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How To Make Coffee Shop Coffee At Home

How To Make Flavoured Coffee

How To Make Great Coffee At Home | MR PORTER

You can create a great flavoured coffee with vanilla or almond extract. A teaspoon of drinking chocolate or a couple of squares of chocolate melted into your coffee will make a lovely mocha-style drink. And Kit says cold-brews taste great with added orange peel. All these flavourings are more mellow and less sweet than coffee syrups, which you can buy online.

Does Starbucks Have A Skinny Iced Chai Latte

Now that you see how Starbucks makes an iced chai latte, you may be wondering if your barista can make it skinny.

A skinny Starbucks drink is made with:

  • Non-fat milk
  • Sugar-free syrups
  • No whipped cream

Unfortunately, Starbucks no longer has a low or no sugar version of their chai concentrate. Although, store brands like Tazo have reduced sugar versions.

So if you order a skinny iced chai latte, the best a barista can do is use non-fat milk. Just beware, the concentrate still has plenty of sugar in it.

Since this drink does not have whipped cream, thats not an issue.

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A Coffee Pro Spills The Beans On How To Get Coffeehouse Quality In The Comfort Of Your Home

A woman’s hands holding a cup of hot latte coffee in her hands

So, you want to make a better cup of coffee at home. Whether it’s because you’re spending too much money on daily lattes or you’d simply like to be able to recreate your coffeehouse favorites without changing out of your pajamas, there are a lot of ways both simple and more involved that will let you really up your at-home coffee game.;

Salon spoke with Ren Doughty, the outreach and customer support coordinator at Batdorf & Bronson Roasters , for his tips for beginners.;

Up your home coffee game with different maybe better beans

This is a really simple suggestion, but one that I definitely needed to consider, especially when I first started working from home. When I worked in a physical newsroom, part of my daily routine included;trekking two blocks from the office to the coffee shop to get a caffeine jolt before morning meetings. The only time I thought about having “good coffee” at home was when I had company staying overnight, and even then I was more likely to suggest we grab a cup while we were out.;

But when I started working remotely, it was time for a new routine that included sourcing better beans.;

Doughty recommends trying a little bit of everything to find what you like. Not every kind of coffee is going to be what you want to wake up to, but variety is fun.;

Try a new brewing technique

For example, if you are part of the Keurig crowd, maybe give a French press a try.;

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If You Use A Keurig Or Another Capsule Brewer You Dont Have Any Control

Speaking of convenience, Keurigs were pretty much universally panned by our experts, though not for all the reasons you might think. Some agreed that the ratios are just too small and out of your control, most agreed that the environmental impact is enough to avoid them and a couple pointed out that when you break it down, its actually more expensive than buying a pound of coffee.

I think everyone has an empty, slight disappointment after a K-cup, Carmichael said. You know that slight depression when you eat two Big Macs, like, Why did I do that? Thats kind of like the K-cup.

Carmichael and Manson both pointed out, though, that there is room for improvement when it comes to the process, and both were curious as to why its taken this long to figure out a better, more environmentally friendly and tasty way.

We have these cars that are destroying the earth, but then other people are like, Well, lets just make a car that doesnt destroy the earth, Manson said. But thats not really happening with Keurig. Theyre not resolving the issue by creating something people can get on board with, but its only a matter of time, and it will get resolved.

Types Of Espresso Drinks

How to Make Specialty Coffee at Home? (Process and Tools ...

Latte. Cappuccino. Americano. Macchiato. Figuring out what coffee to order can be overwhelming on its own. However, in the end, it all comes down to how much milk or froth you want in your espresso ;the rest is easy. If you love froth, youll want a cappuccino. If you love milk, but not froth, lattes are for you. If you hate milk in general, youll want an Americano, which combines espresso with water.

Heres our handy guide to help you understand the ratios:

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Provide Great Customer Service

Excellent customer service is crucial to any successful business, especially in the food service industry. Most successful coffee shops utilize counter service. Having customers order and pay up front and calling them when their drinks and snacks are ready minimizes your labor costs and enables you to better handle busy periods.

Table service is generally slower, more labor-intensive, and better suited to restaurants where patrons order full meals and spend more time in the establishment, but it’s not out of the question. Offering table service gives more opportunity to upsell and may suit your business model.

Brewing Equipment & Filters

Theres a wide range of brewing equipment beginners can choose from. The two main things you should consider are the flavor profile you want and the ease of use.

For filter/pour over brew devices, the most famous ones are the Chemex, Hario V60, and Kalita Wave. A pour over coffee tends to have a cleaner profile than an immersion one.

The main immersion brewing devices, on the other hand, are the AeroPress, French press, and Clever. These are associated with greater body.

However, there are many more types of brewing devices! Youll find innovative refinements on the traditional pour over methods, brewers designed specifically for use on the go, batch brewers, and more. And of course, theres also the syphon and the ibrik complex, traditional brewing methods which are not recommended for beginners. Trust us, youll understand why when you see them.

