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Where To Find Burlap Coffee Bags

How To Clean Burlap Coffee Bags:


Before I could start making the placemats, I had to do some prep work. Since the burlap coffee bags were authentic and used, they were dirty! This is to be expected and can be remedied with a little hand washing. You dont want to just throw a coffee sack into your washing machine. If you do, the ink from the graphics will fade. I washed one bag at a time, in a deep sink, with a tablespoon of laundry detergent. Then, I spent a lot of time rinsing. To get the excess water out, I then placed the bag on the spin cycle of my washer. For the sake of time, I dried mine on low heat in the dryer. The dryer lint trap will collect a lot of burlap fibers! You could also place the coffee bag inside a pillow case tied shut with a rubber band. Then while drying, the pillow case will hold any loose fibers. The last preparation step was to ironit flat using a hot iron and a little spray starch.

Durable Enough To Be Great For Planting

Made with 9 oz of natural fibers, these 24″ x 40″ large burlap sacks are more durable and stronger than our 22″ x 36″ burlap sacks.

They are durable enough;for use as planters in gardens and allow pots to be reused when planting.

They are great for holding soil and plants inside of flower pots, to protect the pot and extend its lifespan.

Plants include tomato, lettuce, and zucchini, among others.

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    Used Burlap Coffee Bags

    • Print varies by region of origin, Print in photo is for ilustration only.
    • 10 Empty Burlap Coffee Bags
    • These used burlap coffee bags contain different print designs and may contain dirt, stains or residue from storage and transportation of coffee beans. Because of their biodegradability, they can be used for gardening as well as for home decor and craft projects. Burlap Coffee bags are approximately 28″ x 36″.
    • Strong heavy durable fabric
    • All Bags are top cut

    What To Do With Coffee Bag Fabric Scraps:

    Canvas and burlap coffee bean bag crossbody bag with four ...

    When I was finished cutting out my fabric for the placemats, I had some scrap fabric left over. Since I didnt want to waste these small pieces, I came up with a couple of quick small projects.

    My first idea was to make a simple hot pad. When I saw how nice the coffee bags stood up to a very hot iron, I thought wa-la! This burlap is so thick, it would be perfect for a hot pad. And, if I was going to line it too that would just be another layer of protection.

    I just sewed a square of coffee sack together with a square of white burlap, right sides together just like a pillow leaving one side open. Then, I turned it inside out and pressed the linen edge under and sewed in place. Here is the example where I left that thick side seam in place for looks.

    Probably the easiest way to use up a scrap, and maybe the most obvious, is simply to frame a piece. Just cut out a piece from your favorite graphic. Its a creative way to get some unique wall art.

    I have some ideas for more burlap crafts so stay tuned for what I have coming up!

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    How To Make A Placemat Using Burlap Coffee Bags

    Burlap Fabric provided me with the main materials I used in this craft project. The opinions I shared about using these materials are my own, and Burlap Fabric did not tell me what to say or how to say it.

    I love the look of burlap coffee bags! The graphics on these bags are what I like the best. So, when Burlap Fabric contacted me about using some of their product in a craft project, I was pleased to see they offered authentic used burlap coffee bags. I figured I could make some placemats lined with plain white burlap, which they also offered.

    Attaching Closet Dowel To Window Treatment

    9. Flip fabric with liner to right side facing down. Run a bead of hot glue along the top edge of the fabric, then; stick it to the dowel.;

    10. Roll until material meets material, and then adjust to; length of hanging fabric desired.

    You could run another glue bead at the end sticking point as well if desired, but I didnt need to.

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    What To Do With Coffee Sacks

    Priscilla Du Preez / Unsplash

    Coffee sacks are a great source of burlap, which you can use for pretty much anything you can imagine. But they dont just have to be raw material.

    Turn them into grow sacks

    Burlap is seriously useful in the garden. The hardy material can stand up to the weather while still letting your plants drain. Gangsta gardener and master of repurposing, Ron Finley, suggests growing potatoes in them, but he also uses them as a base material in his planter boxes. My girlfriend and I liked how they looked so much, we used them to plant flowers we later put outside the front door.

