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Can Keto Coffee Help You Lose Weight

It Improves Brain Function And Memory

How the keto diet can train your body to burn fat and help you lose weight

While coffee alone has been touted as a focus and memory enhancer, the addition of MCT oil can offer additional mental benefits.

Medical News Today states that MCT oil has been found to reduce the likelihood of Alzheimers and dementia while supporting general brain function, alertness, and ability to recall things from memory. Combine this with similar benefits from the caffeine in coffee, and you may notice substantial improvements in mental acuity.

Can Coffee Help You Lose Weight

Some can barely get out of bed without it. Some advocate avoiding it for the sake of kicking an addictive habit that can affect sleep quality. Love it or loathe it, coffee provides caffeine that can jolt the sluggish into productive mode, soften the impact of whiny children, and make crossing items off the to-do list bearable.

Whether you consider the bitter, aromatic brew vital or revolting, will an every-morning cuppa curtail efforts to trim down, or can coffee help you lose weight?

Green coffee extract and green coffee beans contain components that may be helpful to those trying to shed pounds, but the peer-reviewed research is far from conclusive and human studies tend to be small and limited. â

Drinking Coffee And Lemon Can Also Be Used For Weight Loss By Drinking It Before Meals Or After Workouts

Drinking coffee and coffee with lemon water before your meals can also help you lose weight. Drinking coffee or coffee with lemon after a workout is great because it suppresses hunger, which helps prevent overeating.

There are many benefits of drinking coffee and lemon water for weight loss: See Healthline article.

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Bulletproof Coffee Recipe With Mct Oil And Butter

Bulletproof coffee is also known as sugar-free keto coffee, butter coffee, or keto butter coffee that comes with a velvety creamy texture.

Its a fat-loaded coffee that may give you a boost of energy. Here is the most simple recipe from the original inventor, Asprey to make it at home.;

  • Pour the freshly made coffee into a large mug.
  • Add 1 tablespoon of butter and 1/2 tablespoon of MCT oil .
  • Use a frother to blend the coffee until it creates a thick foam on top of the hot liquid
  • Take a sip. Customize to your taste by adding a sweetener and creamer of your choice. Drink warm.
  • Cuisine:Category:

    Please be aware of nutrition facts for a cup of bulletproof coffee may differ depending on the brands and ingredients used.

    It May Sound Strangeand Downright Disgustingbut Wellness Experts Are Singing The Praises Of This Buttery Beverage

    how does keto coffee help you lose weight

    If youre looking for ways to;make your coffee habit healthier, stirring in a blob of butter might not be the first thing that comes to mind. But according to many loyal enthusiasts, this surprising trick can work wonders for your healthand even whittle your waistline.

    Behold: Bulletproof coffee, the trendy weight loss drink that is sweeping the Internet. The recipe calls for two cups of high-quality, single-origin coffee, at least two tablespoons of unsalted grass-fed butter, and one to two tablespoons of MCT oil, a concentrated extract of a type of fat found in palm and coconut oils. Stir it all together, and voilà! Breakfast is served.

    Its easy to see why theres so much buzz about this buttery beverage. According to a study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, MCTs are metabolized quickly, making them an effective weight-loss tool. Plus, grass-fed butter contains high levels of omega-3s, whose anti-inflammatory properties can improve gut health, brain function, and energy levels, though not everyone loves the idea. For example, the American Heart Association recommends you limit your saturated fat intake to around 13 grams a day; bulletproof coffee has more than 27 gramsmore than twice a full days worth. Getting too much saturated fat could raise your cholesterol and risk of heart disease, the AHA points out. And just so you know, a cuppa will cost you 360 calories.

    If you are looking to try it, check out the best MCT oils recommended by experts.

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    Definitive Test Round 2 Will Keto Coffee Coconut Oil Or Ghee Break Your Fast We Ran The Tests


    We love the reaction you guys had to our last definitive test video, where we tested a coffee with cream, MCT oil, and butter on our ketones and glucose levels.

    However, you were not shy about telling us what we missed!



    One of the most frequent comments we got was that we should have tested all three together to see how a full keto coffee, also known as bulletproof coffee, affects a fast.


    Actually I believe you told me we should do that because the audience is going to ask.


    Well, Im sure they will find things to ask after this one too!

    Where You Get Your Ketones From Counts

    Despite the fact that coffee is naturally a low-calorie metabolism booster, theres nothing fundamentally keto about coffee.

    Its those added fats in Keto Coffee the MCT oil and butter that help keto dieters get the majority of their daily calories from fat and enter ketosis.

    Even then, though, the quickest and most efficient way to reach ketosis is to fast or strictly limit carbohydrate intake.

    The whole point of ketogenic dieting for weight loss is to make ketones from your own body fat not to just supply ketones from an exogenous source, like fat bombs or Keto Coffee or MCT oil, Mancinelli noted.

    Most dieters will make a point of getting ketones from both their body and dietary fats. Consuming too much fat can not only limit the amount of fat your body burns but increase your fat stores as well.

