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Where Can I Get Blue Mountain Coffee

Certified By The Jacra Jamaica Agricultural Commodities Regulatory Authority

Jamaica’s Blue Mountain Coffee Farm Tour | HOW TO MAKE THE BEST POUR OVER COFFEE
  • 100% Pure and Authentic

Responsibly Sourced

We work directly with coffee farms and local cooperatives, and have spent years developing relationships with importers to ensure the best possible products.

Over 130 Premium Coffees

We carry over 130 different coffees including single origin, estate, peaberry, decaf and flavored. Each is regularly cupped by our professional team for quality.

Fresh Roasted

We fresh roast on demand with our low emission roasters. Our SCA trained roast masters understand the nuances and delicacies involved in roasting different bean varieties.

The Perfect Cup

We take pride that our customers expect only the best quality and customer experience, which is evident of our thousands of 5-star reviews.

Brown sugar, winey, dried fruit, clean aftertaste Dried fruit, savory chocolate, orange Clean body, nutty, apple Raspberry, cranberry, fresh-cut redwood, alyssum-like flowers in aroma and cup
Process Traditional wet process then Swiss Water Processed Washed

jamaican blue mountain1 Pound

  • Is Discontinued By Manufacturer:No
  • Product Dimensions:3.5 x 2.5 x 11 inches; 1 Pounds
  • Manufacturer:Volcanica Coffee

Blue Mountain Coffee

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4.3 out of 5 stars

The Intriguing History Of Blue Mountain Coffee

The history of Blue Mountain Coffee in Jamaica is intriguing. As history tells it, in 1723 when Martinique was a colony of France, King Louis XV, sent a few coffee plants to Martinique to be cultivated. Five years later, the governor of Martinique gifted the governor of Jamaica, Sir Nicholas Lawes, with a single coffee plant. This plant was nurtured and many, many more were grown, signalling the beginning of the coffee industry in Jamaica!

How To Brew Blue Mountain Coffee

You should only brew this coffee when the thrush knocks, and the setting sun with the last light of Durins Dayno, wait. Thats something else. Brewing a coffee this prestigious does demand your full attention, though. What coffee makers should you use with this bean?

Here are a few general guidelines for brewing amazing blue mountain coffee:

  • Keep your coffee fresh
  • Grind it as close to using it as you can, preferably at home.
  • Use an immersion technique to bring out the best of the flavours. Drip,
  • French press or percolator will all do this bean justice .
  • Use good filtered water that has been boiled, then cooled for 30-45 seconds.
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    Why Immersion?

    Immersion brewing styles ;get every scrap of flavor out of your freshly ground coffee. These methods allow the hot water do its job of penetrating the grind and pulling out all the flavor and the oil that gives coffee its great mouth-feel. You could also experiement with a cold brew.

    If youre a real fan of espresso, then look for Jamaican Peaberry.;These are beans that have grown to fill the whole cherry, rather than splitting into two. They make a better choice for espresso brewing.

    Roasting your own?

    Since its so expensive youll want to make sure you roast them in confidence; a medium roast is recommended.

    We use a medium roast, which brings out the most of the complexity of the flavour of blue mountain coffee

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    Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee

    Rising 7,402 feet above the sea, Blue Mountain Peak is the highest spot in Jamaica, and the fifth highest mountain in the Caribbean. The mists and lush vegetation give the peak and the surrounding Blue Mountains a greenish blue tinge. These mountains rise up above Kingston and dominate the eastern part of Jamaica. It is in these mountains, within an area legally proscribed by the Jamaican government, that the worlds best, and best known, single origin coffee grows.

    In the world of wine terroir rules. But in the world of coffee few coffee drinkers have tasted any estate or single origin coffee. The vast majority of coffee consumed is blended from commodity grade coffee. A lucky few have tried Jamaican Blue Mountain or Hawaiian Kona coffee and know that the coffees origin makes a difference.

    So what makes Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee so great? There are many factors, but it is important to be sure you are getting an authentic, unblended, Blue Mountain coffee. 100% Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee is exported by the Coffee Industry Board of Jamaica. They ensure what is called Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee actually comes from the legally designated growing area. The Board’s professionals also inspect each barrel for quality, checking the bean size and color. Experienced professional tasters roast small samples and cup the coffee to ensure it was properly processed and has the aroma and taste that define Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee.

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    Kauai Blue Mountain Coffee

    The Blue Mountain varietal was introduced to Kauai Coffee in 1990. The seeds were collected from the University of Hawaii varietal trial plot, and a single field was planted at Kauai Coffee in collaboration with the University of Hawaii and the Hawaii Agriculture Research Center. Originally the Blue Mountain seeds were obtained from Jamaica. Once they were grown and established on our farm the name was changed to Kauai Blue Mountain. The Blue Mountain variety is originally from Typica ancestry, but the Kauai Coffee is unique because it has other varietal influence crossbreeding early in its development.

    Kauai Blue Mountain is a whole bean, dark roast with mild fruit and floral flavors and brightness. It is available in our highly selective Estate Reserve line up of 100% Kauai Coffee at the Visitor Center and our website. to get Kauai coffee delivered directly to your door.