    Build a pet bed

    If you want a quick and easy pet bed, its hard to beat a coffee sack. Take a clean one, stuff it with a pillow, put it on the ground, and watch your pets flock to it. If you want to take things further, you can sew a zipper to the open side of the sack to seal it up.

    Craft a custom tote bag

    You can use a coffee sack as the base for any fabric-project you like, but a tote bag might be the simplest. After all, youre mostly just adding handles. Depending on your level of skill , you can make a basic tote or go all in and create a gorgeous beach bag. Just make sure to wash your sack first.

    Create some decent decor
    Organize a sack race

    How To Clean A Jute Sack


    The loose hessian weave of most coffee sacks wont survive the washer and dryer, so the best thing to do is hand-wash them in soapy water and leave them to hang dry.

    To eliminate any wrinkles, grab an iron and work out any creases on the highest settingits not a light fabric so it can take a few passes.

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    Burlap Coffee Bean Bags


    We have larger quantities available for purchase as well.; Assorted burlap coffee bean bags with a cut on either the top or bottom of;the sack. Bags are approximately 40″L x 28″W insize.

    100-450 bags are $0.55 per bag

    750-4500 bags are $0.40 per bag

    5500+ bags request a quote

    To get a qoute on your order including shipping call 1-800-249-3741 or email;

    We have larger quantities available for purchase;as well.; Assorted burlap coffee bean bags with a cut on the side of the sack. Bags are approximately 40″L x 28″W in size.

    100-450 bags are $0.50 per bag

    750-4500 bags are $0.35 per bag

    5500+ bags request a quote

    To get a quote on your order including shipping call 1-800-249-3741 or email

    For Heavy Duty Applications

    These rugged burlap sacks are made with a thick weave for heavy-duty applications.

    24″ x 40″ burlap sandbags are tough enough to be used for flood control, as shown in this video by the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection.

    The burlap;bags;are made with a proprietary sewing technique, which reduces the chance of bag rupture.

    From sack racing to storing materials, these large Sandbaggy burlap sacks will do the job.

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    Attach Burlap Bean Sack To Dowel

    5. Remove the wooden closet dowel and lay it across a coffee bean sack. Cut the sack to the width of the dowel.;

    I used 1/2 a sack per shade, however you can add more fabric to yours if you wish for them to hang lower than a typical valance.

    6. Slightly fray all four edges.

    7. Cut a liner of some sort for a backing.;

    The burlap coffee bean bag window treatment is very transparent as-is, so if you wish for the graphics to show up, a liner does the trick. I used a linen material from my stash that was a burlap-like colour.

    Where To Find Coffee Sacks

    Recycled reuseable burlap coffee bag Tote / shopping bag ...

    The simplest way is to ask at a local café that roasts their own beans. Each sack makes around 700 standard cups of coffee, if you were wonderingso even micro-roasters go through a couple of them a week.

    Some roasters will happily give you a few sacks for free, especially if youre a customer. Other slightly more enterprising cafés will charge a couple of bucks for each one or ask for a donation to charity. As a ballpark, the standard price sits somewhere around $1 and $2 per sackI paid less than $10 to have four of them shipped to my door, so if youre spending more than that youll probably want to check other shops for a better deal.

    If youre visiting your roaster in person, youll likely be able to pick out whatever sacks you want, but if you buy them online, youll probably just get a random assortment. If you need to calculate a specific amount of raw material for a project, dont worrythe size is pretty standard so the biggest difference will be the designs printed on the front.

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    How To Make A Placemat

    1. Start by cutting a coffee bag in half to have the two sections of fabric to work with. I cut the back off of a bag just inside the side seam in case I wanted that seam left on for a different type of project, like the hot pad project at the end of this post. I had also used a seam ripper to open up the top fold of the bag to get the most out of the fabric.

