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How To Use Coffee Enema

Our Top 10 Best Coffee Enema On The Market

COFFEE ENEMA Procedure To Beat Diseases – How To Make A Coffee Enema for BEST Results – PART 1
  • Specifically Created For Enemas: Uniquely roasted coffee beans at 419° F to a medium/light coloration to produce the highest amount of palmitic acid possible for optimal results.
  • 100% USDA Certified Organic: Meticulously prepared by professional roasters in Seattle, our coffee has been certified free from toxic chemical pesticides and fertilizers, by the Washington State Department of Agriculture.
  • Specialty Grade Beans: Our organic coffee beans are free of primary defects and bad odors, as evaluated under the Q Grader Coffee System. Each bag of coffee has also undergone rigorous testing for quality and consistency, for your peace of mind.
  • Pre-Ground Coffee Beans: Finely ground for maximum caffeine levels and silver foil packed to maintain freshness resulting into an enema coffee blend that bursts with the taste of freshly ground beans.
  • Arabica Peruvian Beans: 100% sourced from Peru, the beans are roasted to the ideal temperature for enema use and ground in house for 100% purity.
  • 100% pure and natural Organic Coffee
  • unroasted without any additives
  • Bestseller in Germany for therapy , weight loss, detoxing and cleansing
  • Granulate-like for best enema perfomance and results
  • Highest quality from our own production – Made in Germany – Laboratory tested quality

Instructions For Performing A Coffee Enema

1. Lay in the tub or spill-proof the floor

As a beginner spills can happen, so perform your enema in the bathtub or with a towel under you to protect the floor.

2. Make sure the hose clip is closed

Make sure the enema bags hose clip is closed and fill the bag with the cooled coffee.

3. Release air from the tube

Release any air from the tube by holding the bag over the sink with the tip slightly lower and letting liquid flow until the air bubbles are gone.

4. Hang the enema bag or bucket 24 feet above you

Hang the enema bag or bucket so its 2 to 4 feet above where you will be laying down. The end of the hose must reach your body easily. But if you hang it too high gravity may produce more pressure than is comfortable.

5. Lubricate the enema tip and insert into the rectum

Lubricate the plastic hose tip with a lubricant such as KY jelly or olive oil. Traditionally people have been instructed to lie on their right side so the coffee solution can better access the portal vein to the liver, however experiment with whichever side works best for you. Fold your knees toward your abdomen and gently insert the tube a couple inches into the rectum.

6. Use the hose clamp to slowly release the enema solution

Release the solution slowly from the tube into your body, controlling the flow with the hose clamp. You may experience some cramping and urgency to eliminate as the liquid moves up into the intestines.

4. Hold for 5 to 15 minutes working to hold it in activates the vagus

Transform Your Health With Coffee Enema

Coffee enemas are one of the most effective ways to improve your body’s detoxification abilities and lowering your liver’s toxic load, while optimising the detoxification of your blood, with many other far reaching benefits.

Unless you have never ingested any form of processed food, wheat, dairy, meat, sugar, or any kind of harmful bacteria, you likely have gunk stuck in your colon. The colon is six-foot-long and has several pockets in which food may get trapped. When food becomes trapped, we are unable to quickly remove pathogens, and the accumulated gunk begins to absorb bacteria and mucus. Many symptoms may arise including brain fog, headaches, pimples, constipation, diarrhoea and body aches. However, adding coffee enemas to your colonic is a powerful way to wash out our colon and get things moving again, so you can focus on being your best self!


What is an enema?

An enema is a type of colon cleanse using liquid infused into the colon via your rectum.

This procedure cleanses and stimulates the lower colon to release safely and naturally without the use of chemicals or drugs.

Coffee enemas are unique in that they detox not just the colon but also the liver. This practice has been around for a long time and is known to be one of the most effective liver detoxifiers. Coffee enemas have been shown to help increase antioxidant levels, clear the colon, and remove toxicity from the liver.

