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Where Can I Buy 100 Kona Coffee

The Aroma And Flavor Of Kona Coffee

Royal Kona Coffee from Hawaii is 100% Good (Snacking On The Run Ep 4)

True Kona coffee direct from Hawaii has an amazing aroma and flavor profile that includes hints of honey, chocolate, brown sugar, and just bit of bright fruitiness.

You might describe the top notes of Kona coffee as bright and crisp, with afternotes of nuts and citrus. And the aroma is just as amazing, with a mix of cocoa, caramel, butter, and fruit.

Kona coffee has low acidity, too, so its easier on the stomach. Together, the flavor, aroma, and afternotes of 100% Kona coffee create a unique and beautiful coffee experience thats almost addictive.

Of course, your Kona experience will vary a bit depending on the roast you choose, how you brew it, and the freshness of the beans.

Yes, 100% Kona coffee is expensive. But its totally worth it if youre into truly exceptional coffee with unbeatable aroma and flavor.

Stay Away From Kona Blends

Because there is only a limited amount of the real deal available, and its very expensive, many companies produce Kona blends at a more affordable price. Stay away from these. You want pure Kona only.

According to Hawaiian law, any blend labeled as a Kona blend must contain at least 10% of certified Kona beans. Companies wanting to make a buck will, naturally, use the 10% and not one bean more. 90% of these blends will contain low quality dark roast and city roast crap.

Do the math you will not be getting much Kona in your cup.

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Even worse, some companies go full-on scammy and dont use any certified Kona at all.

While the Hawaiian law is strict on this, many places dont care if companies are using the Kona name merely for marketing purposes. In many countries, so-called Kona beans might contain only a tiny fraction of Kona beans, or none at all. For this reason, you should buy Kona that is from the island of Hawaii and labelled 100% Pure Kona coffee. Stay away from all Kona Blends unless you are fully aware of what youre buying.

Best Coffee Discovery To Buy 100% Kona Coffee Online Direct From Hawaii:

Our farm was discovered under overgrown very thick tropical jungle. Eleven years later we offer the very best coffee from oldest coffee trees producing the finest of Coffees.

Buy Kona coffee in medium direct from our Hawaii farm. Buy pesticide free coffee from the grower/roaster direct. Visiting the Islands, come celebrate coffee harvest season, a month long party here in the coffee district.

Medium Kona

Buy coffee in dark direct from our coffee store. Buy pesticide free coffee from Hawaii.

Kona Dark

Buy Peaberry coffee in medium/dark roast direct from the tree. Buy the best pesticide free coffee brand from Hawaii.

Kona Peaberry

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Why Is Kona Coffee So Expensive

Kona Coffee is so expensive when compared to other coffees due to the limited supply and high demand for the crop each year. The beans are in limited supply due to the small growing region, and costs are affected by the difficult logistical costs of exporting the beans via ocean, in combination with the wages of local coffee farmers .


The Verdict: Which Is The Best Kona Coffee

100% Kona Coffee Direct from the Farmer 1 Bag

All of the Kona brands on this list are worth their premium price but one offering is a head above the others: the Koa Coffee Tripack, which represents amazing value for three bags of top-class Kona.

If youve never tried Kona before and want to see what all the fuss is about, the Tripack is also great for offering three distinct types and flavor profiles.

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The Best Of 100% Kona Coffee Our Process

Mountain Thunders 100% Kona Private Reserve Coffee starts its journey to your cup from the famous Kona Coffee Belt on the Big Island of Hawaii. Our 100% Kona Coffees are grown in an area that is only 26 miles long by 3 miles wide, providing ideal volcanic soil, cool mountain weather, abundant rain, and higher elevations for growing the finest coffee in the world.

At the height of ripeness, our pickers select only the fully ripe coffee cherry and handpick each fruit. Within 24 hours, we begin processing the coffee fruit in our own mill, removing the fruit pulp, and starting the drying process. After our 100% Kona Coffee has reached the proper moisture content, we age it for a few months in our temperature and humidity-controlled warehouse. This resting period helps bring out our famous Mountain Thunder 100% Kona Coffee aroma and flavor.