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    What Is Keto Coffee And Is It Healthy

    Many keto dieters start their day with keto coffee (aka, butter coffee or Bulletproof coffee a combination of coffee, grass-fed butter, and coconut oil or MCT oil.;

    Keto coffee is a good way to meet your ideal keto macros while also starting your day with a boost in energy and mental clarity.;

    Heres what makes keto coffee work so well:

    Keto Coffee For Weight Loss Is It Effective

    Keto Coffee WEIGHT LOSS Benefits Can You Drink Keto Coffee If Youre NOT Keto?

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    We have strict sourcing guidelines and only link to other reputable media sites, educational institutions, and, whenever possible, peer-reviewed studies.

    If you feel that any of our content is inaccurate, out-of-date, or otherwise questionable, please contact us through the feedback form on this page.

    If you often struggle in the morning with lethargy issues and that regular cup of coffee doesnt seem to work for you anymore, then youve come to the right place. Ketogenic coffee is your answer to combat all those morning woes.;

    Ketogenic coffee is known for its instant energy boosting properties. It follows the rule of the ketogenic diet, which emphasizes on the intake of low-carb, high-fat foods. It is a hot brewed cup of coffee prepared with the addition of healthy fats in the form of grass-fed butter and medium-chain triglyceride coconut oil. The use of MCT coconut oil guarantees that a more concentrated mix is being added to your coffee instead of plain coconut oil. The butter, on the other hand, needs to be unsalted and strictly grass-fed.;

    In this article, well discuss briefly about the ketogenic diet and how keto coffee can benefit you.;

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    Coffee May Reduce Appetite

    The studies are a bit of a mixed bag when it comes to coffee suppressing your appetite.

    Some people, mostly men, appear to consume less calories at a meal following a cup of coffee .

    However, there is no guarantee caffeine will suppress your appetite.

    Personally, I find that when intermittent fasting, a cup of coffee mid-morning helps control my appetite. If you have it black, without milk, then it doesnt break your fast and can be quite the productivity boost when combined with fasting.

    Why Are The Health Benefits Of Adding Mct Oil To Keto Coffee

    Keto Coffee typically contains butter and medium-chain triglycerides oil that do not require the liver to process them before they enter the bloodstream.; These types of fats are able to be immediately converted into ketones then used right away for energy!;

    Whats more the MCTs are filling and so help people feel fuller, longer, and help avoid overeating.; Keto Coffees fats effects and the natural caffeine of coffee beans often cause the Keto dieter to feel quite good, with the added benefits of:

    • Being more mentally clear
    • Having an alert mind and body
    • Increased energy
    • Less hunger
    • More sustained ability to focus

    Be aware that too much Keto Coffee may cause quite the opposite results. One cup per day is recommended, and more than that the cup consumed should stand in pace of an entire meal, not just as a drink to enjoy with breakfast or some other meal. Over consumption of fat and protein-rich coffee may lead to weight gain and gastrointestinal issues or distress.

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    Coffee Breaks Down Fat Cells

    In order to lose fat you need to be in a calorie deficit.

    Eat less calories than you burn each day and, over time, you will lose weight. Fact.

    However, it is possible to encourage fat-burning by stimulating your nervous system .

    When you consume coffee, your adrenaline levels increase.

    This hormone then travels through your body, breaking down fat cells, and subsequently releasing fatty acids into your blood.

    So, when youre in a calorie deficit, coffee will help to free up your fat cells for energy. This helps prevent the breakdown of muscle mass for energy, and will help to improve your body composition.

    How To Minimize Side Effects

    10 Keto Coffee Recipes To Charge You Up and Help You Lose ...

    Although ketogenic diets are safe for most healthy people, you may experience some side effects while your body adapts to your new eating regimen. This period of adjustment is sometimes called the keto flu and typically only lasts a few days.

    Keto flu might include low energy, hunger, sleep disturbances, or digestive discomfort. Some people have reported feeling nauseous for the first few days of keto.

    To minimize these side effects, you can ease your way into keto. For instance, you could try a more traditional low-carb diet for a few weeks before going full keto. This process can train your body to start burning more fat before you totally remove carbs from your diet.

    A ketogenic diet can also alter your water levels and mineral balance. You may want to add extra salt to your food or consider taking mineral supplements to restore normal balance in your body.

    • ;;;Try adding 3,000 milligrams of sodium, along with 1,000 mg of potassium and 300 mg of magnesium to your daily intake to help minimize side effects and restore mineral balance.

    Its vital to eat until youre full and refrain from restricting your calorie intake too much, particularly at the beginning of your ketogenic diet. Keto usually leads to weight loss without purposeful calorie restriction.

    With the proper supplements and good dietary practices, the side effects of a ketogenic diet can be limited to very tolerable levels.

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    Is Keto Coffee Bad For You Why

    There can be a few potential downsides to drinking Keto Coffee:

    • High in saturated fat
    • Could raise your cholesterol levels

    Keto coffee is a high-fat coffee drink intended as a;breakfast;replacement.

    Its popular among people who follow a low-carb or ketogenic diet.

    While it is filling and boosts energy, it could have some potential downsides.

