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Best Dark Roast Espresso Beans

Science Of Dark Roast Coffee

How To Brew Better Dark Roasts

When coffee beans are heated, they undergo chemical and physical changes that give the coffee beans color, aroma and flavor. During the roasting process, the sugar inside the coffee bean caramelizes. The aromatic oils we see when the coffee is brewed comes from the fats within the coffee bean.

The flavors youll taste in dark roast originates from the roasting process. The presence of bitterness, smokiness or burnt taste in the dark roast is common. Since it undergoes the roasting temperature of 240°C and is roasted further beyond the second crack.

Lavazza Crema E Gusto

  • Affordable price

If you dont want to experiment too much with the strongness and blends of the coffee bean, but still you want the perfect flavor, the Lavazza Crema e Gusto can be the perfect choice for you. This is a mass-produced coffee bean, so it is offered at the most affordable price in the market.

The best part about this coffee bean is that it is a mixture of 80% Robusta and 20% Arabica coffee. Thus, people who want to have the best of both worlds without any hassle must try this coffee bean by Lavazza Crema e gusto.

This coffee flavor and taste are perfect for those people who want to have a restaurant-like coffee at the convenience of their home. The intensity and the flavor of Lavazza Crema e Gusto are perfect and are one of the perfect choices as compared to the other mass-produced flavors of coffee beans.

The full-bodied flavor of this coffee bean is also commendable. The flavor of the coffee is quite unique, and it is mostly loved by people in Italy and surrounding regions. You may find some notes of chocolates amidst the flavor. Although this coffee bean is not 100% organic, it has passed all safety and certification criteria by concerned authorities. The coffee is sourced from Indonesia, Africa, and Brazil. This is one of the most affordable coffee that you can get to prepare the best cup of espresso.

If you are trying to use whole coffee beans for the first time in your coffee machine, you can certainly go for this one.

What Is Dark Roast Anyway

Visually, dark roast beans are those that have been taken far into the roasting process so as to get a deep brown to almost black color. The beans will have a certain sheen due to the oils that have been drawn out.

What this brings flavor-wise is a deep toasty flavor, a level of bitterness and smokiness. It is the most familiar, the one that would give you the taste and aroma that you associate with coffee. Great dark roasts could give you more complexity and introduce some hints of nuttiness, as well as chocolatey, caramelly flavors.

In addition, the acidity of dark roast beans tends to be quite low due to having been literally roasted away, along with much of the beans fruitiness. This creates contributes depth and smoothness to the final brew.

This coffee may come to you with different names French roast, Italian roast, continental, espresso. There may be different qualities associated with each of these names, but they are all dark roast.

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Tips For Enjoying Espresso Beans

Whatever espresso beans you select, here are a few things to be aware of to get the best out of them. This should be obvious, but you should already have a quality espresso machine. Duh.

Make sure you use a fine grind good espresso machines require a very fine grind. This is another way to compensate for the lower brewing temperature finer grinds offer a faster extraction, which helps balance the flavor.

Look at the crema for a clue to your grind.

One key about whether your espresso is ground finely enough: keep an eye on the crema, that golden layer at the top of the cup. . If your crema is thin or has too many large bubbles in it, try a finer grind. You should be able to make an adjustment on automatic espresso machines with built-in grinders.You can, of course, order your espresso pre-ground its not the best choice, but better than too coarse a grind. On another note, having pre-ground espresso beans makes for an instant espresso powder.

Learn to tamp properly.

In addition to getting the grinds fine enough, you need to make sure youre tamping the filter basket properly. Tamping affects how quickly the water flows through the puck when you pull a shot. You need 30 pounds of pressure to ensure that the grinds are packed closely enough that they will extract properly too little pressure and the water goes through too quickly.

Be sure to pre-infuse your espresso.

The Perfect Cup Of Espresso Waits For You

Best Dark Roast Coffee Beans : 13 Best Organic Coffee Beans 2020 The ...

As you can see, finding the best cup of espresso is not an impossible task. You just need to work at it and spend time balancing what beans are available for you. Mastering the roasting process also helps here because it allows you to create the perfect blend of flavors and aromas for your espresso needs.

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Can You Freeze Espresso Beans

There are many conflicting arguments about whether you can freeze coffee beans.

If you have a deep freezer and you are able to vacuum pack your coffee first then freezing your espresso beans may be ok.

If not, then I wouldnt recommend freezing your coffee beans. As the coffee defrosts the balance of moisture and the complex flavour compounds are lost and you will end up with flat tasting espresso.

Read a more in depth guide on freezing coffee by

Kicking Horse Coffee By Cliff Hanger Espresso Best For Aroma And Flavor

Coffee Bean Directs Italian Roast Espresso is a dark roast with tasting notes of smoky molasses and cocoa for a bright and bold taste. This is a rich gourmet coffee blend with an unmistakable flavor.

