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Can My Coffee Table Be Higher Than My Couch

How To Add Taller Legs To A Coffee Table

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Coffee tables are short, usually no higher than 16 to 18 inches. But some of the more contemporary tables range up to 20 inches in height. If your table is one of the shorter variety, you don’t have to live with it. It’s a relatively simple task to add taller legs. Coffee tables are usually built with simple parts that come off as fast as they went on. You can remodel that tiny table and add new legs in about an hour. Using stain and lacquer, however, will require some drying time.


Turn the coffee table upside down. Using a drill/driver, remove all the screws and brackets from the underside. If everything doesn’t come right off, use a rubber mallet to bump the legs or braces to loosen the glue and then lift everything off. If anything else, such as small blocks, is nailed on, pry it off with a screwdriver.


Measure one of the 2-by-2-inch legs and subtract 1 1/2-inches to get the new height. For example, if you want the top of the table to measure 20 inches, the leg measurement will be 18 1/2 inches. Use a miter saw to cut the legs at the measurement.


Sand and round all of the corners and edges of the legs using 100-grit sandpaper. Stain and lacquer the legs as needed.


Insert a 3/16-inch bit into a drill/driver. Drill four holes in each piece of 3/4-by-6-by-6-inch hardwood plywood. Drill the holes 1 inch from each corner diagonally. Drill two more holes centered on the plywood, 3/4 inch apart.


Signs Your Coffee Table Is Too Small

If you have already purchased your coffee table and are wondering if it is too small, then this section will be helpful to you. Below, we will examine the signs that your coffee table is too small.

Your Back is Hurting

Your back will be the first to let you know that your coffee table is too small. When your table is too small, you will find yourself reaching and straining to use it. So, if the lower back pain kicks in when you sit down to use your table, chances are its too small and needs to be switched out.

The Room Feels Empty

A room without a large enough coffee table feels empty. When you walk into the room, it may feel like something is missing. If you see more floor than anything when you sit down in your living room, it could be that your coffee table is dollhouse-sized

There is Not Enough Room for Your Things

If your coffee table is too small, youll find yourself rearranging things often. This could be because you just dont have enough space for your things. Since your coffee table should fit your needs , it should be large enough for you to use it how you prefer.

Ultimately, if you feel like your coffee table is too small, it probably is. At that point, you should take action to make your space more comfortable and functional.

Make Your Small Coffee Table Bigger

Reading about how your coffee table is too small can be discouraging if you dont have the means to go and buy a bigger one right now. Luckily, there are ways to make your small coffee table bigger without spending cash on a totally new one.

The procedure that you need to follow will depend on whether the problem concerns your coffee tables width or height.

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Make Your Coffee Table Wider

The quickest fix for a coffee table that is not wide enough is to add another table on the side of it. This will increase the tables area until you find a long-term solution in the form of a larger coffee table. If you are able to find a table that is similar in height and color to your existing coffee table, that would be ideal.

To make your makeshift table look more put together, you could put a mat over it to cover up the separation between the two tables.

Using A Side Table As A Coffee Table

Live Edge Wood Coffee Table. First Post! : DIY

If you are considering using a side table as a coffee table, you can do that. However, how well this will work depends on your specific side table, as not every side table will do. The side table should be both high enough and wide enough to meet your needs. If you happen to have a side table that works, you can definitely use it.

If you have two side tables, you can put them together to make your makeshift coffee table wider and more functional.

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Tips For Decorating A Room With A Small Coffee Table

Even if you know that your coffee table is too small, there are some things that you can do to make your small coffee table work. The following list will give you some helpful tips:

  • Ensure balance. If your coffee table is small and you have no intention of purchasing another one, you can change up other parts of your living room to help with balance. For instance, you can incorporate side tables on the side of each of your couches, or you can bring in other pieces of furniture to fill in empty space.
  • Mind your rug. If your coffee table is small, make sure that you havent paired it with an oversized rug. Your coffee table and rug should be proportionate. Choose a small-to-medium rug to draw attention away from the fact that your coffee table is small.
  • Create a multi-piece table. Who says that you cant have multiple coffee tables? If the one that you have is too small, you can add one right next to it or in front of another couch .
  • Push your furniture closer to the table. Furniture does not have to be against a wall. If your tiny table is far away from your furniture, this can look awkward. Moving your furniture closer to your table can make your room decor feel a lot more cohesive.
  • Choose a smaller couch. Addressing the scale of your furniture can make a lot of difference. To make your existing table look larger, you can consider pairing it with smaller furniture. For instance, a loveseat would look much better with a tiny coffee table than a traditional sofa would.

