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What Coffee Grinder Should I Buy

Blade Vs Burr Grinders

You NEED a coffee grinder! Watch this video before you make another coffee.

If youve made the decision to invest in a coffee grinder and started to look around you might have noticed that there are two different types burr grinders, and blade grinders, but whats the difference and does it matter?

Well, one of them is consistent, durable, and produces uniform coffee grounds. The other is cheap, uncontrollable, and a waste of your time.

Dont be tricked.

Any type of coffee grinder is an invest and we are here to help you make the right decision. By the end of this article, youll know which type of grinder is which.

Why Your Grinder Is The Most Important Piece Of Coffee Gear

Raj Jana

You find $50 on the street. You consider the possibilities and decide its time to take your coffee brewing to the next level. What do you purchase?

  • A shiny new coffee maker
  • A shiny new coffee grinder
  • As surprising as it may sound, owning a coffee grinder will be much more rewarding than upgrading your coffee maker. Yes, I realize its the coffee maker that brews the coffee but hear me out.

    A great grinder will transform your coffee experience from the inside out. Your coffee will be more flavorful and delicious. Youll be able to determine your coffees flavor and strength. Youll be able to brew coffee that rivals your favorite coffee shop.

    Whether youre a newcomer to delicious coffee or youve been drinking black since you were in preschool, the truth is the same: a strong coffee grinder is the equipment key to coffee success.

    Let me show you why.

    What Kind Of Coffee Grinder Is The Best

    Between the burr and blade, burr grinders are the best coffee grinders as they offer better control and more consistency.

    In addition, the burrs crush the coffee beans into grounds rather than slicing them up like the propeller-like blade grinders. This action produces richer and more balanced flavors when you brew.

    Many burr grinders can grind finely for espresso as well as coarsely for French presses and cold brews. Burr grinders tend to have a higher price point, but most experts agree that they are far superior for flavor and grind size. In addition, these models are widely recognized for their quality, uniformity, and consistency.

    There are two main types of burr grinders flat burr grinders and conical burr grinders. Both produce a high-quality grind, but there are some differences between the two. Conical burr grinders are the coffee industry standard.

    They have a conical-shaped center burr with a serrated burr on the outside. Its designed to be heat resistant and energy-efficient. However, if you look close enough at the ground coffee, you will notice different bean sizes in the mix. However, this doesnt affect the overall taste of your brew.

    Most coffee fans prefer flat burr grinders these have two donut-shaped burrs facing one another with sharp edges.

    This design lets the beans stay between the burrs until they are uniformly ground up, unlike the conical burrs that let the beans shoot out and remain somewhat intact.

    Final Thoughts

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    Why Should You Even Care About A Grinder In The First Place

    I will go to the pros for this one. As the authors of The Blue Bottle Craft of Coffee write, Any barista will tell you that the single most important piece of gear in the espresso-making chain is the grinder. So buy your grinder first.

    Well there you go. Short and simple.

    Its true that were focused on the end product the cup of coffee and therefore we often think the beans are the most important part. But without the grinder, those beans wont get you anywhere. And poorly ground beans will affect the taste of your coffee.

    Ultimately it comes down to this: Good beans deserve a good grind, and if youve already committed to buying quality coffee, why not give your beans the respect they deserve?

    Best Coffee Grinders For 2021 According To Experts

    VonShef Premium Burr Coffee Grinder Review 2019

    Select is editorially independent. Our editors selected these deals and items because we think you will enjoy them at these prices. If you purchase something through our links, we may earn a commission. Pricing and availability are accurate as of publish time.

    One thing that many coffee drinkers dont realize is that a quality brew comes down to more than just the beans. And while your beans can certainly be the difference between a swoon-worthy sip and something youd rather spit out, the gear you use to prep that cup of joe can also impact how it turns out, especially when it comes to the grinder.

    A coffee grinder is a mechanism that is used to break down coffee beans in preparation for brewing, explained Serena Lerner, owner and founder of SkyTop Coffee. Coffee grinders are used for brewing all types of coffee, and they are one of the key components to creating high-quality brewed coffee, she said. A grinder is literally the most important piece of coffee brewing equipment you can buy, added Jiyoon Han, a certified Q grader coffee sommelier of Bean & Bean Coffee. I can brew great coffee in just a mason jar with a filter, if I have a good grinder.

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    What Is A Hand Coffee Grinder And How Does It Work

    Just like it sounds, a hand grinder or a manual grinder is worked by hand. Just like electric grinders, many hand grinders are adjustable and have ceramic burrs that wont heat the beans, so quality of the grind isnt the issue here. With a hand grinder you will manually adjust the burrs to get the fineness you want and you will manually rotate the crank until your beans are fully ground. The process requires some patience and a little power.

    The Smart Shopper’s Grinder Checklist

    Im all for sharing is caring, so Im happy to tell you exactly how I conduct my reviews what coffee beans I use and what I take into consideration. No secrets and no lies.