How does it work?

What about bile?

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Coffee Enema How To Tips:

  • Get everything you require for the coffee enema treatment. The most convenient way to go about it is to get a coffee enema kit that already comes with everything a coffee enema bag, set of tubing, enema tips, hook and supply or organic coffee solution.
  • Designate a location where you will be taking the coffee enema. Preferably, it needs to be near the comfort room or anywhere that gives you quick access to the toilet. Cover the area with clean rags or an old towel to prevent stains on the floor.
  • Set up your home enema equipment according to the instructions that came with your kit. Fill the enema bag with water and drain until it is empty. Doing so will remove air pockets of air inside the equipment that may cause bloating or constipation. Fill the enema bag with your caffeinated liquid and hang about 2 feet off the ground.
  • Get ready to take the coffee enema. Recline on your back or on your side depending on whichever is most comfortable and use a generous quantity of water-based lubricant on the enema tip and your rectum. Insert the nozzle 2 to 4 inches into your anus. Enemas can be upsetting especially for novices, but it is important to be patient and move with care to avoid injuring the colon.
  • Redo the process until you have used up the remaining coffee solution and you are done! All that is left to do is to clean up and sterilise everything for your next treatment .
  • Perform The Coffee Enema

    Detoxify Your Body with Coffee Enemas

    Thirdly, now that the enema coffee is cooled off and you have your area set up and ready to go, now it’s time to actually perform the coffee enema.

    You’ll need to transfer the enema coffee into the enema bucket of your choice. I used to use the big red rubber enema bags but they were hard to clean and because I couldn’t see the inside of the bag, I never knew if it was completely clean or not.

    When I decided to change, I considered a glass enema bucket and the stainless steel bucket. I decided to go with the stainless steel bucket because it’s sterile, easy to clean, doesn’t stain, and won’t break like the glass one.

    Before you transfer the enema coffee into the enema bucket, make sure you close the tubing clamp. You will only need to forget to do this one time and you’ll never do it again. If the tubing clamp is not closed and you pour the enema coffee into the enema bucket, it will go straight through the tube and onto your floor – a big mess!

    Put the sieve on top of the enema bucket and carefully pour the enema coffee in.

    Take your enema bucket into the bathroom and hang it over the area you’ve set up – no higher than 18 inches for best results. I hang mine on a doorknob and it works fine. The higher you hang it the faster the flow will be. If you find that it’s not flowing through the tube, you may need to hang it a little higher.

    Now you can set your timer for 15 minutes and just relax while retaining the enema coffee as long as possible, or the full 15 minutes.

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    How Often Do You Need To Use Coffee Enema At Home For Successful Weight Loss

    You have probably heard of an enema. ?However, do you understand whats involved in the process? Is there any truth behind so-called weight loss reviews of taking coffee enemas? These are good questions ?many individuals do not know what an enema is and are quick to dismiss the matter once they have learned what the procedure entails. If you are reading this, then it is safe to say that you have decided to delve more into the matter.

    Enemas have been used to treat a variety of maladies for centuries. ?A lot of men and women are even now considering enemas to help them lose weight among other things. Today, enemas are done in hospitals and holistic wellness clinics all over the globe. Pictures of the results of coffee enema have sparked interest on health matters among people from all walks of life.

    What Is Gerson Therapy

    Gerson therapy is an approach to healing developed by German-American physician Max Gerson, who lived from the late 1880s to mid-1950s. Gerson advocated the use of coffee enemas along with a plant-based diet as a means to heal and detoxify the body.

    Today, the Gerson Institute, which is dedicated to continuing his medical research, keeps his ideas alive. Dr. Gerson saw coffee enemas as a means of detoxifying the body of poisons living in the tissues and body.