When our dried coffee is ready, we process it in our own dry mill, removing the parchment layer to expose the green coffee bean. Next, we sort our green coffee by size, density, and color. These are essential quality steps that allow Mountain Thunder to provide only the best of the best 100% Kona Coffees for you.

When we receive your order, we will freshly roast your coffee. Our RoastMaster roasts our Mountain Thunder coffee daily to assure that we ship the freshest coffees from our farm direct to you.

The Hawaii Coffee Company Royal Kona Estate Kona Coffee

Our last suggestion for everyone interested in buying authentic Kona coffee thats worth every penny is the Hawaii Coffee Company. Just as the name suggests, this Hawaiian-based business offers delicious coffee coming from their own plantation.

This makes the Royal Kona Estate coffee an extra fancy option for those who want to taste the real deal and want to avoid falling in the advertising scams of brands that claim to sell Kona coffee.

With a fruity and clear taste, this coffee is a light roast that works well as pour-over coffee. You can opt between all-purpose grind and whole bean delivery and, much like most of its competitors, the coffee will be roasted only after ordering.

Those living in the US get to benefit from flat rate shipping, with the possibility to choose expedited shipping as well.

Who Would Enjoy This Coffee?

The Royal Kona Estate coffee is great for those of you that enjoy a light roast and like to make pour-over coffee, and might not be the best choice for people who like rich flavors.

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% Kona Coffee With Outstanding Flavor

No Blends. No Junky Filler Coffee Beans.

Makua Coffee Company 100% Kona Coffee starts with the highest quality coffee beans grown in Kona, Hawaii. Roasting and packaging take place at our certified facility with techniques passed down in the family.

Makua Coffee Company Golden Bean North America Winning Roasts

Makua Extra Fancy Medium Roast 2015 Bronze in Full Emersion Filter

Makua Extra Fancy Dark Roast 2016 Bronze in North America Grown, Espresso with milk

Makua CO2 Decaf Dark Roast 2016 Bronze Decaf

Our medium roast is vibrant and bright with a higher caffeine content. Its terrific black, and its the perfect breakfast coffee. The dark roast is deep, rich, and robust. Great for an after-dinner beverage or in an espresso.

As a result of the CO2 decaffeination method that our beans undergo, you will savor flavor complexities in our decaf.

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Peaberry Medium Roast Whole Bean 100% Kona Coffee

How Millions Of Pounds Of Coffee Are Processed At Hawaiian Coffee Farms | Big Business

With only three to five out of 100% Kona Coffee beans being of the Peaberry variety, you can understand that were dealing with a might rare product and one that coffee drinkers and experts often label as being the most delicious Koa Coffee product of them all.

If you find that Peaberry Kona coffee is hard to find, its most likely because the demand exceeds the supply.

The flavor of the Peaberry Kona coffee is very sweet and smooth and, even if there are other brands that sell Peaberry coffee, Koa is a brand you know you can trust, so we recommend buying this variety from them.

Who Would Enjoy This Coffee?

If you have tried regular Kona coffee before and would prefer something sweeter or if you enjoy sweet coffee overall, we recommend going with the Peaberry Medium Roast Whole Bean.

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What Makes Kona Coffee Well Kona Coffee

There are a couple big factors.


The volcanic slopes of HualÄlai and Mauna Loa in the Kona district provide an ideal climate for growing coffee.

What makes this region so unique?

  • Soft, sunny mornings
  • Afternoon cloud-cover provides shade when the sun is beating down hardest
  • Porous, mineral-rich volcanic soil allows optimal draining and nutrition
  • Cool nights that never get too cold

Few places in the world have growing conditions like Kona.


Kona coffee farmers work really hard compared to coffee farmers in other regions.

Like, really hard.

From late-August to late-January, farmers toil in pursuit of the ripe red coffee cherry. Farms are carefully tended and coffee cherries are picked by hand.

Note: Coffee cherries donât taste like either coffee or cherries and, speaking from experience, I recommend you DONâT try to find out what they taste like for yourself.