    2. Next, I chose where I wanted the pattern of my placemat to be, from the coffee sack, and cut a rectangle 13 inches wide by 17 inches long. I then cut a rectangular piece from my white burlap at 12 1/2 inches wide by 16 1/2 inches long.

    3. From each of the edges of the coffee sack rectangle, I unraveled approximately 1/4 inch by pulling single strands from the edges.

    4. To keep more strands from unraveling and to adhere the white burlap to the coffee sack, I simple sewed the two together with an 1/4 inch seam allowance, back to back.

    5. I wasnt worried about that raw edge because I am cleaning that up with some linen ribbon and fabric glue! It was easy to cut out the lengths of ribbon to match the lengths of the placemat sides. Then I just glued them in place, overlapping in the corners.

    Burlap Is An Inexpensive And Biodegradable Way To Solve A Variety Of Garden Problems

    Burlap sacks can be used in many ways in your home garden. Gardeners often use burlap because of its superior strength, and environmentally friendly composition.

    Burlap is a woven fabric usually made from the jute plant. The skin, or sisal fibers, are woven together to make fabric. Here are four easy ways to use burlap coffee bags in your garden: weed fabric, pest control, liners for plant baskets and containers, and weather protection.

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    Other Funky Window Treatments You May Appreciate:

  • This is such a great ideaMy mind is racing with ideas about what I can transform around here with coffee bean sacksToday I actually recovered my Coastal Style Cane Barstool cushions with cool teatowels$4.00. Im still smiling ;o)

    Tania xx

  • Thank look great Donna! Thrifty and full of charm, my favorite!xo Becca

  • What a cute idea! Ive got a coffee shop in mind that Im gonna ask them if theyd be willing to donate their sacks to me. Fingers crossed.Michael

  • FabulousI really like the hanging trinkets!! So cool!!Hugs

  • You are so wonderfully resourceful! They look marvellous. Well done.Di

  • Great idea Donna. They really look fabulous in your kitchen. Love the little trinkets hanging from them. Great job.

    Hugs, Deb

  • What Is A Burlap Sack Used For

    How to use Coffee bags/burlap for ceiling decoration!

    Burlap sacks are used for sack racing , and storing potatoes, metal parts, hardware, and other materials. Along with potatoes, burlap sacks can be used to store coffee for shipping. Burlap sacks are sewn with a proprietary sewing technique, making them extra durable and suited towards even the fastest, most ambitious sack racers.

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    Liners For Plant Baskets And Containers

    Use burlap coffee bags as a liner for hanging baskets & window boxes to prevent soil from just washing away.

    Burlap helps retain water in highly porous containers such as terra cotta pots. First, take a large rectangle/circle or two or three strips of burlap and line your terra cotta pot. If you are using a single piece, you will want to fold the material so that it fits against the walls of your container. If you are using strips, create a X at the bottom of the pot with the pieces. Your burlap should stop about two inches from the top of your container. Then add a few rocks to the bottom of your pot. The stones will allow the water to flow away from the soil and help prevent root rot. Then add your soil mixture and your plants.

    Remember to have your plant and dirt at least inch from the top of your pot. Your geraniums, marigolds, or other plants will thrive for you to enjoy during its growing season.

    Burlap & Lace Table Runner

    For a fall wedding, or a thanksgiving dinner, or just for daily usage this burlap and lace table runner could be your new favorite item! Heres the DIY instructions.

    What do you think of these burlap sack uses? Did we miss any? Share with us in the comments!

    Want to see how to make a burlap tote bag? Watch the video tutorial from spoolsandbobbins:

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    The Finished Window Treatment Shades

    11. Hang up the shade and you have yourself some pretty cute burlap coffee bean bag window treatments!

    If you are finding that the blinds want to unroll, heres how to stop that:

    • predrill a small hole into the side of one closet bracket
    • insert a screw that punctures the bracket until it reaches the dowel

    I added a few junky trinkets as pulls just for fun!;

    Then add a few green faux plants for a no upkeep window area and

    go decorate the rest of the kitchen to work with your new windows of course. Im on it.

    Think youll try a few?!


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