You should also take into account your serving vessel and filters. Different filters will catch more or less of the oils in coffee .

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Chai Latte From Camille Styles

This classic chai latte recipe was created by our Global Kitchen editor, Suruchi, and it is the best chai Ive;ever had. Not too sweet, not too spicy, and the consistency is perfect. What I love about chai is that you can customize it to fit your own pallet. Thats the thing about chai, its not really a;true;recipe. Its more like a set of guidelines and suggestions to follow to create a delicious cup of goodness. Here are some of Suruchis tips for making the best classic chai at home:

  • Fresh-crushed spices are leaps and bounds ahead of powdered or pre-packaged blends.
  • Toasting the fresh spices make a world of difference in releasing those flavored and aromatic spice oils.
  • Chopping or grating the ginger helps infuse that spicy flavor more than just slicing rounds of the root. If you prefer a subtle ginger flavor, keep the rounds.
  • You can have so much fun by trying out different spice combinations!

Build A Home Coffee Bar

How to make Coffee Shop Drinks at Home

Youve taken the time to find coffee beans and buy the right equipment ;so why not make space in your kitchen for coffee to become the delightful ritual it was meant to be? Whether its a small corner of your countertop, a shelf, a repurposed bar cart, or its own little nook in your kitchen, designate a space for all your beautiful coffee equipment ;from beans, to appliances, to mugs and sweeteners ;to proudly live. Itll make walking into your kitchen for that first cup seem extra special.

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Opt For A Coffee Subscription

If youd rather have someone else choose quality coffee for you and ensure you never run out of beans, check out coffee subscription services in your area to see whats available. You can also opt for a national service, like Yes Plz, which sources, roasts, blends and ships a new release blend or single-origin beans every week .

Create A Trendy Relaxing Caf Atmosphere

When opening a coffee shop, having the right atmosphere is key to attracting customers. Surveys have shown that most;consumers cite comfort, familiarity, and overall atmosphere as the primary attractions for a café. On top of its service model, Starbucks’ relaxing, modern, and cozy;atmosphere is one of the major contributors to its success. Their now infamous “third place” principle established the notion of the coffee shop occupying a special place beyond the home or the officeenvironment is paramount, while beverages are almost incidental.;

Just how important is design? Considering the rising influence of social media advertising, a good-looking space may get lots of attention, and an especially quirky or unique aesthetic may even draw crowds for Instagram credit alone.

The ideal atmosphere is clean and bright with plenty of natural light and comfortable seating space. Use a mix of seating and table types so you can accommodate single customers as well as groups of various sizes.;Having an outdoor patio space is a huge attraction in warmer seasons, and greatly increases the visibility of your business.

Unless you have some designing experience, consider hiring a professional interior decorator to handle layout, furniture, flooring, etc. You want a distinctive, personalized ambiance that will draw in customers.

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Homemade Iced Coffee Tips For Success

Want a few insider tips on how to make iced coffee? If youve tried making iced coffee at home and the results were less than coffee shop-worthy, dont worry. Applying these tried-and-true tricks will ensure a strong, full-bodied, and delicious cup of cold java anytime, anywhere. Heres how to do it:

Use The Right Coffee To Water Ratio

Morning Rituals

It can be a struggle to find the right coffee to water ratio, but it all matters on your taste preference. I like coffee with strong, bold flavor so I know to add in an extra tablespoon or two when I’m making my coffee. A good measurement to follow is 1-2 tablespoons of ground;coffee;for every cup/8 ounces of water.

For multiple cups of coffee, simply multiply the amount needed by the number of cups you’ll be making. It’s best to use measuring cups at first rather than eyeballing to make sure you’re getting the ratio right. Not enough water can make an overly strong cup, while too much can result in a watered-down taste. You can always adjust the amount of coffee or amount of water to suit your preferences.

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Use A Drip Coffee Maker As A Pour

One pro hack that always comes to mind for Tyler Schultz, the director of coffee for MistoBox, is the drip coffee maker hack. Unplug it and use it as a pour-over with hot water from your kettle, he says. The heating elements in the majority of cheaper automatic home brewers dont really get hot enough to brew and extract all of the delicious flavors that balance out the more acidic, sour compounds that are extracted first.” He recommends using hot water just off the boil when brewing, especially with lighter roasts.

Tips And Things To Consider When Making Iced Coffee

Sometimes, the heat or cold brings out the unadulterated flavors of a coffee roast. What is the best coffee at Starbucks that will best fit the iced variant? Coffees with fruity or chocolaty flavors taste best iced.

Do you want to drink coffee with a fruity flavor without having to add orange slices in the cup? Ethiopian coffee beans are famous for their fruity flavors. With a little research, you can find the right flavor of coffee that youre yearning for.