Coffee Bean Direct sources their beans from Kenya, Brazil, Sumatra, and other regions. Along with their Italian Roast blend, they also offer other espresso beans: a decaf version, Medium Roast, Six beans, and a Super Dark variety. Their espresso beans are available as whole beans, or coarse and finely ground.

They recommend enjoying their products iced or with a French press, AeroPress, or poured over.

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Kicking Horse Coffee Kick Ass Dark Roast Best Organic

Kicking Horse Coffee Kick Ass Dark Roast coffee is one of the most popular dark roast coffee products in the world. Its become a favorite for customers looking for a high-quality dark roast coffee. They use 100% fair trade certified organic beans in every can we produce. In addition to that, it also have no deceptive labeling and no artificial ingredients.

Kicking Horses Kick Ass Dark Roast coffee beans comes from the mountains of Canada, and is 100% Arabica beans. It is USDA certified organic and fairly traded. It is also Kosher. Best of all, it provides a smooth dark roast with very little bitterness, has an amazing, rich flavor, and is available in three strengths.

Kicking Horse Coffee is also very environmentally friendly. They use 100% recycled packaging, so no need to worry about the extra wastefulness. Every can is completely recyclable and BPA free.

Kicking Horse Coffee Kick Ass Dark Roast organic coffee contains 320mg caffeine per 12 ounces. Its also an USDA certified organic product, so you can be sure of its quality and safety.

Best of all, you dont need to add any additives because the coffee is delicious straight from the bag. Many people prefer dark roast coffee beans because it has deeper and richer flavors than light roast coffee. With Kicking Horse Coffee, you get both.

What we liked about this bean

  • 100% High quality Arabica Beans

Buy Dark Roast Coffee Beans Online

TASTE TEST Starbucks Whole Bean Coffee Dark Espresso Roast Breville Barista Express Espresso Machine

Did you know that not all coffees can handle a dark roast?

It takes a special type of gourmet coffee bean to withstand the intense heat and exposure to a longer roasting process. Not all coffees can handle a dark roast. The coffee beans origin has a lot to do with if and how a coffee can be dark roasted. The coffees origin will also determine the coffees aroma and taste.

For instance, an espresso roast on two different types of coffee beans will yield two completely different tasting coffees, although they may share the bold, full-bodied flavor characteristics.

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Can You Make Espresso With Regular Ground Coffee

If youve ever asked yourself, can you make espresso with regular ground coffee? The good news is that yes, you totally can! You will need to grind the coffee beans a bit finer than what you might use for a regular drip-style coffee however, the process of making espresso with regular ground coffee brewing is much simpler than you might think.

Although espresso machines are designed to produce rich and delicious crema out of finely ground espresso beans, using regular coffee ground sizes still yields a robust flavor. Simply make sure to measure out your grounds with precision, tamp them evenly into the filter coffee basket and slowly pull your shot and voilà: an amazing-tasting cup of espresso right in your own kitchen!

Dark Roast Coffee Myths Debunked

We already debunked the more caffeine myth, here are some more:

  • Dark roast coffee must be oily. While a good dark roast may have a slight oily sheen, too much oil leaching out is not ideal. The oil is where the flavors lie, you want to keep those inside your beans!
  • While it is true that dark roasts are less acidic than light roasts, they are not less acidic than medium roasts. Their pH is the same.
  • Dark roasts seem stronger in flavor, and thats sort of true. They lose the mix of subtle, origin flavors enjoyed in lighter roasts, but gain a stronger, singular flavor.
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    Best Sumatra: Coopers Cask Coffee Sumatra Dark Roast

    Fairtrade. Check. Organic. Check. Grade 1 Sumatra beans from Indonesia. Check. Constantly close to 5-star reviews. Check.

    Coopers Cask Coffee is an up-and-coming roaster from Rhode Island. Theyve been launching their single-origin small-batch roasts since 2014. If you sign up for their newsletter, you can save 10% as well.

    CCC offers their satisfaction guarantee, if youre not satisfied with their coffee beans or coffee taste within 30 days, theyll give you a free refund. For more information, read our full Coopers Cask Coffee Review.

    • Species/Varietal: Arabica Grade 1

    Choosing The Best Dark Roast Coffee: A Short Buying Guide

    Italian Dark Roast

    With so many dark roast coffees on the market, narrowing down your choices is difficult.

    In this section, lets walk through how I go about making decisions when it comes to buying a dark coffee roast.

    There are really three things I look for: flavor profile, origin, and freshness.

    Lets dive into each one of those things in more detail so you can choose the best coffee beans.

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    Kicking Horse Coffee Beans

    This Canada-based brand deals in fairtrade coffee beans that are also certified organic. These beans are sourced from Central and South America. They incorporate the Swiss Water process which combines the elements of time, temperature, and water to give a perfectly roasted blend.

