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Is There Coffee Without Caffeine

The Directsolvent Based Process

Coffee Without Caffeine | Greg Foot | Earth Lab

In this method of decaffeination the beans are steamed for about 30 minutes in order to open their pores. Once the coffee beans are receptive to a solvent, they are repeatedly rinsed with either methylene chloride or ethyl acetate for about 10 hours to remove the caffeine. The caffeine-laden solvent is then drained away and the beans are steamed again to remove any residual solvent.

Most of the time the solvent of choice in this method is ethyl acetate, so youll often see it referred to as The Natural Decaffeination Method or The Ethyl Acetate Method.

Typically, if a process is not named for a decaffeinated coffee, it has been treated by either the direct or indirect solvent methods.

Can Decaf Coffee Affect Your Sleep

This has a lot to do with the time of day you drink it. The effects of caffeine generally peak within an hour and can linger in the body for four to six hours, per the U.S. National Library of Medicine.

For example, drinking decaf at a 10 a.m. meeting likely wont affect a persons sleep 12 hours later. However, ordering decaf after dinner could pose a problem at bedtime, according to Sampat.

Four Sigmatic Cordyceps Mushroom Elixir

This organic, vegan, caffeine-free option is loaded with mushrooms, but don’t be alarmed there is no actual “mushroom flavor” to this beverage. Instead, it has a tea-like taste and aroma thanks to mint and rosehips, which can be enjoyed as-is or dressed up with a dash of milk and pinch of sugar. The cordyceps militaris mushroom powder can give you an energy boost, but without the classic caffeine crash afterwards.

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If Copious Coffee Intake Is One Bad Habit Of Mine I Can Live With That

Maybe its because my experiment was only for one week, but I never reached a place of comfort without coffee.

I still felt foggy most mornings, and unable to fully focus on my work. The headaches went away after just a few days, but my yearning for coffee did not.

I counted down the days until my challenge was over and I could once again enjoy several heavenly cups of coffee each morning.

I woke up on the first day after my challenge and excitedly brewed a pot of coffee, only to find myself stopping after one cup. My GERD had returned.

Although life without coffee didnt improve my anxiety or IBS, it did improve my GERD.

Ive been weighing whether the benefits I reap from coffee outweigh the need to take a daily medication for acid reflux.

The only way to know will be giving up coffee for longer than one week, and Im not sure if Im ready to do that quite yet.

Use An Aromatherapy Diffuser In The Morning

Your Coffee

Kirkpatrick pointed to a 2018 study that found aromatherapy can decrease fatigue. She recommended using lavender-scented oils in the morning before work, when you are getting ready or eating breakfast to prepare you for the day ahead.

Other aromas can also have a powerful effect. The scent of rosemary has been found to make people more alert, Dr. Uma Naidoo, director of nutritional and lifestyle psychiatry at Massachusetts General Hospital, noted in her book This Is Your Brain on Food.

I feel sharper and calmer all at once, Naidoo wrote, describing how she feels after running her fingers down a sprig of fresh rosemary to release the aroma.

Sage, whether fresh, dried or in the form of essential oils for aromatherapy, can also make people feel more alert, she wrote.

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Stay True To Arabica Beans

The two species most widely cultivated commercially are Coffea arabica and Coffea canephora . Of the two Arabica is by far the more popular, comprising about 75-80% of world production.

As a general rule of thumb estimate the caffeine content to average about 1% for Arabica beans and 2% for Robusta beans by weight. There are fluctuations within the Arabica and Robusta species, but to help make this general point lets just stick with the aforementioned figures.

Hence, always go with 100% Arabica coffee and Just Say No to any kind of Robusta beans. Not only will this reduce your caffeine intake dramatically, youll also be drinking a far superior cup of coffee.