    Including, reduced overall nutrient intake, increased cholesterol, and high levels of saturated fat.

    As always, check with your healthcare provider before starting anything new.

    Is Keto Coffee Bad For You

    Keto coffee can help you power up your weight loss when youre on a keto diet, while providing additional health benefits. However, the oil, butter and/or ghee used to make keto coffee have nutritional downsides as well.

    For example, one cup of bulletproof coffee can contain more saturated fat than the USDA recommends consuming in a full day. And drinking a cup of keto coffee for breakfast may fill you up until lunch , but it wont be helping you get the nutrients youd normally receive from a healthy morning meal.

    Heres the takeaway.

    The good news: keto coffee, in moderation, is a healthy and beneficial addition to a keto diet.The bad news: its low in nutrients, high in saturated fat, and high in cholesterol.

    The bottom line: if youre not on a keto diet, or if you grow too fond of the taste and the energy it provides, its probably not the right choice for you.

    And of course, its always a good idea to get medical advice before starting keto or any type of low-carbohydrate diet.

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    It Assists In Maintaining Overall Health

    The grass-fed butter used in the recipe for bulletproof coffee offers conjugated linoleic acid , which is a fatty acid that is said to promote weight loss.

    In addition to CLA aiding in shedding fat, this article published on WebMD suggests that CLA can also help limit your chance of heart disease, cancer, and other health ailments, including type-2 diabetes. Its unclear as to whether these benefits come from the CLAs ability to aid in fat loss or if there is some other explanation, but limiting these potentially major health concerns is good enough for us no matter what the reason may be!

    Mistake #: Not Checking How Your Body Reacts To Dairy

    Can You Drink Coffee Everyday And Still Lose Weight?

    You dont have to be lactose- or casein-intolerant to have a problem with dairy. It can impede weight loss even if youre digesting it with ease. Some dairy like yogurt and whey protein may elevate insulin levels and kick you out of ketosis. Figure out which camp youre in.

    What to do:

    • Measure your ketone levels.;Do this;before and after consuming dairy to see how your body reacts.
    • Stick to high-quality dairy.;Aim for organic or pastured dairy products such as those in this helpful guide.

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    Coffee With Coconut Oil: Glucose Readings


    When we look at our blood glucose readings and how they were affected by the coconut oil, we see that my glucose started at 79 mg/dL and ended at 78 mg/dL.

    Keiths glucose reading at the beginning of the morning was 107 mg/dL and then went up to 120 mg/dL before dropping down to 96 mg/dL at the end.

    So did coconut oil knock us out of ketosis or spike our glucose?

    Were gonna say no, but the 13-point jump that I had right after drinking the coconut coffee was a finding of concern.


    Yeah, and these results were much different than our results with MCT oil.

    MCT oil clearly boosted our ketones and dropped our blood glucose.

    If you are putting coconut oil in your morning coffee, you are most likely not breaking your fast.

    However, we would say you are better off switching to MCT oil. Agree?



    Can I Use Coconut Oil Instead Of Mct Oil In Bulletproof Coffee

    Some people, specifically keto dieters may try and swap ingredients, such as putting pure coconut oil, coconut cream, or even sweetener/stevia for additional flavoring in their morning coffee to make it a more convenient or better-tasting butter coffee recipe.;

    This is ok to do if you choose, but if you want your cup of coffee to be considered bulletproof coffee you need to incorporate the three essential ingredients .;

    Medium-chain triglycerides are fats that can be found in coconut oil. When comparing the coconut oil and MCT oil, they are different.

    An easy way to identify this is MCT oil is a supplement so it contains mostly medium-chain triglycerides whereas coconut oil contains other properties in addition to medium-chain triglycerides.;

    You may find you are receiving more well rounded nutritional value from the MCT food sources like.

    If you would like to incorporate food sources that have MCTs, you should try coconut oil , palm kernel oil or palm oil, and dairy products such as whole milk and butter .

    If you are adding coconut oil in your drink for its medium-chain fatty acids benefit, consider using virgin coconut oil as opposed to regular coconut oil.

    Virgin coconut oil is made from fresh coconuts and unrefined. It generally comes with higher antioxidant content and a stronger coconut flavor.;

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    Keto Coffee With Butter Recipe

    *Affiliate Disclosure: I may be compensated if you purchase through affiliate links on this site. This helps me maintain my site and continue to provide free content and recipes. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. Jump to Recipe

    Keto Coffee Recipe with Butter and MCT Oil helps to banish hunger, increase energy levels, and promote mental clarity for your busy day. Keep reading to reveal how drinking fat coffee can support your ketogenic and low-carb diet.

    Coffee is one of the most popular drinks on the planet, with folks around the globe drinking more than 400 billion cups each year.

    Now, that is a lot of coffee!

    Additionally, black coffee contains fewer than five calories per cup and is zero-carb.

    Which makes it a GREAT choice for those on a low carb or keto diet.;

    So, keep reading to find out how drinking Keto Coffee with butter and MCT oil can support your ketogenic and low carb diet, and help you lose weight.


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