Can A Side Table Be Higher Than The Sofa

4.2/5tablessofastablestaller than the sofatable

Subsequently, one may also ask, how tall should side table be next to couch?

End Table Size Guidelines

  • End Table Height. End tables should be within two inches of a sofa’s arm height.
  • Tip! The bottom of a lampshade shouldn’t fall higher than eye level when you’re seated on the sofa or chair that’s placed next to the lamp.
  • End Table Width. The average width of an end table is between 16″ 22″.

Beside above, should End Tables be the same height as the couch? With the arms of the average couch at 25 inches, this means that end tables may sit above the end of the couch. The end table should be equal to or lower than the highest point of the arm. End tables that are lower than the arm should be taller than the height of the seat cushions.

In respect to this, can my coffee table be higher than my couch?

RULE: Your coffee table should be at least half the length of your sofa. RULE: Your coffee table should be no more than 4higher or shorter than the top of your sofa seat cushions. To avoid the awkward visual of having your coffee table too high or low in relation to your sofa’s seat cushion use the 4-inch rule.

Should your coffee table be lower than your couch?

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Can An End Table Be Higher Than A Couch

Yes, an end table can be higher than a couch. Lets discuss when and why it should be higher and when its better to have a lower table. Read on!

This is a question that has been asked many times, and the answer is yes. End tables are typically lower than couches, but there are exceptions to this rule. The height of an end table can be higher than a couch if it is on a raised platform or if the couch is on the ground.

How tall should end tables be? There are various possible scenarios if end tables are taller than two inches above the arms or shorter than two inches below the armrest on your couch. However, if you are not sitting back on the couch, it is okay for end tables to be slightly higher than whatever height the armrests are.

Loveseat As Only Couch

Transforming Coffee Table | Coffee to Dining Table in Seconds

My home has a footprint of 12′ x 25′, with the first floor including an open floor plan living room & kitchen.

I have a standard size couch. I’ve moved the couch around several times during my 16 years in this house, and I think the current location, under the window, against the front of the house makes the most sense, but it’s so bulky. I looked into getting an “apartment sized” couch & discovered that that’s basically what I have!

Would it be odd to have a loveseat as my one & only couch? Do you think that would make the most sense for me?

*note: my kitchen is currently undergoing a remodel. The peninsula & table visible in the photo are/will be gone, and a 30″ round table w/ two dining chairs will be my eating area & will be placed near where the scratching post is in the photo, on the left.

I live alone with two cats, and only occasionally casually entertain.

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Mistake: Not Adjusting For Height

When arranging living room furniture, keep in mind that the accent table sizes should correspond to the height of your sofa. Coffee tables, for example, should reach about the same level as the top of the couch cushions. For end tables, base the ideal height on the sofa arms so items on the table are easy to access. This will help you create a balanced furniture arrangement that’s convenient for everyday use.

Can A Coffee Table Height Be Higher Than A Couch

Coffee tables serve a number of functions in a living room or den and come in many different sizes and styles. However, despite the variety of tables available, one general guideline exists: The couch should stand higher than the coffee table.

Fortunately, there are solutions that allow you to get around this rule when the need arises.

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Why Are Coffee Tables Shorter Than Sofas

There are several reasons why it makes sense for coffee tables to be shorter than sofas. Interestingly, when coffee tables were used by the Victorians, they were taller than sofas, at a height similar to that of the back of the sofa seat. These tables were positioned behind the sofa, and as the name suggests, they were used to keep mugs of coffee on.

Over time different influences have resulted in the coffee tables we have today being kept in the center of multiple sofas and being of a low height. One possible reason for this is the Japanese influence. In Japan, tables often have a low height as they are used for dining, and the diners sit on the ground.

For the way we live and socialize today, coffee tables are generally shorter than sofas for the following reasons.

What Is The Perfect Height Of A Coffee Table

Got a new tv stand and the wood is a lot lighter in person ...

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Is it even a living room without a coffee table!

Coffee tables came into the limelight during the Victorian era, and their popularity has only grown since then. Owing to their multi-purpose utility, it comes as no surprise that they have become more of a necessity than a luxury.