Practical Takeaway

  • Make sure to only buy 100% Arabica beans. If youre lucky it will say so on the side or back of the coffee bag. If not, jot down the brand, name of the coffee, or web address and do some research.
  • If the beans are from Columbia, Guatemala, El Salvador, Tanzania, or Kenya theyll be Arabica beans, since those regions dont grow Robusta beans.
  • Stay away from lower-cost, lower-quality blends often found in supermarkets and wholesale markets. Robusta beans are often used as filler in order to keep the costs down.
  • Be careful when buying any fine European blends, they often include Robusta beans.
  • Some espresso blends use high quality Robusta beans for its ability to hold the crema head. So make sure that your espresso consists of 100% Arabica beans.

Caffeine Caffeine I Need Caffeine

As a college student, I cannot survive without a nice cup of caffeine. Does it keep me sane? I don’t know, but I know I need it to stay active and attentive when working, socializing, and schooling. Around the valley, there are numerous coffee shops, both local-owned and corporate-owned. Many are close to UNLV, making it easy to obtain a cup of joe, while others are worth the travel. Here are the top three coffee shops I recommend to any college student lacking some energy.

1. Royal Ice

Royal Coffee has to be my number one choice for coffee. Last year, I discovered the coffee shop and immediately fell in love. Not only was the inside warm and welcoming, but the coffee kept me going for hours! There are so many types of drinks to choose from, and they have a handful of pastries and meals. Some of my favorite items include their signature drinks, organic energy drinks, and blueberry muffins. Royal Coffee comes from the Royal Cup Coffee and Tea Company and has multiple locations in the valley. This family-owned business may not be on campus, but their vast selections of items make it worth the drive!

2. Rebel Grounds

3. Grouchy Johns

Monique Raven

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Pros Of Drinking Decaf Coffee

Caffeine sensitivity. With decaf coffee, you escape the negative side effects of caffeine in regular coffee. Many people experience insomnia, restlessness, heart palpitations, high blood pressure, and anxiety from the caffeine in coffee.

Caffeine-induced health problems. Caffeine can induce insomnia, heart palpitations, and other health problems. Caffeine is a stimulant, diuretic, and acidic. If you experience heartburn, bowel problems, or have trouble sleeping, decaf coffee can help lessen the effects of caffeine while still incorporating coffee into your routine.

Caffeine-induced anxiety. A common side effect of caffeine is anxiety. Caffeine can induce restlessness and nervousness and what we call jitters. However, its important to note that coffee does not causeanxiety, but it can worsen symptoms in people already prone to anxiety.

If you experience anxiety and drink regular coffee, perhaps think about switching to decaf coffee if you find your anxiety worsening with coffee.

Digestive/dehydration problems. One study found that coffee induces a gastrocolonic response in some people after drinking coffee, indicating that it has some laxative effects, but this is still being studied today. Ultimately, everyones body is different and you know yourself best.

How Much Caffeine Is In A Cup Of Coffee

How Coffee is Decaffeinated

Heres a table comparing the typical caffeine content of the most popular coffee drinks alongside other popular caffeinated beverages.


The way that instant coffee is made into a concentrate means that less coffee granules are needed to make a full mug.

The instant coffee manufacturing process is absolutely fascinating. Check out the amazing 9 stage process to discover how Nestlé creates their world-famous Gold Blend.

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Teecino Java Chicory Herbal Coffee

  • Ingredients: Carob, barley, chicory, dates, almonds, natural coffee flavor, figs
  • Aroma: Nutty, sweet
  • Taste: This one isnt my favorite. It has okay body, but the flavor is a little murky. It tastes a bit hazelnutty to me, too, which I dont love here. Its also a bit sweeter than I like.
  • Ease of brewing: This ones brewed just like coffee. I whip it up in my single serve French press. So add the mix to the pitcher, pour over hot water, and let steep for 5 minutes.
  • Overall: 2.5/5. Drinkable, but not my fave.
  • Notes: I also tried the Mocha version of this product, which I liked even less. Ive never been a fan of flavored coffees so keep that in mind.
  • Where to buy it: I found it at my local grocery store, but its also available on .

