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How To Store Ground Coffee

How To Store Ground Coffee

How to store coffee grounds to use later.

One of the reasons coffee from the coffee shop tastes so delicious is that the baristas grind it fresh! While we know that freshly ground coffee will give our cuppa a superior flavor, many of us dont want to buy a grinder and add the extra step of bean grinding fresh beans to our morning wake-up routine. The good news is that with proper storage you can still get that great fresh taste with pre-ground coffee that is as good as grinding the beans yourself.

To keep your coffee grinds the freshest, you should store coffee in an airtight container in a cool, dry area away from sunlight.

Well let you in on more tricks and tips to keep your coffee grinds the freshest for that perfect cup of coffee!

What Happens To Coffee Once Its Been Ground

Many coffee experts will tell you that coffee is alive, and once it is roasted, it begins to die. This is a tad overdramatic, but it basically highlights that roasted coffee beans can start to lose all of the things that give your coffee flavor if they are not stored properly, leaving them open to theoxidization processwhich compromises their original flavor.

The same is true of ground coffee, which can start to lose flavor and taste once its ground, even if its stored carefully. This is why most coffee experts would always recommend freshly ground coffee and use it as soon as its ground.

Should You Freeze/refrigerate Your Coffee

One of the stubborn myths is that storing your coffee in freezer prolongs freshness. This is untrue because:

  • Most of the bags arent airtight so keeping them in freezer will do more harm than good.
  • Coffee is perishable putting it openly into the freezer will start absorbing its natural flavors and oils.

Same principle also applies to storing coffee in the refrigerator where moisture level will cause its piquancy to lose even more faster.

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How Long Can You Keep Ground Coffee

Ground coffee comes in an airtight package, sealed and ready for storage. Unopened and in a dry storage area, a bag of pre-ground coffee can last between three to five months after the sell-by date. In the freezer and unopened, youre looking at prime storing time for up to two years while still maintaining a respectable level of coffee freshness.

In most houses, coffee doesnt last that long, ever! But good to know.

If it is opened and stored properly, its best to consume ground coffee within one to two weeks, for the freshest and most flavorful taste. If you store ground coffee that is opened in the freezer, the timeframe is about one month solidly, and even up to five months.

Another point to note: your brewed coffee prepared and ready to drink has a limited window before it starts to go bad. The quality of freshly brewed coffee starts to dissipate as soon as its exposed to oxygen.

So, after around 30 minutes, youll have a stale, room temperature cup of brew that has lost its freshness. Around four hours after its brewed, the oils in the fresh brew will start to degrade, causing the flavor to become acidic . While you can safely drink stale coffee beyond this point of degradation, its typically recommended not to consume it more than 24 hours after brewing.

Why Is Oxygen Bad For Coffee

Does Ground Coffee Go Bad?

Ground coffee creates more space for oxygen to infiltrate the beans. Grinding beans up for an espresso will increase the coffee surface area by a factor of more than 10,000. This creates a lot of area for oxygen to mess with the coffee compounds.

As with any other fresh food, this will cause your coffee to become stale. Just think of that banana you peeled 30 minutes ago and forgot all about. Would you still eat it when it has turned mushy and brown?

Coffee, unfortunately, doesnt show these imperfections as well as other food items, so it is harder to see when they are stale. However, the beans are slowly degrading, just a bit slower than fresh fruit. If you are not taking too much interest in the true coffee flavors, you may not notice the less fresh-tasting grounds.

However, after a few weeks or months, you will notice your coffee grounds have become rancid and sour if you attempt to brew a cup of coffee with old coffee grounds. This is why you need to discover the best way to store coffee.

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Brewing Your Ground Coffee At Home

Theres a variety of ways to brew a coffee at home, with differing levels of effort for you to undertake. The most obvious choice is instant, but if you like coffee even the slightest bit youll know this method produces at best very mediocre coffee.

The next most common method many will think of is using a drip coffee machine. These machines can produce a decent cup of coffee, along many others brewing methods. This icludes the french press, the V60, melitta filter, Aeropress, Moka Pot, Chemex and many others.

Theres and interesting article that explains how to create your own DIY coffee and tea station.

Artisan Coffee Stays Fresher For Longer

Once you tear open a bag of whole bean or ground coffee, flavour deterioration is inevitable. This is why Artisan coffee arrives packed in single serve portions to keep the freshness sealed inside.

Each of our six coffee characters are available in various formats, including pods, ground filter, ground moka and coffee bags, all sealed in nitro-flushed packaging to keep the flavour locked in. Our ground coffee is uniquely sealed for freshness in a 30g single serving sachet the perfect amount for a four-cup cafetiere as we know most people will prepare ground coffee this way at home. With whole bean also available in every character, there really is something for everybody, and for every mood.

