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What Coffee Is Best For Me

Features To Look Out For

A Beginner’s Guide To Buying Great Coffee

Coffee makers are built with more than practicality in mind. The aesthetics are just as important as the performance these days after all, this machine will be on display in your kitchen for some years. Some feature a timeless brushed steel finish, while others are much more bold with a glossy, painted exterior. Before you choose your favorite, make sure that its size is suitable for your countertop some are much bigger than they appear.

The latest models come with plenty of useful features. One to look out for is the ability to grind coffee beans and then automatically transfer the grounds to the filter basket. In doing this, youre getting the freshest coffee possible. Some machines also come with settings that let you control the strength of the brew as well as the temperature of the coffee. Controls such as these are a brilliant addition as you can try out different combinations until you find your favorite setting. Size selection is another important factor some designs let you choose from a single-serve coffee up to an entire pot, which can save waste.

Coffee makers have come a long way in terms of tech as well. Some feature touchscreens rather than manual controls, while others can connect to your Wi-Fi or use Bluetooth. In doing this, you can control the coffee maker handsfree through your smartphone or even using voice commands via Alexa and Google Assistant.

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Coffee Can Help You Burn Fat And Improves Physical Performance

Theres a good reason why you will find caffeine in most commercial fat-burning supplements.

Caffeine, partly due to its stimulant effect on the central nervous system, both raises metabolism and increases the oxidation of fatty acids .

It can also improve athletic performance in several ways, including by mobilizing fatty acids from the fat tissues (


Caffeine raises metabolic rate and helps mobilize fatty acids from fat tissues. It can also enhance physical performance.

Types Of Coffee Roasts

There are 4 types of roasted coffee beans. In order to easily identify the roast, you can look at the beans and see their color.

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Before we talk about the coffee roasts, it is important to note that as the roast gets darker, not only does the caffeine content decrease but the bean also starts to lose its flavor. Moreover, lighter roasts have higher caffeine content and have a more acidic taste.

The 4 main types of roasts are:

  • Light roast: Easy to identify, they have a light brown color. These beans are roasted slightly and have an acidic flavor.
  • Medium roast: Also known as regular roast, these beans are roasted until before their second crack. Their caffeine content is lower than light roasts but higher than dark roast.
  • Medium dark roast: Lower in caffeine content, these beans are darker in color and have more oil on their surface.
  • Dark roast: Almost chocolate and dark brown in color, these roasts shine form all the oil. They have the lowest caffeine content and have a smoky bitter taste. In dark roasts, the coffee beans tend to lose their own taste and give a flavor more of the roast.

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Best Sustainable: Counter Culture Coffee

Counter Culture was the inaugural winner of Roast Magazine’s Roaster of the Year Award, all the way back in 2005. The company has sustained excellence ever since, but it’s not just the taste of the coffee that it puts care into. Counter Culture is widely regarded as one of the most ethical coffee brands because of its direct-trade standards and eco-friendly farming. You can even find annual sustainability reports on the company website. Choose from a variety of ethically sourced blends in sizes ranging from 12 ounces to a whopping 5 pounds.

Get To Know The Different Coffee Beans

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There are a few major types of coffee that have different flavors, aromas, and uses. Heres a small overview of the different coffee beans.

Arabian coffee :

Arabian coffee beans, also known as arabicacoffee, mountain coffee, or coffee shrub of Arabia, are thought to be thefirst cultivated species of coffee.

They make up approximately 60% of worldwidecoffee production and are grown predominantly in Latin America.

Arabica coffee beans have a sweet, softtaste with hints of fruity flavors. Their acidity level is on the higher end,which is why the taste of Arabian coffee is often compared to wine.

Arabica beans grow at high altitudes and are difficult to harvest, typically taking several years to grow. For this reason, Arabian coffee tends to be more expensive and is often featured in specialty coffee shops.

I really like this Costa Rican organic Arabica coffee by Café Britt®. It tastes a bit nutty with hints of apple its absolutely delicious!

Another one of my favorites is Arabian Mocha-Java by Peets coffee. Its a rich blend of Java/Arabian mocha beans with chocolate overtones.

Robusta coffee

Robusta coffee beans make up about 40% of the coffee produced in the world and are mainly grown in Africa and Indonesia.

Compared to Arabian coffee beans, they have a stronger taste and double the caffeine. Some describe the taste as harsh and grain-like, with a peanutty aftertaste.

Coffea liberica

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The Best Coffee Beans For Latte

In this article, Ill cover the best coffee beans for lattes. If youre like me, you are probably wary of flavored coffee and only drink regular coffee.

You also love the taste of a good latte but dont want to go out and spend $5 for one that you will drink once in a while. So what do you do?

You make an amazing latte at home without much trouble.

Below, youll find all the necessary information to make lattes at home. Ill cover the best beans to use and talk about how to make espresso coffee at home!