Reinvigorating Coffee Alternatives For Those Who Say No To The Joe

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As a college student, it’s rare for anyone to go a day without ingesting some form of caffeine, usually in the form of coffee. However, while coffee has been proven to provide some health benefits, it has also been linked to side effects such as increased risk of heart attacks in young adults and high blood pressure.

Additionally, coffee delays our bodies from experiencing exhaustion instead of energizing it and has addictive properties caused by delayed dopamine absorption in the brain, which make us feel that mood boost from caffeine every time we drink coffee.

I get itcoffee comes in so many tasty forms and is a social and trendy way to get yourself going every day. Personally, though, coffee makes me anxious and more stressed than I am without caffeine. I choose to not drink coffee because I want to allow my body to acknowledge the scope of its exhaustion and to use only natural, non-stimulating methods to help re-energize it.

For those of us who are non-caffeine drinkers but still need to function on little sleep, there is hope. Here’s a list of energizing, non-caffeine beverages that have gotten me through three semesters of college classes, meetings, and late night study sessions.

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I Absolutely Cannot Do This

It took me three days to actually begin my one-week challenge. On Day 1, my mind felt foggy and I struggled to focus on my work. I guiltily traipsed into the kitchen to allow myself half a cup of coffee.

On Day 2, I did the exact same thing, overcome by my inability to simply wake up without coffee.

Finally, on Day 3, I battened down the hatches and went coffee-free.

I was driving to visit my grandmother in another state, and therefore didnt have any mentally taxing work to do. This ended up being the perfect day to start the challenge, as I primarily consume as much coffee as I do to focus on my work as a writer.

The Bottom Line On Caffeine In Decaf

Cannabis And Caffeine: 5 Tips For Enjoying Weed And Coffee ...

Ultimately, whether or not you’re affected by the small amount of caffeine in your decaf affects you depends on a few things, such as your caffeine sensitivity, tolerance, and medical history, as well as the time of day you drink it. Many people would never even realize theyre getting a mini-dose of caffeineand if youve never noticed decaf having an impact on you, youre probably one of them. And theres no reason to change your decaf drinking habits now.

But if you have suspected before that there was something funny going on with your decaf, now you know you werent making things upand that cutting down on your decaf could actually make a difference.


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I Knew I Would Get A Migraine

Several hours into the drive on my first day without coffee, I felt an all-too-familiar dull pulsing behind my right eye.

I was getting a migraine. I thought this might happen, as I knew that some migraine sufferers can get headaches from caffeine withdrawal.

As my head pounded and my stomach began to turn, I popped an Excedrin Migraine . But the migraine just wouldnt go away. I took some ibuprofen before finally admitting it was time to take one of my prescription migraine medications.

The following day, I got a mild migraine, though I was able to nip it in the bud with medication before it grew too unbearable. On my third day without coffee, I had a dull tension headache.

It wasnt until my fourth day without coffee that I didnt get a headache.

Reduced Symptoms Of Heartburn And Reduced Risk Of Rectal Cancer

One common side effect of drinking coffee is heartburn or acid reflux.

Many people experience this condition, and drinking decaf coffee may relieve this uncomfortable side effect. Decaf coffee has been shown to cause significantly less acid reflux than regular coffee (


Coffee is probably best known for its stimulant effects.

It increases alertness and reduces feelings of tiredness.

These effects are directly linked to the stimulant caffeine, which is found naturally in coffee.

Some of the beneficial effects of regular coffee are directly attributed to the caffeine, so decaf should not have these effects.

Here are some benefits that probably only apply to regular coffee, not decaf:

  • improved mood, reaction time, memory, and mental function (
  • 47 ).

However, its worth mentioning again that the research on regular coffee is way more extensive than whats available for decaf.


