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Where To Buy Flavia Coffee Machine

Flavia Fusion Drinks Station


Flavia Fusion

I have a Flavia Fusion single brew coffee maker and love it. It uses coffee packets, not cups. They are vaccum packed and always fresh. The Columbian coffee is out of this world. I’ve had coffee from a Keurig and it was not as good.The Flavia is so easy to use. Makes great coffee, tea, expresso, capuccino, hot chocolate and they also have recipes for mixing different coffees with mixes such as MilkyWay. Or take their Blueberry Balance Tea and mix it with pineapple juice. Teas consist of black tea, green tea, herbal teas, and some very unusual teas.Because the Brewing Head is adjustable in height , it’s so easy in the summer to make a glass of ice tea. Fill the glass with ice cubes and brew the tea right into the glass. Also the Flavia packets are less expensive than the K-cups. 100 Columbian packets for $32.70 from Top Ten Coffees. The coffee pot also has a built in water filter that is easy to change. I find that I don’t have to change it but once every six months and I’m not even sure I need to change it then. I’m surprised the Flavia hasn’t caught on more. It’s a wonderful drink maker. Editor’s Note: You can buy the Flavia Fusion Drinks Station here.

The Freshest Drinks Consistently Time After Time

Flavia machines benefit from a unique brewing process which ensures no cross-over in flavour from one drink to the next.

Flavia Freshpack technology: Freshest ingredients are sealed inside our patented Freshpack and flushed with nitrogen to prevent oxidisation.

This unique process locks in the taste and aroma until the moment it is served. Only water passes through the machine, so theres no cross contamination; no coffee taste to spoil your peppermint tea; and cleaning takes a fraction of the time required with other machines.

KSV are an appointed Lavazza Professional Platinum Partner, and Main Distributor for the Flavia range of quality machines and premium drinks. Why not join the thousands of happy customers that have chosen KSV as their Flavia supplier, and benefit from over 30 years of experience, and the unrivaled level of good old fashioned customer service we have built our valued reputation on.

Flavia Coffee Machine Types

There are different styles of Flavia machines designed for office use. A full-service commercial coffee maker;can brew a couple of drinks at the same time, including coffee, cappuccinos, and espressos. They accommodate different-size cups so the brim of the mug sits at the correct distance from the beverage spout for mess-free pouring. Some have a detailed LCD menu screen, and users only need to press a few buttons to obtain a large range of drinks. Smaller machines that brew a single cup at a time, taking a minute or two a cup are ideal for small businesses.

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Final Thoughts On The Flavia Coffee Makers

Overall, Flavia Coffee Makers are mostly reliable and dependable, their single serve espresso machine options are great for offices. However, if youre buying a coffee brewer for home-use, Ill recommend that you go for other brands.

All-in-all, the main advantages of this brands coffee machine is that its easy to use, and in most cases, easy to clean. It comes with a user-friendly interface that easily removes the guesswork when you use this machine. Lastly, youll be able to make coffee and other drinks very quickly and without any hassle.

Flavia Brewers Are Designed With Hygiene In Mind

File:Flavia coffee machine.JPG
  • None of our drink ingredients are ever touched by our manufacturing team.
  • With our specialized production process, none
  • of our coffees are exposed to oxygen or the open-airwhich protects from airborne germs.
  • Our Freshpacks stay sealed until the moment theyre brewedso theres no exposure to air and germsand they remain as fresh as the day they were packed.*

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About The Flavia Machine Range

These compact stylish systems are perfect for staff or customer use and are equally at home in the main office, reception area, meeting rooms or retail environment; in-fact anywhere that requires quality refreshments at the push of a button.

Small but powerful, these table top machines can cope with up to 50 staff and at the same time are cost effective for fewer than 5 users. With 20+ drink options including Bean to cup quality roast and ground coffees, fine leaf teas, herbal and green teas, cappuccinos, lattes, mocha, espresso and hot chocolate, there is something for everyone!

Larger offices often site numerous machines around the building, giving more points of access and refreshments closer to where staff need it. Happy and refreshed staff are productive staff!

Flexibility is one of the greatest assets of the Flavia range of hot drinks machines. They can be hand filled or plumbed to the mains. Due to the compact size, they can be sited almost anywhere and;are designed to be able to stand on a kitchen worktop and fit under most standard height kitchen cupboards. Perhaps it could go in your office kitchen to replace your overworked kettle!

Flavia Coffee Machine Sustainability

Mars Drinks believes in helping to conserve the environment and the people in it. The company has a recycling program for Flavia coffee packets, and the Flavia coffee makers themselves are also recyclable. The machines are water- and energy-efficient, which saves money and assists in protecting the environment. Ingredients used in the coffee come from small farms in low-income communities.

