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Where To Buy Great Coffee Beans

About Buy Coffee Canada

Sourcing and buying the best coffee beans. Pat Grant, Master Roaster, Greenbean Coffee Roasters

We’ve been roasting arabica coffee beans in Canada for over 40 years, and carry many hard-to-find beans. We also have a great wholesale coffee Toronto program.

We have coffee from dozens of different countries available for purchase, and we’re sure to have a bean that suits your tastes. Head over to the Organic Coffee page to see our listing of FTO coffees that are socially responsible, directly from a Canadian coffee bean roaster!

Coffee beans are best enjoyed if purchased within a few weeks of being roasted, otherwise they may taste stale or flat. We roast your gourmet coffee at our roastery only after your order has been placed, so that your beans are as fresh as possible.

With over 30 varieties of coffee in stock at any time, you can explore a whole new world of taste. We also have you covered if you’re looking for flavoured coffee beans.

We sell single origin coffees and our custom formulated blends. We do not carry coffee brands from Blue Bottle Coffee, Bulletproof Coffee, Caffe Vita, Costa Coffee, Costco Kirkland, Starbucks, Nespresso, Mcdonalds McCafe, Deathwish, Kicking Horse, Equator, Melitta, Muskoka, Second Cup or Timothy’s.

2 decades of roasting experience come to a head with a huge assortment of artisan-roasted coffee. It can be hard finding great coffee on the shelf of a grocery store – limited availability combined with obscure blends from companies more concerned about selling product than the quality of what they’re putting usually means terrible coffee.

Strawberries Spices And Flowers In Your Coffee

Specialty coffee beans, because theyre the highest grade of coffee and theyre roasted by craftsmen instead of factory workers, are amazingly flavorful. Its not uncommon to taste subtle notes of fruits, flowers, and spices.

Ever tasted sweet honey in your coffee? What about the tang and flavor of a red apple? The rich aromas of blueberries? The deep, satisfying notes of milk chocolate or cinnamon?

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No. Im not talking about flavor oils that are sprayed on during roasting. Im talking about naturally-occurring, fascinating flavors that are the result of skilled farming, careful roasting, and mindful brewing.

These rich, exotic flavors really draw you in. They help you get out of your head and focus on a moment of peace and gratitude. They give you a chance to appreciate something amazing that was hiding right under our noses all along.

Lifeboost Coffee: Best Whole Bean Coffee

Lifeboost is a gourmet coffee company that sells a plethora of whole beans, including both classic and flavored ones. Dr. Charles Livingston, a coffee enthusiast, designed and developed Lifeboost with the goal of distinguishing itself from the competition. Health is one of Lifeboosts main focuses, and since a chiropractor started the brand, the coffee promises to be pleasant on the stomach.

Lifeboosts flavor, caffeine content, and freshness are designed to give you a rush of energy, mental focus, and a delectable taste that will leave you wanting more with every drink. Lifeboost selects beans that are low in acidity while tasting wonderful. The coffee comes in light, medium, and dark roasts, as well as unique flavors like Hazelnut, French Vanilla, and Caramel Macchiato.

It is organic coffee, single-origin, and cultivated in the shade. All of Lifeboosts coffee beans come from Nicaraguas mountains, and the company only uses pesticide-free Arabica beans that are of the highest grade. The coffee beans are fair trade, organic, and bird-friendly.


  • Light Roast Coffee

Try Lifeboosts light roast coffee if you want to taste the authentic flavor of Nicaraguan coffee. The acidity of a light roast is higher than that of a dark roast. Despite this, the acidity of this coffee is lower than that of a light roast. A light roast also has a higher caffeine level than darker roasts.

  • Medium Roast Coffee
  • Dark Roast Coffee


  • Not a wide range of origins

Customer Experience

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A Coffee Subscription Service For Every Third

Kate Spencer here, Most Wanted strategist and resident coffee “professional.” A quality cup of joe is my one true happiness, so I’m always looking to step up my game and better my at-home brew I’ve actually lived with a professional barista before and have luckily learned a few tricks of the trade.


Using A Popcorn Machine Safely

Where To Find The Best Artisan Coffee Beans On The ...

As I said above, using a popcorn machine to roast coffee can be dangerous. Because theyre not designed for roasting coffee, theyll often break after a couple of months of regular roasting anyway. This ultimately makes it a less cost effective way of roasting, because you need to factor in the need to replace it regularly.

But if I absolutely cant dissuade you from trying this, its really important to get a popcorn machine that is designed to heat the corn from the sides of the machine. If you use one that heats from the bottom, youll get an uneven roast. At worst, it can even ignite chaff and cause awful fires.

Its also very important to keep the popcorn machine clean. You dont want to leave a buildup of chaff because, again, its a huge fire hazard. I also wouldnt ever leave the popcorn machine unattended.

Better yet, dont use a popcorn machine to roast coffee, geez!

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Pts Coffee Flatlander Signature Blend

PT’s Coffee Flatlander Signature Blend

Easy does it. And this coffee proves just that. A bittersweet aroma is balanced by a nutty, sweet finish. Heres to one less complication.

