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How To Press Coffee French Press

The Metal French Press

How to make a French Press Coffee at Home

The benefits of a metal french press are:

  • Suited For a Traveling Lifestyle
  • Durable Materials
  • The drawbacks of a metal french press are:

  • Preheating
  • No Visual Brewing Component
  • A metal french press is the perfect option for any coffee drinker who experiences a vast amount of travel in their lifestyle. The metal material offers rugged durability that allows the metal french press to be competitive, despite having to be preheated. After preheating, the metal french press overs extreme heat retention.

    A metal french press does not offer any visual aspect to the brewing process, and replacement carafe, if needed, can be a little troublesome to find. A metal french press can last an entire lifetime.

    But what happens if your coffee gets too cold anyway?

    Stir And Time The Steep

    Next you need to stir the coffee and the water together to make sure that all of the coffee grounds have been saturated. Once they have you will want to place the top on the beaker and make sure that the plunger is pulled up, which will keep the temperature level within the beaker.

    You want your coffee to steep for approximately 3 minutes and 30 seconds to get the full flavor through the coffee. If you have a timer make sure you set it and leave the coffee alone so that it will steep fully and wont be agitated.

    How To Use A French Press Coffee Maker

    It’s super easy whether you’re using pre-ground coffee or tea.

    If you like full-bodied and flavorful coffee, a French press should be your go-to brewing method. A French press is a manual coffee maker with a cylindrical carafe, a plunger and a built-in filter that percolates the coffee. It uses just-boiled water to steep coarse grinds for about four minutes.

    This approach is more gentle than drip coffee-making or stovetop brewing methods that heat the water very hot and sometimes scald the beans. With a French press, coffee also doesnt sit on a warming plate after brewing so it doesn’t continue to cook and turn bitter.

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    What Equipment Do I Need To Make French Press Coffee

    If youre looking to make your coffee with a French press theres really only two things that youre going to need. One of those things is the French press itself. Of course, youll need it to be able to get your coffee grounds and water to the great cup of coffee youre expecting.

    The only other thing that youre going to need is a burr grinder. While you can make your coffee with a French press using standard coffee grounds youre going to get the best flavor if you actually grind your own beans just before you start brewing. And a burr grinder is the best way to go for that.

    If youre interested in really upping your game you may want to look into a scale, timer and thermometer as well. A scale will help you be even more precise about the amount of coffee grounds you use in your cup, which will provide you with an even better result.

    A timer will make sure that you brew or steep your coffee for the exact same amount of time each time that you brew and a thermometer will make sure you get the optimum temperature every time. You dont have to worry about playing a guessing game.

    How To Grind Coarse Coffee For French Press The Complete Guide

    Backwoods Brewing: How Do You Make Your Coffee?

    Want to know how to grind coarse coffee for the french press?

    A french press is a great way to grind coffee. It uses a coarse grind and it can be brewed with hot water in order to extract the oils from the beans. So, If youre also a fan of french press coffee, then grind coarsely. Thats right: grind your beans really finely and youll get the most flavor out of them.

    The grind size of the coffee is important because if you grind your coffee too finely, then it will not come out properly when using a french press. Here we will discuss how to grind french press coffee so that you can enjoy the best tasting grind possible!

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    How Much Coffee For A French Press

    How much coffee should you use in a French Press?

    That is entirely up to you and whoever else you may be drinking coffee with. We recommend 20 gram or 0.7 ounce per cup of coffee per cup.

    But again, this depends on how much coffee you plan to drink.

    If you have a large family or you share coffee with a partner, you can get 4-cup French Presses. Or if its just you and you want only 1-2 cups, go with a 2-cup French Press.

    You can even get 8-cup French Presses!

    Whats The Point Of A French Press

    A French press is intended to steep your coffee grounds and give you a great cup of coffee every time. But its also a little more manual than a standard coffee maker and some believe that it provides a better cup of coffee.

    It is considered a type of immersion brewing because the coffee is actually immersed directly in the water, which means youll end up with a stronger cup of coffee than you would with a drip coffee maker.

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    Is Folgers Colombian Arabica

    Folgers Colombian is made from Arabica coffee beans and processed in several ways. The mountain-grown Arabica beans grow in Colombia and are carefully chosen by Folgers.

    The medium roasted arabica beans helped in giving a balanced coffee flavor. Arabica is sweeter and contains less caffeine than other bean varieties, giving you an excellent coffee vibe with a mild taste and rich aroma.

    Aside from this coffee flavor, Folgers offers different coffee flavors with guaranteed quality. No additives and preservatives.