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Flavia Machine Flavor Packets

Mars Drinks coffee machines are similar to Keurig® coffee makers in that they brew a single cup of coffee. Mars Drinks uses Flavia coffee packets. They have a screw top that twists open to reveal a nozzle. The nozzle attaches to a groove in the machine. This is different from Keurig K-Cups®, but just as simple to use. Users only need to hit a button or two to choose the type of drink and then wait a minute for the beverage to pour into the waiting cup. There are many flavors to choose from, including:

  • Light, medium, and dark coffee in hazelnut, French vanilla, and pumpkin spice flavors
  • Black and green teas in flavors such as chai, lemon, jasmine, and earl grey.
  • Hot chocolate for employees with a sweet tooth
  • Milk froth that creates a fluffy topping on cappuccinos and lattes

Here Are The Top 7 Sites From Where To Buy Flavia Coffee Maker

My Flavia Coffee Maker Demo: How To Make A Latte With My Flavia

Flavia machines are designed for the office use or keeping the cooperative areas in mind. Flavia creates one of the best coffee makers in the world with negotiable prices. The flavia creation 500 is the most famous coffee maker. It supports lots of beverages and brews with the pure taste. Flavors like lattes, cappuccinos, hot chocolates and a whole range of fresh leaf teas can be made through flavia coffee maker with the perfect taste. Flavia coffee maker has the new amazing feature that allows it to spume any fresh milk including non-diary directly into the coffee maker.

The new tap and brew app allows you to operate with the flavia coffee maker through your smartphones directly without any physical effort on the coffee maker. The latest Flavia Creation 600 has all the new updates in it which takes it to another level.

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Technology For The Workplace

When Flavia manufactured these coffee machines, they focused on the workplace/office audience. While the coffee makers can make a wide variety of drinks with a push of a single button, and in most cases, its also fairly compact and wont make a mess.

The Flavia Coffee Makers are reliable, easy to use, easy to clean and maintain, and are built to last with more than a year between service calls.

If you need that quick caffeine fix such as a couple of lattes or an espresso before your next meeting but have limited time, then a Flavia machine is the answer you have been looking for. Simply place in a fresh pack of your favorite drink and you are good to go.

How Do You Read Flavia Expiration Dates

/ How Do You Read Flavia Expiration Dates?

Posted January 3, 2011byAlex

Alterra Coffee and Bright Tea packets carry long shelf lives of eight months to a year, and as the largest distributor in our area, we turn over our inventory in about a week. Still, thanks to the confusing expiration date code, we sometimes get asked if we are selling outdated or expired product. Heres how you can check the shelf life yourself:

Alterra Coffee Case

The key to understanding Mars Drinks coding is to understand that the printed date is a sell-by date, in year-month-date format. Specifically, such that 11.08.16 represents a sell-by date of August 16th, 2011.

Flavia Alterra Bright Tea Packet Date Codes

Follow these links to learn more about Alterra Coffee and Bright Tea, or to learn more about how to get a Flavia brewer free trial. Already have a Flavia? Order now!

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Enjoy Each Delicious Drink Fresh From Bean To Pack To Cup Brewing Directly In Your Cup With No Cross

Only fresh hot water makes contact with ingredients in a Freshpack avoiding ingredient and allergen cross-over.

Ingredients are protected from exposure to oxygen, moisture and the open air keeping your drink as fresh as possible.

Just the right volume of water, at the perfect temperature ensuring maximum flavour and reduces energy waste.

Flavia Design And Functions

Flavia Creation 400 Coffee Machine

All Flavia Coffee Makers feature an innovative design and a plethora of functions. The machines can handle an small offices with ease, for up to 15 people. The technology is very straightforward and simple, you wont need to do any training.

With this machine, a normal cup of coffee takes 40 60 seconds to make. Your employees can start the machine, have a bit of chit chat , come back, and everything is ready for you.

The Flavia Coffee Makers are also very easy to clean. You can remove the water tank easily and refill as necessary. Theres also little to no mess created during the entire brewing process. All in all, this coffee machine requires very little maintenance.

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Household Flavia Coffee Makers

If youre looking for a compact coffee brewer for your kitchen at home, then the Flavia ones work too! As Ive said above already, their design of these machines are very portable. Theyre work well in both home and office setting.

Some Flavia models are smaller than others. If you have limited space on your kitchen top, then you might want to go for one of these instead. Tip: Theres also an energy saving mode that offers improved. Youll save electricity if youre at home.

Heres a video on how to use the Flavia Coffee Maker:

To stay true to this article, well now review a few Flavia models and focus on the home and office brewers only.

Brew A Single Cup Of Your Favorite Hot Beverage Each Time With No Mess

With the FLAVIA line of single cup brewers, you won’t have to leave the office to get a delicious hot beverage. The fine range of FLAVIA gourmet coffees, fresh leaf teas and hot chocolate rival the very best coffee houses. In fact, the FLAVIA system represents the best way to prepare a fresh, quality cup of steaming coffee or tea at work. You get a great quality drink, time after time. And all at the touch of a button.FLAVIAFreshness guaranteed:

  • 1. Choose your FLAVIA filterpack and press the button to open the door.
  • 2. Place the FLAVIA filter pack in the door and shut it.
  • 3. Press the button again to prepare your drink

The Creation 150 brewer is for home / small office use or the C200 brewer for small offices. Larger offices are best served by the C500 Brewer or the Barista Brewer. FLAVIA COFFEES & TEAS – from Alterra Coffee Roasters & Bright Tea CompanyWant to know which new coffee flavors are similar to your old favorites??

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Are The Flavia Coffee Makers Worth It

Flavia Coffee Makers are designed by baristas specifically for offices and workplaces.

Nearly all Flavia Coffee Makers are single-serve coffee machines that come with the additional to brew other hot drinks such as tea, and hot chocolate. What makes these coffee brewers suitable for workplace is you can use it with a push of a button and its mess-free!

Heres a comparison chart on different types of Flavia Coffee Makers available:


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