    What Does The Blue Mountain Coffee Taste Like

    • It has a Mild yet polished
    • It has a Very neat taste with minor bitterness
    • It is very smooth but comprises of vibrant acidity
    • It comprises an Aroma of sweet florals and herbs with a pinch of nutty taste.

    The uniqueness in the taste of coffee is what makes this crop one of the highest pricing even though Jamaica just grows 0.1 % of the total worlds coffee.

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    Where Can I Buy 100% Jamaican Blue Mountain

    A lot of people want to buy Blue Mountain but they aren’t sure where they can get it.

    The most obvious answer would be to visit Jamaica. If you’re anything like me, you definitely don’t have that kind of money to just throw around!

    Keep in mind, there are others that claim they sell Blue Mountain, but purchasing from an unauthorized place could result in you getting ripped off.;

    That’s the last thing you want to happen, especially since this coffee isn’t cheap! Since this is a pretty serious issue, we’re going to talk about what you can do to prevent this from happening!

    Best Coffee In The World Gold Star Coffee

    Kona and Jamaica Blue Mountain – by Hayman Coffee
    And they wont certify blends I wouldnt trust any coffee as certified Jamaica Blue Mountain unless is bears the Jamaica Blue Mountain logo from the CIB and was roasted in Jamaica. Lets put it this way- Every expert knows that the two best coffees in the world Jamacian Blue Mountain , and 2) Kona coffee from Hawaii.
    • Blue Mountain blend has a unique Elegant Taste with balanced Bitterness, Sourness and Richness.
    • Rich soil, an ideal climate and some of the highest mountains in the Caribbean come together to produce a unique and flavourful bouquet.
    • Green beans are raw, unroasted coffee beans*, meant for roasting at home.
    • Known as the Roll Royce of coffees , we offer Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee certified by the Coffee Industry Board of Jamaica.

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    Magnum Exotics Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee Blend

    When youre out there looking for the Jamiacan Blue Mountain variety, there are a few things to keep your eyes out for. First, is the price. If it isnt really pricey, then theres a good chance that its either not 100% Jamaican coffee, or not Jamaican coffee at all. This coffee would be the former, as it contains roughly 20% of Blue Mountain coffee.

    With that being said, the flavors of the other coffees blended with this one take away from the sweet chocolate and orange pow you get with the Volcanica single origin. Its also not as smooth of a cup.

    However, there is also the price point to consider. If you want to get a feel for what premium Blue Mountain coffee tastes like, this is a wonderful gateway for you to experience some of the notes, a nice little tease before the big show. And, for being such a good gateway to Jamaican Blue Coffee, it was easy to choose this as our runner up.

    Green Coffee Traders is a neat little outfit that offers unroasted green beans. Whether or not you want to roast your own beans is up to you, but it adds another layer to the coffee process some may appreciate. We can also help you with that if youd like!

    This product is 100% Blue Mountain. It aint cheap.

    This pre-ground coffee is 100% certified and you will receive proof of origin upon purchase.

    • Taste could be more interesting

    Why Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee Is So Expensive

    This is indeed a great question. You might think that if I have to pay 60 bucks for 16 oz of beans, there must be something extraordinary about it. Here are top 7 reasons which explains why this coffee type is so expensive:

    Hand harvested

    Every single Bean is infected with ample care so that there are no adulterations. Hand inspecting each one takes enormous effort and therefore the coffees pricey.

    Longer time taking

    Unlike the other coffee beans, it takes twice as long time to mature and be strong enough to be brewed.

    Low production

    If you talk about the production unit, Jamaica producers just 14 million lbs of coffee per year, in comparison to Ethiopia which produces 800 million lbs.

    More demand

    RSW estates produce only 60000 lbs per year, which means that the demand is more as compared to the supply. When the supply-demand balance is not established, then the coffee is meant to be expensive.

    Most shipping in Japan

    80% of the total Jamaican blue mountains coffee is shipped to Japan, and the rest of the world gets the remaining 20%. No wonder, the prices of this coffee is absolutely high.

    Quality more than quantity

    Great coffee production takes time as the need to ensure the quality while shifting the focus from the quantity. The more time it takes, the more is the price.

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    Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee 100%

    The famous Jamaican Blue Mountain is perfectly balanced. It has a subtle chocolate aroma, a lack of bitterness and floral notes of jasmine with a spicy flavor.

    Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee has been cultivated in small farms for over 150 years in the Blue Mountains. They are the highest mountains of the Caribbeans and an exceptional site for the coffee cultivation. The coffee trees grow in a perfect micro-climate because of a rich volcanic soil with an excellent drainage, pure mountains water, a lot of mist and precipitations.

    Our Jamaica Blue Mountain Grade 1 beans are imported exclusively from certified farms from the Blue Mountains in Jamaica. You will always receive from us freshly roasted pure Jamaica Blue Mountain 100%.

