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How Do I Make Irish Coffee

What Is The Irish Coffee

How to Make an Irish Coffee

Irish coffee is a hot drink, consisting of black coffee with Irish whiskey, whipped cream, and brown sugar. This coffee is said to have been invented in Ireland as a boost for tired travelers in the 1940s. Today, Irish coffee is served in a special mug. It is often consumed as a combination of dessert, coffee, and after-dinner drinks.

Use Two Sugars For Better Irish Coffee

A combination of granulated sugar and brown sugar makes for a cup of joe with balanced sweetness. Just a teaspoon of each keeps the cup from being cloying, which the molasses brings the whiskeys own sweetness to the forefront. Use unsweetened whipped cream to keep the sweetness contained in the coffee and avoid a sugar hangover later in the day.

Tips For Making The Best Irish Coffee

  • Use fresh coffee. If you brewed some this morning and its gotten cold in the pot, brew a fresh pot. This makes a difference.
  • Make a variation! Serve it on ice instead of warm to give it a fun twist! Transform it into Baileys Coffee by using Irish Cream instead of Irish whiskey.
  • While I love my daily coffee, I cant drink anything but decaf after noon.
  • Sweeten your coffee to taste. If this drink is too bitter with just 1 teaspoon of sugar, add another to make it work for your tastebuds!
  • Make your own whipped cream. It doesnt take much time, and the flavor and texture are so much better than the kind youd get from a tub or a spray bottle.

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How To Make The Best Irish Coffee In The World

The year is 1943. In a popular restaurant at the Foynes Fying Boat Airbase, in County Limerick, Joe Sheridan, the head chef, is faced with a pack of disgruntled passengers. Their Atlantic flight was delayed due to stormy weather. Sheridan tops up their coffees with a healthy dose of whiskey and brown sugar and whipped cream to soothe their nerves. The world’s first Irish coffee.

From there, the drink has travelled around the world and back. Before a wedding? Have an Irish coffee. About to set off in search of the summer sun? Start your holiday with an Irish coffee. Sad days and happy nights, grand events and cosy greetings: the Irish coffee is a perfect addition.

But capturing that St. Paddy’s day coffee with a kick is harder than it looks. What whisky? How much sugar? And how do you get the cream to float on top?

Don’t fret. Here at Presto, we’ve got all the answers. You’ll know how to make Irish coffee in no time.

Which Coffee Should You Use

How to Make Irish Coffee

Alin explains that to brew an outstanding Irish coffee, you naturally need to find high-quality coffee. He tells me that his personal choice is a natural Ethiopian, generally brewed with a Chemex.

While individual preferences differ, most recipes recommend using a coffee that complements the drink instead of overpowering it. This often means avoiding espresso, as its intensity can make the drink too bitter.

Ultimately, however, Alin says that its the use of Irish whiskey that sets the Irish coffee apart from other drinks.

Alin says: There are quite a few other cocktails that use alcohol, coffee, and cream. Its easy for everyone to guess their origins: Irish coffee, White Russian, Café Brasileiro, and so on.

The uniqueness of Irish coffee is in the ratio of coffee to alcohol. To get a good result, its strongly recommended you use an Irish whiskey.

John agrees, saying: We use Tullamore D.E.W. blended Irish whiskey, and Peerless Coffee blends a Buena Vista organic coffee for us. The combination makes for a delicious, smooth flavour.

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How To Craft An Irish Coffee

We had assumed that crafting an Irish Coffee would be difficult. Its not except for one step whipping the cream to a light batter-like consistency. After attempting this step with a whisk, we pulled out our immersion hand blender for the win.

These are all of the tools we used to craft Irish Coffees:

Discover 10 necessary bar tools for lazy mixologists.

Once youre ready to craft an Irish Coffee at home, the first step is to heat your Irish Coffee glass. This step insures that your coffee will stay hot while you sip it.

The most efficient technique is to pour boiling water into the glass and let it sit for a minute or two before discarding the water into the sink.

Fun FactWe often use this same technique to warm our coffee mugs in the morning.

Once your glass is warm, measure two teaspoons of brown sugar and dump them into the glass.

