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What Is The Benefit Of Coffee Enema

History Of The Coffee Enema

What Does a Coffee Enema Do? | Coffee Enemas Benefits | Sol Canyon Kitchen Wisdom

Though the standard enema dates back for thousands of years, the first coffee enemas were originally done in Germany in the early 1900s. Medical experts at the time were searching for alternative ways to treat and cure cancer, and it was thought that the coffee enema had potential.

That being said, the procedure didnt take hold outside of the medical community until the 1940s and 1950s when German-American Dr. Max Gerson brought it to the mainstream. Gerson adopted a holistic approach to medicine where a plant-based diet was used to detox the body of impurities and heal it from internal trauma. Part of this approach was the coffee enema.

Although Gerson died in the 1950s, the Gerson Institute in San Diego has further popularized the practice of coffee enemas as a way to remove poisons in the body. Papers published by the institute claim several other benefits that will we discuss in the next section.

Basic At Home Process

If youre looking to give a coffee enema a try, Ill outline the basic process here, but I wont get into the nitty gritty details. If you need more instruction or have additional questions, see the links/videos at the end of this article, or feel free to email me

Equipment Needed

  • 2 Cups of Prepared Organic Coffee
  • Coconut oil


  • Simply make your coffee as you normally would, and then allow it to cool. Obviously, you dont want to burn, but you want the coffee warm. Cold coffee is uncomfortable and can make it harder to hold.
  • Put coffee in bag or bucket and place it a few feet above the floor . You want it higher because gravity is whats going to allow the coffee to flow. I like to hang it on the door knob and lay on a mat on the bathroom floor.
  • Allow the coffee to flow through the tube for a few seconds to get all the air out.
  • Use the coconut oil for lubrication purposes
  • Lay down on your right side and allow the coffee to flow through you.
  • Hold at least 15 minutes and then release.
  • Make sure you clean your equipment thoroughly as you dont want unwanted microbes growing in your coffee enema kit. Boiling water or hydrogen peroxide works great.
  • Notes:

    Youll likely have struggles the first few minutes as youre not used to things going in that direction. Just breath through it, maybe have an iPad or laptop playing Netflix to distract you. Try to remain still. The more you move the harder it is to hold.

    Whats The Deal With Bile

    Im learning that bile is like the holy grale for health and wellness. If you want to heal from chronic health symptoms or just maintain a healthy body, you must have healthy bile flow.

    Bile is the best binder on the planet. Its how our body takes toxins from the liver and out of the body via the large intestine. When we release old bile, we are also releasing toxins.

    If we dont eliminate the bile right away, it gets recycled and some of the toxins it was holding also get reabsorbed. Coffee enemas help us get rid of that bile while simultaneously telling the body to make fresh bile.

    Bile also acts like a detergent helping to cleanse the gut of pathogenic microbes, unwanted organisms, and cellular waste. Thats just the role of bile and detoxification. Theres so much more to bile, but thats for a different article.

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    Transform Your Health With Coffee Enema

    Coffee enemas are one of the most effective ways to improve your body’s detoxification abilities and lowering your liver’s toxic load, while optimising the detoxification of your blood, with many other far reaching benefits.

    Unless you have never ingested any form of processed food, wheat, dairy, meat, sugar, or any kind of harmful bacteria, you likely have gunk stuck in your colon. The colon is six-foot-long and has several pockets in which food may get trapped. When food becomes trapped, we are unable to quickly remove pathogens, and the accumulated gunk begins to absorb bacteria and mucus. Many symptoms may arise including brain fog, headaches, pimples, constipation, diarrhoea and body aches. However, adding coffee enemas to your colonic is a powerful way to wash out our colon and get things moving again, so you can focus on being your best self!


    What is an enema?

    An enema is a type of colon cleanse using liquid infused into the colon via your rectum.

    This procedure cleanses and stimulates the lower colon to release safely and naturally without the use of chemicals or drugs.

    Coffee enemas are unique in that they detox not just the colon but also the liver. This practice has been around for a long time and is known to be one of the most effective liver detoxifiers. Coffee enemas have been shown to help increase antioxidant levels, clear the colon, and remove toxicity from the liver.

    How does it work?

    What about bile?

    Supporting The Liver Through Coffee Enemas

    Pin on Detox Naturally

    The coffee enema is very stimulating to the liver and is the greatest aid in elimination of the livers toxic wastes.

    The coffee enema, besides stimulating liver detoxification, also has beneficial effects in cleaning the colon. Coffee is an excellent solvent for encrusted waste accumulated along the walls of the colon. The caffeine also directly stimulates the peristaltic muscle to contract more powerfully and loosen such deposits, which are occasionally visible as hard, black material and “ropes” of mucus. Gradually, as the protein metabolism of the body improves, the muscle tone of the bowel becomes normal and thorough evacuation is possible without the aid of the enema.

    Essentially, the coffee enemas help the liver perform a task for which it was not designed that of elimination in 1 or 2 years the accumulated wastes from many years of living in ignorance of the laws of nature.