    Invest In Fancy Coffee Gadgets

    How to Brew Coffee Using a Bodum French Press, Instructions

    While youve already invested the best into getting your perfect cup of coffee from your French Press, it can be difficult to think about spending more money on technology to keep that coffee hot.

    An inexpensive idea might be to equip your desk or side table with a USB mug warmer, a hot plate to keep your coffee hot.

    While it doesnt offer exact temperature control, it will keep your cuppa hot and ready for sipping long after its been forgotten.

    If youre willing to spend a little more to keep your cup at just the right temperature a Smart mug might be more up your alley.

    With this fancy gadget, temperature control is in your hands and your coffee will never be cold again.

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    If You Dont Have A Garbage Disposal

  • Fill your French Press half way up with water
  • Get a handheld metal sieve/filter that is quite a bit bigger than the top opening of your French Press. This type of filter is what we are talking about in case you dont know
  • Pour the water and grounds that are in your French Press into the sieve over your sink.
  • Only the water should make it into your sink and down the drain.
  • You should be left with only coffee grounds in your sieve/filter.
  • Take your metal sieve/filter and dump it into your trash or compost bin. You may have to bang it on your trash can once or twice to get all of the grounds out.
  • Heres a short video on how to do this:

    Best Coffee For French Press

    French press coffee is so simple to make but can be totally ruined by the wrong coffee beans. Its important to know the best coffee for French press brewers, Because of the intensity of this brewing process the correct bean can be a game changer.

    If youre new to using a French press for your coffee here are some tips to get you started:

    Onyx Coffee Lab is one of my picks for the best 50 coffee roasters in the US. Their Southern Weather Blend is for the French press. The expertly roasted whole bean coffee is sourced from growers in Columbia and Ethiopia. These varietals of arabica beans are prized for their deep rich flavors.

    This coffees flavor profile is a smooth, sweet, aromatic blend with hints of milk chocolate, plum, candied walnuts, and a juicy, citrus finish. I dont think there is a better tasting coffee for a French press brewer. Onyx prides itself because its beans that have naturally delicate flavors only present when coffee is grown and processed with love and care. We will never compromise our commitment to quality by buying blender coffees to cut costs.

    Onyx Coffee Lab roasts all of its bean beans in its state of the art roasting facility in Arkansas. The coffee ships with 24 hours of roasting .

    Because the coffee is only in whole beans, I would store these in an airtight container and grind the coffee the day of brewing.

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    French Press Brewing Guide

    First, you want to grind your coffee beans for the French press. Once there are a few coffee beans left to grind, boil your water. If you are going to use pre-ground coffee beans, you can skip this step and start boiling your water right away.

    Now, add your ground coffee beans to the French press beaker. Once the water has reached its boiling point, set the kettle on the kitchen counter for 30 seconds to bring the temperature of the water down a tiny bit. You want the water to be around 92 °C to make the perfect French press coffee:

    Start a timer with 5 minutes on the clock. Pour about 1/4 of the total water onto the ground coffee beans, the coffee beans will now start to bloom. Leave the coffee to bloom for 30 seconds before adding the rest of the water:

    After the first 30 seconds have passed, slowly start adding the remaining water until all the water is in the beaker.

    Add the plunger to the French press and leave it for the remaining minutes . In the meantime, you can grab your coffee cups and clean up a bit in the kitchen. Note: add the plunger on top, but dont press down on it yet:

    Once the time has passed and your alarm goes off, press down on your French press plunger. Youll want to do this slowly. If you press down too hard, youll allow small pieces of coffee to get through the sieve and get into your coffee. I usually aim for 30 seconds until I reach the bottom of the beaker:

    For Using A French Press: Measure Meticulously

    The Best French Press Coffee Makers: A Beginner

    After grinding the beans, the key is to use the precise amount of grounds, our experts agree. So much so that both recommend using a digital kitchen scale to measure them.

    Kitchen scales are everywhere gram scales can be found at Target and Bed Bath & Beyond for as little as $9, Manson says. Measuring cups and spoons are inaccurate its hard to get repeatable measurements with them. Additionally, coffee widely varies in density. If you need more reasons to buy a kitchen scale, check out our full guide on the best kitchen scales of 2021.

    When I pointed out that many readers looking for a good cup of coffee might not go the distance of investing in and using a gram scale, Manson reluctantly agreed to provide a volumetric measurement: 1 tablespoon for 3 fluid ounces of water. For the 34-ounce French press I use daily, that equals approximately 10.3 tablespoons. You can test it at home and adjust to your tastes, of course.