Trees will be picked several times throughout the year as not all cherries ripen at the same time.

Within 24 hours of picking, the cherry is run through a pulper. The beans are separated from the pulp and placed in a fermentation tank overnight. Fermentation takes roughly 12 hours at lower elevations or 24 hours at higher elevations.

The beans are rinsed and spread to dry on a hoshidana, or drying rack.

Traditional hoshidanas have a rolling roof to cover the beans in rain. It takes 7-14 days to dry beans to an optimal moisture level.

100% Kona coffee vs Kona coffee blend

Hawaiian Kona Coffee Extra Fancy From Volcanica Coffee

Volcanica Coffee specializes in roasting your coffee fresh and shipping it to your door the next day. Their beans are grown at high altitudes in rich, volcanic soil, which makes them an obvious choice for sourcing the best Kona coffee beans. Their Hawaiian Kona Coffee Extra Fancy offers a mellow but rich flavor, full body, and low acidity in a medium roast.

How do they get such a mellow, low-acid flavor? Well, their microclimate is particularly unique because its shaded. And, these Kona coffee beans are grade No. 1 Extra Fancy, so you cant get any better than that. These authentic Kona coffee beans satisfy every flavor profile, whether you love rich, full flavor or mellow, slightly sweet, and low acid.

Volcanicas Hawaiian Kona Extra Fancy can be purchased as whole bean, or it can be freshly ground to suit your preference. Either way, they dont roast your beans until after you make your purchase, so you can be assured of their freshness. This Kona coffee is a bit pricy, but its definitely worth the money if youre into exceptional coffee.

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What Are Kona Blends

Although Kona Blends is not dangerous per se, these are just Kona Coffee brands sold in the market that may contain a little or may not even contain authentic Kona coffee at all. You can now see these Blends in the market everywhere.

If you are not aware of the existence of this type of coffees, you might think that you are actually purchasing an authentic Kona Coffees when in fact you arent. Its still coffee and less expensive , but the taste of these blends will not be the same as compared to the pure Kona coffee taste.

Theres a wide variety of the Best Kona Coffee beans in the market, and in this guide, we will show you what are those Kona Coffee to purchase.

A Buyers Guide To Kona Coffee

100% Pure Kona Coffee

Have you ever heard of Kona Coffee and wondered what all the fuss was about? True authentic Kona coffee is a special type of coffee grown and processed only on the Kona district of Hawaii’s Big Island, and it is famed around the world for its incredible flavor and quality. Check out this buyer’s guide to Kona coffee to ensure you get to enjoy the authentic Kona coffee experience.

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What’s So Special About Kona Coffee Beans

For the uninitiated, Kona coffee beans — also known as green Kona coffee beans before roasting — are some of the most robust and rich tasting coffee beans in the world. With careful hand-cultivation, traditional wet-method processing and just the right climate to raise the perfect coffee ingredient, Kona coffee beans yield a great tasting cup of coffee that’s rich but not overbearing.Cultivated on the slopes of Hualalai and Mauna Loa on the Big Island of Hawaii, Kona coffee beans come from the island’s Kona district that features lots of sun in the mornings with clouds or rain in the afternoons. Combine that with low winds and mild nights, as well as loose, mineral-rich volcanic soil and you have just the right conditions for Kona coffee beans to develop and mature.

Unlike blends that may only feature a drop or two of real Kona coffee, 100% Kona coffee receives the utmost in care during every step of the process. That gives Kona coffee beans their delicate yet flavorful taste that’s unmistakably 100% Kona, and it’s why many coffee connoisseurs consider Kona coffee beans the best coffee beans in the world.

Why Kona?

With steep slopes, dark volcanic rock and a perfect climate, the region of Kona is an ideal place to grow coffee beans. With many independent producers engaged in hand-cultivation, Kona coffee beans are remarkably consistent, yielding a rich and medium-bodied taste with an inspiring aroma and a complex, almost wine-like or spicy flavor.