What Coffee Is Used In A Latte

Espresso coffee is used as the basis for any latte made in coffee bars, so its best to use it when home brewing coffee as well.

For high-quality espresso, you need high-quality coffee beans. Freshly roasted, freshly ground coffee beans are the key to great coffee.

You can make great lattes at home by using freshly ground coffee beans, a great espresso machine, and a milk frother.

Although making espresso at home might not be as easy as it sounds because most of us dont have an espresso machine at home .

This is where the smaller espresso coffee brewers come in.

You can make amazing espresso-like coffee using a Moka pot or AeroPress at home. Although its not a perfect match to espresso made with an espresso machine, the flavors are still robust and come very close.

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For Me Great Coffee Tastes Like Italy

Since I started drinking coffee in college, Ive cycled through practically every way there is to brew and enjoy the stuff. When convenience was a priority, I frequented vending machine dispensers and used K-cups. Eventually I got into higher-quality coffee, and wanted to make it at home. I bought a pourover and started grinding my own beans.

I thought I knew everything. Then I went to Italy.

Italy changed my ideas about what good coffee was, and about what it was worth doing to get that good cup. Even the stuff you buy at rest-stop gas stations there tasted infinitely superior to anything Id ever had stateside.

When I got back, I was motivated to improve my home-coffee game. So I consulted with a couple coffee-making experts, Dan Pabst at Melitta and Giorgio Milos, master barista for Illy, to see where I could improve my brew.

Coffee Tasting : How To Figure Out The Flavors Of Your Perfect Cup

Buy Me A Coffee! Overview and Long Term Review!

People whove been drinking coffee for years think they know what beans are the best for their palate. Theyll stick to the same brandclaiming that other beans are inferior or taste badand wont deviate from their caffeinated cause unless they absolutely have to. That presents a problem: When hardcore Joe jockeys have to drink a new brew and then stumble upon a cup of really great coffee, their taste buds challenged, they can spiral into an existential crisis that has them doubting their coffee palate.

But what gives a particular coffee bean its singular taste and aroma when brewed? How do you properly taste coffee to really experience the notes and flavors that the particular bean imparts and makes you a fan for life? To honor National Coffee Day, and to pay tribute to the little bean that does so much for the human race each morning before work and every afternoon when energy dips, we ground down the factors that bestow coffee beans with their unique flavor notesso you can figure out what makes your daily cuppa so damn good.

To taste and smell your coffee the professional way, which is called cupping, can be a long and involved process that includes scales and specific cups, special roasting procedures, and timing. But for the casual coffee drinker who just wants to know how to relate the flavors and aromas that make a perfect cup of coffee for them, there are a few simple steps:

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Should I Start Pounding Down More Coffee

Depends on your goals in life.

If you are enjoying the drink in moderation, doctors say continue onward, and savor those sips. And for those patients with a sensitivity to the beverage, Dr. Sophie Balzora, a gastroenterologist, weighs the benefits and risks very carefully. The clinical associate professor of medicine at N.Y.U. School of Medicine understands its cultural significance, and knows to tread lightly. As she put it: Robbing people of their coffee seems cruel.

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Best Coffee Beans For Cold Brew

The cold brew method involves immersing the coffee beans in water for up to 24 hours to allow the coffee solubles to properly dissolve. Unlike hot brewed coffee, the lower temperatures don’t dissolve all the chemicals and acids, resulting a generally lower acidity.

Because of the milder nature of cold-brewed coffees, it becomes easier to distinguish individual flavors in it, as opposed to the overwhelming acidity of some of the “higher quality” single origin coffees. This means that you should try a number of different single origin coffees to see what works best for you.

If you prefer a milder, traditional coffee then a Colombian or Brazilian coffee is a good place to start. These tend to have more neutral flavors and hints of nuts and cacao, which most people feel are positive flavors.

African coffees such as Ethiopian and Kenyan will have more floral and berry-like flavors, and won’t be as overwhelming as a traditionally brewed coffee because of the lower acidity.

Finally, coffees from Sumatra or Sulawesi will have notes of spice and earthy/tobacco flavors.

When it comes to roast, there’s a little personal preference at play here as well, but most people will prefer a darker roast to bring out the “coffee” flavor.

Why Trust The Spruce Eats

Top Morning Coffee Quotes That I Liked

This piece was written by Derek Rose, the coffee and tea expert for The Spruce Eats. He often drinks Kicking Horse Coffee at home, especially the brand’s Kick Ass blend. His cupboard is also stocked with Death Wish Coffees highly caffeinated and intensely dark coffee grounds for when hes in need of an extra pick-me-up.