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    French Press Vs Drip Coffee

    When it comes to brewing a great cup of coffee you want to think about all of the options. One of those options is a French press versus a traditional drip coffee. If youre looking for the best youll want to think about each of these and decide which is going to create the coffee that you really want.

    A French press will give you a steeped cup of coffee rather than a drip cup, which means that the coffee is going to be stronger because the coffee grounds are fully saturated and fully extracted. You wont get that with a standard drip machine.

    Youll also spend about the same amount of time on brewing, with a French press taking about 5-8 minutes and a standard drip machine taking about 3-10 minutes. But its important to note that a French press requires a little more work from you versus a drip machine.

    Your French press gives you more control over your brew than you get with a drip machine. Thats because you can decide how long to steep your coffee. Not to mention youll have more of a full bodied flavor with the French press because of the sediments in your cup.

    Another great benefit of a French press is that youll spend less to get a machine . A French press can range from $10-$70 while a drip machine can start at $20 but go up to $300. Plus the French press comes in all different sizes and brews any amount you want.

    How Long Should French Press Coffee Steep

    In this brief guide, we will answer the question, How long should French press Coffee steep?. We will explore the variable time to let the French press coffee steep. We also delve into tips and techniques to get the most out of our French press Coffee.

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    How Is French Press Coffee Different

    First of all, French press coffee is going to be different because it is brewed differently. It uses the coffee grounds steeped directly in the hot water rather than pushing the water through the grounds.

    This is going to give you a slightly stronger and richer flavor because youll end up with the grounds sitting in the water for a longer period of time. That means you can get the benefits of a stronger cup as well, including higher caffeine levels.

    How To Brew Coffee Using A French Press

    How to French Press Coffee

    When making coffee with a French press, we recommend a 1:16 coffee-to-water ratio, which translates to one ounce of coarsely ground coffee for 16 ounces of water. We also recommend grinding your own beans on a coarse setting coarsely ground coffee benefits from slow extraction. Finely ground coffee will taste over-extracted , and you’ll wind up with a clogged filter and an extra gritty, downright unpleasant cup of coffee.

  • Bring water to a boil, remove from heat and allow to cool to about 200ºF .
  • Add the ground coffee to the carafe and then the hot water. After one minute, youll notice the coffee grounds float up to the top and create what is called a crust. Use a wooden spoon to gently break through the crust and stir. The grounds will sink to the bottom.
  • Place the lid on the carafe with the plunger pulled all the way up and steep for three more minutes.
  • Gently push the plunger all the way down after three minutes and serve immediately the coffee will continue to brew and become bitter as it sits!
  • Clean your French press after each use. Coffee grounds and oil residue on the carafe and filter will impart bitterness into your coffee. Follow the manufacturers instructions for washing and make sure to disassemble the nested filter to scrub off any deposits and residual oils.

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    How Do Burr Grinders Work

    The way burr grinders work is that coffee goes into a piece of metal that spins around. That spinning is what grinds the coffee.

    As soon as the coffee reaches a certain size, it falls through the grinder to a container.

    The particles are not ground more than once. This leaves us with particles that are a consistent size.

    Warm Things Up In Advance

    Before you start the brewing process, rinse your French Press through with hot water and allow it to sit for a moment before emptying.

    This will help to bring the glass to a warmer temperature and prevent heat loss to the cold surface.

    The same goes for your mug. Fill it with hot water and allow it to heat up for a moment, emptying it right before you pour your cuppa joe.

    And when it comes to brewing your coffee hotter in the french press you would be remiss to forget about brewing into an insulated press pot in the first place as these hold their temperatures better significantly.


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    Mistakes While Brewing French Press Coffee:

    There are three common mistakes people make when brewing coffee grind coarse grind for the french press:

    The first is to use too fine of a grind which will produce over-extraction and this causes the coffee grounds to feel like theyre sitting in your mouth.

    The second mistake people make with French Press is that they dont pour enough water into it. If you do not add enough water, then the grind size wont come out properly. This can lead to under extraction because youll end up with weak coffee rather than a strong one.

    The final mistake made while grinding coarse grind for french press or any other method is waiting too long before serving it after pressing grinds down so on until all water has been used.

    This can be overcome by making sure that grinds are not sitting in your French Press for too long. In order to avoid this, pour grind coffee into a cup immediately after pressing the ground coarse grind in a french press.

    So until all water has been used and served it right away while the temperature is still high. This will ensure that grinds do not sit in your French Press for too long.


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