Whether youre more inclined towards flavours of roasted nuts and caramel The Heroine could be your new favourite brew – or whether nibbed cocoa, honey and buttery biscuit flavours are more your jam in which case youll love The Smart Cookie -, all of our coffees have been painstakingly optimised for you to enjoy at home. We take a fresh approach to coffee, championing blends and elevating flavours, this is coffee as youve never experienced or tasted it before.

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How To Store Coffee Beans Grounds Brewed And Instant

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So youre wondering how to store coffee beans? Youre not alone this is something everyone wants to know as they get more serious about their coffee experience. In this post, we explore different methods: freezing, refrigerating, keeping them in the pantryBut whats the best way to store coffee? Lets take a look and then you can be the judge.

  • Which Coffee Storage Option Works Best For You?
  • Storing Ground Coffee For Maximum Freshness

    10 Best Ways How To Store Coffee Beans And Grounds

    In another article, we discussed the storage of coffee in general. In that article, we mainly focused on the storage of whole green beans and whole roasted beans, but touched only briefly on the storage of ground coffee. Because many people use pre-ground coffee either purchased in vacuum-sealed cans, or ground at the supermarket – we thought it useful to devote an article to the proper storage of ground coffee.

    It is rather interesting that so many people have used so much ground coffee for so many years, and there is no universally understood method for the best storage of ground coffee. Many people dont think about it at all , and have merely become accustomed to the lackluster flavor of improperly stored coffee.

    Ironically, many others take real pains to store their coffee in unusual ways that are also wrong, and that can damage the coffee just as much as taking no pains at all. We want to address a few fundamentals here, and then explain the best basic ways to store ground coffee.

    It should come as no surprise that the main thing that damages ground coffee is prolonged exposure to air. This is why factory-ground coffee is vacuum-sealed. Air works to damage coffee via two different mechanisms.

    Vacuum Sealing & Freezing

    A good way to use these two types of containers is to vacuum pack the ground coffee in a FoodSaver bag if you are goingf to freeze it, and to use the FoodSaver canisters for pantry storage.

    …written by your friends atThe Coffee Brewers

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    Should You Grind Your Own Coffee

    Yes. If time is on your side, and youre willing, then you should definitely grind your own coffee instead of using pre-ground. Why do I talk about time and willingness ?

    Well, standing there and grinding coffee beans each morning might sound like a very pointless and time consuming task when every little minute counts. And what youd rather still be sleeping.

    But if youre looking for great coffee, then making the effort to grind it at least the night before and locking it into an airtight container is going to be important.

    Some grinders are electric and will do the work for you, and some are manual, requiring you to work it yourself. Its up to you which sounds better, but both are useful.

    There are some espresso machines that have a built-in grinder. I for one try to stay away from those, and Ill tell you why. They might sound like a good idea at first. Just dump in all the coffee beans and the machine will take care of the rest.

    But espresso machines that do that are professional machines , meaning they get very hot . That heat can and will transfer to the grinder, which is always going to have a bit of leftover coffee dust and coffee oils from the other times it ground your coffee.

    All Im saying is those things build up, and need to be cleaned or the burrs/blades changed every so often, just to make sure you get clean coffee. To me thats just complicating things, since cleaning a grinder thats separate from the espresso machine is simpler.

    These Are 4 Biggest Coffee Enemies

    The best way to keep coffee fresh is by keeping it away from 4 major enemies:

    • Air
    • Humidity
    • Heat

    While some of them are bigger threats than others, there is almost no benefit of keeping coffee away from one but not form the others. Here is a brief description of what each them does:

    Air Oxidizing is what happens to anything, we leave in the open air, be it an apple or coffee results are the same, oxidization makes food go stale so does coffee lose its taste.

    Sunlight Direct sunlight and a UV is what also affects the coffee and makes it go stale faster.

    Humidity Roasted coffee has a very low humidity level and therefore are highly hygroscopic and will quickly absorb excess moisture around it. And if coffee gets moist it will spoil quickly, so make sure that the only water coffee gets is when you are actually brewing it. Sure, it is tricky, as not always it is a liquid form of water, it could be just high humidity in a room where you keep your coffee. And definitely avoid the fridge or freezer.

    Heat After coffee beans are roasted the only heat they need is from hot water when brewing it, any excess heat will make coffee lose its flavor.

    Air and humidity can fight off by using an airtight container. But to make sure coffee does not get affected by sunlight, use the opaque containers. Regarding heat, just try not to place it near any heat sources that could warm up the coffee.

    Here is a video that explains this very well:

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    How Do I Store Used Coffee Grounds

    So youve brewed your coffee, but now what do you do with the leftover grounds? Weve written a couple of articles about how to recycle your used coffee grounds, with uses from skincare products to household repurposing to DIY crafts.

    If you store your used coffee grounds properly, there are a lot of incredible uses for these natural leftovers. But you have to be careful about how you store the grounds, or they could end up with mold before you can even use them.