Did you know that medium roast coffees are often called the American roast? This is because these strong-flavored, non-oily beans are generally preferred in the United States. With this in mind, it should come as no surprise that the Flatlander Signature blend from PTs Coffee is so widely enjoyed.

Beans for this medium roast are sourced from South America. When its brewed, youll taste notes of sweet caramel and citrusy tangerine, and the chocolate aroma will have your mouth watering as soon as the first drop of java hits the carafe of your automatic drip machine. You and your taste buds will absolutely love the nutty, sweet finish of this well-rounded brew.

If youre a fan of PTs Coffees 1861 roast and are sad youve been unable to find it, no worries this is the same blend, just with a new name and the same well-loved taste.

% Kona Private Reserve 1 Pound Premium Gourmet Vienna Roast Whole Bean

This pack contains medium roast 100% whole bean Kona coffee. If youre wondering what Kona coffee is, it is Coffea arabica thats cultivated on the slopes of the Kona Districts in Hawaii. The weather conditions in the area combined with the rich volcanic soil create a favorable condition for growing one of the greatest tasting beans in the world.

Nutty and a bit sweet and fruity, this French press coffee has a perfect balance of flavor, aroma and acidity. These coffee beans are hand-picked and roasted in small batches to maintain quality and maximum freshness.

You can prepare and serve this coffee either hot or cold. It is perfect for making classic coffee drinks including mochas, espressos, lattes, macchiatos, cappuccinos, Cubanos and Americanos. If you have a French press, you can enjoy this aromatic Vienna roast coffee anytime.


  • Always fresh and they are shipped few days after roasting
  • Perfect for any type of coffee drinks
  • Rich, floral and smooth flavor


  • Kona coffee is among the most expensive coffees in the world

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What Is The Chaff

When your beans are roasting, they shed a layer of skin that gets left behind. This is known as the chaff. It has no benefit at all in the brewing of coffee, so its important to separate it from the roasted beans.

Its best to wait until your beans have cooled before you attempt to remove the chaff. This will prevent any nasty burns.

If you live in a windy area, a good way to separate it from the beans is to take it outside. In a large container, pick up the beans and let them fall back in. The chaff is much lighter, so should below away in the wind as you do this. Its a very traditional way of doing this, and is very effective if only a little messy.

A tidier way of separating the chaff from your bean is to use two colanders. Dump your beans into one of them and then pass them back and forth between the other. The chaff should begin to fall through the holes and into a garbage bag or a bucket beneath.

Whatever method you choose, dont worry about leaving a little chaff. If its only a little, you wont notice a difference in the flavor of your brewed coffee. Just try to get as much out as possible.

Mystic Coffee Roaster Medford

How to Buy Coffee Beans | Perfect Coffee

What makes them unique? “Were not coffee snobs” says Sharon Hepburn, Owner and Roaster. “We just want to make really nice coffee that a lot of people can enjoy.” Hepburn loves the roasting process, and experimenting with blends of beans that complement each others flavors. “Its not Dunkin Donuts or Starbucks, but still appeals to a wide range of tastes. Im not going to lecture people about how they should be drinking it. We just make the best coffee you can get and let people take it from there. As far Im concerned there are no rules.”

How much coffee do they roast? Their roaster is small, with an 11-pound capacity, but they roast up to 120 pounds per day, and between 15 and 18 varieties regularly. They offer a combination of single origin coffees and blends.

Favorite coffee of the moment: Hepburn really likes the blends because “theyre very intentional. Blends can offer more than what you can get from a single-origin coffee.” She points to the Mystic Blend, which has evolved over the years. “I was shooting for a certain profile and I hit it! With beans from Africa, South America, and South East Asia, its got everything from fruit to chocolate in a medium roast thats not too acidic but not charred. Very nice, well-rounded coffee.”

Where to find them: Stop by the café in Medford Square, buy online, or at Daves Fresh Pasta in Somerville.

Roastery & Café: 30 Riverside Ave., Medford,

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Porto Rico Importing Co

Another store worth checking out is the Porto Rico Importing Co., which sits at 201 Bleecker Street. Porto Rico has been slowly bringing in quality beans from the four corners of the coffee-growing world for over 100 years. It was one of the first companies to introduce coffee beans flavored with unique ingredients like sambuca, clove, dried orange peel, and cinnamon sticks.

The company still uses natural ingredients to flavor its specialty coffee range, but its methods have changed. However, with it being a family business, the traditions have been passed down through the family. Those few who know about the secret of the ancient flavoring method still request coffee beans to be prepared for them, which the company willingly does when asked.

Porto Rico offers flavored coffee beans along with a vast range of unique whole beans from almost every part of the world.

Nescaf Azera Intenso: Best Instant Coffee Brand

Ah, Nescafé. Far from their standard freeze-dried instant coffee found perched on the kitchen counters of 99%* of homes across the globe, the Azera Intenso is in a different league.

A combination of Nescafé granulated coffee and finely ground coffee beans, the Azera Americano is a minimalist dream. All you need is a kettle. Seriously. Upon pouring the hot water in your mug, youll find an agreeably golden crema begin to form on top of your coffee. Add milk. Or dont.