Pro TipYou can use granulated white sugar instead of brown sugar in a pinch. However, we prefer the rich, deep molasses flavor that brown sugar adds to the cocktail.

Pour freshly brewed hot coffee into the glass.

Pro TipIf your coffee isnt hot, you can give it a quick 30 to 40 second warm-up in the microwave.

Measure Irish whiskey and pour it into the glass.

WarningOur recipe calls for a healthy amount of Irish whiskey. After all, its a boozy beverage.

Mix the brown sugar, hot coffee and Irish whiskey until the sugar dissolves. This step should take about 10 seconds.

Floating the cream sounds difficult but its actually easy.

History Of Irish Coffee

Irish coffee originated in the 1940s. It is curious how, although coffee has been combined with liquor since practically the beginning of the century, it was not until well into the latter that this cocktail, which has ended up being one of the most popular, was first consumed.

Irish coffee comes about almost by chance, as an anecdote. The culprit was Joe Sheridan, a modest employee at Shannon airport in Ireland. In the middle of winter, one of the PanAm flights was severely delayed. To ease the cold and the waiting of the passengers, this good man decided to combine coffee and whisky and offer it to the suffering customers.

Years later, the American writer Stanton Delaplane tried this unknown Irish Coffee at the aforementioned Shannon airport and was so satisfied that he decided to imitate it and market it in the United States as well. From then on, the story is well known.

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What Exactly Is Irish Coffee

John Jeide is a bartender at the Buena Vista Café in San Francisco. He says their world-famous recipe hasnt changed since its introduction in 1952.

John explains that Buena Vistas recipe consists of four basic ingredients: Irish whiskey, freshly brewed coffee, sugar, and heavy whipping cream.

While its normally made with Irish whiskey for its smooth flavour, he says customers sometimes ask for Baileys cream liqueur or Tuaca instead.

John serves the drink in a tempered glass thats narrow at the bottom and wider on top, which he says are the perfect proportions for a coffee cocktail.

First you warm your glass with boiling water, to keep the coffee hot after adding the whiskey, he says. Then, tilt the water out of the glass and pour in coffee until the glass is about three quarters full. Add two lumps of sugar, stir, then add your whiskey.

Finally, use the back of a spoon to layer hand-whipped cream on top. Sip the hot coffee through the cold cream.

What youre left with is a satisfying combination of hot, cold, bitter, and sweet with a layer of rich hand-whipped cream. Sometimes the cream is fortified to stop it from melting, which keeps it floating on the drinks surface.

What Is Irish Coffee

How to Make a Perfect Irish Coffee

An Irish Coffe is a caffeinated cocktail thats crafted with Irish whiskey, hot coffee and brown sugar. Its then topped with a thick layer of whipped cream. If you think this combination sounds decadent, you are correct.

However, dont assume that its challenging to craft an Irish Coffee at home. Although its creamy top layer looks difficult to achieve, our Irish Coffee recipe is entirely doable for novice mixologists who may or not also be lazy mixologists.

In other words, if we can craft an Irish Coffee so can you!

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Tips On How To Make Irish Coffee At Home

Use a good whiskey, I like Jameson. Theres a ton of different options but Ive found that a good whiskey is a key to this drink!

Try using a strong coffee, I once made this drink with a milk coffee and it wasnt the same! Trust me!

Use a combination of granulated sugar and brown sugar to give this drink the perfect sweetness.

Irish Coffee How It Is Prepared

Finally, if you want to make a good Irish coffee with attention to detail and approach the work of a professional barista, take note of the following advanced tips:

  • How do you make a three-colour Irish coffee? Avoid mixing the liquids. For them, help yourself with a teaspoon when serving the coffee over the whisky in the glass. Pour the coffee on the spoon, and not directly on the whisky, to make one slide over the other.
  • Use a transparent glass of the right size, so that the cream is just at the edge of the glass.
  • Stir the sugar well with the whisky in the saucepan, so that it dissolves well and there are no loose grains.
  • Warm the glass before serving the ingredients. Just fill it with hot water, wait a few seconds, and then pour the water out.