    According to a paper from the Gerson Institute, coffee enemas have the following benefits:

    • Boosted energy cell production

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    What The Research Says

    Theres no scientific evidence that proves or disproves that coffee enemas are helpful to treat any medical condition. Evidence for or against the use of coffee enemas is mostly anecdotal. In mainstream medicine, colon cleansing is considered unnecessary because your bodys digestive system is capable of getting rid of waste, toxins, and bacteria on its own.

    The theory that colon waste is toxic to your body is known as autointoxication. According to a 2014 article published in The Journal of Lancaster General Hospital, there isnt any evidence to support this theory.

    How To Complete A Coffee Enema

    How To Use a Coffee Enema For: Weight Loss, Parasites, Cancer, Liver, Detox

    Your first coffee enema might seem like a daunting task. But once youve done this process a few times, it will be much easier.

    The first thing you will have to do is gather the equipment and supplies. This includes:

    • The coffee – choose organic, light roasted or air roasted whole coffee beans
    • Organic blackstrap molasses, optional
    • Pure Water – distilled or filtered to remove chlorine, fluoride and other chemicals
    • Coffee enema bucket or kit
    • Coconut oil or some other lubricant for the end of the enema hose
    • Soft towels for the bathroom floor
    • Paper towels

    The best time of day for this is in the morning after you have already had a bowel movement. Coffee is known to stimulate the brain, so doing this too late in the day could hinder your sleep patterns.

    For your first one, choose a day that you are not rushed and can take your time with this process.


  • Bring 4 cups of pure water to a boil.
  • Measure 4 tablespoons of organic coffee grounds into a French press .
  • Pour the boiling water in and let sit for 20 minutes. If desired, add 1 tablespoon of organic blackstrap molasses during steeping.
  • Press down on the French press or strain with cheesecloth.
  • Let the coffee cool! You want it at body or room temperature.
  • Add any additional ingredients to enhance the enema solution. Then pour the solution into your enema bucket or kit. Make sure the bucket isnt too high. The solution will flow too fast. 18 inches is ideal.
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    How To Make A Coffee Enema Solution

    For the coffee enema, its imperative that you use organic, mold-free coffee beans, such as Bulletproof Coffee, that wont add more toxins to your system.

    Brew 3 cups of coffee using filtered water and 2 tablespoons of ground coffee. Be sure all beans are filtered out of the solution. Remove from heat and cool completely before using to avoid serious injury.

    What’s The Best Enema Coffee To Buy

    You may be thinking you can just use your regular morning ground coffee for this, but it will not produce the detoxification benefits you are looking for, and here’s why:

    • Regular store-bought coffee is not the same as enema therapy coffee – even if it’s organic.
    • Enema therapy coffee must be a clean coffee since it will go into the liver.
    • Enema therapy coffee should have a high enough cafestol content to open the bile ducts.
    • The cleanest coffee is a special air roast process.
    • The traditional drum roasting process causes beans to be burnt which is carcinogenic to the liver.
    • Fine ground enema coffee will retain 100% of its cafestol and palmitic acid content for at least 8 months and up to 2 years.
    • There is no difference in buying whole bean enema coffee or fine ground for enema use both retain the same potency. This statement is supported by research done at US Coffee Association for enema use both retain the same potency. This statement is supported by research done by U.S. Coffee Association.
    • The lighter the color of the coffee, the stronger the cafestol.
    • Gerson Therapy recommends medium roast, fine grind, for their patients.
    • Enema coffee needs to be retained in the rectum for 15 minutes if possible for full effectiveness.
    • The lighter the roast, the more powerful the cleanse.

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    How To Prepare A Coffee Enema

    First, if using whole bean coffee, grind the coffee. A large to medium grind is fine. If you grind your coffee too finely, the grounds will pass through the sieve, and youll have grounds in your enema. This is not harmful, but I prefer a ground-free enema.

    I like to grind all the coffee in a bag at once and store it in a canister in my fridge to keep it super fresh.

    Bring water to a boil, add the desired amount of coffee, and simmer for 10 minutes.