Medium roasted and with a fruity, rich flavour profile, this back-to-basics approach could be a winner for unwavering fans of instant coffee. Its also one of the best tasting coffees out there. No joke.

The crema really is the deal-breaker here, plus the simplicity of preparation and quality of flavour. Thus, Nescafé Azera Intenso has cemented its position as the best instant coffee brand available.

*An educated guess. Prove us wrong.

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Maxwell House Original Roast

The Best Canned Grocery Store Coffee


Price: $4.88 for a 30.6-ounce can

Where to buy it: Online and in any national grocery store

Look, were not saying this stuff is gourmet by any meansits in a plastic tub, what do you expect? But if youre looking for something really, really budget-friendly that also actually tastes like coffee, its definitely your best bet. Its dark and rich without being too bitter and with a splash of cream, you wouldnt even know it came from a plastic tub. Look at it this way: When a 30-ounce package costs the same as that gourmet cup we bought from the café down the street this morning, we cant really complain. Our own PureWow food editor says she often stocks up on this blue can when shes being budget-conscious, telling us, I brewed it in my fancy coffee machine at home and, you know what? Not bad. I didnt hate it. You heard it here first.

The Second-Best Canned Grocery Store Coffee:

Roast: Medium

Price: $8.80 for a 38.4-ounce can

Where to buy it: Online and in any national grocery store

If youre less concerned about nuanced flavors and more about getting caffeine in your body, stat, then Folgers is a good second option in the canned coffee category. Its mild, relatively uncomplicated and overall inoffensive, a lot like an average cup of diner coffee. But its a little more expensive than Maxwell House, not to mention less flavorfulsome might describe it as watery, which isnt exactly how we prefer to take our cup of joe.

Should You Buy Whole Bean Coffee

What are some great coffee beans you can buy in the UK for ...

Although you can get your coffee pre-ground, the best way is to buy whole bean coffee, and grind it right before you brew. Pre-ground coffee has a lot more surface area, which can cause it to lose flavor more quickly in the bag. At 8th & Roast, we sell only the freshest coffee possible. While whole bean coffee is best, don’t fret If you don’t have access to a grinderwe can grind it for you right before we deliver it, ensuring that it’s still fresh when you receive it.

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Q Are Coffee Beans Labeled 100% Better

It is common to see coffee beans labeled as 100% Arabica or 100% coffee. Although the best coffee beans come from this plant, this is usually not the case. Because not all Arabica beans are created equal, paying attention to the varietal designation is important. However, this will not be present in all packed beans. Packages with this label are more likely to produce a better cup of coffee than those without. Although varietal quality does not ensure actual quality, paying attention to such nuances reflects the care and attention paid to good beans.

Choosing the best coffee beans necessitates meticulous attention to detail and a thorough understanding of what you desire. The majority of businesses will incorporate labels that do not necessarily represent the quality of the coffee beans. Such titles are intended to entice purchasers, but they frequently reveal the roasters lack of knowledge. This is because the purpose of packaging is to convey facts rather than evoke emotions. Following the guidelines outlined above will allow you to purchase the best coffee beans and have the best cup of coffee at all times.

Puroast Low Acid Ground Coffee Coffeehouse Columbian Supremo Medium Roast

Puroast boasts of having seven times more antioxidants than green tea, and five times more than popular coffee brands. This claim is supported by published research by UC Davis.

Apart from that, this French press medium-roast coffee is also 70% less acidic compared to most coffee in the market. This makes it a perfect choice for those coffee enthusiasts who are suffering from acid reflux, heartburn and other gastrointestinal problems.

From the foothills of the Andes Mountains, the coffee are roasted in small batches. No additives are added during the process to preserve the quality of the blend.


  • Best coffee for French press


  • Has a bitter aftertaste which is common among strong coffee

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Always Seek Freshly Roasted Coffee Beans

Coffee beans are an agricultural product. Theyre the seeds of a cherry that grows on a treetheyre not produced in a factory somewhere.

Like all agricultural foods, coffee beans are best when brewed fresh. At peak freshness, just a few days after being roasted, the sugars are sweet, the natural oils put off vibrant aromas, the acids are crisp and balanced, and theres very little bitterness.

However, the beans start to decay quickly. The sugars disappear, the oils evaporate away, the acids break down into bitter compounds, and the once-clear flavor becomes muddy and indistinguishable.

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This loss of flavor and freshness can damage the fullness of your daily brew, which means its harder to really appreciate the coffee and truly enjoy the moment.

Heres the rule: coffee beans are only fresh 2-3 weeks after being roasted. Pre-ground coffee? Those grounds only have 20-30 minutes of peak freshness before they start decaying rapidly.

Heres how to tell how fresh the beans are before you commit to buying a bag:

  • Avoid best by dates on bags. The dates are always months in the future, which means the roasters trying to make you think that the beans are at peak freshness for months, not weeks .
  • Look for roasted on dates. Roasters that publish the exact date the coffee was roasted arent afraid of telling you the truth. This is the mark of a transparent, quality-forward roaster.

Fresh is best. Always.


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