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How To Use Irish Cream

  • Sip it on the rocks for a sweet after-dinner cordial.
  • Drizzle over ice cream or bread puddings. For an extra touch, shave dark chocolate on top.
  • Substitute for heavy cream in a White Russianthats an instant Mudslide.
  • Try a new type of boozy brunch: The next time you make French toast, add up to 2 oz. of Irish cream to the egg-milk mixture and cut back on the milk by an equal amount. Mix well, then dip your bread into the batter and cook as normal.
  • Blend it into homemade chocolate mousse. Try about 1 to 2 oz. for every 4 oz. of chocolate in the recipe. Whip it with the heavy cream and fold into the chocolate as normal.
  • Rather than basic creamer, stir a little into your coffee.
  • Even better, make an Irish cream variation on the classic Irish coffee. Try using all Irish cream in place of Irish whiskey, or using equal parts of each. Or whip a few tablespoons of Irish cream with the heavy cream and use this to garnish your cocktail. The recipe below provides a starting point for experimentation.

The Perfect Cup Of Irish Coffees From Start To Finish

Best Irish Coffee Recipe

The perfect cup of Irish coffee is a drink that balances the flavors of both coffee and whiskey.

Irish coffees are made with hot coffee, whiskey, sugar, and whipped cream. The person making the drink will pour a shot of hot coffee into a mug then add an ounce or two of whiskey. They will then add 2 teaspoons of sugar to sweeten it up. Finally, they will top the mug off with whipped cream and garnish it with ground cinnamon or nutmeg .

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Variations On The Original

While there is no single best version, there are quite a few variations on this popular drink. Here are a few of them!

Baileys Recipe This version uses Baileys Irish Cream instead of whiskey and is sweeter with a fuller body.

Buena Vista Recipe This version, named after the California restaurant that popularized the coffee drink, uses two sugar cubes for the sweetener and is topped with lightly whipped cream.

Kahlua Recipe This one is simple: Kahlua, hot coffee, and Irish Whiskey or Baileys. For an extra flavor boost, top the whipped cream with chocolate shavings, which really make the Kahlua flavor pop.

Irish Cream Coffee This one uses half Irish whiskey and half Baileys. Its topped with a Maraschino cherry, adding a splash of color.

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If youre as excited about coffee recipes as we are, head over to our recipes library here. And if its the boozy nature of this drink thats getting you excited hold onto your panties heres our ultimate list of coffee cocktails right here.

The Greatest Irish Coffee Recipe In The World

Before we begin, let’s start with a top tip: preheat your mug. Boil up the kettle and fill it up. Then, let it warm through whilst you start brewing your coffee.

You’ll need:

  • 130 mL of coffee
  • 40 mL of Irish Whiskey
  • 2 tsp Demerara sugar
  • A big dollop of heavy whipped cream

What to do:

  • Start by preheating your mug. Then, brew up your coffee. Fill the mug about ¾ full with coffee.
  • Stir in the demerara sugar, ensuring it all dissolves completely into the coffee.
  • Add the Irish whiskey. Stick to 40 mL for a standard strength. Depending on how jolly you feel, go plus or minus 10 mL.
  • Finally, top with a healthy dollop of cream. Try not to break the coffee’s surface as you place it on or pour.
  • Drink and enjoy!
  • There are also a few variations you can try. Here are our favourites:

    • Irish Cream Coffee: The old half-and-half pour in half Irish whiskey and half Bailey’s. Then, top with a Maraschino cherry.
    • Bailey’s Irish Coffee: If you love a creamy hot drink, skip the whiskey and go all-in on Bailey’s. As an after-dinner beverage, they don’t come any richer.

    Buena Vista Irish Coffee: Two sugar cubes. Lightly whipped cream poured over the back of a spoon. Trust us this one’s something special.

    And there you go. The best Irish coffee, this side of Dublin. Just add a roaring fire, friends and family and plenty of craic!

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    How Strong Is The Irish Coffee

    When made with an 80-proof whiskey in the measurements given in the recipe, the Irish coffee is relatively gentle at right around 9 percent ABV . While the alcohol effect may be minimal, drinking Irish coffee will keep some people awake. If you don’t usually drink caffeine at night, use decaffeinated coffee.