Regular coffee provides many health benefits that do not apply to decaf. These include improved mental health, increased metabolic rate, enhanced athletic performance, and a lower risk of liver damage.

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What All Decaffeination Processes Have In Common

Before we look at any specific decaffeination process lets see what they share in common as a group.

  • Coffee is always decaffeinated in its green state.
  • The greatest challenge is to try to separate only the caffeine from the coffee beans while leaving the other chemicals at their original concentrations. This is not easy since coffee contains somewhere around 1,000 chemicals that are important to the taste and aroma of this wonderfully complex elixir.
  • Since caffeine is a water-soluble substance, water is used in all forms of decaffeination.
  • However, water is not the best solution for decaffeination. Water is not a selective solvent and therefore removes other soluble substances, like sugars and proteins, as well as caffeine. Therefore, all decaffeination processes use a decaffeinating agent . These agents help speed up the process and minimize the washed-out effects that water alone would have on the taste of decaf coffee.

Swiss Water Process Decaf Coffee

Caffeine-Free Coffee Alternative?

The SWISS WATER PROCESS® Decaf Logo is your assurance that you are getting GenuineSWISS WATER PROCESS® Decaffeinated Coffee. SWISS WATER PROCESS® decaffeinated coffees are, in many ways, coffee for purists. Those who love coffee, but not caffeine. Nor chemicals. While many decaffeination methods use chemical solvents, only SWISS WATER PROCESS® succeeds in using pure water for pure coffee taste with a decaffeination method that is 100% Chemical-Free, and 99.9% Caffeine-Free. All SWISS WATER PROCESS® Decaf. Coffees are also Gluten-Free.You get everything you want. The full flavored taste of the coffee you love, and nothing you don’t. Virtually no caffeine. No chemicals. No compromise! The 100% chemical free, unique and patented SWISS WATER® decaffeination process maintains the coffees’ distinct origin characteristics. As one of the only decaffeination processes in the world with organic certification, the SWISS WATER PROCESS® signifies health, great taste, and quality. All prices are for 1 pound packages packed in heat sealed foil valve bags to preserve freshness.We roast all of our coffee to order. The Date Roasted, & Customer Name are printed right on our heat-sealed valve bags.®/TM are trademarks of Swiss Water Decaffeinated Coffee Company Inc., and are used under license)

When ordering, please remember to specify Whole Bean, or Ground:

Our Breakfast Blend with a small amount of French Roast gives this blend strong flavor & full body.

1 lb. Net Weight

1 lb. Net Weight

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Jnantik Superfood Maya Seed Coffee Alternative

Jnantik, the maker of a Maya seed coffee substitute, advises that a French coffee press be used to make the beverage vs. stirring it into the cup. I learned why the hard way it doesn’t dissolve into hot water like, say, hot chocolate might, leaving the consumer to sip small pieces and particles. I don’t mind a little grit, but some might not appreciate the less-than-totally-smooth texture that comes from mixing it directly into water. It contains “absolutely no caffeine”, though I did feel a slight buzz after drinking it. Jnantik’s website’s explanation: the beverage contains antioxidants, iron, magnesium, potassium, calcium, and prebiotic fiber, so drinkers will feel “revved” upon consumption. It’s available plain or with flavored varieties like cinnamon and mocha.

Buy it: Jnantik Superfood Organic Coffee Substitute, $19

Kick Your Caffeine Habit With These 4 Coffee Substitutes

First thing in the morning, I am nothing without my steaming hot mug of coffee. Truth be told, youd have to pry it out of my hands to get me to give it up! However, I have a one mug-a-day limit any more caffeine throughout the day starts messing with my mood and sleep, and the acid isnt so great for my tummy either.

When I want the warm, comforting sensation of a cup of coffee without the acid and caffeine, I reach for one of these four substitutes instead. Here are the brands Ive tried and enjoyed theyre in regular rotation in my house, perfect for quelling my afternoon coffee cravings.

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