of Shopify apps that Death Wish Coffee Co. needed to run their business.

When the brand realized that Gorgias integrates seamlessly with all their other apps such as Klaviyo,, and ReCharge, making the move was a no-brainer. They could essentially build a customized backend that allowed them to bring together every element of support in one convenient place. The ability to see the response stream in a timeline format helped them make each and every support response relevant. Not only this, but they could make real-time decisions based on information pulled in from key integrations.

Best Sustainable: Counter Culture Coffee

Counter Culture was the inaugural winner of Roast Magazine’s Roaster of the Year Award, all the way back in 2005. The company has sustained excellence ever since, but it’s not just the taste of the coffee that it puts care into. Counter Culture is widely regarded as one of the most ethical coffee brands because of its direct-trade standards and eco-friendly farming. You can even find annual sustainability reports on the company website. Choose from a variety of ethically sourced blends in sizes ranging from 12 ounces to a whopping 5 pounds.

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Before Reading Reviews Of Death Wish Coffee Consider This

Now, if youre going around reading reviews of Death Wish coffee, there are some things youll want to keep in mind. For instance, do you like caffeine?

Ok, that ones a joke but seriously, this stuff is not for wimps. Its brutally strong, but in a good way. If your academic or professional career is dogged by fits of exhaustion and you find yourself constantly hunting for something to keep you awake, Death Wish Coffee might be the answer youre looking for.

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On the other hand, if a cup of black tea hypes you up, if the smallest scare gets your heart pounding, or if youre on heart medication, stay away. This stuff can be dangerous for anyone who cant handle average to high levels of caffeine.

Review: Death Wish Coffee

The Perfect Aeropress Demo With Death Wish Coffee

So now that youve gotten to know a bit about Death Wish Coffee, you probably want to know what it tastes like, right? They were kind enough to send me a little gift in the mail recently with two bags of ground coffee and a killer coffee mug, just because.

Writing about them wasnt part of the deal, but I enjoyed the coffee so much that I wanted to share it on the blog esp. after featuring it in my Halloween lovers gift guide to coffee.

What I Like

The taste! I love dark roast coffees for the rich flavorwhich is kind of funny coming from a girl who got started on super sugary frappe drinks as a teen. These days I cant stand anything overly sweet, so the darker the coffee the better.

I also appreciate how BIG Death Wish Coffee bags are. Most of what you find in grocery stores are 12-ounce bags, but Death Wish starts at 16 ounces or one pound. Since I drink coffee daily, that means Im not going to run out nearly as quickly!

The final thing I love? How easy it is to find Death Wish these days. A quick search on their store locator showed me my local Sprouts and even a few Walmart stores carry their coffee. You can also or set up a subscription on their website.

What I Dislike

Honestly? Nothing! While Im not the worlds pickiest coffee drinker, I do know what I like and what I dislike. I can honestly say there is nothing I have disliked about Death Wish.

Would I recommend it?

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My Death Wish Coffee Experience

Most people in the US and coffee drinkers all over the globe have probably heard of Death Wish Coffee. The audacious, to the point marketing campaign, turns heads, and people are naturally intrigued by the label strongest coffee in the world. As a coffee fan, Im always keen to try new blends and products, and I approached this review with excitement and curiosity. Sadly, for me, Death Wish Coffee didnt quite live up to its billing.

Heres an insight into my own experience:


For a coffee aficionado, theres nothing quite like the scent of a freshly-brewed cup of coffee. The aroma is everything when youre waiting for a pot to brew and your taste buds are ready and waiting for the hit. If you buy a blend that has a rich, heady aroma, this can send your senses into overdrive and make you physically yearn for that cup of dark nectar.

The trouble with Death Wish Coffee is that it fails to deliver that unctuous odor. In fact, it had very little in the way of an aroma at all, and if anything, the blend smelled slightly sweet. The grains also looked dry and dull.


When you make or order a cup of coffee you havent tried before, you want to be pleasantly surprised by the flavor. Death Wish Coffee is undoubtedly a strong blend, but for me, there wasnt a massive amount of flavor. This coffee is strong, but it doesnt deliver that delicious hit of flavor that you long for as a coffee lover.

Overall Analysis

In Truthiness We Trust

But what really sparked my attention was the claim or claims of caffeine potency. They confused me. In comparing itself to regular coffee, Death Wish Coffee advertises:

  • 200% more caffeine
  • twice as caffeinated
  • close to 200% more caffeine

Words matter. If something is 200 percent MORE caffeinated, its actually three times as caffeinated. If its 200 percent AS caffeinated, it contains twice the caffeine. Im not sure how to interpret close to 200% more caffeine. Maybe this is nitpicking, but when it comes to caffeine, three cups of coffee deliver far more punch than two cups. And Death Wishs pitch is all about the caffeine.

So I asked the owner, Mike Brown, to clarify:

Q: Ive seen media stories saying Death Wish Coffee is 200 percent more caffeinated than regular coffee. Is this an accurate statement?

A: Yes, if brewed correctly.

Q: Your website also says: 200 percent more caffeine which seems confusing. Do you mean 200 percent as caffeinated, not 200 percent more caffeinated ?

A: Double the amount of regular coffee. When brewed to our specs.

Okay. So I got my answer, but not without a slight disconnect. Its twice as caffeinated, not three times as caffeinated when brewed correctly .

But does this language-thingy matter? Not to extreme caffeine-junkies. Death Wish has plenty of Facebook followers and 17,800 Likes. Clearly, if youre into caffeine from coffee , this is the brew for you.

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Royal Kona 100% Hawaiian Kona Coffee 7

Want an already grounded 100% Kona Private Reserve coffee? This product is a good choice.

The brand behind this product has a good reputation in the industry. They have been providing premium 100% Kona and 10% Kona blends since 1969.

