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How To Cold Brew Coffee

Serving The Cold Brew

How to make Cold Brew Coffee (that doesn’t suck)

Cold brew is a concentrate, so its much stronger than coffee. Its more like a cold espresso.

While it can be drunk on its own over ice , most people mix it with an equal amount of water.

Put some ice in a glass, half fill with water, top up with cold brew. There you have it, a standard glass of cold brew.

Of course, this is only one of oh-so-many ways to enjoy cold brew.

Lets look at a few more, starting with coffee drinks.

Whether you like sweet and milky coffee drinks or strong, almost savory beverages there are cold brew options for you.

How To Cold Brew At Home

Making cold brew at home is likely far easier than you think it is. And it doesnt require the purchase of special equipment.

The cold brew concentrate recipe below will result in eight 8 oz cups of your perfect cold brew. If you want to make a larger batch, however, it’s easy! Simply double or triple the recipe, but just make sure you have correctly sized containers!

When youre ready for a glass of your cold brew, combine ½ cup of cold brew concentrate with ½ cup of cold filtered water, non-dairy milk, or full-fat milk, add a few ice cubes, and enjoy!

You will need:

S For Making Cold Brew At Home

Preparing cold brew at home is a super simple process that doesnt require any fancy equipment, but you can venture out and buy equipment to make the process even easier and if youre the kind of person who likes to get technical, have complete control and precision.

Ill walk you through each step of the process, including the various options regarding equipment and what you can use that you likely already have at home. Lets get to brewing!

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Tips For Making Cold Brew Coffee

  • Grind your beans at a medium coarse consistency. You dont want finely ground coffee beans, which is what youd use for drip coffee. I recommend this coffee grinder, if youre looking to grab one.
  • Youll brew at a ratio of 4:1. Four cups of water to one cup of coffee beans. If you want more cold brew, just double this. And if youre using a mason jar , youll need to use slightly less to get it to fit 3 cups of water to 3/4 cups coffee beans. Just keep the ratio consistent.
  • You can steep the coffee in pretty much any container . I use a mason jar, but you could also use a french press or KitchenAid even has a nifty cold brew maker.
  • Use filtered water for the cleanest cup of cold brew.
  • Steep for at least 12 hours. After that, you can play around with the flavor. If youd like it stronger, brew it longer up to 24 hours. But I find that 12-15 hours usually keeps most coffee lovers happy.
  • While the cold brew can steep on your countertop at room temperature, once youve strained it, keep the concentrate in the refrigerator.
  • Dont forget to dilute the concentrate. As mentioned above, serve it with ice, water or some type of milk or creamer.

Remember To Dilute The Cold Brew Concentrate

Easy and Delicious Homemade Cold

One thing to keep in mind is that youre actually making cold brew concentrate. And this is pretty potent stuff. Only drink this straight up if you want to feel jittery and buzzy for the rest of the day .

Instead, what I recommend is serving this up over ice or diluting 50/50 with water. I also recommend adding your favorite milk, like almond milk, cashew milk or oat milk, for a deliciously creamy, and definitely thirst-quenching beverage.

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Cold Brew Coffee Recipe Tips

  • Fresh is best. Whether youre making hot coffee or cold brew, freshly ground beans will always yield the best flavor. Why? Grinding coffee beans releases their oils. These oils are what add complexity and depth to a cup of coffee. After you grind coffee beans, these oils begin to dry out. As a result, you want to use coffee beans right after you grind them, when their oils have just been released and their flavor is fresh.
  • Grind the coffee beans coarsely. That way, theyll be easier to strain out of the coffee.
  • Adjust the ratios to taste. One of the reasons I love making cold brew at home is that its easy to adjust each cup of coffee to taste. If Ive made a particularly strong batch of cold brew, I dilute each glass with more milk or water. If its less strong, I just add a splash. Dont hesitate to add more coffee, water, or milk to create a flavor and intensity you love.

Which Is The Best Coffee For Making Cold Brew

To some extent, the right coffee beans to choose for cold brew will depend on how you plan use it.

A typical espresso blend can work ok if youre planning to add milk to the finished product. However, something roasted lighter, like a filter roast or a light espresso roast, is usually better for serving straight up.

In terms of origins for me, the heavy body & fruity flavours of natural or honey-processed coffees tend to work better with cold coffee brewing. For example, the deep fruity sweetness of an Ethiopian natural or the heavy chocolate flavours of a Brazil Pulped-Natural are right on the money in a cold brew.

