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What Is The Best Light Roast Coffee

Should You Try Cinnamon Coffee

What a Light Roast Coffee Should Be

Light roasts, often called cinnamon roasts in the US, are indeed not for everybody. They are for adventurous people, who are open to the idea that coffee can taste fruity or tea-like.

Also, whats significantly all the more disappointing and befuddling is that light roasts are often more challenging to brew compared to the regular Joe from your college days.

Light roasts often require the right tools to shine:

  • A quality burr grinder
  • Pour over cone such as Hario V60
  • Soft water

If youre the kind of person who uses tap water and a French press or an old Mr. Coffee, youre nearly destined to be baffled. Instead, opt for a roast labeled full-city, which is much more soluble, and thus easier to brew.


The truth is that caffeine is quite stable even at high temperatures. The main difference is due to dark beans weighing less than light roasts. A bag of dark roast thus contains more beans, which in turn means more caffeine. However, the difference is small enough that it might be offset by altering the recipe slightly. For instance, many baristas like to use a more mild brew ratio when dealing with more developed roasts. Consequently, its hard to sum up.

Dont pay attention to the caffeine. Instead, let your taste buds guide you.

What Kind Of Coffee Is Light Roast

Light roasting is ideal for high-quality Arabica varieties, for example, high-mountain varieties from Kenya, Nicaragua, and Jamaica. These beans reveal their taste after just a few minutes of roasting. Monosorts with citrus acidity and fruity aroma, like those from Columbia, are also good for light roasting.

Light roasting allows you to preserve the taste and aroma that coffee beans acquire due to climatic conditions and growing characteristics. That is, it is a good roast to assess the taste differences of different Arabica varieties. Robusta is roasted more darklyit does not have a bright aroma and needs prolonged roasting to give the drink its taste.

Kicking Horse Coffee Hola Light Roastn

For the 20 years Kicking Horse has been kicking, it has been known for its whole beans which are roasted in the Canadian Rocky Mountains. The roast is 100% organic, shade-grown, fair trade, and kosher certified. So be sure you will be sipping some of the best coffee in the world.

The beans are sourced from Central and South America, meaning you will smell the aroma of cocoa powder, rich nougat, and brown sugar. And when you take a sip, you will taste notes of juicy red fruit acidity and a creamy honey body. Just like the Real Good Coffee, you can use any brewer to prepare your java with this one but is recommended for pour-over, drip machine, and cold brew.

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Stone Street Tanzania Peaberry 2 Lb Bag

The Stone Street Tanzania Peaberry Coffee is grown on the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro.

This single origin coffee is wonderfully mildly acidic, has a rich body, an intense flavor and a fragrant aroma coupled with mellow winy overtones. Only 5 percent of the coffee bean crops grown in Tanzania are Peaberry coffee beans.

This great coffee is perfect for cold brew, as well as other brewing methods like French Press as its light-medium roasted to perfection.


  • Ideal For A Number Of Brewing Methods
  • Pure Tanzania Peaberry

Amazonfresh Just Bright 32oz

5 Best Light Roast Coffee of 2021

The AmazonFresh Just Bright is a 100% Arabica blend that combines Central and South American beans to create a light and crisp flavor. The beans are packed and roasted in the US to ensure maximum freshness.

The coffee is pre-ground which may not suit those who like to grind the beans at home. However, for beginners, the Amazon Fresh Just Bright is a good choice due to the light flavors and serves as a good introduction to light roast coffees before exploring more complex flavors.


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Light Roast Vs Dark Roast: What Are The Differences

Now that weve gone over the differences between light and dark roasts, we will talk about what things to look for when choosing your light roast beans.

Since coffee is a natural plant, which coffee beans you pick make a tremendous difference, the roasting process is there to intensify those flavors.

Here are what determines a good light roast coffee:

What Makes A Light Roast Coffee So Good

The light roast types are perfect for all day drinking due to their lighter weight. Buyers should consider the origin of a given brand to determine suitability. Note that not all brands meet this factor thus buyers should be keen when making purchase. There is no coffee bean which taste exactly like another one. However, most brands include caffeine levels in their beans which makes them suitable for various purposes such as cooking and drinking among others.

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Volcanica Coffee Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Coffee

Volcanica Coffee has been around for a while and their blends are always top-notch, including their light roast Ethiopian Yirgacheffe.

Furthermore, this particular will help you enjoy a bright and tasty coffee with fruity and floral notes. If youre curious about the flavor notes of this particular blend, we must point out that were talking about lemon, blueberry, and blackberry.

The organically grown coffee has a complex origin and exotic flavor, as well as low acidity. As far as the floral and fruity notes, those come from the Yirgacheffe region where the beads come from, which is known for producing these toned coffees from traditional varieties.

When it comes to making yourself a cup of coffee, Volcanica Coffee recommends you dont let this blend on a burner for more than 20 minutes, as it will turn bitter.

