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Recpro Rv Camper Pleated Blind Shades Cappuccino

Recpro Entry Door Window Shade

RV Shades Installation – RecPro

With a massive range of leading RV blind options from RecPro, you certainly appreciate the quality of the products the brand produces. RV owners like us can replace the old entry door window blinds with the ones by RecPro to enjoy excellent covering.

I love the blinds because they do not have slats and come in the form of one fabric sunshade that can be snapped up on any window. The blind ensures that no sunlight enters your camper through closed doors, protecting you and your loved ones from harmful UV rays.

Plus, all your conditioned air is preserved within the RV for conserving as much energy as possible. As for privacy in the RV and solace at nights, these blinds are opaque, preventing any light from entering the camper when you are fast asleep.

While you can do away with entry door window blinds when you know that your RV is going to be parked in seclusion, they are a must-have when you prefer parking in campsites with multiple others. Blinds keep your RV activities private as these sites might have malicious minds with an intention to loot your RV.

Installation of this sunshade is also easy as you do not have to spend hours removing the previous window frame to install a new one. Simply put the screws in the holes in corners of your RV and snap the blind on top of them. Snap-top screws accompany the blinds. Double-stitched canvas is highly tensile and resistant, so they wont tear off during installation.

Recpro Black Rv Roller Shades

Another innovation by RecPro, which took to my liking as soon as it hit the markets, is this roller shade in black color. This is made up of good quality, 4-ply linen, which can keep the lights out even when you are in a park full of RVs. Since there is no light coming in, the prying eyes cannot see what is going on inside your RV, keeping your privacy intact.

The blinds have a top knob, which is mounted to the van and a bottom knob that is suspended from holding the screens. There are no seams in the shades, reducing wear and tear risk even if you trod on the rough paths.

The best thing about this RV blind is that if damaged, they can be easily repaired in RV parks. And, you can get these blinds based on your window sizes. When these blinds are wrapped, they give a clean and neat look.

  • Convenience to install and use.
  • Can be repaired by any personnel in RV parks
  • When wrapped, the bundle of fabric looks neat
  • The suspended knob ensures blinds dont move too much
  • Are available in several different window sizes
  • These are expensive

How Do You Set Up And Use Your Rv Blind

Since there are several types of RV blinds, the installation process for each is different. Therefore, you might want to go through the installation instruction booklet that comes with the blind to put them up.

The traditional mechanism for using the blinds was to tilt the slats, which took a modern turn with the string mechanisms introduction. It requires you to pull the string a certain way to remove the blinds and to draw them again. Nowadays, you can also get motorized RV blinds that use a remote control to roll up and down.

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How Does An Rv Blind Work

Blinds work just like curtains, but the difference is that these items will not be blown away with a light breeze. Blinds, when drawn, are weighed down by the material itself, and by a bar connected at the end.

Blinds are also easier to use and maintain compared to curtains. Curtains have to be manually parted and tied at the sides so they will remain open. On the other hand, blinds only need to be pulled up using a built-in mechanism. You can even find automated blinds that automatically go up and down at the flick of a switch.

When it comes to functions, blinds and curtains work the same way. They both provide privacy for those inside the RV. Some also let natural light but reflect the heat and harmful UV rays. There are even thick blackout blinds that completely block light from the windows and can also muffle noises from the outside.

Ap Products Mobile Home Blinds

RV Camper Pleated Blind Shades Cappuccino 50"  X 32"

The 015-201512 Slim shades by AP Products is another set of blinds that can be installed in the window frame of your entry door. For people who want more windows for their RV without suffering the overwhelming heat during summer, these well-designed blinds can be the solution.

These camper blinds are quite versatile as they do not require specific kinds of windows for use. You can install them on almost any RV window which is 12 to 21 since they are made in the standard size.

Ease of use is another factor that makes these blinds handy because you can simply pull them up or down if you want to see outside. Other than that, these black shades are opaque and allow no one to look through your RV. You do not have to deal with constant knotting and un-knotting of strings also.

Everything you need for the installation, from hardware to screwdriver, is available in the packaging. All you have to do is, assemble this window frame with blinds and replace it with the original blinds installed in the entry door. Once installed, these blinds will offer good insulation and privacy.