While iced coffee is the perfect way to beat the heat, try to limit your coffee consumption to five cups per day. Studies say that if you go past that, you put your health at risk.; You increase the risk of developing heart disease by 22% when you go overboard with your coffee.

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Your Equipment Is Dirty

It might not feel like you need to clean it out every timeafter all, you only made coffee. Just a quick rinse and itll be fine, right?

Well, no. If you dont know how to clean a coffee maker, nows the time to learn. Thats because we tend to only think about the coffee pot and the filter area.

Just when was the last time you cleaned the reservoir of your drip coffee maker? If you dont remember, it might be time to do a proper wash of your coffee gear.

How to Fix It: Properly clean your coffee maker. Your taste buds and your immune system will thank you.

Replace Flavored Syrups With Ingredients In Your Pantry


A pump or two of vanilla or caramel-flavored syrup is often the hallmark of a traditional sweet coffee shop beverage. While no doubt delicious, these drinks often pack in as much sugar as a regular soft drink and can lead to a late morning energy crash instead of the perk-me-up you were hoping for.

To make a flavorful and perfectly sweet coffee drink minus the sugar bomb, play around with spices, extracts and different amounts of sweeteners. Add a few shakes of ground cinnamon or pumpkin pie spice to the grounds before brewing for DIY flavored coffee. You can also add a splash of vanilla, almond or maple extract to the coffee after brewing for added warmth and depth of flavor. And if you’re in the mood for a sweet cup, try adding granulated or brown sugar, maple syrup or honey a half-teaspoon at a time until it’s just right.

Pictured Recipe:Cold-Brew Coffee

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Caramel Sauce / Chocolate Syrup

Youve already got the whipped cream going in, why not give it a pop of color with some syrup on top. Take your favored flavor of syrup and make a decorative swirl on top. This is of course if you skipped the honey swirl .

Theres a variety of syrups all based on different preferences. Theres chocolate syrup, strawberry syrup, raspberry syrup, caramel sauce, etc. You just need to choose what to serve in your coffee shop?

Create A Coffee Ritual At Home

Pre-pandemic, going to the coffee shop often offered a chance to escape the hustle and bustle of real life for a bit. At home, you can also design a coffee ritual that breaks up the monotony of the day. For me, thats playing a coffee house-inspired playlist, snacking on some Trader Joes Speculoos cookie and trying to do a crossword puzzle before the baby wakes up from her nap.

Doughty likes to start the day by brewing a French press to specificity using a digital thermometer. For Ingersoll, the ritual varies by circumstance. At home in Syracuse, she likes to take things slow by weighing her coffee and making it in a V60 pour-over, but for the time being shes quarantining with her family in Maine, where they buy Chock full oNuts coffee and brew it in a drip coffee pot.

And for me, being home, I enjoy that coffee ritual with my family, just waking up and drinking that coffee.

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Grind Your Own Coffee Beans Using A Burr Grinder

Sure, buying pre-ground coffee is easier, but the extra step of grinding it yourself is worth it. Grinding your coffee just before use gives you the most flavorful and complex cup possible, Langham adds. Pre-ground coffee will stale and lose complexity and aroma very quickly.

Specifically, using a burr grinder is key. Burr grinders will crush your coffee into evenly-sized pieces and will allow you to control the size of the grounds, whereas a blade grinder will indiscriminately chop the coffee into differently-sized pieces, Langham says.

Whats wrong with that? Well, different size grounds brew at different rates. If the grounds are more uniform, the flavors will extract more evenly, which leads to more balance and fullness of flavor. If you’re going to invest in one nice piece of coffee equipment, make sure it’s your grinder, Langham says.

Ryan Schumackan experienced barista and co-owner of the Brooklyn-based coffee shop Sweetbee thats set to open this yearagrees. If you really want a burr grinder but are turned off by the price, he suggests checking out the secondary market in your area. It is not hard to buy used and change out the burrs, the parts that actually grind the coffee, he says.

What Are The Average Annuals Sales Of A Coffee Shop

How to Make Pour

Most business plans recommend that new business owners project sales for the first 3-5 years of business. This can be difficult without any real coffee shop data to reference. We asked coffee shop professionals to share their sales information so new owners can estimate their revenue when they open a coffee shop. We broke down the sales data year-by-year.

Coffee shops that were less than one year old have made an average of $163,000 in annual sales so far in their first year. We then see a steady increase in annual sales for older businesses, with coffee shops open for 9+ years earning the most on average.

The true numbers for annual sales are likely higher. We asked coffee shops to choose an annual sales category they fit into and capped the options at $1,000,000+. This means every coffee shop that chose the $1,000,000+ made at least that much last year, and likely more. We calculated these numbers into the average as just $1,000,000, so our answers are probably a bit deflated.

Quality-focused shops might have higher starting costs due to more expensive equipment and ingredients. Knowing what type of revenue to expect in the first few years will keep investors and employees happy while the shop develops quality business practices.

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