How To Roast Coffee Beans At Home

How To Brew Dark, Medium and Light Roast Coffees

Final Words

So, this is our top curated list of the best light roast coffee. Which one would you prefer buying? If you want to take my suggestion, Ill say to go with one of the top five, because they are the best selling and most reviewed ones on the internet. Dont forget to share your experience.


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Light Roast Coffee Beans Don Tomas Nicaraguan Coffee

This light roast really packs a fruity punch and secretes citrusy afternoons, needless to say it does a terrific job of waking you up in the morning.

These beans are grown at an altitude of 4,500 feet and kept cool under the shade of nearby trees .

Not to mention, this company is dedicated to social responsibility. Did you know, a portion of their profits goes towards paying for housing, education, and medical clinics within the community where their coffee beans grow? How awesome is that?!

The Ultimate Light Roast Coffee Guide: All Questions Answered

Theres a lot of pseudoscience out there around light roast coffeeand it makes it really hard to tell truth from fictionbut far more pressing is that moment when the barista asks you a question that leaves you confused:

Would you like a light or dark roast?

How different could they really be? You may be pleasantly surprised. Luckily, you dont need to be a barista or some kind of coffee sommelier to have a preference.

This guide seeks to help you discover the delicious and complex world of light roast coffee.

Youll learn things like:

  • The wonderful world of light roast coffee flavor notes
  • The truth about light roast caffeine content
  • Why coffee pros often prefer light roast coffee

Next time you choose a coffee you will not only have a preference, but you may also have the knowledge to spare!

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Is Light Roast Coffee Healthier

No, a light roast coffee is not inherently healthier than a dark roast. While some studies have claimed that light roasts have more antioxidants than dark roasts coffee, , others have shown that dark roast coffees are better for reducing body weight and restoring red blood cell vitamin E and glutathione concentrations . In either case, effects are small, so youre better off drinking a cup of coffee with delicious taste, which boosts your mental health.

Strong And Flavorful Coffee Minus The Caffeine

Superiority of Light Roast Coffee When You Consumed It ...

Our editors independently research, test, and recommend the bestproducts youcan learn more about ourreview process here.We may receive commissions on purchases made from our chosen links.

Many coffee lovers rely on decaf for their daily joe. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to find decaf options that taste like “the real thing.” Certain decaffeination processes remove key coffee flavors and may result in a lackluster bag of beans. Thats why we rounded up our top picks for decaf die-hards. Below, we go over different roasts, price points, and forms of coffee from whole bean to pod. We also discuss various decaffeination processes in greater detail, all so that you can make the most informed buying decision.

Here are the best decaf coffees to buy.

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The Best Light Roasts In 2021

Below is a rundown of our favorite coffees so far for light roast coffee.

All the sources below have beans that will produce an excellent cup of joe, but there is always a personal favorite.

As a result, we will be arranging them from the one we liked the most to great alternatives. Keep in mind that our collective preferences are based on the taste and body of the coffee under review.

How To Enjoy Light Roast Coffee

For those who like to enjoy light roast coffees in the morning at breakfast time, pour yourself a nice cup of coffee that you just brew into your favorite cups and mugs while also accompanying it with your favorite condiments for coffee such as milk, sugar, and cream.

Next, find suitable and delicious pastries such as croissants, crackers, scones, warm bread or enjoy while having your breakfast. For the coffee itself, use the light roast to brew the nice and sweet cup of cold brew to enjoy with your breakfast feast. This is by far the best possible and worthy combination to kick start the morning with deliciousness and energy that lasts you the whole day.

You can also bring it to share at your workplace or with your family and friends in order to be able to enjoy this breakfast glory together.

Not only in the morning, but you can also associate it in the afternoon for the afternoon tea session or snack while enjoying the company of your friends and share this flavorsome together.

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The Difference Between Light Medium And Dark Roast Coffee

Garrett Oden

Have you been drinking the wrong coffee? If you’ve been confused by roast levels recently, it’s not just you.Light roast is now a thing. It’s not just for people who don’t like strong coffee anymore, it’s also for those who want to enjoy their morning cup of joe without that heavy feeling in their stomach. Now there are more options than ever before!You can have your cake and eat it too with these new lighter roasts. These coffees will be sure to satisfy any palate – no matter how they prefer their beans roasted!

But, what are they and which one is best for you?

We’ll show you…

  • Why modern light roast coffees taste better and better
  • The BIG differences between “specialty” roasts
  • Why you don’t ever want to buy french roast beans again

Once were finished, youll be equipped with all the information you need to navigate the new world of specialty coffee roasting.

P.S. It ^^^ really is free. )

What Coffees Are Light Roasts Best For

BEST DECAF DARK ROAST COFFEE Peet’s Major Dickason’s Blend, Dark Roast Ground Coffee REVIEW

Black. Yep, you dont need to add anything to enjoy a cup of light roast coffee!


Because the light roasting process allows for the acids and sugars to develop, ready for extraction.

Following this train of thought, roasting can be perceived as a way of cooking. The more you cook an ingredient, the more that it loses its mass.