    This coffee is 99.9% caffeine-free and has slight notes of roasted hazelnut, brown sugar, and chocolate. Furthermore, this brand has constantly backed the #1 position for Canadas bestselling organic and fairtrade coffee 13 years in a row.

    The aroma hints towards a deep chocolaty fragrance with nutty complexity. Be it cold brew, espresso, French press or drip, you cannot go wrong with these beans. All their coffee beans are produced without any chemicals and are also directly supplied from farmers to give better pricing to consumers.

    The shade-browning process fosters sustainability and provides natural pest control and fertilization to the beans.

    You can only use these beans for 1-2 weeks after opening them. Due to this, the company doesnt accept any returns. I will advise you to store this coffee at room temperature and avoid plastic containers, as it may affect the flavor negatively.

    Lastly, if you are into single-origin coffee, then this brand isnt for you.

    What Is The Best Dark Roast Ground Coffee

    Polls and reviews how could we decide anything without them? Thankfully they exist and the reviews are in for the best dark roast ground coffee this year: Death Wish Coffee Co. Ground Coffee is the winner according to the reviews on Boasting of being the worlds strongest coffee, it is the actual flavor that pushes this coffee over the edge with its notes of chocolate and cherry!

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    Organic Crown Point By Sightglass

    Sightglass, based in San Francisco, California, is a well-known roaster in the coffee world.

    They created this Organic Crown Point blend to go with espresso drinks that have the addition of milk or milk substitutes.

    What will you get in the cup?

    The medium-dark roast gives you intense notes of raspberry, chocolate, and butterscotch. It also avoids the bitterness that is all too common in darker roasts.

    The blend uses two Central and South American coffees that are balanced out by a dry-processed Ethiopian coffee that provides fruity notes.

    That makes it bright, full-bodied, and sweet. It has clean fruit flavors and an aftertaste that lingers.

    Especially good for milk-based drinks, it stands up to dairy or dairy substitutes. Its also fantastic to make cold brew, with or without the addition of milk.

    Oily Coffee Beans: Good Or Bad

    Cold Brew Starbucks Espresso Dark Roast Whole Bean Coffee Using Kmart’s Cold Brew Jug

    Short answer: It depends.

    Oily coffee beans are not necessarily badthey actually have a ton of benefits in terms of adding a unique flavor to your coffee and using oily coffee beans in your prosumer or semi-automatic generally wont cause you any significant damages, but they can be difficult to work with depending on the machine youre using.

    Oily beans are generally safe even for use with super-automatics so long as they are good quality beans and they arent very dark or oily. If you use super oily beans in a super-automatic, youre heading into bad territory.

    So as a safe bet, we suggest double checking which beans will work with your machine so youre not stuck with a clogged super-automatic and a laundry list of cleaning and maintenance issues.

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    How Coffee Beans For Espresso Differ

    While the coffee beans themselves arent that different, coffee beans for espresso are usually roasted longer than those for drip coffee.

    This makes coffee beans for espresso much more flavorful with deeper profiles than light or medium roast coffee beans.

    You can check out this comparison article between espresso beans and regular beans if youre interested in learning about all of their differences.

    Now that many coffee extraction processes are available, its important to pick coffee beans suited to the extraction method.

    An espresso machine will pull a complex flavor out of a single shot of espresso, making dark roast coffee beans more attractive for an espresso machine.

    Lavazza Top Class Whole Bean Coffee

    This Lavazza coffee is the real deal, especially if you enjoy an espresso now and then.

    The espresso roast is dark but not too dark. It has a perfectly smooth texture for espresso or regular drip brewing.

    The smoothness comes from a blend of Brazilian and Indian Arabica beans and Robusta beans from Java. So its strong and rich.

    Its an interesting blend of coffee, and it produces an interesting flavor. Think super dark chocolate and pine nuts.

    That said, it isnt a rounded cup.

    But because of how dark it is, its perfect for adding cream and sugar.

    Id recommend this coffee to someone who likes diner-style coffee. The kind you can pour over and over again.

    Two things to note: its high in caffeine, and has a relatively flat flavor profile. Thats both because of the Robusta beans.


    • Its an espresso coffee bean roast, so its dark but not too dark, perfect for a smooth coffee lover
    • Its a blend of Brazilian and Indian Arabica and Java Robusta beans, which make it strong and rich
    • Notes of dark chocolate and dried fruit make it a great choice for adding cream and sugar or brewing straight espresso
    • Recommended for someone who likes diner-style coffees


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    Blueprint Coffee Penrose Blend

    Are you looking for an espresso blend that tastes great no matter the time of year? If you answered yes , a bag of Blueprint Coffees Penrose beans just might be exactly what you need.

    This coffee is seasonal, which means its beans constantly change depending on which components are currently in season. Thats great news for coffee enthusiasts, as the beans guarantee a delicious cup all year long. Youll find the smooth Penrose boasts a sweetness strong enough to stand on its own, but it tastes just as good with a splash of milk or creamer, too.


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