  • Shades fit perfectly in standard 12*21 inch windows
  • Offer incredible insulation and ensure privacy
  • Easy to install and use with no string mechanism
  • It can be installed in any RV window
  • Pleated blinds dont provide a pleasant view of the window

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Recpro Rv Blinds Pleated Shades

  • These RV blinds in cappuccino are a great replacement or upgrade to your RV. They are light enough that they will not collect lots of dust and allergens and will easily raise and lower.
  • Closing the blinds to block out harmful UV rays or to just get some privacy is a much-needed application in an RV, which is why we wanted to give you an option that moved with ease. While being light in weight, they are opaque and are not able to be seen through. With this level of privacy, they are great for nighttime.
  • The cappuccino color is also perfect for RV interiors, with the calm and solid color helping add a relaxing vibe to your home away from home. Durable and long-lasting, theyll keep you in comfort for a long time to come. Installation is quick and easy with the mounting hardware provided and once its up, its easy to move and use.
  • If returned Items are due to the customer ordering the wrong size, style, or color, they are automatically subject to a 10% restocking fee unless otherwise noted in product description.


Recpro Pleated Shades 50 W X 24 L Rv Blinds

What I liked the most about these blinds is how easy they are to clean and keep clean. Because the material used for the blinds is so light, dust does not collect on top of them. It means that they will only need a bit of light dusting every other day to keep them clean and white. The only intense cleaning that I need to do on is to wipe them clean using a damp cloth.

I also like how effectively these camper blinds cover my windows. They are thick enough to block prying eyes from seeing anything inside the RV, but not so thick that it no longer lets a bit of sunlight through. Even though these items are not blackout blinds, they can still block just enough light to make the interior comfortably dark enough for a quick nap.

Another neat thing about these blinds is that they reflect the UV rays of the sun. It means that almost none of the heat coming from sunlight will be able to penetrate inside the RV. These blinds can help protect the plastic items inside the RV, like the dashboard, the trim of the doors, the plastic sidings, and the childrens toys.

I also like how easy it is to install the blinds. It gets even easier when you bought these mobile home blinds as a replacement set for your old blinds. It is because the drill holes used are practically in the same place. You no longer need to drill additional holes anymore. You just need to remove the old, then install these new blinds exactly where the old ones used to be.

  • Provides ample privacy even at night

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Recpro Black Pleated Shades

The thing that I liked the most about these RV blinds is that they can almost completely block any light from getting into the RV, save for a few wisps of light bleeding from the edges. The reason I like it is that you can rarely find a secluded park where you can legally hunker down your RV and just relax.

These blinds provide me with all the privacy I need anytime necessary. Getting caught with my pants down after getting out of the shower once is more than enough. Aside from blocking sunlight, these blinds also help keep the interior of the RV cool. It is because they reflect the heat and harmful UV radiation.

Ever since I got these blinds for my RV, I noticed that I have been spending less gas on air-conditioning. The interior always seems to stay cool even during the hottest summer months. The window blinds are also very thick and durable. The pleated blinds are made of thick Bellagio fabric that is resistant to fraying and tears.

Although it is technically not a cellular window blind, the fabric used is thick enough that it can muffle outside sounds quite well. The thick fabric also means that these blinds can prevent the cool air from getting out and the heat from getting inside. These RV curtains and blinds are also easy to install and operate.

  • Low-maintenance and easy to keep clean
  • The fabric sometimes needs help to fold up properly.

How Do You Keep Your Rv Blind Clean

How to Restring RV Day / Night Pleated Shades – RV DIY

Cleaning the RV blinds is not going to be the most difficult part of your camping experience if you do it the right way. For starters, you can use a damp cloth to get rid of debris accumulated between the slats regularly to keep blinds clean.

If you are in a humid climate and do not want to risk water going near your blinds and windows, you can also use a vacuum cleaner with the brush attachment. It will suck all the dirt out of your blinds, keeping them dirt free.

As for fabric blinds, they come off pretty easily. So, whenever you get the chance, you can soak them in a tub of water with some detergent for a few hours. Then you can rinse them off with clean water. If this doesnt work for you, you can use steam cleaners to get rid of the dirt and keep your RV sparkling.

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How Are Rv Blinds Measured

Before you go shopping for RV window blinds, you need to make sure that you take accurate measurements of your windows first. When you are taking measurements, you should focus more on getting the width as accurately as you can. The length of the blinds can be adjusted easily once they are installed anyway.

Here are a couple of tips that you should keep in mind while you are taking measurements:

Use a steel tape measure. Keep in mind that plastic tape measures would sag easily, which will affect the accuracy of your measurement.