    It is most desirable to take the coffee enema early in the morning and it may be repeated again in early afternoon and/or evening, depending upon the toxic condition of the body. Enemas using coffee in the afternoon or evening may interfere with sound sleep. If enemas are needed at these times, many patients prefer to use only warm pure water omitting the coffee. But it is better to take coffee at these times also, and a weaker solution to permit sleep would be better than not using coffee at all.

    Benefits of A Coffee Enema

    Other benefits are:

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    What Is A Coffee Enema And How Is It Used

    An enema is a liquid that is introduced to the rectum through the anus while you are lying on your side or back. This is usually done to clean out the intestines for therapeutic purposes or prior to a major surgery.

    A coffee enema is generally performed for therapeutic purposes and is a retention enema. A retention enema is designed to be held inside the intestines for a longer time, usually between five to fifteen minutes, to reap all of the benefits.

    Enemas need a few different key items, which are usually sold in kits together, and include an enema clamp, an enema bag, and a tube with a graduated tip. It is also important to have a good lubricant, such as a natural vegetable oil or personal lubricant, in order to make insertion easier.

    Coffee used in an enema must be the absolute best quality coffee available and the water should be distilled. More information on how to successfully incorporate a coffee enema can be found here.

    Stronger Pelvic Floor Muscles

    Mommas, lets have a heart to heart real quick. It is a fact of motherhood that, after the arrival of that blessed bundle of joy, the muscles that once allowed you to go hours without peeing no longer seem to do their job, am I right?

    Sure, my postpartum bladder was a lot less bothersome than my pregnant bladder meaning, I didnt have to pee every 13 minutes.

    But sneezing? Coughing? Laughing?

    Those activities became a lot more challenging. Because Id wet my pants without even realizing I had to go to begin with!

    Will somebody please tell me Im not alone in this??

    Even YEARS after having my babies, I couldnt jump on the trampoline or even go jogging without ahem leaking into my knickers.

    Everyone says to do Kegel exercises, but seriously, who remembers or doesnt feel slightly awkward about that?

    Ill be honest here: holding in coffee enemas for the first few weeks was challenging. But slowly, over time, it got easier and easier.

    Coffee enemas require you to focus a lot on the lower area of your body, and that focus and concentration is what enables you to hold the liquid in your colon for 10-15 minutes at a time.

    Bonus! That lower body concentration translates to your lady parts and tones those muscles too! I could not make this stuff up, yall.

    The result?

    I can jog . I can jump on the trampoline with my kids and jump off with dry undies. And, I can even make it through the freezer section of Costco without needing to tinkle!

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    Evidence For And Against The Use Of Coffee Enemas

    Several studies have been carried out to investigate the use of coffee enemas.

    A study published in Clinical Nutrition Research in 2014 studied the use of coffee enemas in preparation for video capsule endoscopy, which allows a doctor to view the inner portions of the gut.

    Researchers divided the studys 34 participants into two groups. The first group received a coffee enema plus polyethylene glycol and the second group received just polyethylene glycol.

    The researchers found there was no difference between the two groups in terms of visibility of the first portion of the small bowel. However, the doctors found that visibility of the middle and lower segments of the small intestine was better in the participants who had been given the coffee enema.

    An article published in the American Journal of Gastroenterology detailed a case of inflammation of the colon and rectum from a Korean female who used coffee enemas.

    The 60-year-old woman had used a traditional preparation of 2 tablespoons of roasted, ground coffee mixed with 1 liter of water. She cooled the water and used the mixture as an enema. After about 24 hours, she began to experience rectal bleeding and pain.

    The authors pointed out that coffee enemas had also caused reported cases of death due to electrolyte imbalances as well as bacterial infection after frequent coffee enemas. They concluded by saying Coffee enema has no proven benefit and carries considerable risk of provoking unwanted complications.

    Coffee Enema The Toxin Eliminator

    3 Benefits of Coffee Enemas for Joint Pain

    by Akesis Life | 27 Sep 2020

    For Cancer Patients, colon cleansing with coffee enema will help bring about the following benefits:

    build immunity

    balance the repair of the liver and tissues

    help the body get rid of toxins better

    reduce the accumulation of toxins in the liver

    get rid of toxins that come from the intestines after chemotherapy and radiation therapy

    Apart from caffeine, other substances found in coffee such as Kahweol palmitate and Cafestol palmitate can bring about many health benefits. They assist with the removal of toxins from the liver and dilate the blood vessels by stimulating the liver to excrete bile. The bile circulation is very important for the detoxification system. This is where the liver filters the blood and eliminate toxins. The residual toxins in the body are then excreted as waste.

    Colon cleansing for detoxification is a medical procedure. The consulting physician will provide a comprehensive advice about the procedure and the frequency required by the patient. This is done in accordance to the individual patients health condition.

    Recent Posts

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    Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop Promotes A $135 Coffee Enema Kit

    Are there are other places that coffee may go besides your cup, mug, or mouth?