    So whats the most important thing to look for when buying a grinder? A machine that is an expression of a coherent 360-degree concept where overall quality is clearly a priority. With that as your starting point, its possible to compare a good but affordable manual coffee grinder like the Zassenhaus Quito with a stylish electric device like the Eureka Mignon. In fact, thats exactly what you want. How else can you make up your mind?

    Breaking that idea down into specifics, these are boxes you want a grinder to check:

    • Grind size can be steplessly adjusted
    • Little to no coffee grounds remain in the machine after grinding
    • Every single granule is a perfect replica of the next
    • The motor and grind mechanism dont heat up the coffee
    • There is little to no problem with static electricity
    • The grinder is safe, high quality and durable
    • The settings are intuitive, easy to follow and implement

    You may have already twigged that its pretty difficult to determine those things when looking at a grinder in a shop or online. Which is what makes it so difficult for your ordinary coffee lover not to be distracted by all the wrong things like price.

    The same principle applies to manual coffee grinders. Often, the handles length and properties are make or break in minimizing heat.

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    The Big Coffee Grinder Review

    As soon as electrical circuits and motors enter the equation, the range of machines on offer explodes and is, frankly, pretty confusing. To make matters worse, the divide between good coffee mills and junk is starting to look like the Grand Canyon.

    It could go without saying that electric coffee grinders are less of a bother. But that doesnt mean theyre easier to operate or more precise. So, its imperative you dont lose sight of what brewing methods the grinder is recommended for. As usual, price tends to be a deciding factor as well.

    For all their grind settings which can be stretched even further with a bit of finessing machines like the Capresso Infinity cant produce the particle sizes necessary for espresso. However, if you only need it for coarser pour-over or French press grinds it gives a solid performance.

    This is true of most grinders that sell in the ballpark of $100, making them a great place to start your journey into freshly ground coffee.

    Hang on a sec, you say. What about the Cuisinart Supreme Grind? Its a burr coffee grinder and it costs only $59.95! To be honest, that just proves my point that going below $100 on an electric coffee grinder is asking for trouble.

    Even if you survive the assault on your ears, its messier than a four-year-old with finger paints! A combination of bad chute design, excessive fines and static ensure that having to clean up after grinding coffee is in the forecast.

    The Best Budget Grinder For Coffee Geeks: Baratza Encore Coffee Grinder

    Why you SHOULD buy a COFFEE GRINDER! – Whole Bean Coffee v’s Pre-Ground Coffee

    There’s a lot to be said for Baratza’s entry-level Encore grinder, which comes in a lighter-weight, all-plastic housing. It packs the same motor as the more expensive Virtuoso, and it includes a slightly less effective burr set that grinds nearly as well asand slightly more slowly thanthe Virtuoso. Also worth knowing is you can upgrade the burr set in the Encore to the one made for the Virtuoso, if you do ever end up feeling like the Encore isn’t quite cutting it.

    Best For: Anyone considering the Virtuoso but who’s not quite ready to pay the higher price tag.

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    The Best Waffle Maker Buying Guide 2019

    For those who take their home-barista espresso making skills seriously or who just want to step up the flavor of their daily cup of joe grinding your own coffee is a clear improvement over using pre-ground beans! A variety of coffee grinder types are available at a broad range of price points to suit your specific needs. Be sure to consider your coffee brewing method of choice, how much coffee you typically make at a time, where youd like to store your grinder, and the features that matter most to you to help guide your decision. Once you start grinding your own coffee, youre sure to reap the rewards of your investment with much more enjoyment of coffee you make at home for a lot less per latte than your local coffee shop!

    How Do I Choose A Coffee Grinder

    For such a small kitchen appliance that performs such a straightforward task, you would think it would be easy to choose a coffee grinder.

    However, hundreds of coffee grinders on the market all offering similar features but cost different prices. To help you assess which one is suitable for you, consider the following factors to help you narrow down your options:

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    Porlex Mini Stainless Steel Manual Coffee Grinder

    Focused on portability and ease of use, this stainless steel grinder from Japan is the ideal no-nonsense travel companion for coffee lovers. A minimalist marvel, this grinder will handle everything from fine espresso to French press coarse grind and is also compatible with the AeroPress maker for maximum convenience.

    The Abcs Of Grinding Mechanisms

    Top Best Burr Grinder Under 100

    Lets briefly revisit the grinder mechanisms and why theyre important. For starters, that type of mechanism has a direct impact on levels of heat generated. When you get down to it, the same requirements and material properties that Im always yabbering on about with super-automatic espresso machines apply here, too. But its worth going over again.

    For the sake of completeness, Im going to briefly touch on the blade grinders that are so plentiful in lower price brackets.

    Youll notice Im NOT linking to any lade grinders because I really dont think any of them are worth buying.

    Why? Because a blade grinder is basically a blender in a different package. Nothing more. A pair of rotating blades, which are attached to a knife block, chop randomly at the beans as they bounce off the container walls.

    Some pieces are pulverized to a fine powder, others remain coarse. So the opposite of a uniform grind. Which is why you should steer clear of blades, whether in a coffee maker with grinder or standalone mill.