However, choosing the right table isnt something you can do in an instant. So that it serves its purpose without requiring you to strain your muscles, your preferred coffee table should be of the right height. The question then becomes what is the ideal height?

To answer this, weve curated a comprehensive yet easy guide that will help you to calculate the perfect height for your coffee table.

Without further ado, lets begin!

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Is My Coffee Table Too High

So, when choosing a coffee table that’s taller than your couch, you want to try to keep it within four inches of the height of your seat cushions. If it’s too tall, it will start to look like you have a dining room table in the middle of your living room which is not a good look.

Accordingly, how high should my coffee table be?

The height of a coffee table is important. It should be no lower than 1-2 inches from the seat of your couch. The standard height for a table is 16-18 inches and pairs well with a typical sized couch. A higher sofa requires a taller table, one that is 20-21 inches in height.

Also Know, can End Tables be higher than couch? End tables for living rooms are usually 25 to 30 inches tall, but the arm height of most sofas is 25 inches, which means most end tables are taller than the sofa arm, he said. Your guests should be able to place a martini on the table without reaching up to the heavens.

how can I make my coffee table taller?

How to Raise Up Coffee Tables

  • Measure the top of your coffee table and purchase a glass table topper the same size as your table surface and as thick as possible.
  • Place small rubber or wooden spacers or “feet” under the glass on top of the table surface at the corners.
  • Set glass over the table and check the new height.
  • How can I make my sofa higher?

    There are multiple options to make your couch taller.

  • Add Different Legs. Many couches have the same type of leg: a short peg with a 1/2-inch bolt extending from the top.
  • How Big Should A Coffee Table Be

    Your home would not be complete if you dont have the right coffee table to match your existing decorations. A Coffee Table is great for entertaining guests and displaying your books and arts. It serves as a place to rest your tired feet and relax after a busy day at work.

    So how big should your coffee table be? A coffee table should be big enough to be positioned 12 to 18 inches away from all adjacent sofas and chairs. It should be 2/3 the length of the adjacent sofas. The height of the coffee table should match the height of the sofa cushions.To better understand, let us first define what a coffee table is. And then we can discuss in detail how you can find the perfect coffee table for your home.

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    Mistake: Using Too Much Furniture

    Less is more when it comes to furniture arranging, especially in small spaces. Trying to cram in too many furnishings can quickly overrun a small living room, making it feel crowded and chaotic. Instead, choose a handful of quality, low-profile pieces that will fill the area while leaving plenty of open space in between items.

    The Width Of Your Main Couch

    D.I.Y. Wooden Sofa Arm Table – D.I.Y. Bunnings Warehouse

    The width of your prominent couch gives you yet another guideline for choosing a coffee table that isnt too small. If you have an extra-wide 96 couch, a 20-inch wide coffee table would not only look odd, but it wouldnt provide much in the way of functionality.

    When youre entertaining guests, and everyone is seated, if your coffee table is only a fourth of the width of your couch, only a couple of your guests will have access to the table. This is precisely why the guideline mentioned earlier is so important. If you are using your coffee table at all, it should be large enough to get some use out of it.

    Conversely, if you live in a small apartment or studio and your couch is small, you can get away with a small coffee table. In cases like this, you may not need to worry at all about whether your table is too small- the concern then is to make sure the couch is small enough to fit within your space.

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    Consider Your Own Needs

    Of course, when choosing the right coffee table for you or your family, you should consider your lifestyle. Do you need a piece with a lot of storage? Consider a storage piece. Are you one to play board games in the living room constantly? Make sure it’s a comfortable piece to gather around. Do you have a tendency to put your feet up on the coffee table when watching TV? Maybe an ottoman is a better option for you.

    As for coffee tables that are kid-friendly, opt for a piece that has no sharp edges and isn’t made of glass. There are enough horror stories of kids breaking glass tops to know it’s NOT a good idea.

    Where Do You Hang Pictures Above A Couch

    How high should I hang my picture? When hanging above a couch, the bottom of your artwork or frame should hang 8 to 10 above the back of the sofa. It is important to hang your artwork low enough so you can enjoy it while you are sitting.


    8 Things To Store In The Cabinet Above The StoveFood items. … Glassware. … Food Storage Containers. … Salad Spinners, Cuttings, and Mixing Bowls. … Coffee mugs and Tea Mugs. … Cooking Oils. … Cutting Board. … Packets or Tea and Coffee.

    Ryan Shillington

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