    Then strain the coffee through the sieve, add cool, filtered water, and make sure your coffee + water mixture is at body temperature or below.

    Once its at the right temperature, youre ready to do your enema!

    Notice I didnt give you a precise recipe for your coffee enema?

    Thats because your water : coffee ratio is entirely up to you. And that brings us to the #2 question

    What About Other Types Of Enemas

    The ultimate liver detox: Coffee enemas

    Perhaps you know someone whos used an enema following the recommendation of their practitioner. Sometimes, specific types of enemas are used to treat or diagnose various gastrointestinal diseases and disorders. These include:

    • To deliver medication: A provider may use an enema to deliver medication directly to the rectum or part of the large intestine to treat gastrointestinal diseases such as ulcerative colitis.

    • Diagnostic tests: Sometimes, an enema is used as a helpful part of diagnostics tests. An example is when a safe type of dye is inserted with an enema to get a better look at the colon and rectum.

    • Constipation: For severe constipation, your healthcare provider may suggest a commercially prepared enema. These can be particularly helpful when a large amount of stool stuck in the rectum is causing constipation.

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    Colon Therapies And Enemas Benefits

    Colon therapies and enemas can improve gut motility and the frequency of bowel movements. Both assist in removing the toxic encapsulation of mucoid plaque stuck to the colon walls and further stimulate the removal of parasites from the gut.

    Coffee enemas are also used by individuals to improve energy levels , prevent bloating, improve mood, and reduce toxicity of the whole body by prompting liver cleansing and tissue repair.

    One added benefit of coffee enemas is that they promote the production of glutathione by the liver. A powerful antioxidant defense system, glutathione protects cellular damage to DNA and stimulates the removal of toxic waste out of cells.

    How Much Coffee Do I Use

    I cant tell you how much coffee to use because thats going to depend on a number of factors.

    If youve never done a coffee enema before, youll want to start with less coffee, perhaps as little as a teaspoon.

    Because coffee enemas are highly detoxifying, using less coffee to begin with will start your detoxing slowly.

    If you go into it using 3 tablespoons of coffee to 4 cups of water on the first shot, youre probably going to experience some major detox reactions, such as nausea, vomiting, or even hives. And if that doesnt happen, youre very likely to be jittery from so much caffeine!

    Ask me how I know this

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    Are Coffee Enemas Safe

    Although coffee enemas are used as part of the Gerson Therapy cancer cure, you should always seek the advice of your physician before taking coffee enemas.

    They are not for everyone, for example, certain individuals such as those who underwent chemotherapy should take great caution and should consult their doctor beforehand.

    However, many people have had good results. This article from details who should and shouldn’t use coffee enemas.

    How To Do An Enema

    How To Do a Coffee Enema Instructions – Complete Tutorial For Enemas At Home

    The best time to perform an enema is in the morning after your first bowel movement.

    • Prepare your enema solution and cool to lukewarm . Be sure your solution has been well-filtered with a strainer and cheesecloth.
    • Prepare your enema kit with the instructions that came with it.
    • Pour your solution into the enema bag or bucket, making sure your clamp is closed before you pour.
    • The bucket or bag should be placed higher than your body, such as on a chair or countertop beside you, or the bag can hang from the shower rod.
    • Prepare the space you will be lying on, then lie on your right side in a fetal position.
    • Unlock your enema clamp carefully to allow the liquid to fill the tubing, then clamp tight.
    • Lubricate the tip of your nozzle using coconut oil and gently insert it 2 inches into your rectum. It may help to keep your right leg straight and your left leg towards your chest to make insertion easier.
    • Unlock the clamp and allow the enema solution to flow. You can pinch your tube to slow it down if there is any discomfort.When you start to see air bubbles in your tubing, stop the clamp.
    • Lay in this position as long as you can. You can start out slow and work your way up to 2-15 minutes depending on the type of enema you are performing.
    • Sit on the toilet and release.

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