    Also, discover the peaberry;coffee beans, the ultimate Blue Mountain experience! Those small oval beans found in 5-10% of coffee cherries allows a perfectly even roasting. The Blue Mountain Peaberry beans are definitely the cream of the crop!

    No need to waste money on shipping costs to order from Jamaica. Your Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee 100% is already here in Canada and ready to be roasted for you, sold in Canadian dollars and shipped free of charge with Canada Post Expedited Parcel on any order!

    Showing all 10 results

    Green Office 100% Jamaica Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee

    Island Blue 100% Jamaica Blue Mountain Whole Beans Coffee ...

    Green office traders founded in 1993, selling fresh coffee beans. So there is Jamaica blue mountain coffee. Surprisingly, the master roaster in this shop is highly experienced for he has roasted coffee beans for more than 25 years. Meaning that you will never worry about the quality of the roast. These blue mountain coffee beans are fairly roasted, neither under nor overly roasted. So that you could have a special taste. They have fruity and floral sweetness, very low bitterness, and acidity.

    Besides, it has a very attractive aftertaste, the appealing and long-lasting aroma will give a good mood all day long. And you could stay awake for long to concentrate on what you are handling. So this freshness and the exceptional aroma make it a perfect gift for your family and friends. If your partner or friends are fanatics of coffee, then this would be a dream present.

    You might have undergone and complained about the slow delivery of other coffees. Because shipping could be a key point deciding the freshness of a coffee. This product has super fast shipping to meet your need.

    But, the disadvantage is that you might mind the roasted beans are a little bit dry. Also, it is quite expensive.

    However, there might be a very little bit of bitterness in it, that will be a disadvantage to those who are keen on sweetness.

    But, there is also a disadvantage, because the beans are pre-ground, there could be a tiny little chance that it might taste sour or old.

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    Blue Mountain Coffee In Falmouth

    Blue Mountain Coffee is one of the most exclusive varieties of arabica bean. The legendary Jamaican Blue Mountain region has the possibility of perfection when you buy Peaberry coffee . Discounts do not apply toward the purchase of gift certificates, FORTO Coffee Shots, illy K-Cup pods, Green Mountain Coffee Special Reserve coffees , Auto-Delivery orders, product bundles, or 4-count K-Cup pods. Looking for Blue Mountain Jamaican Coffee ? Does anyone know where I can get Blue Mountain Jamaican coffee grounds in the city? Im not looking for Keurig or anything like that. buy online certified 100% Jamaica Blue Mountain . JABLUM Coffee Enjoy the worlds finest Blue Mountain Coffee from JABLUM.

    Worldwide Growth For Luxury Blue Mountain Coffee

    Massive Therapeutics ability to cultivate cost-effectively in modern hybrid greenhouses solves cannabis supply insecurity across the world.

    Those who get their supply chains right, a recent report from PricewaterhouseCoopers read, have the opportunity to become market leaders, while those that do not are likely to incur excessive costs, miss commitments and lose market share.

    Directly invest in Massive Therapeutics and Blue Mountain Best. Or broker a modern hybrid greenhouse, parcel of coffee acreage, or bundle of both in a joint investment.

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    About Coffee From Jamaicas Blue Mountains

    Like Kona coffee, authentic JBM Coffee comes from a small designated geographical region. As you could guess, it grows in the Blue Mountains of Jamaica. To be called JBM coffee, it must be grown in the parishes of St. Andrew, Portland, or St. Thomas. The designation of Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee is an internationally protected trademark.

    Coffee plants first came to Jamaica in 1728. They came via Hispaniola, now known as Haiti, and thrived in the St. Thomas parish. By 1800, Jamaica had over 650 coffee plantations. But that was only possible with slave labor. When slaves were emancipated in 1838, the coffee industry declined.

    Since the interest in specialty coffee has grown, people will pay a premium price so that workers get paid and treated fairly. That has led to the resurgence of Jamaicas coffee industry.

    Today, the Coffee Industry Board is the sole body that handles certification of Jamaican coffee. Also, like Kona coffee, Jamaican coffee has its own grading system. The top tier is No. 1. This has the largest beans with only 3% defects allowed. That is followed by No. 2 and No. 3. Generally, the largest beans have the biggest flavor. The exception is the peaberry. It is small but packs a big punch. These top four grades of Jamaican coffee are usually sold as green beans and shipped in barrels.

    How Is The Blue Mountain Coffee Industry Doing Today

    Coffee Review S4 E5 Magnum Exotics Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee

    It might sound surprising but a few years ago in the year 2012, the Jamaican coffee industry was actually facing hard times. Since 80% of the Jamaican coffee production is taken up by Japan, therefore the industry somehow depends primarily on Japan. But back in the year 2012, ;there was a decline in the Japanese market because the crops were Beetle infested.

    In the year 2016 deep market flourished again because of the quality and quantity of the beans that the farmers were able to produce. Needless to say coffee is one of the major industries for Jamaica and when you visit there, you will find numerous coffee holidays which will give you a chance to enjoy the Serbian beauty of Jamaica and enjoy the coffee produced by them.

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