Every pack of this French press coffee contains carefully selected fresh beans that make a full body and smooth cup of coffee.


From Boutique Roasters To Grocery

Death Wish Coffee Review

Our editors independently research, test, and recommend the bestproducts youcan learn more about ourreview process here.We may receive commissions on purchases made from our chosen links.

Best for Espresso:

Its assortment of espresso blends is among the best you can find.

Best for Single Origin:

Each bag is labeled with the coffees roast level, flavor notes, and sourcing region.

Best for K-Cups:

Green Mountain was the first brand to sell its coffee in K-Cup form, and it’s still one of the best.

Every coffee lover has a go-to brand. For some its the time-tested grocery store stock. For others, a boutique roaster you can only order online. But since we drink coffee once a day, it’s easy to get burnt out sipping the same old cup of joe. Thankfully, the coffee world is vast and varied, and another brand is always waiting to fill your cup.

We’ve rounded up our favorite options below and broken down what we like, and even dislike, about each one. Categories cover everything from light roast to dark to decaf.

To start every morning the right way, here are the best coffee brands to try.

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What Makes Death Wish Coffee Special

Death Wish Coffee is super strong, it is a whopping 200% stronger than your average cup of coffee, and there are a few key elements that help to make Death Wish Coffee one of the worlds strongest coffees.

This brew is not for wimps. It packs a punch but only in a good way. So if your professional or academic life is plagued by fatigue, Death Wish Coffee is just what you need.

A coffee beans strength is not as straightforward as dark or light. So the company roasts its coffee using a unique technique involving time and temperature variation.

The beans are slowly roasted dark to produce a brew that has low acidity but twice the strength of your average cup of java. This slow roasting method produces a bold and smooth flavor that sets Death Wish Coffee apart from the rest.

The brand ensures that they use only USDA-certified Fairtrade and organic coffee beans, so no additives or extra caffeine are added to the blend.

In addition, they source their beans from Peru and India, which have nutrient-dense soils, and they consistently source the highest-quality Arabica and Robusta beans to create the perfect blend.

The coffee industry largely snubs Robusta beans, but they have twice the caffeine of Arabica, and they add depth of flavor to every brew.

A Small Startup Primed For More Success

This year, companies in the U.S. spent a record-breaking $5 million on their 30-second slots. In 2015, the event drew in a record 114 million viewers, making it the most-popular television program to date. Between 2005 and 2016, the Super Bowl has amassed more than $2.38 billion in network ad sales, according to Kantar Media.

Death Wish Coffee billed $6 million in sales in 2015. This year, that number could increase up to as much as $15 million — thanks in large part, of course, to the Super Bowl. Brown says he’s reaching out to a handful of local roasters to shovel in more inventory than ever before, though he is slightly concerned about not being able to satisfy demand.

Although Death Wish has not yet partnered with any national grocery chains , it hopes to partner with Target and to rekindle previously unsuccessful talks with Whole Foods this year.

Before the end of this month, the coffee company aims to be in 19 Price Shoppers nationwide. By the end of 2016, the goal is to reach 100.

The Super Bowl ad was produced by RPA, and Brown says his input throughout the process was fairly minimal.

“It’s a foreign world to me,” he said. “I’m a coffee roaster, not a commercial guy.”

Still, if the graphics feel epic, there’s a reason: MPC New York, the CGI animator responsible for the ad, worked on the hit Disney franchise Pirates of the Caribbean, and on Warner Bros.’ upcoming Batman vs. Superman.

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What Makes Shock Coffee The Best Coffee For Staying Awake

Shock Coffee is a new product created by a company called Kona Blend Company. This drink contains a blend of natural ingredients that are said to boost energy levels and provide a feeling of well being. It comes in three flavors: Original, Coconut Milk, and Vanilla Bean. Each flavor provides different benefits. For instance, the original version is said to give you a jolt of energy while the coconut milk version gives you a sense of calm and relaxation. The vanilla bean version is said to give a nice taste and smell.

Best For Instant: Mount Hagen

I made the strongest cup of coffee in the world | 10X Brewed Deathwish Coffee

Mount Hagen is far and away the most popular brand for high-end instant coffee. Typically sold in 3.53-ounce glass jars, it’s more expensive than competitors like Folgers, Nescafé, and Café Bustelo, but the price is reasonable each jar yields about 50 cups of coffee, which, when broken down, is about 20 cents per cup. Mount Hagen also makes decaffeinated instant coffee. Both varieties can be found in single-serve sticks, great for camping and traveling.

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Nitrogen Generation System Helps Death Wish Coffee Gain Production Efficiencies

, nano-purification solutions

As founding members of a startup company in the compressed air and gas purification and separation industry, nano-purification solutions felt a kinship with the owners, employees and mission of Death Wish Coffee Co. The kinship and nano-purification solutions expertise in onsite nitrogen generation led to the installation of a nitrogen generation system that contributes to the overall efficiencies and operational costs savings at the coffee roasters production operation in Round Lake, New York.

Death Wish Coffees nitrogen generation system helps the company improve efficiencies and save costs at its facility in Round Lake, New York.

Puroast Low Acid Ground Coffee Coffeehouse Columbian Supremo Medium Roast

Puroast boasts of having seven times more antioxidants than green tea, and five times more than popular coffee brands. This claim is supported by published research by UC Davis.

Apart from that, this French press medium-roast coffee is also 70% less acidic compared to most coffee in the market. This makes it a perfect choice for those coffee enthusiasts who are suffering from acid reflux, heartburn and other gastrointestinal problems.

From the foothills of the Andes Mountains, the coffee are roasted in small batches. No additives are added during the process to preserve the quality of the blend.


  • Best coffee for French press


  • Has a bitter aftertaste which is common among strong coffee

Buy it now:

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