On the other hand, the more delicate, refined acidity of washed Central American coffees just dont seem to show their potential in cold brewing. You might be best to save these coffees for hot water brewing.

If you want to keep things simple, Ill put in a shameless plug for our Cold Brew Summer Blend. Weve blended & roasted coffees that we think taste great as cold-brew iced coffee with or without milk.

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What’s The Best Coffee For Making Cold Brew

In terms of choosing the best coffee to make a cold brew, you can choose any type of coffee. However, having said that, when we asked our for their thoughts on the matter, there were two clear, prevalent responses:

  • Use leftover coffee or coffee that is getting old. This recommendation came from people who dont personally enjoy cold brew coffee, and use it as a last-resort option to use up old coffee beans.
  • Fruity and sweet coffees. These were recommended by cold brew lovers. They recommended coffees with sweet and fruity tasting notes, particularly naturally processed African coffee.
  • Brewing coffee with cold water cuts the edges of coffees flavour, both in terms of its bitter side and its acidic side. Using coffee beans with higher acidity will help you to retain some of the coffees characteristic fruitiness, even when its made as a cold brew coffee.

    Plus, since bitterness is not much of a worry, you can experiment by using coffee beans that have been roasted for espresso, as the cold brew process will help to extract the more subtle notes from these beans better.

    Best Cold Brew Coffee

    How To Make Cold Brew Coffee At Home

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    How To Cold Brew Coffee The Right Way

    Cold brew makes any summer day perfect, and its no wonder why. If you havent tried this treat, then youre missing out on something special. Cold brew is beloved for its bold, smooth, sweet character. Best of all, its a snap to make. You don’t need fancy equipment. All you need is time and lots of it. Cold brew recipes are easy to come by, but this post isn’t simply a recipe it’s a complete cold brew guide. We’ll give the low-down on the beans to use, how to get the ratio right, how to do the extraction, how to serve the drink, and well even give you some tips for storing cold brew.

    What is the right grind size for cold brew?To make a great cold brew, youve got to get the grind size right. The size of the grounds should resemble chunky coarse salt when you pass them over your fingers. Coffee ground for drip is often too fine for the job. Youll want to start with a coarse-grind similar to or even courser than French press. If you have a grinder, then I recommend starting with the coarsest setting on your machine. If you dont have a grinder then we can help with that here.

    Lindsey Burik

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    For 1 Litrefor 3 Litres

  • Get your gear ready.

    Youll need a container for brewing thats a bit larger than the amount of coffee you want to end up with, and a way to filter the liquid once youre done.

  • Grind 80g coffee or 240g coffee .

    The grind should be similar to grinding for pour-over or filter, about the same as coarse sand.

  • Combine coffee and 1 litreor 3 litres water, and mix.

    Give it a good stir so all the coffee is wet.

  • Wait.

    We leave our cold brew for 8-11 hours. Experiment and find the length you prefer.

  • Filter out the grounds.

    If youve got a Chemex or Hario V60 filter, pour the liquid through that to filter our the grounds . Pour slowly, and replace the filter paper if it gets too full.

  • Add ice, and enjoy!

    Store your cold brew in a bottle in the fridge. Itll keep for 5-10 days depending on the freshness of the beans.

  • S For Making Cold Brew Coffee

    How to Make Cold Brew Coffee

    Here’s how it works: Grind the coffee coarsely, which you can do yourself at home or wherever you buy the beans. Combine the grounds with water, then let it steep overnight, or for around 12 hours.

    During this time, the coffee slowly infuses into the water, creating a strong, concentrated brew. Strain the next morning, and you’re ready to go.

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    How To Make Cold Brew Coffee Beginner Friendly Guide

    As an Amazon Associate, Brew Smartly earns from qualifying purchases. That comes at no extra cost to you.How this works.

    Over the last few years, most of us have become cold brew converts.

    Not only has this easy-to-make concentrated coffee taken cafes and coffee shops by storm, replacing iced shots of espresso for many of us, it has also revealed itself to have pretty much endless culinary potential.

    What Im saying is cold brew is great and incredibly versatile.

    During the summer months, I like to keep a couple of big mason jars brewing in my fridge so I can pour myself a glass of cold brew and imprecisely top it up with water and ice, or if I go for a hike, I can do the same in a thermal bottle. When I have to work away from home, I take just the concentrate and water it down when I want to drink it .

    Okay, so far, that might sound great, but it doesnt sound versatile, and what was I banging on about the culinary world for?