    Based on some of the comments, there are really some people who grind their coffee and pepper in the same machine. Honestly, I can only throw up my hands.

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    Which Espresso Machine Should I Buy

    Are asking yourself the question: “Which espresso machine should I buy?”

    On this page, you’ll be able to find our espresso machines for sale sorted by attribute, feature or function. Whether you’re looking for something colorful to spruce up your home or trying to find the right machine for your specific type of business, this page can help.

    We’ve created this list based on common internet searches along with questions from our customers.

    Think of it as our espresso machine roladex!

    And don’t forget, it’s always best to contact us via live chat or phone so that our experts can find something that specifically suits your needs.

    Where Can You Purchase Electric Burr Coffee Grinder

    No matter if youve chosen a flat or conical burr coffee grinder, you can find some models for yourself checking the webshops such as Amazon. This popular online store guarantees quick delivery of the package to your address. You can see the customers reviews on Amazon to check if the coffee grinder is really worth buying.

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    Prioritize A Good Coarse Grind

    The best grind size for this brew method is coarse. Though many high-end burr grinders advertise a wide range of grind settings, this is less important when choosing a grinder for cold brew. Although, if you want a multi-purpose grinder, it is worth taking into account.

    Grind is typically very coarse for cold brew to reduce surface area. If we increased surface area by grinding finer, the long steeping process would result in very muddy and over-extracted coffee

    For cold brew, the most important thing is a constant and even coarse grind size, so you should prioritize this over a vast number of settings .

    Whats The Difference Between A Blade Grinder And A Burr Grinder

    What burr grinder should you buy | Baratza creates home coffee grinders above others

    Every coffee grinder falls into one of two categories: blade or burr. Blade grinders rely on a spinning metal blade to chop up coffee beans, similar to a blender. They are less consistent than burr grinders and, as a result, are much cheaper. Blades also create a lot of heat when in use, which may alter the flavor of your coffee beans.

    Burr grinders are a higher-quality option. In turn, they are significantly more expensive. There are two kinds of burr grinderswheel and conicalboth of which essentially crush coffee beans to your desired grind size instead of chopping them. Conical burrs are considered superior because they are a little smoother, slower, and quieter than wheel burrs. There are great options out there for both blade and burr grinders, but try going with the latter if your budget permits.

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    How Do You Clean A Burr Grinder

    A quick cleaning of stainless steel burrs involves using a small brush that is almost always included with your purchase of a grinder. Remove the hopper, pop out the burr, and brush it off.

    In some cases, especially if it’s been a while between quick cleanings, you’ll need to do more work to remove the grounds and oils that have been wedged between the burrs. Remove them both and feel free to wash them with soap and water, but they must be perfectly dried no exceptions before going back into the machine or you’re going to face corrosion.

    What Is A Burr Grinder

    The burrs are the part of the grinder that crushes the coffee beans into a uniform size which is essential for creating an awesome espresso/coffee. There are two different burr grinders, conical or flat plate.

    Conical Burr Grinders have two cone shaped burrs with ridges that grind/crush the coffee. Flat Plate Burr Grinders have two identical and parallel rings that are serrated on the side that faces the other. Both burr grinders have one stationary burr while the motor turns the other. The beans are drawn in between the two burrs and crushed into a uniform size. Both types of grinders are known for their flexibility and quality. You really cant go wrong with either one.

    Both style of burrs are used in home and commercial grinders. They produce a consistent grind worthy of any high end or home espresso machine. The conical burrs are usually used on the very low-speed gear reduction grinders. The flat plate burrs are used on all qualities of grinders, from the low priced high-speed grinders all the way up to the low-speed direct drive commercial grade grinders.

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    Sage Smart Grinder Pro Burr Grinder

    Our favourite all-rounder

    Ive been wooed by Sage, admits Spampatino, adding that the Smart Grinder Pro is his undisputed favourite grinder the one he uses at home.

    While it may look more technical, it’s actually blissfully easy to use and adjust, thanks to the clear instructions and user-friendly interface, which allows you to choose between a grand total of 60 different sized grinds . This means you can grind yourself the perfect coffee whether you’re plunging, filtering, percolating or making espresso.

    The Smart Grinder Pro shows the precise time it will take to grind, down to 0.2 seconds, automatically informing you of the cup amount produced. Theres also a clear differentiation between cups and shots, so you know where youre at.

    Because of the versatility and the precision, its ideal for experimenting with different brewing methods. So, if youve been eyeing up that Chemex or snazzy espresso machine, this is the one for you.

    “It really comes into its own when you come to try out different brewing devices, Spampinato smiles. Theyve thought of everything like a magnetic grind tray that, when lifted, reveals clear cleaning instructions. It’s simply a super high-end grinder at an everyday price.

    It has a burr grinding mechanism made up of two revolving, abrasive ridged surfaces, rather than a blade, which Spampinato says is always better because it produces a more consistent grind .


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