Kona Coffee History

% Hawaiian Kona Coffee

Pookis Mahi® is a premier private label coffee pod manufacturer specializing in producing single-origin 100% Kona coffee pods and luxury tea pods. Pooki’s Mahi collection of award-winning 100% Kona coffee pods are made from 100% Kona coffee beans grown on several family owned farms certified organic and/or Estate. Less than 10 out of 880+ Kona coffee farms earned this distinction. Pooki’s Mahi® has direct trade relationships with Kona coffee farmers. 100% Kona coffee Private Reserve, Extra Fancy or Peaberry green beans are shipped from Kona, Big Island to mainland USA.

Kona coffee green beans are stored at Pooki’s Mahi coffee pod manufacturers HQ. Roasting, pod manufacturing and First Article Inspections are completed on a schedule to ensure our repeat customers receive fresh roasted 100% Kona coffee pods. Pooki’s Mahi® supply chain regularly scores in the top 1% in operations excellence.

Pookis Mahi offers five distinct 100% Kona coffee grades and coffee roasts in its entire single serve coffee pods product line: 100% Kona Medium Roast, 100% Kona Estate Extra Fancy coffee, 100% Kona Peaberry coffee, 100% Kona French Roast coffee, and 100% Kona Decaf coffee. Pooki’s Mahi Kona coffee pods work in 1.0 and 2.0 single serve coffee maker. Expiration date and LOT codes are prominently display on the back of each individually wrapped Kona coffee single serve pods.

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What Makes Kona Coffee So Special

Kona coffee is special because of where its grown. Much like the Champagne region of France, the Kona region of Hawaii has a unique microclimate that gives true Kona coffee beans their unique flavor and aroma. However, this uniqueness cant be mimicked anywhere else, not even in other parts of Hawaii.

In fact, some parts of Hawaii are actually not suited for coffee farming at all. Hawaiis main cash crop throughout history has been sugarcane, which has stripped the soil of important nutrients in many places. And, some areas of Hawaii have clay soil thats not suitable for growing high-quality Kona coffee beans.

On the other hand, the Kona coffee region on the island of Hawaii has fertile, rich volcanic soil that produces amazing flavor and the highest quality beans. Hawaii does produce some excellent coffee in other regions, but true Kona coffee beans are in a class all their own.

A Note About Peaberry Coffee

Home Coffee Roasting | Maui Mokka 100% Hawaiian Coffee | Pop Up Mobile Coffee Shop

Kona beans are classified according to seed. Namely, Type 1 and Type 2 .

Type 1 beans

Type I beans consist of two beans per cherry: one side flat, the other oval. Extra Fancy, Fancy, Number 1, Select, and Prime fall under this classification.

Type 2 beans

Type II beans, also known as peaberry because of their shape, consist of one round bean per cherry.

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Best Kona Coffee Brands: The Top 5

Now you know how to recognise the good from the bad and the ugly: Avoid blends, go for beans grown in the right region, and pay attention to the Kona coffee grade band. To make it even easier to find that perfect taste of Hawaii, weve found a few options for you.


The Hawaii-based Koa Coffee has been in the business since 1997, and their K-coffee has been rewarded with titles like PCCA Coffee of the Year and winner of the Gevalia Cupping Competition. They feature as the number one Kona on our list of best coffee beans here.

Best Coffee: Koa PlantationThis stuff is wonderfully smooth and its lack of a bitter aftertaste makes you think nothing of having that second cup, or third

With Koa Coffee, you know youre buying from a well-established and popular brand: they have a huge reputation to live up to.Koa Coffee also reward loyalty with special discounts for people in their coffee club, and well-priced multi-buy packages.

The Kona Coffee Tripack Medium is an especially good deal, including three 8-ounce bags of Kona for a bundle discount price. This tripack includes three types of Kona: the Grande Domaine, the Private Reserve, and the Estate.

Their Grande Domaine is produced from trees that were planted a century ago. It is a rich, smooth coffee with minimal bitterness ideal easy-drinking coffee for any time of day.

Finally, Their Estate is a rich and fragrant blend of the three highest-quality Kona grades.







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