Its safe to say that lightly roasted coffee beans keep more of whats in the bean flavor! They contain a broader variety of acids that have yet to be lost through the roasting process, and natural sugars are still intact.

Given this logic, when it comes to light roast coffee beans vs darker whole beans sticking to a simple cup is best. And yes, that means light roast coffee is best served plain black!


Because black coffees showcase the flavor of your coffee beans with no distractions or ingredients. You get to enjoy it in all its glory.

Whats your favorite way to brew?

Different extraction methods have varying grind sizes and extraction lengths. Each will result in different highlighted flavor profiles. If you dont have any favorites yet, it would be a fun experiment to use the same beans for each method. See which brings out the best for your light roast coffee beans.

Keep in mind that different beans will work well with different methods. You cant box one method in and expect all ground coffee to come out the same way!

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Light Roast Vs Medium Roast And Dark Roast

Medium and dark roasts are coffee beans that are kept in the roaster longer resulting in a bean with a more intense brown tone. In light roasted beans, you will find fruity notes with a bit of a nutty and a baking spice aroma much more present than a medium roast or a dark roast.

Medium roast coffee has a lot of versatility in terms of preparation methods however, it does not have the dynamic flavors that result from a light roast. This is why in the last few years coffee experts have been consuming and recommending light roasts since it is possible to perceive much more natural aromas and flavors from the beans.

Light And Dark Roasts Which One Is Better

Both being at the end of roast level, it sure has its one charm and significance to suit the pallet of drinkers. The difference between these two roast coffee is the time they spend roasting.

Light roast beans are roasted in a short period of time, therefore they have the nutty, fruity, and earthy flavor and smell to them.

The oil of the coffee bean at that level of roast has not emerged to the surface yet, so people who are not fond of the oil prefer light roast better. And the oil can possibly clog the grinder and lower its performance, so in this case, a light roast is the one to choose.

As for dark roasts, the coffee beans have been roasted for a longer period of time. At this point, the oil has come to the surface and the smokey taste and smell start to emerge. It possesses the flavor in the area of nuts, sweet caramel, and dark chocolate.

Moreover, the natural oil from the coffee beans has great health benefits for the drinkers so that they can enjoy their remarkable cups of dark roasted coffee while absorbing the health benefits that they need from it.

Dark roasted coffee can be brewed in any type of method no matter if it is a French press, drip coffee, Moka pot, espresso, or cold brew. The stronger and slight bitterness of it should be best enjoyed in the form of cold brew and espresso.

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The Light Roast Coffee Tips And Advice

  • If theres one appliance you invest in other than a coffee maker, go for a grinder. The extra time you take to grind those beans will pay off in taste. Grinding the beans releases the full flavor in preparation for the brewing process, but the longer they sit idle, the weaker that flavor gets. Thats true even of vaccuum-packed ground coffee. If you can spare an extra minute or two in the morning, the choice is clear: Buy whole beans.
  • Coffee harvesting isnt always the kindest agricultural activity when it comes to the environment, but it doesnt have to be harmful. If youre going green, look for a seal from the Rainforest Alliance. This certifies that the coffee was made with water and soil conservation procedures, little to no chemical pesticides and due regard to the welfare of the workers.

Does Light Roast Have More Flavor Than Dark Roast

5 Best Light Roast Coffee of 2021

Most people agree that light roast coffee beans are USUALLY more flavorful than a dark roast.

But as with many things in coffee, it depends.

We mentioned that the least amount of time you roast, the more you maintain the original acids and sugars. Following this logic, it extracts more of the flavors from the coffee bean.

There is no single recipe for roasting coffee beans from different origins. While theres a lot of science, theres even more room for personal preference. Light roast coffee shatters expectations when it comes to complex, fruity, and flavorful notes morphing out of the bean and into your cup.

This is why only the most high-quality beans are roasted lightly and more thought is put on buying whole bean coffee to grind at home vs the roast itself which is a general choice of preference.

Lets take a look at some of them!

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What Is The Best Caribou Drink

Caribou Secrets: 15 Of The Best Caribou Coffee Drinks For Coffee Lovers 1. Sparkling Green Tea Lemonade with a Full Flavor Shot of Raspberry 2. Sparkling Peach Black Tea with a Full Flavor Shot of Raspberry 3. Cinnamon Robis Tea Latte 4. Cold Press with a Full Flavor Shot of Toasted Marshmallow Flavoring

How To Make A Perfect Cup Of Light Roast Coffee

It is worth mentioning that different types of light roast come with unique brewing mechanism and filters. Nevertheless, buyers should consider quality when making a purchase in order to make the best cup. For instance, it is important for buyers choose what they like most by considering taste, strength and flavor. In addition, it is worth mentioning that light roast types come with a unique fruity taste which makes them suitable for those who prefer sweeter flavors. Buyers can pick products from companies which have been roasted in different countries all over the world such as Colombia and France.

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