    Once youve used your coffee grounds to brew coffee, youll want to remove any leftover moisture. Put the grounds in a paper towel to squeeze out any excess moisture, and then let dry for an hour or two in the sun . You want the grounds as dry as possible before storing them.

    Then, youll want to keep the grounds in the fridge or freezer in an airtight container. It doesnt have to be as airtight as your fresh beans or coffee, because youre not preserving the grounds for consumptionjust for use around the home. The goal of the airtight container is to avoid moisture getting in and bacteria or mold growing. For this purpose, a mason jar can work well to store used coffee grounds.

    Coffee Freshness Over Time

    Best Coffee Storage Containers For 2020  Bean Ground

    Coffee begins to lose its freshness immediately after roasting the flavor peaks in the following few days. Ground coffee tastes best consumed within one to two weeks of roasting, whole beans within one month. Here are some tips for keeping your coffee at its tastiest:

    • Buy just-roasted coffee often, in quantities to last one to two weeks, and then store it properly.
    • Store larger quantities of coffee tightly sealed in an airtight container in a cool, dark area, keeping a smaller quantity in another container for daily use. Open the larger container only when you need to refill the smaller container. This reduces air exposure for the bulk of the coffee.

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    Which Coffee Storage Option Works Best For You

    Its no secret that for the freshest tasting coffee its best to buy a weeks worth of coffee at a time. And if you can grind it yourself beans are better.

    Wondering what kind of beans to buy? My favorite is medium roasted arabica beans with sweet flavor notes of chocolate, caramel, and nuts. A couple Im loving right now are Z Wrangler and Tierra Madre .

    But maybe you dont buy coffee beans, maybe you buy ground coffee and maybe you love storing it in the fridge or freezer. Thats great, its all good as long as youre loving your coffee.

    How do you store your coffee? I would love hearing your feedback, any tips or how to suggestions you have can help the EnjoyJava coffee community. Please join me in the comments. And if any of my tips help make your coffee experience better, well, I wouldnt mind hearing about that either

    One more tip before you go: try a cold brew

    • About the Author

    Store Your Coffee In The Right Place

    Moisture, light, and heat all contribute towards making coffee stale. So, coffee needs to be stored in a cool, dry, and dark place.

    This could be a cupboard or a pantry if you have one. Be mindful that this space should ideally be away from a heat source, such as an oven.

    Nisan tells me, I keep coffee away from spices or anything that smells because coffee is so powerful when it comes to absorbing aromas. Coffee is hygroscopic, meaning it absorbs everything in its environment, including oxygen, aromas, and moisture. Its best to keep it away from any foods with strong smells, or out of an environment with a lot of odours.

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    How To Store Ground Coffee To Keep It Fresh

    by TobyOct 3, 2021

    We have come a long way since the popularity of instant coffee in a can. These days, most coffee drinkers crave quality. If youre grinding your coffee from whole beans or for pure convenience you are buying pre-ground coffee, keeping the freshness for as long as possible is vital. Once you take whole beans and grind them down, its a bit of a race against time when it comes to maintaining quality.

    Ground coffee begins to lose flavor the minute it is exposed to light, oxygen and high temperatures. If ground coffee is not from high-quality beans, stored properly, or even ground in a clean good quality grinder, it could be the difference between having a great-tasting brew and having a very stale disappointing cup of coffee.

    For the best flavor, everything starts with the beans, so its important to pick high-quality beans. Next, you want to pick the right kind of coffee grinder making sure it is clean can help you keep your ground coffee from mixing with old grounds, maintaining freshness in every cup.

    The reason its important to keep your coffee grounds fresh is that once ground, the flavor begins to change. Knowing how to store ground coffee properly for longer freshness is a game-changer when it comes to making your morning brew the best it can be.

    How To Keep Your Coffee Beans Fresh

    How to Buy and Store Coffee Beans

    The first thing is to keep your coffee away from light, heat, moisture, and air. If you dont youll end up with stale coffee or even molded coffee. Keeping your beans stored in a sealed container in a cool, dark place is going to be your best bet.

    You might hear that freezing the beans will let you store them longer and while that may be true its not going to keep the flavor and the freshness alive.

    Refrigerating your coffee beans is another thing you should be avoiding. You want to make sure that you are keeping the beans away from the moisture that can get into them in the fridge.

    Keep your beans away from the oven as well. You shouldnt store them too close to this area of your kitchen because every time you turn the oven on it throws off heat, all over your kitchen.

    Getting a specific container that is non-reactive and airtight as well as being opaque will help you protect your beans. This also helps retain the taste and smell of the coffee without absorbing anything else from the surrounding area.

    The container you use for your coffee beans should always be airtight. This keeps the flavor in and keeps the air out. Not to mention it can keep out most of the moisture.

    If youre really concerned about keeping your beans fresh you can buy and store them raw until youre ready to use them. Green coffee beans will hold their flavor for a long time and you can roast them as needed.

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