    Coffee can typically go in your cup, in your mug, or in your mouth. Yet, on Gwyneth Paltrow’s website Goop, an article entitled “The Beauty and Wellness Detox Guide” seems to be suggesting another direction and location coffee can go. Apparently, for $135, you can purchase an Implant O-Rama System At-Home Coffee Enema. I feces you not. A coffee enema machine is part of their listed “full detox package.”

    This is certainly full of something. For those of you who don’t know, an enema is fluid that you inject into your rectum up into your colon. The enema then will stimulate your intestines to start moving and pooping out what’s in there. A doctor most often orders an enema to help relieve constipation or clean out your bowels prior to a medical procedure like a colonoscopy. The most commonly used enemas consist of sodium phosphate , mineral oil , saline solution , or milk and molasses . Most doctors don’t typically recommend using enemas unless you have a problem moving your stools or need to get your colon ready for a procedure. But, but…

    Coffee enemas are not the first scientifically-questionable item that has appeared on Paltrow’s Goop site For example, I previously wrote for Forbes about the jade eggs for the vagina that appeared on the Goop website. Here’s what Timothy Caulfield, author of the book “Is Gwyneth Paltrow Wrong About Everything?” recently tweeted:

    Why Choose A Coffee Enema Instead Of Drinking Coffee

    Its common knowledge that coffee packs a powerful punch of caffeine, but it also contains a potent dose of a few other health-promoting compounds such as:

    • Cafestol
    • Nicotinic acid
    • Heterocyclic compounds

    This combination of caffeine and antioxidants is better absorbed directly through the intestines rather than when you drink coffee and it passes through the stomach before getting to the intestines. This change in delivery method can produce some pretty impressive benefits.

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    Coffee Enema Benefits # 5 Its Uplifting

    This is the reason I love coffee enemas so much. It just makes you feel good and it can boost your mood. No one really knows why, but many people report having an uplifting feeling following their enema.

    I recently interviewed detox expert Wendy Myers on my show: The Happy Healthy Family Podcast. During the interview, both Wendy & I admitted that we do coffee enemas just because were feeling cranky.

    According to Wendy, sometimes Im feeling a little down or a little depressed and I just need to change my state. Some people turn to food, marijuana, alcohol, or all three, but we turn to coffee enemas to change our moods. Its a much more effective and healthier option.

    During your coffee enema is also a great time to meditate, read, or incorporate other self care and stress management strategies. If you allow it, coffee enemas can be very relaxing.

    Why You Should Consider A Warm Coffee Enema

    Pin on interesting stuff

    For years, I suffered from chronic constipation and found myself getting nowhere through traditional medicine. In fact, between the daily glasses of Metamucil and synthetic drugs prescribed by my doctor, I felt miserable.

    The worst part was not being able to bottom. You see as a gay man, Ive always enjoyed doing this, particularly when Im involved in an intimate relationship.

    Tired of having to abstain, I decided to my own research and take a holistic approach to regularity.

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    Along the way, I discovered the powerful benefits of a coffee enema in helping rid my colon of stool while promoting many other health benefits.

    When youre bound up for too long, you run the risk of developing diverticulitis a condition where tiny pouches in the colons lining forms. Ive experienced this and can tell you its no fun.

    One of the great things about coffee enemas is they help to flush out the colon while stopping diverticulitis from occurring in the first place.

    Ive written this coffee enema guide for men and women for these reasons and many more. My hope is to create a go to source that you can turn to in an easy to follow format.

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    What Does A Coffee Enema Do

    When doing a coffee enema, the caffeine in the coffee relaxes all the smooth muscles in the body, allowing the liver and gallbladder to dump all the bile and toxins they were holding.

    The other element in coffee, palmitic acid, is responsible for the livers mass production of the blood cleaning enzyme glutathione-s-transferase. During a coffee enema, the production of this enzyme increases by 700%!

    This allows for a cleaning of the liver and saturation of the blood with cleaning enzymes that can capture all the nasty stuff from the system.

    Dangers And Side Effects Of Coffee Enemas

    It is best to talk with a health care professional before you perform a coffee enema, especially if you have had complications with enemas in the past. A doctor can help supervise and direct you through the process for your first time.

    The reason behind this is to make sure the coffee enema recipe is made correctly and performed safely. Pregnant woman and children may be particularly sensitive to the effects of caffeine and therefore it is not recommended.

    • Tears in the colon or rectum
    • Dehydration
    • Infection
    • Burns and irritation
    • Death – While rare, according to Mayo Clinic and the U.S National Cancer Institute some deaths have been attributed to coffee enemas. In particular, they can be most dangerous to those who are allergic to coffee.

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    How Coffee Enema Benefits Us

    It is no secret that the benefits of coffee enema have convinced the majority in the world, but how does it benefit us? Performing this prevents you from degenerative diseases and also against fatal ones like cancer. It helps in the healthy functioning of the gallbladder, and as gross as it may sound, it improves the operation of the digestive system.


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