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Reasons Why Coffee Is Good For You

Ah, coffee. Whether youre cradling a travel mug on your way to work ordashing out after spin class to refuel with a skinny latte, its hard toimagine a day without it. The caffeine perks you up, and theres somethingincredibly soothing about sipping a steaming cup of joe. But is drinkingcoffee good for you?

Good news: The case for coffee is stronger than ever. Study after studyindicates you could be getting more from your favorite morning beveragethan you thought: Coffee is chock full of substances that may help guardagainst conditions more common in women, including Alzheimers disease andheart disease.

Caffeine is the first thing that comes to mind when you think aboutcoffee. But coffee also contains antioxidants and other active substancesthat may reduce internal inflammation and protect against disease, saysDiane Vizthum, M.S., R.D., research nutritionist for Johns HopkinsUniversity School of Medicine.

Brew A Delicious Cup From Scratch

Our editors independently research, test, and recommend the bestproducts youcan learn more about ourreview process here.We may receive commissions on purchases made from our chosen links.

No matter how sophisticated the brewing device, no matter how refined the brewing technique, a good cup of coffee begins and ends with good coffee beans. And weve rounded up our favorite ones below.

Some of the brands we included are household names, others are cult favorites, but all of them are delicious. We describe each coffees flavor notes, sourcing regions, and availability, while also breaking down pros and cons to ensure you get value for your money. Products are sorted into distinct categories to suit everyone from dark roast lovers to decaf drinkers.

Fresh, tasty, and waiting to be brewed, here are the best coffee beans to buy.

  • Tasting notes vary and are described well

  • Only one light roast option

  • Bags are 10 ounces, not 12

Its impossible to truly choose the best coffee. Some people prefer dark roasts, others prefer light. Some focus on the cultivation process while others pick based on price. But Kicking Horse Coffee is an all-around favorite. Each of its 12 blends is organic, fair trade, and downright tasty. Light-roast lovers should check out the tropical Hola blend, while those who prefer dark roast can choose between flavors like the chocolaty Grizzly Claw or the smoky Kick Ass blend.

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Best Overall: Stumptown Coffee Roasters

Stumptown is synonymous with the third wave of coffeea 21st-century rise in small boutique roasters. The Portland-born company crafts several delicious whole-bean varieties, as well as individual bottles of cold brew. Hair Bender is the most popular blend its flavor is intricate and unique, teeming with notes of sweet cherry and rich fudge. Other popular options include Holler Mountain, House Blend, and the decaffeinated Trapper Creek.

Stumptown is more expensive than many brands found in the grocery store, but the cost isn’t outrageous. Plus, the quality and care put into the coffee is evident in every cup you drink. One issue to watch out for is that some customers who received batches from third-party vendors said the Stumptown coffee was either nearing or past its expiration date. This was not the majority’s buying experience, however, and coffee ordered from the brand website remains as fresh and tasty as ever.

Find Your Favorite Among The Most Common Coffees Peopledrink

Best Coffee Shop Near Me Coffee Shop Free WiFi Millionaire Video

If youre heading to a coffee shop orsimply deciding what to make with your new coffee maker, the possibilities areendless as far as types of coffee drinks to make.

Here we have listed some of the mostcommon coffees that people drink.


Typically served in shot form and toppedwith foam. Its popularity stems from its more concentrated content of caffeine.Can be consumed on its own or combined with other ingredients to make variousbeverages.


Thats probably the best way to drink coffee for beginners. Made with espresso and hot steamed milk. Typically served in an 8 oz glass filled with steamed milk and a standard shot of espresso. Topped with a layer of foamed milk, and often sweetened or flavored.


Another espresso-based coffee drink madewith steamed milk. Served in smaller volume compared to lattes, and topped witha thicker layer of foam. Typically contains 1/3 parts espresso, milk, and foam.Sometimes flavored with cinnamon or cocoa powder.


Made by diluting espresso with hot water. Similar to black coffee, but has a richer flavor profile. Usually topped with a layer of foam created from the espresso-making process. The caffeine content of the americano varies depending on the serving size of the drink.

Iced Coffee


The chocolate-flavored version of lattes.Made with espresso and hot steamed milk, in addition to chocolate flavoring andsweetener such as cocoa powder and/or chocolate syrup.

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Best For Light Roast: La Colombe Coffee Roasters

With an artisanal touch and direct-trade sourcing, La Colombe is another name associated with the third wave of coffee. You might know the brand for its ubiquitous selection of cold brew and draft lattes, but coffee beans have always been at the company’s heart.

It offers seven light roast options with entirely unique flavor palettes. The Java blend has notes of nougat, ginger snap, and blackberry tea, while the Colombia blend is a wild concoction of clementines, cherry soda, and chocolate.

La Colombe is on the more expensive end and typically sold in one size , but if you order off the brand website, you can buy beans pre-ground to the ideal size for your coffee maker, including Moka pots, French presses, and more.


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