Round up the height and weight to the nearest 1/8. It will give you a bit of an allowance with your measurements.

If the windows in your RV have irregular angles, then it is best to get a professional custom blinds maker and let them take the required measurements for you.

Trader Blinds Cordless Light Filtering Cellular Shade

I genuinely liked the cordless lift system used by this RV window shade. I do not know how they do it, but I just need two fingers to raise and pull down the blinds. There are no strings to pull and tie down. The blinds will stay in place where you stop pulling.

These are not your ordinary motorhome blinds. You can even save a lot of money from these items. These products are cellular blinds, meaning they have trapped air pockets in the fabric that act as insulators. It also means that they keep cold air in and heat from the sun out during the summer, so you save a lot of money on air-conditioning.

Also, they do the opposite during the winter months to save on heating. These RV blinds and shades are also great blackout shades. If you want to turn the inside of your RV dark instantly, whether to watch a movie or catch a quick nap, these blinds will make it seem like nighttime fell early.

The cellular structure of these RV replacement blinds also helps with soundproofing. It is a great thing to have when you are parked in a busy camper park where kids are always running about and screaming, and other campers have their radios on at full blast.

With these blinds pulled down completely, it would feel like you are parking on a secluded site where no one else can disturb your peace. The only problem that I currently have with these replacement blinds for motorhome is that there might be something wrong with the cordless lift system.

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Best Rv Blinds Reviews In 2022 Expert Buying Guide

by Alice Davis

Your RV is your second home. As such, it deserves the right window treatment that not only appeals to the eye but also gives you total control of your privacy, lighting. But choosing the perfect blinds for your RV is easier said than done. You’ll need to spend hours comparing various products to ensure you get the perfect RV shades.

We’re here to make your search for the best RV shades as easy as possible. Whether you’re looking for new or replacement shades for your RV, we have done our research and put together some cool options that we’ll share with you below.

Camper Comfort Rv Pleated Shades

RV Camper Pleated Blind Shades Cappuccino 50"  X 38"

RV blinds are meant to regulate the amount of light you receive in your motorhome and peek inside. Camper Comfort RV pleated shades serve both these purposes and more. Hence, they have made it to my top-selected RV blinds list.

I like these blinds because they are available in 50*32 inches, which is a standard window size in most of the RVs. The color is cappuccino, an ideal shade if you want to prevent excessive sunlight from entering the RV. Plus, it can stop the conditioned air in the RV from escaping. Such a feature makes these blinds insulating, perfect for keeping your RV cool in summers.

If you have a damaged RV shade that you want to replace in a short notice to install the new ones and hit the road, you can install these without giving it a second thought. They come with an easy installation procedure facilitated by a mounting bracket and screws included in the package. It takes less than an hour to install the blinds by an expert hand.

As for privacy, opaque shades are light yet perfect for keeping the eyes of potential intruders out of the RV. No one can look into the vehicle unless you want them to when you have these blinds installed.

The blinds are stringed together, making closing and opening them easier with one hand action. It is also easier to clean the blinds when they are open with a damp cloth or steam iron.

  • Not as durable as desired

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Lippert Rv Window Blinds

Lippert offers these RV mini blinds, especially for motorhomes, which have LCI Entry Doors with a Thin Shade Ready Sticker. Hence, people can install it in the window frame of their RV entry doors. This pleated design gets well incorporated inside the RV window frame that it doesnt look like an addition at all.

I am thoroughly impressed with how easy the installation is because the Thin Shade Ready Kit stuck to the prepped Thoin Shade Ready sticker within a couple of minutes. The only thing we need to do is take the frame off, stick the blinds on, and put the frame back on the entry door.

You can drag up the blinds when you wish to see who is awaiting you outside and drag them down for privacy. There are no strings, so you do not have to worry about sorting their knots. Another advantage of these RV window shades over others is that they stick to the frame rather than using Velcro or snaps. It makes the installation look neat and sleek.

Most RV owners overlook the window frame on the entry door in the beginning. After hours of losing money on air conditioning, they realize where heat is coming from. So, you dont make this mistake and install RV blinds and shades on entry gates to prevent heat from entering the RV.

  • Blinds can be extended and retracted easily
  • Blocks suns rays from entering the RV
  • Easy installation with Thin Ready Sticker in place
  • No string or snap included for a neat look
  • Only compatible with LCI RV Entry Doors.


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