    Well, have you ever heard of the Scandinavian fave coffee and tonic? How about a simple espresso martini? Cold Vietnamese coffee? Coffee popsicles? Cold brew coffee cake? Cold brew caramel sauce?

    You have now!

    Since cold brew is such an easy-to-make treat with an incredible array of uses, Im not only going to tell you how to make the best cold brew but also my favorite ways to use it. Sound good?

    Then lets start with the basics

    How To Cold Brew Coffee At Home In 5 Easy Steps

    Learning how to cold brew coffee for the best flavor and quality involves an easy 5-step process of measure, grind, steep, strain, and store! Simply measure and grind your quality coffee beans, then pour water over them and leave them to steep for 12 hours . Next, strain the grounds, and then store your homemade cold brew in the refrigerator until youre ready to drink. The concentrate will taste best within one week, but lasts up to two weeks.

    For the step-by-step cold brew process, as well as six mouth-watering cold brew recipes, read on!

    This article you will learn:

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    How To Make Nitro Cold Brew Coffee

    Have you heard about cream whippers? These sturdy canisters come with a valve in which you insert special cartridges filled with different gases. CO2 cartridges, for example, can give a lovely fizz to any drink, and Nitrogen cartridges kind of do the same thing, these are the ones you need.Professional bakers and pastry chefs use cream whippers to make whipped cream and other concoctions instead of using the canned whipped cream you and I use to top our coffee. Well, it turns out these cream whippers can do more than whipped cream they can make instant infusions, and whats cold brew but an infusion?Traditionally, to make cold brew coffee, you need to steep ground coffee beans in water for between twelve and eighteen hours. Well, with a cream whipper, youll get comparable results in minutes.And theres a bonus. A nitrogen cartridge in a cream whipper will not only help you infuse water with coffee but will also give the drink the nicest nitrogen bubbles. There you have it, homemade nitro cold brew.

    Key Tips For Making Cold Brew

    How to Make Cold Brew Coffee

    In essence, making cold brew coffee is a very simple process. All you need to do is:

  • Coarsely grind some coffee,
  • Add cold water,
  • Let it steep for a long period of time usually from 12-24 hours,
  • Then separate the coffee grounds from the liquid, and there you have it cold brew coffee.
  • Although these steps are not complicated in and of themselves, its important that you ask yourself a few key questions before you start brewing. These are as follows:

  • Whats the right coffee for making cold brew coffee?
  • Whats the best-tasting cold brew recipe for you?
  • What coffee brewer or technique can you use most easily at home?
  • Below, well be going through each of these points of consideration, in order to help you select the best cold brew option for you personally.

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    How Long Does Cold Brew Last

    Ashley Rodriguez

    Cold brew will usually last 7-10 days in the fridge. If your coffee tastes funky, you might want to give it a toss. If you notice that your coffee seems to be spoiling quicker than it should, it might be time to clean your brewing equipment. Old coffee oils get stuck to surfaces and can make your cold brew go bad more quickly than coffee brewed with clean equipment.

    If theres one thing Id want people to take away from this articleor from anything Ive ever written about coffeeit’s that experimentation is the key to finding the perfect cup of coffee. Luckily, cold brew is an easy method to tinker with. I would encourage people to play around with a few of their favorite coffees and experiment with different filtration methods and dilution levels, Wolczynski says. Some coffees really do great at a super high concentration and its nice to have just four ounces of a super syrupy, heavy cold brew over ice. Other coffees taste great at a really low concentration and the added water opens up access to entirely new flavors. A fun exercise is to line up a few cups of the same batch, all diluted at different levels, and compare them all to see what you like best.

    Overall, there’s no one way to make cold brew, and if you decide to give it a try, have fun and find freedom in the form. Cold brew should be unfussy and its easy to get an amazing cup at homeas long as youre willing to wait.

    What Is Nitro Cold Brew

    This question has been on the mind of every beverage enthusiast at one point in their lives. And wed like to answer it straight away: Its a cold brew infused with nitrogen and served on tap. Thats pretty much what nitro coffee is, but for cold brew. The primary difference between the two drinks is that cold brewed coffee tends to be very low in acidity and can taste bitter when drunk alone, whereas nitro cold brew has more body, an almost sweet flavor and hardly any negative aftertaste. Its also less fizzy than kegged beer, even though that might sound like a good thing since you want your cold brew to actually taste like coffee , it actually isnt. The fizz in classic cold brew is a byproduct of the brewing process, so if you taste classic iced coffee and nitro cold brew side by side, you will definitely notice a difference in flavor.

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