    How To Make Classic Irish Coffee

    How to Make Irish Coffee – Very Easy!!

    Irish coffee is a cocktail of sweetened coffee, Irish whiskey, and whipped cream that is not only acceptable but also expected as a morning treat on holidays. Sure, St. Paddys Day sees a lot of Irish coffees, but we also enjoy them on Black Friday and on both Christmas Eve and Christmas morning. Last December, assistant food editor Sheela shared her uncles rules for making the very best Irish coffee and, being the curious cook I am, I had to give his method a try. Just a few key points made for a better Irish coffee that is perfect for celebrating the everyday.

    In the most general of terms youll need some hot coffee, sugar , Irish whiskey, and some whipped cream. The coffee plays a supporting role to the other key components, so brew up your favorite bean and make sure its hot before beginning.

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    How To Make The Perfect Irish Coffee

    Irish Coffee is a favourite winter drink around the world, the perfect way to warm up and relax after a long, hard day.

    The mixture of brown sugar, freshly brewed coffee, cream and Irish whiskey combine to produce a silky smooth, refreshing treat.

    However, it is easy to get the preparation of the drink wrong, and not do the classic beverage justice. Many people are unsure of which order the ingredients should be added, and exactly what measures of whiskey and cream are needed.

    Why I Love This Recipe:

    This Irish Coffee recipe is a classic for a reason, and Im so excited to be sharing this recipe with yall today. Its incredibly comforting, simple and delicious.

    Also, chances are you have most of the Irish coffee ingredients at your home already!

    I mean who wouldnt love the combination of hot, freshly brewed, sweetened coffee with a shot of Irish whiskey and homemade whipped cream?

    This coffee cocktail always hits the spot, and no matter the time of day you make it, its tasty.

    The key to succeeding at making an Irish Coffee is tasting your coffee and adding the sweetness you need before adding the whiskey and whipped cream, so keep that in mind!

    Need inspiration for March 17? Head on over to my St. Patricks Day recipe index for ideas!

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    How To Prepare An Irish Coffee In 4 Steps

    To know how to prepare Irish coffee, it is important not only to have the ingredients mentioned but to prepare them in the right order. If you do not follow the order of the steps, the final taste of our Irish coffee will not be the same. And the established order is purposely designed to make sure that the hot ingredients cool down and the whole set ends up at the perfect temperature.

    Lets get started:

  • Whip the cream. It should be thick, but not completely whipped. The irrefutable proof is to ensure that it does not fall off the spoon.
  • Heat the whisky. Put it in a saucepan with the sugar, and be patient. Pour it into the glass just before it reaches boiling point.
  • Pour the two freshly made espressos into the glass, and mix them well with the whisky.
  • Finally, add the cream you prepared in the first step. Do not mix it with the coffee and the whisky: the cream must crown the whole.
  • The 5 Key Elements Of Irish Coffee

    Recipe for the Best Irish Coffee Made with Fresh Whipped Cream

    The CoffeeSome people prefer light roast Colombian java while others only drink dark French roast, and you can pick pretty much any coffee for your cocktail. Although Morgan Carney, general manager and bar manager of Bostons Grafton Street, uses an extra bold roast, hes also used Americano and, for an iced version, cold brew. Flavored coffees are fine too, but if you go that route, the flavor of the coffee will be the dominant feature of the drink as opposed to the whiskey, says Kieran Aherne, regional manager at Fado Irish Pub. In that case, he advises, you may want to add less sugar. Whatever your preference, for classic Irish coffee, your joe needs to be HOT. Boil water and let it sit inside the glass for about 30 seconds. Then immediately add the hot coffee after you toss out that water. This will keep the glass hot and prevent your drink from cooling too quickly.

    The WhiskeyFor this cocktail, Irish whiskey is a given. While Jameson and Tullamore D.E.W. are often used, you can choose any brand. The go-to whiskey at Grafton Street is Glendalough Double Barrel, which adds a peppery kick to the drink. Most of the time, youll want to choose a blended whiskey, rather than single malt or pot still, whose more robust flavors would overpower the drink. Just remember to adjust the amount and type of sweetener and cream you use to suit the flavor profile of the whisky and achieve a balanced drink.

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